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  1. NAM is mid-20s at the surface during the morning quick hit of snow.
  2. Lost the column by 15z in DC, but at least some front-end snow.
  3. There is lightning showing up tonight SW of Richmond.
  4. 3k NAM. This is the sounding at DCA (top) while the sim radar looks like that (below).
  5. The 3km is a front end thump DC and north. Nearly 0.3” in 3 hrs, apparently snow and 28-29 degrees.
  6. 15z on Thursday - 90kts at 700 blasting through on the NAM. Not so much on the GFS.
  7. The NAM is strengthening the primary in Ohio. That’s not what we want.
  8. It is a convective band that is pouring snow. Fantastic.
  9. Both the Atlantic and the Apps. Expansive cold air outbreaks are often shallow.
  10. It is colder in Houston right now than it has been at DCA for years. This is amazing stuff.
  11. Snow and blowing snow at DFW right now and 11 degrees. Wonder what is the last time DCA had an ob like that.
  12. I’m always skeptical of those obscene ratios unless they are doing a snow core measurement. If they are comparing to a heated ASOS bucket I toss.
  13. 0.41” precip. That is a ton of frozen. Skating rink on the sidewalks out there this morning.
  14. There are 400k Dominion Energy customers in Fairfax County. One poor sap is without power right now.
  15. Sure enough, sun went down and it all froze up nicely. There is the faintest breeze, and you can hear the trees crackle. 27.3 and freezing drizzle.
  16. Just took a walk with the dog. Sidewalks greasy but not slippery, if that distinction makes sense. There is a glaze on all elevated surfaces, but nothing significant. Maybe 1/8”. This would have been a big deal if it happened overnight. 29.2
  17. Most icy thing I could find. 27.7. 72 w/m2 solar.
  18. 27.7 and ZR, but this is really low-impact due to the sun angle. Little accumulation on the wires or trees. Sidewalk is wet. Metal surfaces are certainly icy.
  19. The sleet is providing a bit of grip! 28.6
  20. Sleet and ZR started a bit ago. 28.9/22 so the temp will probably fall a bit.