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  1. Falls Church, VA 1/3/22 - 8.8" 1/7/22 - 2.8" 1/16/22 - 2.8” Total: 14.4” Odd that each of my final measurements have been just over the 3/4” mark.
  2. I’m just a mile or two west of you and my official CoCoRaHS total is 1.36”. 0.33” snow and sleet, 1.03” zr and rain.
  3. Pressure with a nosedive right on the back side of the rain shield.
  4. And…no power. Can really hear it in the trees, but only in the 20s on my anemometer.
  5. That’s our 850 jet. Thankfully, unlikely to translate much to the surface.
  6. Raining. 36.9, pressure 995mb and dropping quickly. Snow is holding on.
  7. Just broke through freezing. 32.2. Now waiting for a whole bunch of rain.
  8. Switched to ZR in Falls Church so I emptied the gauge. 0.33” precip. I’ll go with 2.8” snow&sleet total.
  9. 2.2" in Falls Church and coming down nicely. Temp has moved up, but still only 25.7.
  10. Temp has dropped from 24.4 to 22.8 over the last hour. Nice coating to start. Dud of a football game though.
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