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  1. Not inconceivable that growing season starts on Tuesday at DCA.
  2. mitchnick with the prescient thoughts prior to the board going down. Sadly, the server is probably now in a dump somewhere since the guy who bought(?) it passed away. It is weirdly hit-and-miss on what links open and what don't. It is fun to see the titles, but man would I like to read those threads again. Guess I'll look up 2016...
  3. I slept through to July?
  4. D+. Less than 50% climo. Made worse by areas so close doing well. Strikingly similar stats to 2017-18. 8 measurable events but less than 10”.
  5. That's probably the sunrise.
  6. Both parents, MIL and closest aunt have all received their first shots in the last week. J&J’s vaccine approved today. Optimism.
  7. I am always going to hold a tiny bit of resentment towards my brother for getting married that weekend in Minneapolis. I watched it all happen via my phone from Target Field
  8. Gusts to 41 at DCA and 39 at IAD. Surprised at the wind advisory still, but trees around here fail at remarkably low speeds.
  9. Missed by several hours, but damn if it didn’t get to 46 at KOKV today.
  10. Different world out by Winchester (I clearly don’t know what county I’m currently in)
  11. I’m out in LoCo right now (Boyce). Huge clumps falling. Beautiful scene.
  12. Going to need to update those gardening maps. Maybe we can grow some tropical fruit.