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  1. Been having some peaks of sunshine here and there. Would like to see a lot more though.
  2. Sure is cold out. I haven't looked at models recently but do we have anything to track in the near future?
  3. At this point I don't have my hopes up at all and I don't even know what to expect anymore. Complicated setup for sure.
  4. Still reporting FRZA here. Have not seen any sleet yet tonight.
  5. So at this point ice storm warnings should probably be issued for some counties?
  6. I am no where near as knowledgeable as many of the other guys on this forum, but I believe rainfall rates may be too high for the ice to really accumulate dangerously.
  7. In recent history the CAD has seemed to be underdone on the models. Hopefully at worst we will see a long event sleetfest and no one gets devastating freezing rain in this area.
  8. I slept like a kid on Christmas Eve last night ha. Snowing at a decent rate here. Everything is getting covered fast.
  9. Have to get up for work at 6 but I'm too excited. Have a drizzle here currently.
  10. Here's hoping to a Seattle loss and a great week of storm tracking!
  11. My question is why doesn't CTP have watched up for the southern counties? I've been pretty pleased with their forecasts so far this winter, but this one has me perplexed.