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  1. Has anyone been out to Harper's Ferry? What's the color looking like out there?
  2. Maybe we'll get lucky this year and see a nice Miller A for Christmas. Nothing crazy, just a 5" - 8" event of wet snow that covers everything and gives that Burl Ives feel.
  3. NWS main account put out a Tweet saying their winter forecast will be released tomorrow. How much you want to bet they go climo for a Nina or just do a broad brush 'EC'.
  4. Shut the pool down on Sunday...temperature was a lowly 61 degrees. We got down the 36 in Reisterstown this morning so I'm going with the assumption that our garden is finished. Halloween decorations going up on Friday after work!
  5. I was in PA at the time finishing my masters at Millersville. We got 4-8" in the county and it was highly dependent on elevation. Some parts of Parrs Ridge into lower York County picked up 9" IIRC.
  6. Didnt Oct 2002 have a T at BWI?
  7. Me too. They've been very accurate and really have those NWS g-men on the run.
  8. RIP, NWS and GOES.
  9. Going to buy RadarScope today...can you add Allisonhouse feeds (lightning, etc.) in or do those come by default?
  10. Legit: https://twitter.com/sarahann1693/status/916739859787763712
  11. What did Opal bring to this area.
  12. Tonight's going to be interesting...Nate bubbling up quickly.
  13. The tornado risk could be respectable if the COC passes just to our west. 1" - 3" of rain with a few mall wedges would be okay.
  14. 26 Fatalities in Central America so far. Looking more and more like Nate is going to be retired.
  15. Hurricane watch being issued for Florida / Alabama coast back through New Orleans.