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  1. Winds really picked up after 9. The south winds feel more reminiscent of a spring frontal passage with storms. Gust to 39 at DCA
  2. The break was the comment that clinched it for me. It had snowed a bit in late Nov., and then zilch in December.
  3. 1/6/15?
  4. Nice win for the Vikes today. The D wasn’t the same without Everson, but the O took advantage of the opportunities. Nice to be able to win slugfests and shootouts.
  5. 28.3 around 1:30am, then rose the rest of the night. Fun to get the early season cold.
  6. 23.3. Refreshing.
  7. 31.1. Little late on the first freeze, but it’ll be a good one.
  8. 46.5 will be my midnight high. Dropped until the frontal passage with an intermediate morning high of 45 and has now rolled over. Adios, growing season.
  9. Still mid-40s up by HGR. Definitely going to have a bootleg midnight high. I'm still 49.2. DCA is 51.
  10. Interesting short-term model battle today. GFS pops DCA to 58 pre-front. NAM and Euro keep DCA in the upper 40s. HRRR is low-50s.
  11. 1.02". The wetter models did well.
  12. 0.90” and still a bit left. Nice soaker.
  13. These are great. Thanks.
  14. Euro is cold Saturday morning. Like 23 at my house. Probably means -15 at IAD and 33 at DCA.
  15. Fully agree. I want no part of angry Aaron Rodgers in Week 16. The sooner the Pack are out of it the better.