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  1. Yeah my radar app shows the Southwest portion of PA getting hammered. Pittsburgh most likely will be spared.
  2. I'll pass on the hail. I wouldn't mind seeing some lightning like we had a few weeks ago.
  3. Tomorrow looks like some possible severe weather. As long as my power doesn't go off then bring it on.
  4. Route 8 up near 228 got some decent storms earlier today. We had to halt play on the golf course at one point since lightning struck like a mile away.
  5. Just curious what model does say the weather Channel app use for their future cast on their radar?
  6. Ehhh I got a cold that knocked me on my ass. This weather does not help anything. Looks like a decent shot of some storms later this afternoon. I was gonna golf but that's looking like it is a lost cause.
  7. 90s don't interest me one bit. It was mid 70s and sun here at the beach and it was perfect. 90s and high humidity is just oppressive.
  8. Down Outer Banks and now we are under a Tropical Storm warning. This is gonna get interesting.
  9. I'm guessing Pittsbirgh rarely ever gets a moderate-high severe outlook. Seems like enhanced is our usual max for severe storms.
  10. Yep I work on the North Side but our emergency board was lit up with wires down/ trees down calls all over the south side and east end.
  11. Tim I love severe weather what I don't love is how everyone of your posts is always negative. You posted yesterday that it looks like the storms are gonna split AGH County and you were 100% wrong. That isn't the first time either.
  12. This isn't enjoyable. TimB you bitch about not getting severe storms and how it's gonna miss AGH County but then we get this shit. My powers been out for 4 hours and now most of my food is spoiled. As far as the storm goes that had to be a microburst because I've never seen it rain so hard. Not to mention wind gusts were easily over 70 mph.
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