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  1. I had one deep upset team in my elite 8. VCU. Ahhh.
  2. Looks terrible on mobile! Glad they did a redesign though, they wouldn’t bother if it wasn’t being used.
  3. Radar and a pic from a friend in Boulder both look good right now for the front range. Hopefully everyone can back door into a hit.
  4. I'd be a little worried about Laramie being in a minor shadow due to the mtns to the east.
  5. I cleaned out the garden beds Thursday and ran the mower to collect the junk. There was a lot of dust. Amazing how quickly it can change without rain around here.
  6. I had occasionally be checking in on lumber prices since (like everyone else who retained their jobs) we were looking at a renovation. Commodity price movements have been aggressive. (Lumber top, copper bottom)
  7. If you compare modeling, though, it does look like this is the storm that finally broke the GFS. None of the others are even close to the QPF that the GFS is spitting out.
  8. This one looks like a beaut all the way up to the Black Hills. Wouldn’t mind being in Estes or Nederland.
  9. I had more snow in March 2013 than I did this entire winter.
  10. The problem from our side is that we have zero depth at WR. It is Jefferson/Thielen and a bunch of scrubs. If there was any player that was potentially movable, it is Anthony Barr. Not sure if you need OLB though.
  11. Yes, the Vikings community has been debating this since we parted with Reiff. The problem is the contract. Would we really part with draft assets and then have to sign a guy for $20m+? Especially when we are in range of potentially getting Slater or Darrisaw in the draft. The trade that I’ve seen floated is a swap of first round picks (Balt moves up to 14, Vikings down to 27) and you guys get the third rounder back from the Ngakoue trade.
  12. 71 for a high and everyone is outside.
  13. Not inconceivable that growing season starts on Tuesday at DCA.
  14. mitchnick with the prescient thoughts prior to the board going down. Sadly, the server is probably now in a dump somewhere since the guy who bought(?) it passed away. It is weirdly hit-and-miss on what links open and what don't. It is fun to see the titles, but man would I like to read those threads again. Guess I'll look up 2016...
  15. I slept through to July?
  16. That's probably the sunrise.
  17. Both parents, MIL and closest aunt have all received their first shots in the last week. J&J’s vaccine approved today. Optimism.
  18. I am always going to hold a tiny bit of resentment towards my brother for getting married that weekend in Minneapolis. I watched it all happen via my phone from Target Field
  19. Gusts to 41 at DCA and 39 at IAD. Surprised at the wind advisory still, but trees around here fail at remarkably low speeds.
  20. Missed by several hours, but damn if it didn’t get to 46 at KOKV today.
  21. Different world out by Winchester (I clearly don’t know what county I’m currently in)