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  1. I’d start thinking about a FFW for the Annandale area (SW Beltway)
  2. The CGs are really cracking today.
  3. A few nice booms of thunder.
  4. 0.50" today, 1.28" total since Wednesday. I'll take it.
  5. About a quarter of an inch so far. Keep it coming.
  6. My apologies to the beach community, but I'd take this easterly flow all summer.
  7. Hard to believe that any of the models are going to get this setup right.
  8. The sensor itself is on a chip inside of the shield. It can get dirty too. You can clean it with a Q tip.
  9. This upcoming system appears to have broken the Euro. There is a spot north of Williamsburg, VA that is progged to get 20" of rain on Monday.
  10. Funny to look at this radar still and know that it is going to miss 80% of the area inside the Beltway.
  11. Interesting note on Cristobel's NW track. It appears that Minnesota has set their all-time record rainfall from a tropical system. Several locations were over 4.5". The prior record was sub-4".
  12. Do you have a fan-aspirated shield or not? If yes, check to make sure that your fan didn't die. If not, just try to keep it as clean as possible and free of any obstructions. The temperatures are meant to be taken in a sunny area, but if the radiation shield isn't doing its job you could move it.
  13. Feels like we are at "peak yard" this weekend. Serious green before it all goes downhill in the summer. Pano of the backyard
  14. Maybe people with more hurricane climo expertise can chime in on this, because I'm having trouble believing it. If I have it right, the NHC is forecasting Cristobal to have the most NW track (at least above Chicago's latitude) of any Atlantic tropical system on record.
  15. I like how you can clearly define the remnants up past James Bay. Here is the Euro’s peak wind over the next 10 days via Windy.
  16. 25k w/o power in northern VA. Majority in Fairfax Co.
  17. Good storm. Not severe here, but good T&L, enough wind to make a racket in the treetops, and beneficial rain.
  18. Warning for most of the DC Beltway area. Text is 60 mph gusts. TDCA has 50mph winds not far off the surface
  19. A nice cool stretch, and then the heat returns and we immediately obliterate a record high (95 at IAD vs the record of 89).
  20. Yep, nice squall there. The camera shaking is making me dizzy.
  21. The big problem we have tomorrow is that it is dry. HRRR is putting the DPs in the 50s by later in the day. Kills the instability and the line dropping down.
  22. That cell S of Mankato is a beast. Tornado warning now.