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  1. There are gnats (or similar) flying around outside my window.
  2. 1.83”. Should really help all of the plants coming up early.
  3. It is either the Homer retreating into the bush gif, or grandpa Simpson seeing Bart at the entry of the burlesque club. Probably the latter.
  4. January 20th and DCA and my location haven’t been below 20 yet. Close tonight.
  5. I was going to come here to complain about the brine, but I see that’s been taken care of. Leading precip continues to be very light in the DC area via the 00z nest.
  6. Snow drops were already out last week. I’m used to seeing them more mid-to-late Jan.
  7. Nah. You have 3 SBs. That’s all that matters.
  8. Went back and forth from home to the Virginia Square area this morning. Striking how much of a winter wonderland it looks like once you get west of EFC metro vs down by Ballston and the interior Arlington Orange Line.
  9. 1.4”. Total precip was 0.32”, so even accounting for the rain at the start the ratios weren’t great due to the non-accumulating snow.
  10. 1.0” on the snow board. Steady at 33.3.
  11. Street starting to get white. Very pretty snowfall. No 2-4”, but no HRRR either.
  12. Ground is whitening. Moderate snow. Looks like the real deal out there. Down to 34.0.
  13. Steady snow now. 35.3. Starting to ice up the car tops.
  14. I'd be concerned about wasting precip, but I'm at 0.01" rain so far. Down to 38.8