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  1. Someone on WxTwitter (perhaps it was @Ellinwood or @Ian) had linked to a history of all the "I" storms and their tracks. Can't find it, but it was rather neat.
  2. That's a great infographic. Where did you get this from?
  3. Appears so. 00z hurricane models look promising as well.
  4. Looks like the hurricane models have a second landfall in the Carolinas then bend Ian back into the Mid Altantic.
  5. Agreed. That definitely helps NWP with the mid latitude features that will eventually pick TD9 up and thrust it into the CONUS. Would even go so far as to saw that once this system makes the turn north, we'll probably have a pretty good idea on timing, intensity, and speed.
  6. Very interested to see what the 12z GEFS has to say, especially for inland folks.
  7. HR 210 on 12z GFS...remnant center near State College PA. SLP down to 990mb. Decent precip shield on NW side of low.
  8. HR 204 on 12z GFS...remnant center just south of Pittsburgh.
  9. HR 192 on 12z GFS has remnants in NE Georgia about to cross into S. Carolina. Mod/heavy rainfall along Smoky Mts. Precip up to DCA...should be noted there's a large SE fetch on the eastern side of the system which would probably supported the potential for widespread moderate rainfall along Southeast/lower Mid Atlantic states.
  10. HR 174/180 on 12z GFS shows potential for Maddox Predecessor Rainfall Event (PRE) along coastal South Carolina.
  11. 12z GFS with landfall around 990mb 18z Friday, 9/30 in the Taylor/Dixie/Jefferson county area.
  12. Yes looks like it rots in the gulf.
  13. Yea its a heartbreaking run. We smoke cirrus while New England cashes in.
  14. FYI, NHC mentioned last night that recon data on 98L is getting ingested into NWP now.
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