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  1. Decided to opt to go back to southern Vermont after hitting up Burlington. We liked Lake Champlain, but did not care for Burlington. Ended up in Wilmington and loved it. This evening's sunset over Harriman Reservoir.
  2. Up in Burlington through Friday, then off to Portland, ME for Saturday and Sunday. Weather up here has been amazing.
  3. Y'all jackpoted because I'm in Vermont. Enjoy!
  4. Bennington missed the storms but man we had some nice structure over the Greens.
  5. Wonderful day in Bennington, not sure what the temp is but it's amazing.
  6. Thanks! Now all we need is some fishing recommendations and we're set.
  7. Burlington We're just taking our time. First vacation in 2 years.
  8. Headed up to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine this week. Never been to Vermont before. Looking forward to traveling around the area.
  9. Already have issues in West Virginia:
  10. Upper Montgomery County thankfully has missed most of the rainfall, so the upper third of those watershed (Seneca Creeks, Hawlings River, etc.) has //a bit// of leeway. My primary concern is Rock Creek, Sligo Creek, NW Branch Anacostia, Little Falls Branch, and Minnehaha Branch. Gauges have come down, but we're still moving some decent water and those watersheds are flashy to begin with.
  11. Euro shunts the axis of heaviest rainfall over to Delmarva and speeds everything up. It's almost like winter...lol.
  12. ^Gap is possible because: 1.) Terrain features can enhance flooding, plus they have lower FFG. 2.) Metro areas are rather vulnerable to flooding and have lower FFG. Elsewhere, looks like guidance isn't hammering them much and they've been a bit drier. Just my two cents.
  13. You can use the sounding climo page on SPC website: https://www.spc.noaa.gov/exper/soundingclimo/
  14. Wonder if LWX is waiting for the Euro to come out before they make a decision on any watches.
  15. That's typical. QPF forecasting for systems that have several mesoscale features will waffle around. Only thing I've noticed over the years is that we see the axis of heavy rain wind up a bit further north and east from where the short term guidance shows up.
  16. Seems the meso guidance pushing PWATS close to 3", while the globals only around 2". Wonder if that's a resolution issue, or if the short term guidance is keying in on something the globals might be missing out on.
  17. With all the new development NW of Historic EC, I don't think it's going to do much.
  18. NAM NEST is....problematic. Has several 6 - 8 jackpots in the NW suburbs of Baltimore and DC.
  19. Sligo Creek flashes quickly, but it also goes down fast. The USGS gauge in Takoma Park shows we're down to baseline.
  20. Yea some of the CAMs are really starting to hit in on the 4"+ mark for spots. If that happens, especially in the metro areas, that's going to be a problem. EDIT: Even the Euro has a stripe of 3" - 5" from DC up through Baltimore and over to the eastern shore.
  21. Tomorrow into Saturday is the kind of setup that fails 9.99/10 times. But that 0.01 times it works out we get floods and tons of low budget spinny danger noodles.
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