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  1. Actually this sucks because that would interfere with my buddy's funeral.
  2. Been trending south and stronger. Maybe this can turn into a 2-4 before the real blocking shows up.
  3. Hopefully we get a nice arctic blast and it kills some of the early risers.
  4. It's looking that way but we all now how this time period we are in now turned out. The difference is theres cold in Canada and good blocking. Regardless I'll enjoy whatever we get. As long as it's not 36 and heavy rain.
  5. Definitely some hints that we are heading into a pattern conducive to snow. Now whether things actually all come together is another story. Everyone called the Feb 15 pattern a slam dunk and we ended up missing the phase.
  6. In March my want for snow decreases but if we can get a decent even I'm still all for it. I'm a snow weenie and still love big events.
  7. Everything looked good but even with amazing indices there was no cold air on this side of the globe.
  8. Probably couldn't even measure properly back in the 1800s. March is becoming interesting now.
  9. Yeah but unless we get a meaningful event it's just wasted cold. I'd rather be on the golf course. Just wipe our memory clean of this winter and start a new in 10 months.
  10. Huge change from a day ago. I doubt it's the final solution.
  11. Well 12z gfs shows cold starting to show up after hr 200. Enjoy while you can because the cold is building back into Canada. I hope if it does get cold the cold retreats and we warm up for spring.
  12. JB actually admitted he was wrong on his daily update. He said he didn't think the Pacific jet would kill any cold that tried to enter.
  13. My thoughts exactly on this but obviously isotherm is more knowledgeable. I just don't see how we don't get another 2 weeks of cold. It's been up and down all winter. Doubt we buck the trend now.
  14. Ehh while we could score this next period. The Pacific jet just keeps pumping the SE ridge. Hard to want snow when it's 60 and I can get out a play a round.
  15. The question is will it give us 8+ or will it make the rich richer. Its all the EPO driving this and that's not a bad thing.