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  1. Really, all the global have an MCS signature on Tuesday. Different timing.
  2. Yeah. Out on the course with a nice breeze. Near 80 and little humidity. Hard to ask for more this time of year.
  3. .55 vs .43 actual here, but that’s still pretty good
  4. I’ve had that happen to my station when the network cable connectors get wet.
  5. 0.07”. Ok with MD taking this one.
  6. Euro remains insistent that Saturday is a dud. GFS clears out the rain early in the day.
  7. That’s a wild story. Have to assume it is a rabid coyote.
  8. I hope this thread is quiet because everyone is outside. Early June is underrated around here.
  9. I've had three different cells clip me for a total of 0.17", so, winning!
  10. First thunder. Think that cell is going to slide just to the south of me. And EJ is right, there is definitely some sort of boundary just hanging around.
  11. The same place as our good mid-level lapse rates?
  12. Next mow is going to be the one at max height! DCA: 94 BWI: 93 IAD: 92 At least we aren't overshooting the forecasts.
  13. 93 at DCA. No river wind today.
  14. Went out for 15 minutes at 1am and didn’t see any. I don’t think it was the light pollution, but my field of view was somewhat restricted by trees.
  15. While generally true you only have to go back a few days for a dual round of storms that verified warnings in the area.
  16. Tiny couplet south of Reston, better viewed on TDCA
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