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  1. DCA is getting close to 2" for the weekend event. I'm at 0.32".
  2. 0.02". Appears that this one is blowing up literally miles to the east of me. Disaster.
  3. This is awful.
  4. Not a drop.
  5. CoCoRaHS.org Go to the maps link up top and I prefer the classic view
  6. Bah - 4 (almost 5) rounds of showers/storms, and I come away with all of 0.30" for my first rain in a week. My sad total in the middle.
  7. Nice sky to the south. Haven't had much electrical this year
  8. Hope you are in line for this round. I'm only getting thunder.
  9. Tor Warn south of Fredericksburg
  10. Got screwed by breaks in the line both times. Did not see any heavy rain, just moderate stuff. Sitting at 0.19" on the day.
  11. Was looking good and then got jumped. Looks like less than 0.1" for the first line. Disappointing. edit - 0.06" and the sun is out
  12. Gusted to roughly 40mph with the outflow.
  13. The HRRR really likes multiple rounds of precip, even if it isn't necessarily big time severe. Many of us would take that.
  14. My wife says that this is a tomato hornworm. Google says she is probably right.
  15. I like the evolution of the 9z HRRR.