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  1. Every year about this time, CWG drags out this theorem.
  2. It did poorly with the flooding near Pittsburgh, the Laurel Highlands, and Frederick/Washington County in Maryland.
  3. Yes it has. I'll say this...one observation that I've noticed over my now 10+ years in the public safety field, and this is a personal observation and not reflective on any one county/district, is that public school superintendents tend to make decisions in a vacuum independent of consultation on local EM / NWS. I don't know why that is, but they seem to be a black hole.
  4. The "there was no warning" is just a false narrative that's been beat to death by bureaucrats who can't make a decision so they push the blame onto the meteorologists. You saw the same thing with Tulane University the other day.
  5. The debris signature appears to have been lofted upwards of 20,000 ft and some of the debris was probably carried into Mercer County. Unreal. Mt. Holly WHO really has been the epicenter of mid atlantic and tornadoes this year.
  6. I grew up less than a mile from there. What you're seeing is the Schuylkill River on the right and the Manayunk Canal on the left. In the middle is Venice Island. It's called Venice Island because what you see in the video happens during bigger events. The apartment complexes were built against the wishes of the residents, but money talks. This flood though is far greater than any I've ever seen there...likely beating Floyd, Lee/Irene, and the 1996 melt.
  7. If the system was a bit slower and had a bit more negative tilt, this would've been a legit MOD risk Mid Atlantic to New England tornado outbreak. We were so close to a grand slam event.
  8. We might never see something like that again in our lifetime. Unreal.
  9. Nocturnal TVS approaching EWR. Unreal event and it stings that DC missed it by just a few hours.
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