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  1. You missed every storm in 2009 - 2010? Damn.
  2. What a summer that was, last real heat we had in these parts. Compared to today where we can barely get into the 80s.
  3. Really looking like the year without a summer at this point. Guess we have some remnant blocking that should erode just in time for winter.
  4. https://www.wpc.ncep.noaa.gov/metwatch/metwatch_mpd_multi.php?md=394&yr=2022
  5. Yea really disappointing evening. Time to get the sprinkler out.
  6. Heads up Stafford. Looks like the ASOS might get cored.
  7. SPC issues SEVERE TSTM WATCH until 01:00 UTC
  8. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/2022/md1249.html
  9. There's no way we even come close to June 2006. Setup is vastly different.
  10. HRRR is mostly west of US 15, NAMNest is I-81 to I-95.
  11. Seems like this year the axis of heavy rain sets up further north and east from that the guidance says. Wonder if that holds true today.
  12. BWI at least ties the record at 96°. All three terminals busted warm. It's the one thing we do well.
  13. Up to 95 degrees in Reisterstown.
  14. Nice. How summer should be.
  15. Really getting tired of the mid 50s for lows in summer.
  16. Just finished washing a fire truck in New Windsor and it has the deep summer soup feel. While we're "stable" here, i wonder if that cluster near Harrisburg develops a cold pool or something and can overcome whatever cap we have here. The CAMS today definitely have been wonky so may the Baltimore area gets to bust in favor of some relief tonight?
  17. IMO, Cappucci just seems to stir the pot when it comes to NWS warning operations. He's gone on about the size of storm based warnings, the size of watch boxes, the color of mesoscale discussion areas on SPC website and other seemingly trivial things. I totally understand that you can question things, but he seems to give back handed compliments pretty regularly.
  18. We just suck at weather. It's that simple. It's always something.
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