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  1. Gauge undercatch due to heavy rain isn’t generally going to be that significant. Seems like something else may have been going on.
  2. No rain at IAD or DCA while miles away are getting pounded. Mid-Atlantic summer in action.
  3. Surprised we don’t have a FFW for northern DC/Silver Spring
  4. Lightning indicators showing up well away from the MoCo cell. Good idea to be inside.
  5. 91 so far at IAD, DCA river winding at 88
  6. I think Duran is the de facto closer, but the rest of the bullpen is so sketchy that he often needs to go more than one inning, making him out of pocket for the next game. Or he has to be the fireman in the 7th, pitch the 8th, and then we need someone to not give up 2-3 runs in the 9th/10th.
  7. Pagan wasn’t going to pitch, so there was a chance! They have to help the bullpen at the trade deadline.
  8. Sorry, Os fans, the Twins needed that one after blowing 4 late leads to Cleveland in the last two weeks.
  9. DCA hasn't hit 100 since 2016, so this isn't too aggressive of a call.
  10. That trio of summers were disgusting. The persistence of 2010, the humidity of 2011, and the big heat days of 2012. 2016 was plenty bad though. Average summer temp was higher than 2012 and it also featured 100 degree days.
  11. Happy Derecho Day! I’ll take this opportunity for the millionth time to mention that I missed it and hate you all.
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