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  1. So where I was up in Butler County just north of Mars we got hammered for like 30 minutes. We were standing on the 9th tee about to tee off and all of the sudden it dropped 20 degrees and the wind started gusting hard. We didn't finish the hole and waited in the cart barn until it blew over. There was a lot of lightning and our dumbasses figured that since the rain slowed down we should finish the hole. As I hit my 3rd shot 50 yards out on to the green a huge lightning bolt easily 100 yards in front of us. My butt puckered and I refused to go back out there for atleast 30 minutes.
  2. Well reading NWS Facebook page and the weenies in the comments sound just like us. Why do storms always miss us... etc.
  3. Ping pong sized hail reported just west of Pgh in Mercer County
  4. This is awful. I would never root for weather like this.
  5. enhanced getting closer with each update. It's honestly worst case middle of the night and temps about to sore. As long as I don't lose power I won't be upset.
  6. anybody interested in the possible derecho tomorrow?
  7. Not that im complaining because a) my new ac needs put on b) why would i even want 90 degrees but its crayz how records were shattered everywhere and yet we underperform. Reverse of winter
  8. If somebody is yelling in a cops face and getting a crowd wound up the cop absolutely can arrest or detain that person for public disturbance. Of course there are grey areas.
  9. I guess the NWS agrees. I almost went to Columbiana Ohio to golf today glad i didn't. They are getting crushed with rain but looks like we may get the severe storms instead of the prolonged rain.
  10. 80 today and 40 Wednesday. Pittsburgh weather is so bipolar.
  11. Yeah went to grab a shirt and looked outside and amazed at the situation. biggggg flakes
  12. Ehh snow will be flying and maybe some on the grass. It will be a wintry day for sure.
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