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  1. I’m out in LoCo right now (Boyce). Huge clumps falling. Beautiful scene.
  2. Going to need to update those gardening maps. Maybe we can grow some tropical fruit.
  3. Matched the prior seasonal low at 20.8. 34 and sunny right now. The places in the shade that kept some sleet are sheets of ice.
  4. I don’t follow the Wolves very closely anymore, but it is nice to see something exciting happen for them. Of course, they blew that game late, so...Minnesota sports.
  5. It was grabbing the burger from last week.
  6. Thought I was going to need to shovel the ice aside this afternoon. Nope. Sun season is here.
  7. 12/16/20 1.5 12/18/20 0.1 1/25/21 0.1 1/31-2/2/2021 4.7 2/7/21 1.7 2/10/21 0.3 2/13/21 0.1 2/18/21 0.8 20-21 Seasonal 9.3 % of average seasonal 47%
  8. All snow over here. We just need about 12 more hours of it instead of 12 more minutes.
  9. 28.2 and freezing drizzle. Nasty.
  10. Yup. F it. Bring on March 2012 pt. 2.
  11. 3/4” sleet depth. 0.42” precip. What a kick in the nuts.
  12. This, except not ironically. This precip shield is flying.
  13. I like how the ice pellets that are falling now are making divots in the prior sleet cover.
  14. 7am CoCoRaHS report was .06” precip, T snow. DCA 0.09” so far. IAD at 6 miles vis. It is hard to look out the window and tell that anything is falling.
  15. They will be launching the balloon from Dulles in a few minutes. We’ll get the results in 45-60 min. The SPC mesoanalysis page has a model-derived estimate of the upper air structure right now. 850s are a problem (more than 700 or 925). I’m guessing there is even a worse layer in there above 850.
  16. No, it is a better tool when there is one distinct transition. This is a mess.
  17. Should I post the CC radar for you? 26.7 and all sleet
  18. The NAM was terrible from 3 days out.
  19. 3k is a sleet event right from the start in DC. 1” qpf.
  20. The 850 temp change from 09z to 12z are...not entirely believable.
  21. Legit snorted. HRRR continues to look ok for DC. All snow through 14z with sleet knocking on the door, but heavy precip.