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  1. Yeah. What I’m assuming is that the euro and NAM are mixing down the big wind aloft during the line that comes through mid-to-late morning. So, not widespread and constant like March 2018. The euro then jacks up the CAPE following that line and has some semblance of storms in the early afternoon hours, but while the parameters are great, none of the models are throwing out any impressive storm signatures. Not sure why that is.
  2. 12z euro still holds onto the widespread 60-70 mph gusts.
  3. The 3km NAM is so convoluted. You’ve got the warm front showers overnight, effectively ending by 8am. Then we get the leftover line of storms from MS/TN late morning. And after that the parameters peak and we got more storms firing early afternoon. That is a lot going on.
  4. The 00z NAM sounding for 18z Monday has a PDS Tornado classification per Dupage.
  5. Going to be a nice one today. Low 60s, slight breeze. 50.5 after a low of 37.6
  6. The Nest is in range now. The sim radar isn’t that interesting, probably because there are showers out front almost until initiation. However, the wind fields/sounding is wild. Wouldn’t take much to mix down (or spin up) something fun.
  7. 18z NAM had 70kt+ winds at 900mb on Monday morning. That is really windy, really close to the surface.
  8. Flurries. Top-10 winter event!
  9. Might get a pre-midnight low tonight!
  10. I went grocery shopping this afternoon. Between Giant and Safeway I was able to get everything on my list except yeast. Fleishmann's really has cornered that market and that is the only thing that has been absent every time. In my experience so far, Target and BJs have been re-upping the TP supply more often. I haven't seen any of that in the grocery stores.
  11. Got a gust to 42 on my station, which probably means the actual was 45-50. Not bad. Very little rain with the overnight batch.
  12. The impulse kicking off our next set of storms appears to be in SE Ohio right now. Had 0.33" earlier with a one rumble of thunder.
  13. Outside, in Arizona, in summer. These games are all going to be starting at 11pm on the east coast.
  14. It seems like the NAM/HRRR are hitting upon three different rounds. Effectively, they are taking the "complex" near Pittsburgh and washing that out, but developing some early storms mostly south of DC. The 2nd round is after sundown, and that appears to be our best shot for some thunder. Then the front comes through in the early am hours. The NAM is more keen on the first round, while the HRRR generally likes the 2nd round better (nice cell coming down the Potomac on the 14z).
  15. We switched to Zoom less than a month ago and it is working perfectly. Had a big meeting earlier this week and did the multiple breakout rooms and everything. Stellar. There is a lot of fretting at the higher levels about productivity, but with the lower number of meetings, no travel, and few distractions, our core productivity is way up. I went to grab groceries at lunchtime today and I'd say 60-70% of people were wearing masks. Felt like being in a hospital. It was legit creepy.
  16. Really nice out there now. In the last 14 days, I've only marked 0.00" twice. Not a ton of rain (<2"), but a consistently wet period.
  17. Effortlessly tied the record high at DCA. 83
  18. (I like both movies) Watched Frozen 2 with the family last night. Must have hit it within an hour of it appearing on Disney+.
  19. Closed. Can’t see them opening prior to Easter.
  20. I read somewhere that shortness of breath is a sign. That's the extent of my medical knowledge. Went to a financial planner that recommended that based on my age/retirement dates and risk tolerance, I should shift to the L2050 fund which is obviously more aggressive. He said that at near the market top. I made the realignment this afternoon. Saved 20%+ on the way down. If it goes down more, eh, don't care.
  21. The argument on the other side is that while you can't contain the spread, you can slow it down so that hospitals do not become overwhelmed. That is the scary scenario for the rest of us that aren't really at a high risk.