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  1. You just know it's gonna bullseye us especially when we don't really want snow anymore. Winter just won't go away quietly.
  2. You guys ready to track another minor threat?
  3. Doesn't look like this breaks anytime soon. Not saying we get anything significant but wouldn't be surprised if it snows first part of April.
  4. Miller Bs rarely ever work out for this area. Next storms look warm. I hope the hard hit areas get some sun before it rains.
  5. Am I disappointed? Yes. Is it gonna ruin my week? Absolutely not. We have been screwed time after time if that happened to them they would stop doing this hobby.
  6. Damn. Every weenie in other forums are pissed and ready to pull out the pitch forks.
  7. Accuweather doesn't do that. The best is when they go to an area that busts.
  8. Do any of our TV Mets have actual bachelor degrees?
  9. Surprisingly I'm not upset at all about this. I was gonna stay away but seeing philly and NYC switch to sleet makes this better. Funny thing is we knew a day out that we could most likely see less than forecasted and people still hyped it up. I never heard more hysteria than hearing people talking about the storm yesterday. Makes me wonder how people will react once we actually get something notable. Well maybe a threat next week and then who knows but we are closing in on another bad winter.
  10. Unless a freak snowstorm shows up before I spring I think this is it. I'll be back in November hopefully with a better long range pattern.
  11. Good rather them than i95. Rest of March looks cold and rainy/snoWY.
  12. Doubtful at this point.
  13. Last year and 2014 were single handedly the worst. Last year my cousin 40ish miles away got a foot. Watching moderate-heavy bands disappate was brutal.
  14. That looks awesome. We are finally getting the storm we deserve!
  15. The rich get richer. I can't wait for our next big one and I95 is straight heavy cold rain. It will be glorious.