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  1. 83 at 1pm with a river wind. I still have the under.
  2. Feels like a day that the 90 streak will end. Sitting at 11 at DCA.
  3. You both should have been in good shape unless va is more south than southeast. 2"+ widespread.
  4. Raining, so that’s good. But I can already see the sun coming out, so this one is short-lived.
  5. Low to mid 90s isn't that big of a deal until it is continuous without a break. The Euro also has + 850 departures for the entire run, which is unpleasant in July.
  6. We are within striking distance of a top-10 90 degree streak at DCA. If we get there today, the euro is wall to wall 90s. The GFS would stop the streak late week, but it is also flashing a 106 out beyond 10 days, so, yeah.
  7. 96 DCA 95 BWI (has been 96 already) 94 IAD 93 at home
  8. Sneaky 7 day 90 streak at DCA. Will be 8 tomorrow and then we will see on the 4th. If we get one there we are off to the races.
  9. Downside to the heat while working from home - A/C bills
  10. Watered the garden this afternoon. On cell two now