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  1. I think it was October 2005 when we had some remnants get caught in a front and ended up with 5 consecutive 6-hourly periods with 1”+ of rain. That’s the soaker we deserve.
  2. Rooting for that stuff west of Warrenton
  3. My CoCoRaHs station Jan-April - 2024 running at or near the top for precip. Jun-July - dead last, and less than 50% of the prior low. Flash drought!
  4. 1.89” since June 1st. If it doesn’t storm tonight we riot.
  5. 0.11”. Drought rolls on unabated.
  6. Staring at a storm a couple of miles east while it is sunny here. Another kick in the nads.
  7. Sun is out, and northern VA remains dry.
  8. T so far, but hoping for that outflow boundary to kick something off
  9. The mesos were insistent that this wasn’t a shield of rain day. There are going to be random, slow-moving cells that dump a ton of rain. The rest of us won’t do well.
  10. Random cell just sitting over Clinton MD
  11. 1980 and 2010 were remarkably similar. Both ended up with 67 days of 90+. 1980 has 5 100s and 2010 had 4. The average high for the days that hit 90 were within a fraction of each other. In 2010 the heat started early with a couple of 90s in the first week of April, while in 1980 it stretched on with 14(!) 90+ days in September. 1980 did have the 21-day 90 streak which I believe still lives as the longest. Here's my disturbing heat stat, though. Only 4 years in the entire DCA climo record have had 4+ days where the total temperature (high + low) is 180, or a 90.0 average. 2011 2012 2016 2024
  12. We have a heck of a model battle shaping up for Saturday. GFS - high in the low/mid 70s with clouds Euro - high in the upper 70s with some rain NAM - high in the upper 80s, mix of sun/clouds HRRR - high in the 90s with clouds and later day rain NWS is going low 80s with a chance of afternoon rain.
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