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  1. I wonder if they are getting a bit of upslope. Quite wet around Brunswick.
  2. The jack is already setting up on radar. Wherever that NW/SE line stalls, but the big time amount looks like it will be down along the Potomac.
  3. 6.2” just north of Richmond too. Hit and miss, but the hits are big time.
  4. Yeah, there isn’t a PWS close enough to that spot. One at 4” just NE of Winchester. Now 8.3” on the one NW of Culpeper.
  5. That area just NW of Culpeper, yikes. 7”+ ground truth and still really coming down.
  6. Radar indicating 8”+ north of Winchester. One PWS at 6.2”.
  7. Radar indicated 4-5” is West Springfield. Ground truth of 3” on a PWS there.
  8. We leave ours on all of the time for a couple of reasons: 1) air filtration and 2) tapping into the natural cooling of our walk-out basement. It is a 2014 install and I’ve been very happy with the energy usage.
  9. That deck of mid-to-high level clouds didn’t do us any favors early, but it is up to 90 here and disgusting, so we wait.
  10. One of the things that I didn't anticipate when moving to the east coast was the lack of sirens. They are ubiquitous in the center of the country.
  11. Unpleasantly warm for early June. Four straight 90s and three with lows >70. Save that crap for July.
  12. I was coming into this thread to mention this. Noticeable now on my oaks and very light on a few others (river birch, witch hazel, dogwood). Nothing on our japanese maples, which is what we were most concerned about. I did cover about 10 "vulnerable" trees, but clearly not tight enough because they made it inside. Hoping it is enough of a deterrent to keep the ladies from doing their thing, though. Also, the sound has really ramped down in the last couple of days and fewer are flying. Feels like last weekend might have been the peak here.
  13. The cicadas are pushing the boundary back into DC