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  1. There is another report north of you at 1.55”. I’d be surprised if you stayed under an inch based on radar estimates.
  2. Do I get to complain about my 1/4” when you and Mattie go over an inch?
  3. You are in a good spot. Congrats.
  4. 0.28” here feels like a huge win. You must be doing a lot better than me based on radar estimates.
  5. Yes! I’m standing in the carport watching it come down. Glorious.
  6. I've been to 97.5. The problem with DCA so far is that our heat was in June, when the river wind was more of a factor. Another 95 at DCA today.
  7. 0.06" in the last two weeks. I hate this time of year.
  8. Right in the groin. Beautiful dark skies to my NE, though.
  9. I’m trying to coax that one down my way.
  10. I just walked by our local pool. First time they’ve hosted a tourney in almost two decades. They even hired a cop for traffic control. Serious business!
  11. Slightly above the 1991-2020 normals so far. Torch in the west, cooler in the SE.
  12. Maybe with all the smoke we’ll be able to squeak out a negative!
  13. Yeah, the OP is flipping all around. I'd go with persistence and keep it west. Make sure all the trees burn.
  14. The 12z GFS was something else. Even though something like this (closed 600 dm near STL) is unlikely, it is going to be interesting if some of the heat that has moved over to the Northern Plains does finally eject this way sometime in August.
  15. No, it is mostly that the ridge has set up pretty far west. We get bigger heat when the ridge sets up either over us or in the central US and the heat “rolls over” to us. This year we are above normal on 90 degree days but below normal on 95+. A fairly average summer under the new 91-20 climate norms.
  16. 0.06” over the last 11 days. Would be nice to get a stray storm today.
  17. I thought I was imagining that last night, but it is legit.
  18. All I’m taking away from these posts is to steer my daughter away from competitive swimming.
  19. High of 87 so far here. DCA was 86 though 2pm and IAD is 88. I don’t think we’ll crack 90, but it isn’t as pleasant as yesterday.
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