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  1. CAMs appear to have the activity swing down through Loudoun County / WV Panhandle between now and 20z. Wouldn't surprise me to see the watch expanded further south a county or two.
  2. Catoctin Mts. look primed for some heavy rain. WPC disco is pretty intriguing fore terrain induced flooding this afternoon into evening.
  3. No? I'm glad it rained, but it would've been nice to see more folks cash in.
  4. Has about 30 min of decent rain around 7pm. Otherwise a whole lot of nada.
  5. ^We're on the wrong side of the front. All the efficient rain making processes are up in PA.
  6. CAMs putting all their money into a 3 - 6 hours period of rain after beginning around midnight - 2:00 am Tuesday. Been watering my lawn all day so maybe I'll tick off the rain gods. EDIT: 18z NAM is ugly. Less than 0.3" rain south and east of I-81. If this were winter people would be screaming.
  7. Went up into New England. Massachusetts stole our hydrometeors.
  8. 18z RAP/HRRR have trended wetter for the Mason-Dixon counties and Catoctin Mts....looks to be about the same elsewhere.
  9. Broke out the sprinkler for the lawn. Got patches of blue sky now.
  10. Yea 00z Euro is probably the best case scenario for everyone. At least an inch of rain from I-66 to the New York line. Would help a lot of watersheds.
  11. Tomorrow is looking wet north of the PA turnpike.
  12. It's going to rain, but I'm having a hard time seeing us getting more than an inch.
  13. Yea, not looking too good. Hope I'm wrong and we get the goods.
  14. Looks like the heaviest rain will be north of the PA border. Probably less than an inch for everyone.
  15. Running well ahead of what the GFS has for us. Gonna really need rates tomorrow to cool the column.
  16. Yes 18z GFS is good. Let's hope this holds. Would really like to see 1.5" - 3" regionwide over 36 hours. Even the reservoirs in Baltimore, Howard, and Montgomery counties are getting low.
  17. Let's see what it says this time tomorrow. We've been burned before by the Euro this summer.
  18. If I had a cabin in the Catoctins I'd AirBNB it for you during storms.
  19. I'm mobile at a horse show all day. What are we looking at?
  20. 100% agree. I gotta be honest with you though, the city sucks for snow. You might want to seriously think about moving into Baltimore County and get above 600 ft Elevation. Trust me, it makes all the difference.
  21. Corn in Carroll County is pathetic. We really need a soaking inch or two of rain.
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