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  1. So I see this and my question is this says on average we get a 8-12 storm every 2 years. When was our last 8-12 storm. I remember maybe one in April a few years ago but nothing really sticks out.
  2. Tuesday is looking worse on the NAM now. Barely even gives us an inch. The Low is heading towards us and goes north before giving us any meaningful precip.
  3. Euro atleast has this for the timeframe.
  4. Surprised no one mentioned that we had a half inch of snow out there. That's news to me.
  5. Next threat is the clipper and looks to be a 1-3 type deal.
  6. NAM shifted about 100 miles north in one run for the next threat.
  7. No and it's making me hate this hobby more and more. Places like Kentucky, Alabama, ect keep getting hit and we are stuck with hoping a clipper overperforms.
  8. We need the next wave to come further south. Right now the 12k NAM shows us being fringed to the north.
  9. I feel like this thread is gonna get a lot of use.
  10. GFS in fantasy land keeps wanting to break down the PNA and warm up. The gefs don't agree. Gonna be interesting to see if any of these waves can give some accumulating snow.
  11. You may get your wish. The BSR shows a possible clipper like storm rolling through the US around Christmas eve. When is the last time we had snow falling on Christmas or Christmas eve. It seems like every year it's always warmer or Cold and dry.
  12. GFS has a few systems roll through which will atleast give us a layer of snow to start from. No snow in November and December started off slow so we need some systems to start to nickel and dime us.
  13. Is it me or is this upcoming pattern looking weaker with each run. I'm seeing a lot of possible cutting storms just from my naked eye.
  14. Looks like the 12z Euro is starting to key on a big storm. Too bad it's too far east that even if it came west it would jackpot the usual suspects.