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  1. Trace yesterday. Just shy of 5.5” in the last two weeks.
  2. 0.70” so far and continued moderate rain. These systems have been juiced since we broke the flash drought. Keep it coming this winter.
  3. You all and your "radiational cooling". 45.1 for the low at home. 45 at DCA 35 at IAD
  4. Exactly. 3.84" in the last week.
  5. My maple is peaking now. Oaks haven’t even thought about it yet.
  6. Now I love Kirk Cousins. Give him all the money!
  7. Would have been a beauty of a radar loop 30 degrees colder
  8. In a shocking twist, the NAM caved. Big gradient on precip from NW to SE.
  9. I actually bought a new bucket with the leaf guard and the bird spikes and it has been solid.
  10. Would be surprised if it was broken. What can happen is that a leaf or small twig gets stuck and stops the tipping bucket mechanism.
  11. Not only hasn’t it rained over the past two months, there has been nearly no wind. Things are flying off the trees, mostly pine needles in my backyard.
  12. This one was timed really well for the normal rush hour DC-area commutes.
  13. 1.41". Always pleasant to end up on the high side of the guidance.
  14. Yeah, averaging around 0.4"/hr but with some higher spurts. 0.97" now. Good performer.
  15. 0.70" at home, 0.68" at DCA per the 5 minute obs.
  16. There is free water falling from the sky. Amazing. 0.29"
  17. Yeah, backed off a bit again, but when the low spots in the immediate region are >0.4" I still count that as a good run.
  18. I like the way the 3km NAM runs at 00z and 06z came around to the heavy rain solution after being a very dry holdout. Nice gusty, Fall-like day in store for Thursday.
  19. North Dakota’s closed. Moose out front should have told ya.
  20. I don't think that is it, the ceilings were way too high for what would almost certainly have been a drizzle patch. I went back to look at the 200 loop CoD radar image and I'm stumped. There are two areas, one starting in western Baltimore and another in Tacoma Park. They drift SSE which does align with the wind direction. If you look at the polarimetric parameters it clearly isn't precipitation, but you'd expect a different Zdr if it was birds (migration was my first guess). It also isn't vehicles. Those show up much sharper on radar right along the roadway when there is a good inversion. This became more diffuse. My guess is still biological, but what I'm not sure.
  21. 0.06" also here. I have to go back to August 24th to cumulatively add up to over 1" of precip.