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  1. Ladder trucks run about $700k to $1 million. Lot of potential loss there.
  2. 18z GFS would imply Cat1 hurricane on 2nd US landfall.
  3. Maryland and Virginia have sent a lof of logistics and staff down to you. Florida will bounce back quick.
  4. Numbers are going so fast because substations and main transmission lines are failing. Electric and telecommunications grids are taking a beating right now.
  5. GFS has this weird precip hole right over the metro. Wonder what 12z Euro will show.
  6. Looks like the Cape Coral Chiquita Lock #2 has been overtopped.
  7. Couple of the hurricane models trying to nude the 2nd US landfall further east and now as a Cat 1/2 hurricane.
  8. Storm surge M4.8ft Naples, FL. Appears to be a record.
  9. I'll go with 90mph sustained, gust to 110-120mph.
  10. We have such an array of tools to analyze tropical cyclone these days. Here's how things were done in 1973.
  11. The latest NHC discussion (#24 for future archival) is absolutely worth reading. Eric Blake talks about the worth of the hurricane hunters and Tampa Bay doppler radar. Wish I could post it but I'm mobile.
  12. Sarasota ASOS reported a wind gust to 53kt.
  13. 144kt flight level wind on the latest vortex data message
  14. Looks like latest recon may have found cat 5 winds in Ian.
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