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  1. We are going to miss these HRRR vs NAM battles when they unify them in the future. I’m on team HRRR today.
  2. I know expectations have shifted, but we are above normal at all three airports for June and just came off of a tie for the highest temperature at DCA since 2016.
  3. Such an odd setup with the easterly flow off the Atlantic ruining the I95 chances.
  4. At the risk of enduring the wrath of the mid-Atlantic crew, my yard really dried out over the past week. Doesn’t ever seem to matter how wet it was early, once it dries out it is really noticeable. 1.41” in June.
  5. Since DCA moved to the current location, they are averaging about one 100-degree day per year. However, since 100-degree days are clustered, over the period of record, only about 1/3 of years have had a 100-degree day. This has held over the past two decades, with 7 years of 21 reaching 100 degrees. It has not hit 100 at DCA since August 2016.
  6. This is an oddball stat, but I looked it up because the difference between Friday (high 99) and Saturday (high 79) was so stark. At DCA (since 1941), there have only been 9 summer days with temperature drops of more than 20 degrees between consecutive days. Several of those included precip, which means that there have only been a handful of periods similar to what we just encountered.
  7. I know it isn’t pool weather, but considering temperature, time of year, lack of bugs (early season plus wind), full vegetation, it really is an all-time type of day out there. Just awesome to sit in the backyard.
  8. I’m guessing there aren’t many midnight highs in the 2nd half of June. Pretty good chance tomorrow.
  9. The big problem here is that we have a ton of densely-treed neighborhoods. It doesn't even take a severe-level storm to cause damage, especially to old and dying trees. So, we may scoff at some of the warnings, but I bet a lot of them are verifying via damage reports.
  10. The reason I mentioned the records this morning was that the conditions were perfect to overperform, especially at DCA. Dry, mid-day frontal passage with downslope winds? Torch.
  11. New record high at DCA. At least 98. Winds are really kicking up.
  12. My kid is at tennis/swim camp at the local pool. We packed a lot of ice with her today. Hopefully the extend the pool time. Per IADASOS, Dulles is already to 93, breaking the daily record before noon.
  13. Can’t complain about lows on a day where we may set (shatter for IAD) record highs. 97 DCA 96 BWI 92 IAD
  14. Those can be dangerous since people aren’t expecting them.
  15. I wasn’t paying much attention today but was optimistic based on the radar a while back. Then I saw this. Sure enough, completely dying as it moves east.
  16. You torched. 89 at DCA/BWI, 88 at IAD/my house.
  17. Yeah, we are looking at Chicago and north. edit - speaking of which, damn!
  18. That sounds like a station that does not have good ventilation. Given the 92 at IAD, the 91 at Manassas, and a 92 at one of the other Haymarket PWSs, I think 92 is a good number for today.
  19. That is a beauty of a supercell in southern WI right now.
  20. The 00z Euro had temps on Wednesday (2 days away) near 100 around here. The 12z run is in the upper 80s. It is struggling.
  21. If you continue the loop on the NAM Nest it has a westward moving squall line through SC/GA. That would be wild.
  22. All of the models except the NAM Nest fire an MCS Monday afternoon north of Chicago and keep it going to the east coast. NAM and GFS are north of us (NYC/Philly), but the Euro is right over us.
  23. Actually pulled off a midnight high.
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