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  1. Snow in the west end. Gonna get dicey out. Wil probably have to put chains on the engine.
  2. Well HRRR and RGEM show a quicker changeover but who knows. Usually the warm air always wins. Let's remember its November and there will be plenty of time to be pissed about being screwed.
  3. As usual in the battle zone. Gonna be staring at the rain/snow line all day. Doesn't matter its November so any snow is welcomed.
  4. Bring on winter. I'm sick of being in the academy dealing with the heat. It was absolutely brutal last week at our live burn.
  5. Rd9108

    Major Hurricane Florence: STORM MODE THREAD

    I have a hard time this storm is gonna restrengthen even a little. It looks terrible right now.
  6. Pressure increasing and winds decreasing. Granted the rainfall will still be excessive, this threat is decreasing drastically.
  7. Everything went south overnight. Suppression in April is kind of hard to believe but that's what it's happening as of now.
  8. 3k NAM further north and 12k NAM. Typically northern shift. Euro is still south but came north. Can it just warm up already?
  9. Rd9108

    Spring 2018

    It's definitely mixing in here but I'm going to sleep so I can't give updates whenever it goes over to all snow which should be soon.
  10. Looks like the euro nudged a little further north.
  11. So question what exactly happened to allow us to hit 10+? Was it the upper low?
  12. I didn't even get to enjoy the snow today. I was stuck in class and we aren't allowed cell phones at all in the building. I'm glad to see we overperformed and finally got a decent storm.
  13. https://i.imgur.com/kUHMWZS.jpg
  14. Bring on the warm weather, not hot!