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  1. Am I the only one not disappointed in this winter??? We had a storm over 10 inches that all fell during daylight with some good rates. We had a solid White Christmas. We had multiple 6+ storms. December finally wasn't a dud like usual. Ill take front loaded winters over backloaded any day. We didn't quite get the big daddy storm or arctic air but all in all if winter ends today I'm giving it an A-
  2. Sir we literally had like a 10 inch snow storm three years ago at the end of March.
  3. I'm curious to see how the rest of winter plays out. I never bet against a strong upper level low that dumps on us come March and April. You can already tell how the sun angle is affecting things. Even yesterday when it was 20 degrees the snow was still melting with the sun.
  4. Solid winter all around. If we aren't gonna get a big daddy this season I wouldn't mind if spring springs early.
  5. Great snow growth right now. Big fluffy flakes. It's a little slippery out tonight.
  6. NAM is keeping the colder idea alive for Monday. A couple inches are possible on the NAM. Looks like the snow would come around mid day. Something to keep an eye on for now.
  7. Well unless the CMC is correct looks like we take a break from tracking for a week. Next week is interesting atleast on the GFS and para. Para has a bowling ball that just goes W to E and destroys Baltimore with 2ft. Its been a fun a year of tracking. I'm used to sitting here and looking at models and just hoping a SSW takes places or modeled blocking actually holds in place.
  8. This snowpack is just covered in ice. Unless we full out torch with sun its gonna be hard to get rid of this.
  9. NAM had like 4 or 5 so maybe we get lucky and overperform. Obviously we aren't talking 6+ but 4 or 5 would be a good event.
  10. Srefs are up to about 4 inches. Just padding the stats and we get to enjoy a long duration snowfall.
  11. I like March snowstorms. They seem to overperform for us and we usually don't worry about temps it seems. I remember a few years ago one March storm where we got like 8 inches overnight. Quick hitter but gone in a day.
  12. HP on the NAM is a little further north. Let's see how the run plays out. Could be a good trend.
  13. So basically we are back to our norm of being too far south or north to get snowfall.
  14. Is gladly take 6-8 and call it a day. Maybe the pattern reloads in March and we hit on one more.