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  1. There is a NOVA group as well.
  2. That is epic. Which agency is this? I hope mine follows a similar path.
  3. Just spoke with my brother-in-law who lives in Niwot, CO, about 15 minutes N of Boulder. They are expecting 2 feet on the low end, with potential for 3-4 feet. Absolutely insane and if it wasn’t for this coronavirus I would be on a plane to chase.
  4. I feel bad for the Boulder weenies. 12z GFS took away 20” of snow.
  5. GFS is the new DGEX? 89” of snow?
  6. 12/16 - 1.5" 1/25 - .2" 1/31 - 2/2 - 5" 2/7 - 1.5" 2/10-11 - C 2/18 - .5"; 2/22 - C Total: 8.7"
  7. Yeah, my sister lives in Morris County, NJ, and they do very well. They often overperform with storms where they aren’t forecast to get much because they are primary beneficiaries of the north trend that we despise so much. They got 30”+ from the Jan 28/Feb 1 storm.
  8. So I tried to shovel a section of the sidewalk and all that was left was a sheet of ice. It’s more slippery than it was before. Better just to leave it?
  9. I’ll let @psuhoffman and the other experts weigh in but I think it’s a bunch of things. It just seemed like even though the overall pattern was good, the little things just didn’t line up quite right when it counted. At least not for the DC metro area. 1. We just missed a good snow in December. I forget what went wrong there but it was close for us. 2. We also just missed a MECS/HECS at the end of January when the coastal formed just a bit too late for our latitude. That storm ended up dumping 30” of snow in NJ. 3. We had the weird storm last week where one wave went north and the second wave went south, leaving DC in a snowhole. It could have easily been a nice 3-6” event for us. I think there was also a storm that ended up suppressed when a Vort came out of nowhere to our NE to suppress the flow. I don’t recall the details. If we hit one or two of these then suddenly this becomes a pretty good winter. Seems like a combination of terrible luck and perhaps a slightly too warm background state.
  10. It’s too bad we couldn’t get a decent pattern this winter.
  11. Someone needs to make a fail video montage at the end of the winter with all the great digital snow runs within 72 hours set to music.
  12. “Memories...like the corners of my mind. Misty watercolor memories, of the way we were.”
  13. Welp, it was fun while it lasted.