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  1. Is relevant:
  2. Man that's about as hostile of a basin as you can get. I'm surprised Brett and Cindy are even able to hold their own.
  3. Full write up: https://nwschat.weather.gov/p.php?pid=201706201358-KLWX-NOUS41-PNSLWX
  4. The new NHC maps are nice. I like how you can toggle on/off the track and wind field.
  5. That Haymarket storm is nice.
  6. That shows intra-cloud and CG or just CG?
  7. Yea that's a healthy segment probably the best chance to see a good event...tops pushing 50,000 ft.
  8. Gust front now out racing the line by a fair bit. Looks like it's running SW -> NE from Middleburg to Poolesville to Reisterstown. Unless something pops along this quick it might kill our storm chances pretty quick. Almost no lightning now.
  9. Probably a good downpour, but the base velocity scans and lightning have been pretty anemic over the past 30 min. There's a couple more robust cells down near Culpepper and I'm wondering if they are robbing the juice for our stuff.
  10. There's a pretty defined...gust front evident from Westminster down to Front Royal...seems like the storm can't maintain an updraft for more than 20-30 min.
  11. HM: "Things definitely leaning HRRR right now, speed of line too."
  12. Looks like the convection near Beryville to Boyce in WV gusted out...subtle gust front evident on the 0.5 degree base reflectivity...hopefully this kicks something else off because the radar is rather unimpressive so far. Minimal lightning.
  13. DCA at 88...cooking pretty good. WX panhandle probably getting a good dump of rain.