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  1. 96 so far at DCA. Record is 98.
  2. Putrid is my observation. Summer needs to end.
  3. A bit surprised at the size/shape of that box.
  4. Yeah, the Philly game has more snow, but Vikes-Ravens had the insanity. Just sad that Baltimore had the ball last.
  5. I know we have another half hour to go, but I’m starting to get a bit skeptical about this model projection from earlier today.
  6. 19z HRRR is good for entertainment value. Probably still too much near Burke.
  7. Effectively.
  8. It has weakened some since hitting IAD flush. Winds are weaker and the other rain indicators are less. Still a nice cell, though.
  9. 0.93" total. Just needs to do that every week.
  10. 2nd lightning hit that affected the electrical. Up to 0.7”
  11. Rain and lightning and thunder. Good summer storm. And there was a nice 5 second power outage.
  12. The heaviest rain is headed right at me, but I’ve been fooled before.
  13. Should at least be raining and thundering there. No idea what it’ll look like when it gets to me. Sitting on the front stoop watching the light show is pretty good though.
  14. That is a very impressive lightning display.
  15. 1.79" since the deluge on 7/8. 50% of climo rainfall during the hottest part of the year is going to fry stuff no matter what happened before that.
  16. Last 30 days. Haves and have nots.
  17. How exactly is NOAA going to include the university research community in their model development plans? Is there really a way forward for the NOAA labs and non-NOAA participants to work together on a system that is capable of operations and research. /I’m not Cliff Mass, I swear
  18. Did ok at 0.64”. Poor Mattie.
  19. That cell in Arlington is about to go boom.
  20. Free water from the sky is awesome. Down about 20 degrees, too.
  21. You must be borderline warned. That boundary is doing work. Didn't need much of a trigger today.