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  1. 2011-12 was pain. We wait all year for basically a 8 to 10 week window of snow opportunity. That year you just knew by Thanksgiving the season was a total wash. Total pain.
  2. 10 miles southwest of mappy
  3. Euro is looking ugly for this winter.
  4. You can see the wedge creeping towards DC:
  5. CAMS blew chunks today. Barely anything on radar. Wasn't expecting big storms, but was hoping for more aerial coverage.
  6. I'll be happy if I hit climo this year. That's my benchmark.
  7. Of late, it seems like we can't shake the annual warm spell in early October.
  8. Guidance really dried up for this week.
  9. Welcome to the new normal.
  10. We should cool off sometime in February.
  11. Low of 45 in Reisterstown.
  12. Low of 45 in Reisterstown.
  13. Agreed. Without at least a neutral PAC, we're kind of screwed. What was the PDO/PNA in 1995-1996 and 2009-2010?
  14. Westminster airport is reporting a thunderstorm. Might be sound bobbing off the inversion?
  15. Tomorrow looks sneaky interesting for hail we have a decent fropa and stout mid level lapse rates. Traditionally, that helps sustain updrafts better in these parts so long as we can push 700 - 1000 CAPE.
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