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  1. Places out east got hammered. Ef4 tornado ripped through NJ. 10+ inches of rain fell in parts and it was just pure chaos. I saw a radar graphic of a place in Tennessee got 17 inches of rain in 3 hours. This storm while not on the level of Katrina sure did a lot of damage
  2. only 2.25 fell at NWS at the airport. I'm guess it was maybe slightly higher around the city.
  3. just left work but Washington Blvd I'd under water and Sawmill Blvd. Multiple cars stuck
  4. I'm sure I'm only one who has been awake since 2 but it's been pouring pretty hard since then.
  5. Atleast I'm gonna be at home and not at work. Tomorrow is gonna be a shit show with accidents and trees/wires down.
  6. Too bad this isn't winter 40 inches of snow would be crazy. 4-5 inches of rain not so much.
  7. looks like they bumped it slightly north for western PA
  8. Less of the QPF amounts but this would cause some issues
  9. Flooding on the 10th street bypass already. It's starting early
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