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  1. I'm cool with getting stuck there all winter. I just need a campfire and a weather radio.
  2. Stop looking at the Good For Shit model and its ensembles. It's not happening.
  3. We're staring a shut out December in the face and it was only -1.5 BN November.
  4. Had our 5 minutes of winter this morning in Reisterstown.
  5. Hope north of I-70 jackpots bigly tomorrow.
  6. Your only hope is that clouds stay thick today and then thin out for a few hours this evening.
  7. The complete lack of a good cP air mass in the long range across all guidance is concerning.
  8. People actually think its going to snow this weekend?
  9. Positively tilted trough is no bueno in these parts.
  10. Traditionally, the center of the ULL going west to east along the I-64 corridor works for DCA and points north. The evolution depicted above is okay for jackpotville and the hills, but not for the majority of us, too far north.
  11. ^nearly all the accumulation south of Mason-Dixon comes from the ULL. Historically, we lose 9.9/10 times this way south of Mason-Dixon.
  12. WPC has a new interactive surface map. It's pretty slick: