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  1. Oh yea, Monday looks decent too.
  2. Bigly interested in Saturday. Anything that fires could have rocket fuel to work with.
  3. ^the only time the wedge holds firm.
  4. Was hoping we go right to torch. Backdoor fronts in spring are bigly stinko.
  5. Someone probably needs to get a May long term thread started.
  6. MOS guidance now hammering days of northeast flow next week due to a backdoor cold front. This spring sucks.
  7. LWX went with ''highs near 90'' for DC proper on Saturday. :0
  8. DCAwill hit 90 this weekend. Tomatoes will go in Saturday.
  9. I'd put money on DCA hitting 90 by Sunday. BWI hitting 90 this weekend wouldn't surprise me either.
  10. He is 'meh-ing' the setup pretty hard on Twitter right now.
  11. Question for the group. What defines ''heavy rainfall'' for you. My criteria: 4" in 6 hours 5" in 12 hours 6" in 24 hours
  12. Eric Horst from Millersville said a 2.7 earthquake occurred along a known fault line just south of Conestoga.
  13. Map of the damage reports: Picture from Takoma Park where the injury occurred. This account had a few other pictures from the area:
  14. 1 injured when numerous healthy trees in Takoma Park were uprooted. One came down on a car...driver suffered minor injures and his kid was okay. Car is a complete loss. Did a quick windshield survey and this is all straight line winds. Got at least 20 reports from this one cell alone...looks like tops wee ~50kft from the I-270/495 split to the PC line. Amazing HP supercell, but the SPC mesoanalysis nailed this with the wedge of instability nosing along eastern MoCo.
  15. One non-life threatening injury in takoma park.