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  1. LWX storm survey from the damage in Baltimore earlier this week:
  2. I'll be out of the area early next week. Count on it.
  3. Too early to get interested in Fri/Sat. Without nuclear grade heat and an EML, it's going to be tough to get any MCS across the mountains. Debris clouds could spoil us Saturday...shocker.
  4. Starting to wonder if we even have sustained heat this year. Seems like rainy and cool is the way we're headed. The worst.
  5. Yea they're dropping a lot in my neighborhood. There's still a song in the trees, but it's muted.
  6. Baltimore County fire responding to a stranded boat near Craighill Light.
  7. Absolute shaft job in Reisterstown. A few drops of rain and one bolt of lightning in the southern sky.
  8. You can see a few green pixel on the base velocity over Baltimore City.
  9. Looks to be. Frederick Cell is starting to interact with a subtle boundary along Rt. 26. Might shoot up in the next couple of frames.
  10. Dewpoint at my personal wx station back up to 63. Wind has shifted to SSW.