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  1. Pretty significant cave to the GFS. Euro had been showing 20+“ totals in NJ and Delmarva.
  2. Euro gives NNJ two feet while GFS gives it a few inches. Crazy difference.
  3. Are those darker purples moving northward towards us? Or moving east?
  4. Do you mind explaining what exactly we are looking for here? Thx.
  5. 3 tads = 1 jump? So we’re just a few tads away from a jump in QPF.
  6. 10:1 still gives DC metro 5-6” which is nothing to scoff at.
  7. It’s actually a tick west with the heavies from the 0z run. 0z
  8. True. GFS has “trended west” the last few runs, but it’s still way east of where it was yesterday at this time. This was yesterday’s 12z run.
  9. A lot of us were probably ready to move on last night, but then the 0z Euro sucked us back in for another round of this insanity.
  10. I’m not seeing much change vs 6z. Seems like it just reduced the spread somewhat but kept the general mean the same. Maybe a subtle shift west but not much IMO.
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