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  1. We need honestly a late freeze to avoid the invasion of bugs.
  2. I appreciate his insight but he's been off 2/3 storms. He had us barely getting anything yesterday and in January it was the opposite. I guess we shall see.
  3. Besides that super band they did a great job with the forecast. I don't fault them for the low call for those areas. It's extremely difficult to forecast that until basically nowcasting. I mean look out east where a band set up and dropped 5.2 in an hour. Models can't predict that.
  4. Official total and what many received are definitely different. Definitely got between 6 and 7 in the city.
  5. Sheesh. Way more than I thought. Measured on top of my trash can lid and it's borderline 7. Side walk 4-5 since it didn't accumulate at first. A little over 6 in various spots on the grass. Definitely an overperformer. Let's keep the juju going and reel in next weekend too.
  6. Tbh I thought this was coming later than this. Nice surprise.
  7. Meanwhile there were parts of the county that verified warning criteria
  8. I'm a few miles north of downtown and I have little over 4 inches. Definitely a very localized event.
  9. Sheesh. That's an overperformer. Modeling has zero chance of picking that up imo.
  10. I'm close enough to Brighton Heights I'll be curious to see my total.
  11. Where are you at radar looks like it's expanding north a little.
  12. Can slowly see the snow growth getting better here in summer hill.
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