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  1. We legit have 2 and half months left of possible winter weather maybe even 3. Granted we are losing prime climo so it doesn't stick around. I'll honestly be amazed if we don't atleast get one noteworthy storm this year. I mean even 3-6 is noteworthy at this point.
  2. Our last foot storm was in March so I'd say that even though winter maybe coming to a close for "coastal" areas, places like Central and Western PA still have plenty of time to score a storm. I've seen snow in the beginning of May here. Only thing that sucks is it doesn't stick around usually.
  3. See how this plays out. RGEM has been hot so this maybe the outcome. Small bump north and we have a minor event.
  4. Who is your dealer because you sound like you are under the influence. I hope you're right though. I'm betting March 5-9 we will get our good storm since I'll be in Texas.
  5. End of range NAM has a little wave that rolls through and drops a nice band of snow just south of the metro. We've seen these types of waves before so this outcome wouldn't shock me. Regardless it's south of the 12z run.
  6. If we had days like today I wouldn't mind the lack snow/cold. 40s and heavy rain gets extremely old.
  7. Slowly but surely I'm seeing people give up on winter in other regions/forums after this next period. This may just be the year where it just doesn't snow. Obviously we are better off since we don't live near the coast but the long range looks pretty grim.
  8. Storms actually south of us for a change on the GFS. Cmc more amped and actually gives a decent event. We track
  9. I wasn't expecting much it was nice to just get a wintry feeling day. At my house I got a little under an inch. On to next week
  10. Yeah I saw that, first time I haven't looked at the 0z models at night. Went to sleep at 1030 and didn't bother to look when we had an accident at 2. Looks like we may get a small dose of winter and might even get a decent event.
  11. Maybe some surprises in some localized areas. Idk who remembers the one year in November we had some lake effect squalls and some areas got like 5 or 6 inches because of some heavy bands. Should be a nice a winter day regardless.
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