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  1. That is legit mid-Atlantic hail.
  2. When you get that close to the radar, you can really see the streakiness of the winds.
  3. I know that VIL isn’t the gold standard, but it still works pretty well for hail.
  4. That little cell that popped up in front of the line went from nothing on radar to lightning in like 10 minutes. Impressive.
  5. I’d like to see some more lightning on that area N of 66
  6. Nice traffic cam shot just south of Woodbridge. Wall of water.
  7. The rumbling off in the distance is pretty continuous.
  8. Basically a whiff here (0.01”), but the sky was fantastic tonight. Beautiful contrast between the sun and clouds.
  9. Beauty going through Minneapolis tonight
  10. Nice one out there today, even with a bit of a breeze. 71 and up to 937 W/m2 of sunburn.
  11. Right about 4” on the first week of May.
  12. Thanks for that thought!
  13. 1.91" event total so far. Rough weekend for outdoor activities and Mother's Day.
  14. Os are playing fine except a couple of bad throws to first.
  15. I started recording at 2-0 because something good was coming.
  16. At Camden tonight rooting on my Twins. First in person game in 6 years.
  17. 50 and rain on May 7th sucks
  18. What an awful couple of days coming up
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