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  1. I think the surface would in actuality be better but it's good to see it come back south east for now.
  2. Not a bad thing. We dont need crazy trends just slow corrections back south. Uk is apparently decent and possibly the CMC.
  3. Icon brings primary further north. Not great but it is a terrible model.
  4. NAM looks like it would be in the UK camp.
  5. This the only reason I'm optimistic. I got it from usawx forum. This was the gfs before this past weekends storm. It was a little too far north. How did that work out? Let's be honest it's a different set up and usually we dont do well in these storm tracks but until the snow is falling we can still get a good trend.
  6. UK Met. There were positive changes on the gfs and euro at 500. Also the NAM looks like it would be in the UK camp.
  7. Euro was actually better at 500 but didnt show at surface was but less ridging in the west will allow this to be flatter.
  8. I'd be done for the year if this verified. I just once want to track a big storm that actually nails us. Is that too much to ask.
  9. No words. I predicted a Youngstown special and I may unfortunately have guessed right. Energy isn't sampled yet so this could change for better or worse.
  10. Honestly I'd rather it that. Let's see what the euro shows.
  11. Nope I'll build a HARRP machine and force this thing south before that happens.
  12. Ukie apparently is good so there's that.
  13. Still days out but I just dont see this not giving us the WTOD I just dont. Of course I'm gonna track but I'll be happy with atleast a period of heavier snow at this point.
  14. Gfs looks horrible already.
  15. Good thing it's the ICON. A model no one really takes seriously for forecasts. Gfs time!