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  1. Are you going to invent New Math™ now?
  2. Naw it's not that bad. Breezy and partly cloudy takes the edge off it.
  3. Looks like an emerging supercell just south of Thurmont.
  4. Blue Box until 01:00 UTC: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/watch/ww0455.html
  5. I'd love to experience 100/80 across the region with full sun and no wind one day. Would be pretty epic. We don't get those huge heat domes much anymore...just pulses in the low 90s for a few days.
  6. So much winning.
  7. Meso'd: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/2017/md1521.html
  8. Sneaky heat...looks like even Raven Rock and Hagerstown and cracking the 100 HI. Probably one of the warmest days regionally this summer.
  9. Would like to see the low level lapse rates a bit better, would aid in the development of some wet microbursts. Just wish we could get everything to line up once this summer.
  10. Quantico and DCA Td near 80. Nice.
  11. Holy SBCAPE...even mixed CAPE is amazing. Too bad our shear is poo.
  12. If we had some shear today I'd be all in like never before. Shame we have everything but. Still...someone is gonna win bigly I think in the severe department and we might even see a decent TOR.
  13. This is the fallacy of these BS FTC products. If/when they degenerate into open waves then John Q Public gets more confused then they already are with NHC products. Never liked the FTC products to start, just stick with the yellow/orange/red highlighted graphic.
  14. Putting all my hope and eggs in the 92L basket. Lets go for Isabel 2.0 with double the rain.
  15. 92L will be the only shot we have at a legit TC this year. If we fail on that, we fail on the season.