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  1. If we could somehow get this wave to ride further NW. Maybe good for our southern posters though.
  2. This storm busted for a lot of areas. Only upper state New York saw the insane snowfall. This one was easy to stomach.
  3. I found this picture hilarious. Its snowing everywhere in way further south than us, but we still somehow are seeing rain. This literally sums up our shit weather.
  4. Ehh still early in the season. Although it would be nice to get a prolonged winter for once from November-March.
  5. Not if we don't ever buck this current pattern. I'm hoping for atleast a white Christmas and one big storm. Other than that it could be 70s and I wouldn't care.
  6. Storm 5 days away. Honestly it looks like crap at this point but still time to trend to something more than slop.
  7. Record low set last night at 12 degrees. Pretty impressive first arctic wave to start the season. Hopefully we can get some in coming weeks and some moisture to go along with it
  8. Pretty cool seeing shelf clouds and sunshine in the winter.
  9. I remember a few years ago one band came through and dropped isolated 5 inches. Its snowing pretty hard again here.
  10. Airport reporting 2.5 for the season so far. Pretty good start to winter. Let's just hope we can cash in on something substantial. 2010 seems like a long ways away.
  11. Its only November. If you're getting mad already you are in for atleast 3 months of disappointment.
  12. Yeah not expecting much but 2 inches in November is more than most Novembers so it's not really a let down.
  13. Well it's that time of year already I guess. Interesting Jeff's going above normal on temps for November whenever it's looking like we maybe getting some serious cold shots. Looking at the mid range maybe next week we get our first shot at accumulating snow.
  14. So I dont know if it was the same cell but over in springhill I believe a microburst hit. The wind that came down was super impressive to the point that there was zero visibility. It knocked down dozens of big trees and powerlines. Lightning struck constantly for a few minutes. It was really impressive. We had to shut the garage door so it didnt blow anymore inside and ruin the tables. Here's some pics.
  15. Yeah a lot of lighting even in the southern tip of the storm. It was atleast enjoyable.