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  1. Low to mid 90s isn't that big of a deal until it is continuous without a break. The Euro also has + 850 departures for the entire run, which is unpleasant in July.
  2. We are within striking distance of a top-10 90 degree streak at DCA. If we get there today, the euro is wall to wall 90s. The GFS would stop the streak late week, but it is also flashing a 106 out beyond 10 days, so, yeah.
  3. 96 DCA 95 BWI (has been 96 already) 94 IAD 93 at home
  4. Sneaky 7 day 90 streak at DCA. Will be 8 tomorrow and then we will see on the 4th. If we get one there we are off to the races.
  5. Downside to the heat while working from home - A/C bills
  6. Watered the garden this afternoon. On cell two now
  7. 4.37" on the month, 23.01" on the year, which is above normal. Now we just wait for the inevitable 2 week drought/torch that kills the yard.
  8. Ah, crud. I was going off the AMS presentation from January and the website which still has June 30th-early July.
  9. I think the HRRRv4 is going to be transitioning to the operational HRRR soon.
  10. Only about .25” over here so far, but easily the best thunder of the year.
  11. Go loop the CC on RadarScope. You can see the scan where the hail dropped.
  12. I’d start thinking about a FFW for the Annandale area (SW Beltway)
  13. The CGs are really cracking today.
  14. A few nice booms of thunder.
  15. 0.50" today, 1.28" total since Wednesday. I'll take it.
  16. About a quarter of an inch so far. Keep it coming.
  17. My apologies to the beach community, but I'd take this easterly flow all summer.
  18. Hard to believe that any of the models are going to get this setup right.
  19. The sensor itself is on a chip inside of the shield. It can get dirty too. You can clean it with a Q tip.
  20. This upcoming system appears to have broken the Euro. There is a spot north of Williamsburg, VA that is progged to get 20" of rain on Monday.
  21. Funny to look at this radar still and know that it is going to miss 80% of the area inside the Beltway.
  22. Interesting note on Cristobel's NW track. It appears that Minnesota has set their all-time record rainfall from a tropical system. Several locations were over 4.5". The prior record was sub-4".