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  1. I didn't realize immediately that this post was from yesterday.
  2. The HRRR and 3k NAM seem to agree that it is mostly freezing drizzle during the day Saturday and then there is a batch of ZR that moves through overnight. DCA might have had a sub freezing day except for the midnight high.
  3. The way Mattie feels about CC is the way I feel about composite reflectivity.
  4. 1.5" - 12/16 0.1" - 12/18 0.1" - 1/25 4.7" - 1/31 to 2/2 1.7" - 2/7 0.3" - 2/10 Total: 8.4"
  5. The American mesoscale models did really well with this one. Kudos to the NWS.
  6. 0.3” frozen on 0.38” precip. Disaster.
  7. @mattie g is already on the wrong side of this. No whining.
  8. Yup, all sleet here now. Curse the NAM and HRRR for being right.
  9. Traffic cams around Dulles look like wet snow, but it is hard to tell.
  10. 33.4 in Falls Church 34 at IAD 35 at DCA
  11. DCA has had very reasonable measurements in the past few years. This seems oddly aggressive, but maybe they are doing better. About 1/4” here.
  12. 15 more minutes of this and I might be able to measure something. Suck it, NAM.
  13. Would have been nice to get a base started, if it wasn’t 35 degrees.
  14. 37.3 with non-accumulating flakes
  15. At some point you just have to marvel at it.
  16. Let’s check in on the latest HRRR. Yeah.
  17. Really amazing how the Euro just completely blew this from 3-4 days out. There was little to no 850 push on the Euro as of a few days ago. The GFS and the longer range NAM had it.
  18. HRRR is trending towards the worst-case scenario for DC. Too warm with the 1st batch and the second misses south.
  19. 3k with maybe half of the precip of the 12k