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  1. I don’t post in the LR thread because I have no idea about what I am talking about, but this is...something
  2. The 0.04” overnight was the only measurable precip here in November outside the dousing around the 12th.
  3. It would be disappointing if this was over.
  4. Hopefully this link works:
  5. Nice map too. Sugarloaf really stands out as an oddity.
  6. You know my neighborhood a bit. The elevation change from the water tower down to the WO&D is 100'. On the clear/calm nights without cold air advection there is cold air drainage and I just can't get that low. Could be worth at least 3 degrees over about a block. That's why to always be wary of point measurements in heterogeneous terrain. Pretty cool lidar elevation map from Fairfax Co.
  7. Been a while since I won one of the contests! Thanks for running it.
  8. Only 30.2, but it was below freezing most of the night.
  9. RIC & BWI in the books. Now we wait for DCA.
  10. 11:59pm low incoming! 33.3, coldest of the season so far
  11. 33.8 was my low. DCA didn’t have an ob below 37. First freeze in December?
  12. Nobody is trading a worthwhile OL for a RB.
  13. That was very Miller B-like. The line died out and reformed to my east. Trace of rain, winds in the 30s. Dud.
  14. Interesting text on the SVR behind the line: At 519 PM EST, gradient winds from a passing cold front will continue to produce sporadic gusts around and above 60 mph.