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  1. Eskimo Joe


    How do you place the soap? In a pantry hose or something?
  2. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    Hope it rains today...we really need it.
  3. Eskimo Joe

    Winter 2018-19 Is Coming

    I'm psyched big time about this winter. We're gonna get two nice Miller A storms in January and a nice December cold wave.
  4. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    Outside of that warm week in July this summer has been cold. Wonder if it's a sign of a cold winter coming.
  5. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    This weather sucks. Where is the 95 and humid?
  6. Eskimo Joe

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Climo argues against a good tropical system impacting the area this year...add to that SAL and cold water and we've got a recipe for another bust season
  7. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    My experience is that we blow by guidance on the last 2 or 3 days of heat waves in these parts. It's almost like a diesel engine, slow to start but hard to stop.
  8. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    Looks like an outflow boundary coming your way...probably will kick off some additional popcorn thunderstorms.
  9. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    I have a sneaking suspicion that we'll see some outflow boundary drift south from PA after dark and set some storms off.
  10. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    Terrain is the kicker. Once the storms drift off the ridge they seem to die pretty quickly.
  11. Eskimo Joe

    July Banter Thread

    I want to go to Needles.
  12. Eskimo Joe

    2018 Mid Atlantic Lawn/Garden/Pool Thread

    Beets and radish are good fall crops. Collard greens are good too.
  13. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    Sitting in Reisterstown watching the cell near 695 and 795 going up. Decent amount of low thunder in the distance.
  14. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    I hope DCA and BWI stay warm overnight and don't drop below 80°. The worst is when a shower pops up at 10pm and douses a site.
  15. Eskimo Joe

    July Discobs Thread

    Heat Warnings going to be needed for DC, Arlington, Baltimore and Baltimore City.