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  1. There goes the flip to the west winds at DCA and suddenly the record is smashed. Lets juts go for 100 while we're at it.....
  2. IAD and BWI already broke their records. DCA probably will struggle because of the asinine ASOS placement.
  3. Try US 219 from Somerset to Grantsville. Always a nice ride with decent color.
  4. We're just a few weeks away from heavy rain and 38 on Christmas.
  5. Karen has demanded to see the manager of the atmosphere because all the shear is messing up her hair.
  6. Not looking good for winter......
  7. In DC, elevation and latitude are key. The area experiences several marginal events on the bookends of winter that make or break for your seasonal snowfall totals. Living north of Interstate 70 or west of Maryland Route 97 will put you in a good spot in Maryland. As others mentioned Damascus / Mt. Airy / Lisbon are always money. Going further out, Emmittsburg or Thurmont in Frederick County are always money. West of Dulles Airport in Virginia is also a good spot.
  8. New CPC outlook through the end of 2019 is a torch and BN precip.
  9. It can rain any day now...went fishing at Ft. Ritchie this weekend and the lake was the lowest I've ever seen.
  10. Days like this are a good day to transplant or work outside.
  11. Mass hatch of dragonflies.
  12. BWI, DCA and IAD all get RERs for high temps in mid September......
  13. I'm giving it until Dec 31. If we don't have at least 1 warning event or one on the horizon then I'm out. It would be nice to get a soaking 1" - 3" of rain regionwide in the next week to 10 days. We can still recover the foliage season or at least part of it if we can tilt back to a wetter regime.
  14. This would be the ultimate screw job for DC and Baltimore and Richmond so it'll probably happen