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  1. Yikes and this is gonna be the main gfs soon.
  2. Yep this is looking like a classic i95 storm now.
  3. Let's not forget that even the gfs was too far south for the January storm. That mix line was almost up in New York.
  4. Suck it up buttercup because that's exactly what we are about to get.
  5. I imagine the euro will come south today.
  6. NAM doesnt look like its budging with a euro like solution.
  7. Wave 2 looks pretty strong. Not good.
  8. Naw the para, the gefs, the UK all came southeast and flatter. Still could trend north last minute but it's a thread the needle for us.
  9. Seems like this storm is ramping up on the models which makes the Sunday storm trend flatter which means its congrats WV and DC again. Still can change but not the trends you want to see.
  10. And just like that the screw trend has began.
  11. Hi rez NAM still whacks the metro with almost 5 inches of snow. I dont see that happening but I wouldn't be surprised to see some 3-4 inch amounts.
  12. HRRR is showing 5 inches just south of AGH. That's pretty impressive for how fast the precip is rolling through.
  13. NWS still going with 1 inch. Either they will update their forecast with 2-3 expected or they will live or die with their amounts.
  14. Yeah maybe 2-4 with isolated 5 inch reports could be possible.
  15. Let the south PA get theirs tonight and then the metro and surrounding areas get hit Monday. I'm just worried if this is too amped it pushing the baroclinic boundary south