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  1. The only two spot that I think you could see locally, due to limited light pollution, are Blackwater Wildlife Refuge or Deal Island State Wildlife Management Area.
  2. The cell NW of Bath, WV bears some watching. It's got an uptick in CG and it's riding NW flow on a warm front.
  3. Good lord. We do heat and wind well here no doubt.
  4. DC getting decent SW wind. If there was more sun today, they probably would've touched 80.
  5. EDIT: NAM/HRRR insistent that we break out well into the warm section this afternoon and get well into the 70s.
  6. I think we end up with a decent afternoon.
  7. The 12z GFS developed a small surface reflection Friday night over West Virginia that scoots northeast to NYC. If that happens, there might be enough SW flow to erode the wedge and salvage Saturday. But make no mistake, we are entering backdoor cold front season.
  8. ^Old E/E rule right there. Expect da wedgie.
  9. If we can make through the 3pm hour without touching 40, I think we might make it.
  10. We only got below 25 degrees a dozen times this winter. We truly were riding the suck train even in the NW suburbs.
  11. My plans to put grass seed in were thwarted.
  12. I guess it's better than getting within 24 hours of an event and having the rug totally pulled out from underneath you. //Those// sting like no other.
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