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  1. Would be nice to see this thing tick back NW another 75 - 100 miles and give the low landers some snow. They always rain when us jackpot folks win out. They deserve some flakage as well.
  2. Amazing how critical a degree or two always is. Westminster ASOS, elevation 791 ft, is 36 degrees. Meanwhile, Site R, at 900 feel, is 32 and snow, and Camp David, over 1,000 ft, is 28. Cold air is just off the deck, but can't mix in. Seems like if we want to maximize a rapid changeover, we need a small wave along the front to pull the colder air down, otherwise these events bust on the warm side more often than not. These are no win events for NWS, DOTs, schools, et al because someone is mad at you.
  3. Good rates + falling temps mean roads can cave quickly.
  4. Bro, you're totally sick and the car won't start. Gotta stay home.
  5. Well said. Clearly the GFS OP has been taking the GFS ensembles and the Euro OP/Ensembles to the wood shed this winter.
  6. This small event could bring DCA to full climate snowfall in mod January. Encouraging to see the meso models show good lift centered in the snow growth region for several hours. Could over perform.
  7. Still a better win percentage than Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship.
  8. Chincoteague or Cape Charles are the places to be for this. Cape Charles brewing is one of the best breweries I've ever been to. Beer and snow, what more do you need?
  9. There's that northern crew spirit. I knew you had it in you.
  10. Ratios will be better on the NW side so we'll win.
  11. Other spots worth eating at for Chincoteague: 1.) Lunch (summer): SeaStar Cafe 2.) Dinner, Easter through Christmas (reservations strongly recommended): Etta's Channel Side (great views).
  12. I'd take the 12z Euro for mby in a skinny minute. Lowlanders get snow with no temp issues it seems.
  13. My benchmark is 3" - 5" for this event in Reisterstown. If we get a solid advisory level event on the weekend, with cold air behind it, what's not to like?
  14. Go to Chincoteague and see the lighthouse and ponies in the snow. Stay at the Hampton Inn and have dinner at Bill's Prime (reservations recommended...strongly recommend the Pork Shank Osso Bucco).
  15. 12z Euro would bring DCA to full climo for the year in mid January. Also, this:
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