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  1. Well, there would be a lot of screaming by the folks with of I-70 that's for sure.
  2. Almost looks like a cold conveyor belt on radar. https://radar.weather.gov/station/klwx/standard
  3. Looks like the old center of circulation will creep NE through the western DC and Baltimore suburbs today.
  4. M2.38" RSTM2 COOP location. Finally got the soaking rainfall we needed regionwide.
  5. If the latest version of the HRRR is to be believed, we might see this precip shield really fill in around 3 pm to 4 pm. Would be nice to just get a soaking rain for a few hours and end this drought.
  6. Looks like northern Carroll and Baltimore counties are going to jackpot. Seems like the southeast wind keeps reinvigorating precip off Parrs Ridge.
  7. Pretty ho hum so far. Hope we can manage another round of sustained rain this afternoon or a lot of these rainfall forecasts are in trouble.
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