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  1. My parents were telling me this heat wave is nothing compared to 1988 when my brother was born. Had to look up the stats for myself and wow they weren't kidding.
  2. Ehh it's pretty hot but this definitely looks like a bust on the low end. Regardless at these Temps and feels like it's still very dangerous for certain populations. Also try fighting a fire in this weather, it's not fun.....
  3. This I was a little disappointed since it's historical and all, but once your power goes out your priorities change.
  4. While you guys bicker about numbers I'm gonna be without power probably until tomorrow. This is fun.
  5. Ehh it rolled through, rained pretty hard was windy, my lights flickered and then it was gone. Not much lighting. I'm guessing it weakened as it pushed east.
  6. It hailed like pea sized hail down in the north shore yesterday. Wasn't much but it did come down for a minute or two.
  7. So what this is telling me is that my golf league may get a little dicey here later
  8. Yeah thats what I'm thinking too. With my luck it will miss us but short range guidance does not look great tomorrow afternoon/evening.
  9. Man I wish it was gonna be nice Saturday, but unfortunately it looks like rain. I'd rather not take off work to watch the Pirates in the rain.
  10. Purposely canceled my golf plans because last night the simulated radar and short term guidance showed more rain than what we got.
  11. Really?? It was like a light show driving on 79 south. Wind was crazy too, I could feel it wanting to push my car.
  12. Yep works for me. Rather not deal with the wind and possibly losing power. Severe weather doesn't excite me like snow.
  13. Lol the severe watch for tonight is canceled already I bet this busts too
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