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  1. Can we all make a pact to not look at or share the HRR or NAM past 24 hours? The MOD Risk bust in IL the other day should be a reinforcer to not trust meso models past HR 24.
  2. FIL is from Brooklyn. Wife was born in Huntingdon (sp?) and grew up on the Island.
  3. I removed me reaction and I'm just going to stop posting at this point.
  4. What engine you with if you don't mind me asking.
  5. They already from a confirmed case number. God's Waiting Room.
  6. We live in a hell hole. This is a flat out LIE.
  7. It wasn't created in a lab, nor did it accidentally get relased from one. Full stop on this.
  8. Gathering in an enclosed place for a few hours is arguably worse than sitting on a beach.
  9. We know of the lag in deaths after the number of cases stats to lax, but you wonder what this is doing to regions of the world right now in terms of knowledge and family lines of succession, etc.
  10. Spain / UK approaching 9% mortality rate of infected persons. Oof.
  11. We tend to do well on high lapse rate/shear days in these parts.
  12. Good. Now let's get cracking on that third span.