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  1. A ton of lightning with this storm in Arlington.
  2. Wow, NAM and HRRR couldn’t have been more wrong for this afternoon. 12z looked all clear but current radar says otherwise.
  3. Well, there goes our power again. I think our power lines are made of straw.
  4. Cool stormcloud here in Duck, NC.
  5. Yeah, I’m one of them. Bad timing. Hoping we can at least get some slightly drier days on Friday and Saturday.
  6. Yeah, I flew out around 6pm that day. Must have just missed it. We had an actual tornado?
  7. Ours is still out. I might have been out of town for that other storm. Don’t remember it.
  8. Wow, one of the worst storms I’ve seen here. Power out.
  9. Headed down to OBX next week and made the mistake of checking the forecast.
  10. Skies darkening and winds gusting in NW Arlington. EDIT: Now we have have a wind blown downpour.
  11. There is a NOVA group as well.
  12. That is epic. Which agency is this? I hope mine follows a similar path.
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