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  1. Your climo stat of the day. It has been 45 years since DCA has set a record low in the months of September or October.
  2. Ha. Tells how dry the rest of the months was. 2.38” total.
  3. 1.72” so far. Even more just west of the Beltway.
  4. Have you met anyone on this board?
  5. 12z NAM 3k is a bit more frisky than prior runs. Both the NAM and HRRR indicate that there may be a set of cells out in front of the main line, which is pretty common around here.
  6. Wouldn’t mind a soak this week. Last 30 days percentage of normal precip.
  7. They are building a 16 house subdivision around the corner from me, so I mostly hear beeping trucks. But hey, if you want to drop $1.7M+ on a house you can be my neighbor and you won't even have to buy a weather station!
  8. Along with the lack of rain has been a lack of wind recently. True doldrums. The clumps of cicada leaves falling off the trees today gave me that thought.
  9. Pretty much a region-wide thing over the last 3 weeks.
  10. I’m actually hoping for a bit of rain today. Despite the overall humid murk, it has been really dry over the last 3+ weeks. I’m at 0.08” so far for October.
  11. That map has adjacent zones with over a month differential. Not sure it is the best way to display it.
  12. The month started ok, but pretty dreary over the last week. Even when there are spikes of more solar, they are short-lived.
  13. Euro and GFS now pumping out near-record mid-80s Fri/Sat before the front gets here.
  14. Everybody seems to be having a lot of fun. Nice weather for it. Glad the sun isn’t out.
  15. First time at Cox Farms. Apparently with most of the rest of Northern VA.
  16. DCA: 11/14 IAD: 10/27 BWI: 11/14 RIC: 11/14 Tiebreaker: 0.89”
  17. Sam is now the #1 ACE system in the 2021 Atlantic season
  18. I figured that the ridge out west would hold and we wouldn't go super-high this year, but the final numbers are shockingly low, especially RIC.
  19. It feels right for the GOAT kicker to have the record.
  20. The big problem with the GFS forecast now is that we barely see the sun for a week starting 5-6 days out.
  21. The last winter that fell in that temperature range at DCA was 13-14.
  22. Actually had to close the windows up again since it popped to 74 and it is still kind of humid out with everything so wet. Looks like there is a second surge of drier air coming this evening.
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