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  1. In Minnesota, we always talked about the two levels of freezes. The official one at 32, and then the "killing" freeze in the mid-20s. My low so far this season has been 29.7. There is stuff still quite alive in my yard.
  2. Fake. There are no speed limits in MD.
  3. Big variation with calm winds this morning. Manassas made the teens, IAD low 20s, most of the DC beltway area in the mid-20s, my hill was 30, DCA 31, and DC downtown in the low 30s.
  4. Interesting that the upper air temps are flat overnight at 925mb, but warm rapidly at 850mb.
  5. It is pretty easy. Last night the winds stayed up and kept the atmosphere more mixed. Therefore there was a more homogeneous temperature distribution. On the 20th, it was whisper calm, and that is where the river and heat island take over. The river on the 20th was still 47 degrees at little falls.
  6. Andrews was 31. H2O in Alex was 31. I was 30. I don’t know what you are talking about. We know exactly where the thermometer is, in the middle of a grassy area on the river side of the runways.
  7. Temps flatlined or rose everywhere once we got to ~2am.
  8. It was annoying to lull and have the reports from the normal spots to the NW. Still, 24” and wind in the 2nd half was a win.
  9. If IAD is only going to 31 on a clear calm night, DCA doesn’t stand a chance.
  10. The story, as I understand it, is that someone bought the original Eastern server. He had it for a while and kept it active. But he passed away at some point. I think Ian and others know the full study.
  11. I like the 80kt 925 winds just south of DC on that 12z Euro run
  12. Yup. Damn shame the Eastern server went down and then the new owner passed away.
  13. Yeah, was always a long shot with a marginal airmass. 33.3 here for the low on the season so far.
  14. Actually going to qualify for the WC this time?
  15. Morning was rough, but what a great mid-afternoon Fall day.
  16. 0.62”. That was a very loud, brief line that came through for those of us with west-facing bedroom windows.
  17. Kid got her first shot today. Awesome that in three weeks she’ll be fully vaccinated and the rest of us will be boosted.
  18. Yeah, happy here. Helps that it has been extremely sunny this week during the peak. The sunsets with the tree color have been fantastic.
  19. Record was 78. Made it to 76 at IAD.
  20. IAD only 3 off the daily record. The record for the 7th, 8th and the 10th were from last year. So, a few more degrees and we have a 2020/2021 sweep over the 4 day stretch.
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