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  1. Friendly reminder to resist the urge to suddenly buy a Zune or Surface Pro.
  2. We're quietly slipping into some pretty dry conditions. This normally is the low point for fire calls of the year for our fire department, but we're running brush fires just about every day.
  3. Storms firing up into the Laurels. Might get some rain tonight.
  4. So many magnolias in my neighborhood popped early then got nipped by the cold weather last Saturday AM. Not looking like a good year for them.
  5. The Waldorf site usually has open slots too.
  6. It appears the forecast is trending a tad drier through Thursday. Good weather to get your garden or lawn started up.
  7. Dropping another round of grass seed Saturday morning, then cutting out 4 new raised beds for a more permanent garden.
  8. Bass wife is coming for you this weekend.
  9. Nearly a 30 degree temperature range in soil temperature across Maryland.
  10. Come on now, you know it takes at least 550 j/kg CAPE for things to get rockin'.
  11. We've had some last minute clearing and I wonder if this is going to be enough to get a low end slight risk kind of event. There are a few quick kinks in the line as evidence by the TOR from LWX.
  12. New event. Tornado Warning from 3/28/2021 4:36 PM to 5:00 PM EDT for Carroll County, MD.