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  1. Clipper passing within 50 -75 to our south with a decent push of WAA snow can easily yield a low end warning snowfall for the climo areas and a solid advisory event for the rest. Hopefully it's not a virga fest.
  2. If only we could get that bit of ridging out west a bit stronger...would be a bigger impact for everyone.
  3. They always get screwed in big events...so they deserve some love. Hope they jackpot.
  4. 70s on Christmas would be terrible. Hope to God that's wrong. After last year, we all deserve a cold powder 6-10" Christmas miracle.
  5. @psuhoffman you talk about long commutes...I used to do New Salem, PA to Gaithersburg, MD via Rt. 27. Killer. Sleeping at New Windsor FD saved me so many weeks.
  6. @wxmeddler did some GIS research about that and came to the same conclusion.
  7. Damn, all 3 terminals set one day snowfall records today. RERs going out now.
  8. What is that tool and how can I access it?
  9. DCA reports 2.0" BWI reports 2.6" IAD wins at 4.0"
  10. M4.0" in Reisterstown and submitted to LWX. M3.5" at Public Safety HQ from a snow weenie co-worker. M4.5" from another snow weenie friend as Fire Station 29 in Germantown. Amazing to see how Thurmont reported only 1.5" but just east we're seeing 6" measurements.
  11. Too bad we can't continue this through 8pm or so...would've been near warning criteria snowfall for some.
  12. For those of you who have snow reports, good idea to send them to the NWS email: lwx-report(at)noaa.gov
  13. Parr's Ridge Jackpot™ strikes again. Damn.
  14. Roads were 50 degrees in Montgomery 2 days ago...too much stored heat. They're just now dipping down to 32 - 34 degrees. If this went through 8pm with sustain 1"/hr rates it'd be ice city. I've noticed the best way to cool roads is rain with a front followed by good wind and then a cold day...just sucks the heat right out of them.