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  1. Weather boards. Serious business. 33.8 and a very pleasant day out there. Snow board is set up and ready for some sort of precipitation.
  2. ~0.4” QPF from 11-13z at DCA on the 18z 3k NAM
  3. The GFS is almost 1.5” QPF at DCA, all frozen. That is an amazing model run, even if it is only some front end snow.
  4. The trough axis at that point is in the central Plains. While we do pop a surface low in the right spot, this is not a good setup for an all-snow event for our region, no matter what the year is.
  5. FYI - the total precip at DCA for the Valentines 2007 sleet bomb was 1.06”. So, this is right in that ballpark.
  6. Our neighborhood crocus house has a bunch up, but everything is definitely later than last year.
  7. That’s the run we’ve been impatiently waiting for.
  8. It looks like 12z was a weird blip. Check this out.
  9. While generally true, the 18z NAM 3k is just a region wide precip show. DC isn't even in the best band, almost everyone is 0.75"+ in that time period.
  10. Well, here's your relevant NAM trend
  11. 3k has 0.91" precip in 6 hours from 12z-18z. While I want that all to be snow, the sleet beatdown would be crazy to watch (and hear).
  12. NAM is going to have a big win, or go down with the ship, it appears.
  13. And I have 7" to show for it. The time spent per inch of snow ratio is...unfavorable.
  14. I think we can do it. Our most recent single-digits cold snap isn't actually all that long ago (Jan 31, 2019). 10 at DCA, 6 at my house, probably colder everywhere else.
  15. Ha. It has been a bit since we've been that cold.
  16. Single digits for most of us outside the city cores on Sunday morning.
  17. Keeps Friday near freezing, maximizing our cold chances into the weekend.
  18. One of these things is not like the other. One of these things (hopefully) doesn't belong.
  19. This is still a wild difference at 700mb. 12z NAM and 06z GFS for Thursday morning.
  20. It is lighter, but we do get back into some frozen later in the evening also on the NAM.
  21. This is 3hrs of pounding sleet in DC on the NAM 3k
  22. Well, we've taken a step backwards on the 3km. No front-end thump.