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  1. I'm very bummed. Does anyone know of a text site that even closely replicates this?
  2. Don’t think we topped 35-40mph here, but the core of the wind missed me by about 1.5 miles.
  3. Hmmm. Let’s keep that aloft. I’m happy with rain and thunder today.
  4. There are 50mph winds off the ground per the DCA TDWR. They are going to warn that 9 times out of 10 coming into the metro where every other tree likes to fall over.
  5. Smart to put the jaw-dropping stuff up front in the video, and then have the whole capture after that. Awesome stuff.
  6. Big tree down around the corner. Missed houses, which is good. Sirens around, probably all tree related.
  7. Roaring out there. Lost power so I can’t see the instantaneous gusts, but we are definitely going over 50.
  8. Winchester gusted to 56.
  9. I think they might. Right now the only QBs on the roster other than Kirk are a UDFA and a 7th rounder. Even if you aren’t planning for Kirk to move on, a backup QB is worth a mid-round pick.
  10. Moved down and still got Darrisaw to replace Reiff at LT. And now the Vikes have 4(!) 3rd round picks to play with. Happy with that. Still need a G and WR3, and then depth at all levels of defense.
  11. We did rock maze trail a few days ago and had to go again today because my 6 year old loved it. Very cool natural phenomenon. I can’t imagine the chaos of a bunch of kids running in and out and around that place. Not in the park, but there is rafting nearby.
  12. Stellar day at Swallow Falls State Park. Low 70s, sun, good flow, and no crowds.
  13. We had something like that back in April 2019 or so? edit 3/22/19
  14. First night I can hear them.
  15. Shot #1 done. Nice job by INOVA with their big site on Eisenhower Ave in Alexandria. It is amazing how cheerful everyone was, and the ton of volunteers there that are there to guide people around.
  16. I warned my wife about the potential weather when we booked a place at Deep Creek in April. Sure enough, the day we arrive next week looks like temps in the 30s and wind chills in the 10s/20s.
  17. 13 months in and some people still can't comprehend that the main point of the masks is not for the wearers. Happy to be able to sign up tomorrow, even if the system is going to be crushed by all of the Virginians that have been waiting for Phase 2.
  18. It does not count as an earned run. I don’t think the player on 2nd rule should start until the 12th inning at the earliest.
  19. Only 0.27” but everything is pretty saturated around here.
  20. The ice cream truck came out to our neighborhood last week, timing it with Spring Break. That seemed genius.
  21. Fairfax hasn’t opened up group 2 though.
  22. I don’t watch much horse racing, but last to first after the final turn is pretty cool.
  23. 28.8 for my low. Unpleasant in the wind.