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  1. FFW within a FFW for Montgomery. Been dry enough that we could escape any big issues.
  2. Can see the CG from the Rockville cluster in Reisterstown.
  3. Per USGS Sensor, Sligo Creek @ Takoma Park about to hit minor flood stage.
  4. Montgomery put a hi-rise box alarm out at the 1400 blk of East-West Hwy.
  5. FFW Baltimore County inside the beltway and Baltimore City.
  6. Yea tops are going up and it's creeping out ahead of the main line. Could see it getting warned shortly.
  7. Weird line forming along Mason-Dixon. Can hear the occasional thunder from that at the Lowe's in Westminster.
  8. Been up since this morning. It's been pretty dry recently and the storm motion today seems progressive. Guess it's more for the urbanized watersheds.
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