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  1. One thing that we seem to have going for us is that the NAM and HRRRs don't show a lot of impact from the mid-day remnants of the precip that is in WV/OH right now. A couple hundreths of an inch of rain and it rebounds to the upper 70s after. If that happens, we have a better chance as far north as DC. But, I'd still rather be between EZF and RIC.
  2. Absolutely beautiful today. We deserved this one. 70 and full sun is hard to beat.
  3. I’m a fed. I’ve been working my ass off including a 12 hour day today. All this really shows is that office jobs do not need to be in an office. Fuck you.
  4. The forecasts have been pretty good this period. The weather has just been subpar. I will note that the GFS is better for Saturday than Sunday. Euro likes Sunday more.
  5. The sun was nice this morning while it lasted. Sunday looks stellar.
  6. Cornflowers and butterfly bushes are a couple of the go-to's. We have both. Milkweed is good for monarchs.
  7. I had a single pine needle once that stopped the tipping bucket from working.
  8. And yet, still under contract with huge cap penalties until after the 2022 season. To be a fly in the wall at Rodgers' house last night. As a Vikings fan, I am smiling (plus, I didn't like Love as a prospect anyway).
  9. Nice cell rolling down 64 on the 00z HRRR. Unfortunately that does signal that it has caved to the NAM.
  10. Equivalent to posting a random run of the ICON showing a snowstorm while everything else is bone dry. Friday afternoon:
  11. Still have 0.00" in the rain gauge, but I'll mark it as a T since I felt some drops.
  12. I'm up to 66.1, but the dews are stuck in the upper 40s. IAD is ~65/43.
  13. I don’t know how things can remotely go back to normal until there is some sort of mass child care. Even if my office opened, I’m home until June 13th with the kid anyway.
  14. There is a lot of guessing about how COVID-19 will affect certain industries long-term. I'm wondering if people here have already made conscious decisions to change their spending habits, even if it just seems like a minor thing. For my part: I had been toying with it for years and I finally buzzed my hair. Yeah, I'm never going back to Great Clips. I was never interested in ocean cruises, but would have contemplated a river cruise. Not a chance any longer.
  15. Are you attributing the drop in admits for heart attacks and strokes to people not getting treatment or to the change in lifestyle because of the closure?
  16. #2 is a massive part of this. The mostly unknowable question is whether the government response played a role. In other words, if business was allowed to go on as usual with minor restrictions, would we have seen: 1) more COVID cases, 2) more hospitalizations due to “life events” (eg. car crashes), 3) fewer cancellations of regular procedures, and 4) more people using ERs and hospitals for regular medical occurrences. And therefore, stressed hospital systems.
  17. To be fair, it is June 10th OR when canceled if you look at the wording.
  18. Daily reminder that the flu death counts are modeled. The coded counts are far less. Now, there is a ton of attention on COVID-19, so I don't think there is an extreme underreporting (other than what is already known) but the epidemiologists will certainly model COVID-19 after the fact and likely increase the death counts.
  19. Didn’t mean to suggest they were. Sorry. The numbers actually appear to be the case %s. They don’t readjust the %s for death or hospitalization, which is an obnoxious way of showing it.
  20. VA Dept of Health edit - there is a drop down menu mid-page where you can change from hospitalizations to deaths
  21. I don’t put any stock into flu death data. I think it is a convenient cause of death for many end-of-life situations. And they have to effectively guess at it anyway. This is dramatically different from the flu.