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  1. Nothing indicating widespread severe, but if we get a 2-3"/hr storm over the places that got hit on Monday, that's rough.
  2. GFS gets some high PWATs in here Thurs/Fri, but the system will have lost all coherency by that point, so probably more hit and miss stuff.
  3. Every named storm that doesn't affect us is a bust? Damn, that's a high bar.
  4. I don't for convective rain, but when we get the coastals with a big rain shield, oh yeah.
  5. The tipping bucket couldn’t keep up. 3.97” on the VP2 vs 4.27” actual in the CoCoRaHS gauge. I think it is safe to put this event second behind TS Lee for an intensity/duration combo since 2009 for me.
  6. Per twitter, a road near my house is closed. As far as I know, the last time that happened was from the remnants of Lee in 2011.
  7. This is turning into a June 2006-like event. Absolutely massive. Some Mclean PWSs topping 6" now.
  8. The traffic map is a surprise snowstorm-like debacle. Edit - Fairfax Fire/Rescue telling people to stay off the roads
  9. Heaviest strip via radar and PWS is from Frederick down just west of 270 to ~CIA HQ and then into north Arlington. 3-5" in a short timeframe. That is awesome stuff. I'm over 2" so far. What a beast. Instantaneous and total in the two right columns.
  10. Had to drop my daughter in Tyson’s and haul ass to get on the Beltway. Got clear of it between 66 and 50. The VP2 looks like it got to about a 10”/hr rate.
  11. Just got the FFW alert. Radar estimates of 3.3”/hr just west of Hagarstown. The turn south appears to have commenced. Come to papa.
  12. You can see via radar the smaller showers being ingested into the big cell. 0.05” for the CoCoRaHS report. Trying to coax that monster down this way.
  13. PWSs in the Frederick area are 3-5”. That cell means business.
  14. HRRR has been bouncing around per usual in these weakly forced situations. Last two runs are quite lame.
  15. DCA is running only 1.5” of precip behind last year. Of course, July is when last year started going supernova.
  16. My daughter fell asleep during the fireworks last night (edit-Thursday, time gets away from me). She is the true “sleep through a freight train” kid. Other faults, but at least we got that going for us.
  17. Yeah, you got the fatter part of the line. Looks like a swath of 0.5”+ between Mattie and I, pointed in your direction. if you want some model fun, go check out the end of the 00z HRRR. Completely rakes FFX and Loudoun tomorrow night.
  18. 4”/hr rain rate, but it doesn’t add up when it only lasts a minute or two. Lightning show is good. No wind.
  19. More energetic down here where we didn’t get hit earlier. Still only 0.27” on the day, but I’ll take any and all rain in July/Aug.