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  1. Euro has the frontal passage on Thursday. GFS Wednesday. Go USA!
  2. Radar totals seem to be matching ground truth. Near 3” in an hour in Annandale inside the Beltway and by Inova Fairfax hospital. Only about a half inch here.
  3. 2007 Mote, T.L., M.C. Lacke, and J.M. Shepherd, 2007: Radar signatures of the urban effect on precipitation distribution: A case study for Atlanta, Georgia. Geophysical Research Letters. 34. L20710, doi:10.1029/2007GL031903. You can probably trace from Marshall Shepherd’s work to get to what is most interesting to you.
  4. Got the alert for a flash flood emergency.
  5. Plenty have tried. There are papers about it, but differentiating all the aspects is difficult.
  6. FF Watch. Looking at radar, I don’t see any way that the UHI over DC didn’t contribute to initiation.
  7. That's the service you get when you try to gut an essential organization.
  8. Hard to tell from a still image. "Clear air" echoes can be a variety of things, with bugs probably being the top culprit. The radar wavelength that the NWS radar are at (S-band, 10cm) are also sensitive to Bragg scattering from atmospheric eddies. At times, the radar beam can also be reflected back to the surface (anomalous propagation).
  9. They seem really loud this year, but I can’t tell whether I’m just hyper-sensitive to them now.
  10. I’m guessing there are no new posts on this forum since everyone is outside.
  11. Great Falls from the VA side this evening. I’ve never visited while the water was up, so this is impressive. Amazing that the flood markers are in a different stratosphere.
  12. There’s another video out there of a guy walking through ankle deep water and then as soon as he goes to another room, the wall gives out and the whole room immediately floods. In this case he was ok, but that’s the scenario where it can happen very quickly. found it -
  13. The models did really well. That is an exceptional match, though.
  14. I’m not suggesting they drive ahead, just point the cab over to the shoulder. Truck drivers are very experienced with the dangers of cross-winds.
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