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  1. Everything went south overnight. Suppression in April is kind of hard to believe but that's what it's happening as of now.
  2. 3k NAM further north and 12k NAM. Typically northern shift. Euro is still south but came north. Can it just warm up already?
  3. Rd9108

    Spring 2018

    It's definitely mixing in here but I'm going to sleep so I can't give updates whenever it goes over to all snow which should be soon.
  4. Looks like the euro nudged a little further north.
  5. So question what exactly happened to allow us to hit 10+? Was it the upper low?
  6. I didn't even get to enjoy the snow today. I was stuck in class and we aren't allowed cell phones at all in the building. I'm glad to see we overperformed and finally got a decent storm.
  7. https://i.imgur.com/kUHMWZS.jpg
  8. Bring on the warm weather, not hot!
  9. I could literally make money off of our weather. Just bet the under every single time and you will most likely hit.
  10. Our storm averages are slowly but surely changing every year. Maybe this decade is our decade without significant storms. The 20s will roar back with avengence.
  11. Good thing the i95, new jersey and NYC corridor is gonna get crushed. They have been very snow starved lately....
  12. Rd9108

    Central PA - March 2018

    Looks bad for sw pa. Oh well it was a good winter I guess.
  13. About the same. Slightly south with the heavier band but the 3k looks good.