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  1. The "we are due" index is pretty high in several areas specifically: 1.) Derecho 2.) Tropical system/remnants 3.) EF-2 or greater tornado 4.) Large scale river flooding event Sooner or later the pendelum is going to swing back on us.
  2. From a climo perspective we are due for a derecho.
  3. I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on those folks. Perhaps it's because I was fortunate to have WGAL out of Lancaster for so many years and that team is my benchmark. Their graphics package is excellent, the forecasts aren't hyperbole and they all have good on camera presence.
  4. Some of them are, but most of them are pretty hypey with run-of-the-mills storms (alert day, etc.) The worst has to be the CBS affiliate out of Baltimore, Channel 13...if it's not sunny and 70 it's the end of the world.
  5. The Baltimore / DC tv markets really have no good on air mets. It's mostly hype and flashy maps.
  6. 1% beet juice and sodium chloride in water. Sodium chloride has been documented to overwhelm local qater treatment and aquifers.
  7. It really doesn't pay to make a storm specific thread before D3, otherwise you're making a wishcasting thread that 9/10 times turns into 35 and rain. Part of the blame lies with @stormtracker for prematurely starting the thread, but it was @Bob Chill who openly tossed the Euro yesterday. He is the one who deserves pitchforks and torches.
  8. Planted collards and beets under a vold frame two weeks ago and things are sprouting up a bit fast. Garlic also coming along too.
  9. We're now reshuffling the reshuffle What a hot turd this winter is.