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  1. Beauty today. Tomorrow and Monday look amazing, with -10 departures and sun within weeks of the solstice.
  2. Forecast Tools > HREF > Storm Attributes has an assortment of these.
  3. I wonder if the 06z GFS was the first run of the year to spit out a 100 at DCA.
  4. They missed last week because the upper low cut off too far SW. The models have no been enthused with this week’s chances. The human forecasters have been more keen on the rain chances because of the PW values. If it doesn’t rain much it’ll be a win for the models.
  5. Providing some resilience to the Arctic sea ice?
  6. The height of the cold shot (anomaly-wise) is Monday afternoon. Not close to the low max records, though.
  7. If the NHL and NBA are going to do this summer conclusion to the season, are they going to delay the start of next season? They can't go right from the playoffs to a short break to the full next season. The sport calendar is going to be packed in Aug/Sept if this all works out.
  8. It is an impressive cool shot for June 1st, but this map starts to get more orange and red after that.
  9. Me a couple of days ago: this weather is so boring, bring on Spring Me this morning: 73, sunny and humid is awful. I need to move north. Rainfall oddity: CoCoRahs reports for the last two days were identical. 0.32" each day.
  10. More twigs and stuff down than normal because we don’t see a lot of these moderate sustained winds from the East. Nice gradient between the high and the departing storm.
  11. GFS less than 1” precip though day 10.
  12. We have dead oaks scattered throughout our neighborhood. Took one down in my yard last fall. Not widespread, but it is always notable when one of the big ones dies quickly.
  13. Last week we were in the 40s and 50s with 850 temps down to -8C or so. This upcoming week we’ll be in the 40s and 50s with 850s of +8 or higher. Multiple ways to lose around here.
  14. My low was 35.1 at about 2am.
  15. 34.3 was my low. HRRR and NAM hit it dead on IMBY so credit where credit is due.
  16. 55 and the sun is peeking out.
  17. 56. No rain. High clouds. A normal Christmas Day around DC.
  18. And in a truly shocking twist, the NAM sucks.
  19. For all the doom and gloom, we pulled out three pretty nice days from Sat-Mon. But yes, tomorrow and Wednesday look awful. edit - record low max at DCA is 50 on Wednesday
  20. 1.37" last evening and 7.48" over the past 30 days.
  21. First legit lightning of the year. Keep the 66 train running!