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  1. jaydreb

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    I guess there is a reason our SE coast is shaped that way.
  2. jaydreb

    Category Five Hurricane Dorian

    EURO at 102 appears to be well southeast of where it was at 6z. Has the center just north of Nassau and moving WSW.
  3. jaydreb

    April/May Medium-Long range

    FV3 delivers again.
  4. It’s a testament to everyone’s dedication that this thread somehow has 80 pages.
  5. jaydreb

    March Discobs 2019

    I’m counting this .2” of accumulation.
  6. jaydreb

    March Discobs 2019

    Is it hail or graupel?
  7. jaydreb

    March Discobs 2019

    Heavy graupel storm.
  8. jaydreb

    March Discobs 2019

    Thundering in Arlington.
  9. jaydreb

    March Banter 2019

  10. If the alternative is 45 and downpours then gimme snow. We don’t get nice weather anymore so might as well snow until it switches to summer.
  11. FV3 tracks a low right under us with a high in NNE/Quebec but it’s late March so it’s rain. Would have been nice in winter.
  12. It is good. Bullseyes central va.
  13. jaydreb

    Grading Winter 2018-2019

    I’ve gone back and forth on this but am going with B- for the winter. Reaching climo (20”) is nothing to scoff at and we had a 10+” storm. The other events were kinda meh but we had a few of them (unlike the last two winters which were abysmal). I deducted half a grade however due to the fact that none of the epic looks from the weeklies came to fruition and the winter did not live up to expectations. The winter was billed as a blockbuster and ended up being average.