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  1. Absolutely brutal and when I'm working I hate this weather. Try fighting a fire when it's this hot. Looks like Thursday is our next chance for rain/storms.
  2. I guess you'd call it luck that all the stronger storms have missed us the last 3 outbreaks. They either fizzled out or they missed us north or south. Pretty amazing actually.
  3. I mean you see the damage they cause. I remember seeing pictures I think 2 years ago of one hitting Wildwood country club. The damage was pretty intense.
  4. As always with severe that's fine with me. It's weird that there are people on the NWS facebook page who get upset about missing the severe stuff or that it didn't come together the way they wanted.
  5. Looks like the more severe stuff ended up being south of the watch area, very interesting.
  6. Let's keep the hail threat north of the area
  7. Looks like they upgraded today. HRRR looks like strong storms roll through around 5PM. Looks like there's a slight threat for tornados too in western PA. Clear skies right now is probably gonna add fuel to the fire.
  8. I don't get upset missing severe weather. Once you get into high winds I'll pass especially in the summer.
  9. I like the storms with a lot of lightning. Once you start factoring wind then I'd rather pass. I've sat on enough powerlines and dealing with trees and cables down is a nightmare. Stay safe out east friends.
  10. Yeah I think most of us are happy I was just making an observation. I mean the NWS upgraded around the PA border to level 4. Could see some possible big tornados down there.
  11. Looks like most everything will stay south of the city
  12. Glad I took off work tonight. 90s and possible high winds. Might be a miserable night for us.
  13. You guys have a weird obsession with weather on this board......
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