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  1. Maybe the last 75+ day? 77 at home.
  2. Vikings are embracing the tank. Ngakoue gone, Hunter is officially out for the year, and DT Pierce had already opted-out. The remaining DL is full of backups or mid-or-late round rookies. I think Spielman has to go as GM. While he's done some good things, he's long been faulted for not being able to put together an OL or find a QB. But I think pretending like 2020 was a contending year and trying to rebuild on the fly will be his downfall. He extended Kirk's contract to buy some cap space and traded a 2nd (which sadly will be a high 2nd) for 6 games of Ngakoue. Now the Vikings are in cap hell and aren't even a good team. Thankfully Jefferson is fun to watch, otherwise this would be even more painful.
  3. VA doesn’t actually have Teacher Unions like most people think of them. This is one of several “associations”, which looks like it accounts for 1/4 to 1/3 of the staff for Fairfax County. They definitely appear to be way out there on the cautious side, to an absurd extent.
  4. 6-9" across the Minneapolis metro region. Earliest 4"+ storm on record at MSP.
  5. We're talking kids, not helicopter parents!
  6. Had a great sunset/rainbow combo in Tyson’s.
  7. Disagree. Analytics says go for it. You need less than a yard and the game is over. The ball never touches Russ’s hands again.
  8. Not that it would have mattered. Needed a better play call on 4th and 1 to win it.
  9. Looking at the map of the central LA coast, that is about as good of a place as anywhere in the country to take a hurricane hit. It is all unpopulated marshland. Lafayette may get smacked, but hopefully Delta is in the process of winding down by that point.
  10. The thing is, the longer that we can delay “everyone” from getting it, the better chance that we’ll have: 1) better testing, 2) better treatment, 3) a useful vaccine. The President is already receiving treatment that wasn’t available months ago. It is also possible that the virus strain could weaken over time throughout its mutations. What we’ve been doing (distancing/masks/etc) hasn’t been a futile exercise. It is giving people a better shot going forward.
  11. Bummed about that one. We were on the beach at OC and would have had a decent view.
  12. Models basically had it right. Heavier rain out by 81, a minimum along 95, and then the deluge east of the Bay. .49"
  13. Wasn’t paying attention to the temperature forecast. Impressive drop from 80 midday to 57 now. Steady rain is on the doorstep.
  14. Titans players test positive after beating the Vikings. 0-3 sounds like it would be a good draft position. Call off the season!
  15. BWI: 11/14 IAD: 10/25 DCA: 11/14 RIC: 11/14 TB: 84°
  16. Coldest of the season so far here. Consistent lows over the last few days: Sat - 45.7 Sun - 45.9 Mon - 44.2
  17. I’ve actually read the papers on this one. Effectively, they define a vector from the big raindrop region (Zdr) to the heavy precipitation region (Kdp). If the vector is closer to 90 degrees from storm motion, there is much more likely to be a tornado. The thought is that a narrower vector puts the Kdp region (negative buoyancy from the heavy rain) too close to the updraft.
  18. The HRRR continues to have a very sharp cutoff on the north side of Sally today, while the other models have some rain making it north of 66. I'd take a few drips for my grass seed.
  19. ~100 w/m2 reduction from last year's Sept. 15th (800 to 700, both sunny days) on my VP2.
  20. 10am and still in the 50s. Excellent.
  21. This upcoming weekend looks like legit Fall. Fantastic.
  22. That N/S train was like a mini-Lee.