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  1. You must be a blast at parties.
  2. LWX's failure may be in part to the actual disk it rotates on failing. A crew from the ROC in Norman will be out this weekend for a real diagnosis, but this is complicated by the fact that ROC personnel are also trying to rebuild from Lake Charles from the ground up simultaneously. In my opinion, given the fact that we are edging out of peak severe season and have 4 terminal Doppler radars (5 if you county Philly taking care of LWX's extreme north eastern part of the CWA), Lake Charles should get preference.
  3. Yea that was a good winter. The only thing keeping it from an A+ in my book was a solid 12"+ event.
  4. Today is the anniversary of the College Park tornado.
  5. I'm going to be selfish. So long as I get my Antares launch, I don't care what happens.
  6. Must be all those 5G towers in the Atlantic that were secretly turned on last month. /s
  7. Hope we can get this to bump back 24 hrs. I'm down at Wallops next Tuesday PM for my *hopefully* first Antares launch and the upper level winds would not be good right now.
  8. Yikes. Thank the gods we have 4 terminal dopplers nearby. Hopefully Infrastructure Week™ will fix this.
  9. I'm going to answer this publicly. Pros: Affordable, it's roughly $300, but with the one time code Tempest10off you save 10% so you can up the shipping to get it quicker and it still comes out to around $300. Ships quick. Purchased on a Monday, got it on a Friday. Had it set up that day. Easy to install. All you need is a 1 inch pipe to mount it flush with a fence post. The directions are on their website. Sighting of the instrument is as you would any other weather station. Easy to deploy. The station starts reporting within 3 minutes of being turned on. You can make a profile on wunderground and push the data there or to a personal website. The first day or two the data may be inconsistent, but within a week it'll sort itself out. There's a smart phone app so you know what the weather is like at your house and you can integrate it with certain smart home features. Nest is not yet one of them. Wind and temperature are highly accurate. We haven't had rain here yet so I can't talk to that. Cons: Their predictive weather algorithm is terrible. It's never been right, but I have NWS et al so I don't care. There is not long term storage of historical data (IE: highest temp, lowest temp, etc.). I've submitted that as a request for enhancement. There is no physical display that you can mount on a wall or a countertop. You have to use your phone or PC to view the data. I've submitted that as a request for enhancement.
  10. Hoping for good weather next Tuesday evening. We're driving to Wallops for the Anteres launch at 10:30 pm. Everyone in this sub forum should be able to see it, the Anteres is the bigger(est) rocket that can be launched from WAL.