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  1. I think you have FCPS’s ear. Not even a delay so far this year.
  2. 0.10” precip, Trace of sleet/snow. All rain now and 33.7.
  3. Finally got our nice day. 54.7 and sunny.
  4. Very pleased with how well the snow cover held on in the shade. Less than a half inch of snow, highs topping 40, and yet there is still white on roofs and shaded grass.
  5. 12z HRRR went inverse-HDRPSRDSRSD. 0.0" along the 95 corridor and not much better elsewhere.
  6. I'm a simple man. I see a Gary Gaetti reference, and I give it a like.
  7. When he went down last night I was sure it was the last play he'd have in a Vikings uniform. Guess we have to suffer for 4-5 more games. The play calling on that drive confused the hell out of me. There was plenty of time left, multiple TOs, and a Seattle team that is playing the short passing game. How do you not run on one of those downs? Especially 3rd and 3 where you know that you still have 4th down in your pocket.
  8. Looks like it’ll be the coldest since 2014, though last year was chilly too.
  9. Best winds here were overnight at 3-4pm. They should kick up again soon.
  10. BWI: 20.3" DCA: 16.4 IAD: 21.1 RIC: 14.2 Tiebreaker (SBY): 13.1
  11. It is shocking to see someone fall off so quickly. He never had elite speed, but he is just getting torched out there now.