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  1. We are going to put up a fat + departure today post-frontal. Amazing. Blew the midnight high.
  2. Sun peeking through here. DCA did bottom at 75 this morning, so if that holds through midnight it will tie the highest October low temp on record.
  3. Monthly record high min appears to be in play at DCA. Record is 75 and we've either been to 75 or 76 so far this morning. With the front not coming until after midnight, we could stay elevated. Midnight high definitely in play for tomorrow and maybe still today.
  4. 89.9 at home. IAD at 91 already is mind-boggling. As EJ says, stupid river.
  5. Midnight high potentials on Thurs or Friday depending on where the backside stalls.
  6. Yeah, the models really caught on to the back door possibilities yesterday. Looks like Wednesday will be the last day of "summer" from DC N&E. Richmond has to wait one more day.
  7. 0.01" at DCA puts us at 0.12" for the month. Eat dust (literally) 2005!
  8. He is just shellshocked at this point. Even in the rare cases when he does have time he looks uncomfortable with the ball. Putting a pocket passer behind a wet paper bag of an OL was not a good idea. That said, Washington saw today why Case wasn’t the answer either.
  9. Another 90 at DCA. Could get to 63 if we do it Wednesday/Thursday. 3rd most on record.
  10. Still sitting at 0.11" at DCA, which would tie the driest September on record if we hold through tomorrow. I forgot to enter my CoCoRaHs reports this whole week. Haven't even had a trace is >2 weeks.
  11. BWI: 11/6 DCA: 11/6 IAD: 10/27 RIC: 11/6 Tiebreaker: 8.67"
  12. Under an inch for the past 30 day period. I preferred 2018.
  13. 2005 had 0.11" for the month, so the best we can do is a tie.
  14. Yup Perfect out this morning. Then I looked at the Euro and got sad.
  15. The only good aspect of this is that the area SW of Beaumont that looks like it got hit the heaviest is fairly rural. I-10 in that area must be closed since there is no traffic reported on Google Maps.
  16. Negative 850s get here on the 06z GFS.
  17. Yeah, that's not great. Makes DCA's ASOS placement look positively rural.
  18. I don't like new, calm mattie. Record high at DCA. At least 97.
  19. 93.7 at home. At least 94 so far at DCA. Awful
  20. I'm pretty sure I saw this satellite image in "the day after tomorrow"