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  1. Really because of the CMC? This thing is gonna strengthen as it reaches landfall.
  2. One thing we don't get to see back home is storm clouds like this. This was a pretty intense storm the other day in the Outer Banks.
  3. I'm expecting this line to hit a wall once it hits AGH county as usual.
  4. Yeah this storm is pretty underwhelming. Very little lightning and the wind is pretty tame. Just another day living in this black hole for weather.
  5. This cold weather is really affecting my desire to golf. Yesterday was pretty cold with the wind even though it was in the 50s. One good thing about this cold weather is it should help with the bugs.
  6. A lot of very bright lightning with this line. I even saw a transformer blow in the distance.
  7. With the sun coming out I wonder if that will destabilize the atmosphere somewhat.
  8. Looks like the city avoided the brunt of this first wave. That's fine with me I'm at work and would rather not have to chase wires down and sit there waiting for Duquesne Light.
  9. I didnt think it was possible but you complain more than me.
  10. Gfs is right where we want it 10 days out a hit down in Virginia beach. Although I bet it gets suppressed instead.
  11. Yeah in this case I dont see any way this isn't further NW. Most ensemble members have AGH county as being the cutoff. That wouldnt surprise me.
  12. Yeah my back doesn't appreciate the heavy wet snow. Hopefully we get under some bands later. Yeah it sucks we missed out on a bigger snow but atleast we got something note worthy for a change even if we should get one or two of these a year.