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  1. Looks like a week of above normal weather and then the start of March looks very interesting. The infamous NAO finally goes negative and we get a window of something big.
  2. Interestingly enough the HRRR increased snow amounts for the county. 2-4 showing up now.
  3. Nws isn't that enthused with anymore more than a coating.
  4. Wtf happened last night. I had no plans on shoveling this morning. I guess the NAM was not on crack last week.
  5. Nvm a random low shows up.
  6. Btw MJO is trying it's best to get to phase 8 but it's just stuck right on the border of 7 and 8. This may keep the trough too far west but this may also prevent costals that jackpot the I95.
  7. Yeah I'd be curious to know how much places like mars and cranberry received.
  8. Now that is infuriating, but not unexpected.
  9. One thing I have to remind myself is that this was never gonna be big storm for us even if we didn't mix.
  10. Hopefully the NAO can flip to negative.
  11. White christmas was great, but once we get past Christmas I want atleast one big storm. We can't even buy a 8-12 storm.
  12. It was more like 5 or 6, but yes I do. However, the models are especially bad this year. I bet we get a couple more chances of something significant but we have a few days off of tracking for now.