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  1. All rain (freezing) here now, 31F. Would have been nice to have more, but we enjoyed it thoroughly. Nice to have it look wintry outside!
  2. Mainly freezing rain here with more sleet under the heavier radar returns. 30F.
  3. Light sleet mixed with freezing rain here now.
  4. Changed over to sleet here, now pretty light. 30F. Measured 0.7" of snow, maybe we can get some sleet accumulation...
  5. Nice moderate snow here now, temp. dropped a degree to 29F. Savoring it while it lasts!
  6. Light steady snow here now, 30F. Looking at the CC radar and central PA obs, looks like the snow should pick up a bit but the change over to sleet should be here in an hour or less. Hoping for a nice thump of either before any rain.
  7. After about 15 minutes of virga again, seeing a few small flakes now...emphasis on a few.
  8. Pretty much stopped here too. Just because, on principal - what you can do with a broom and 1/4" of powder, lol.
  9. Snowing light to moderate here now, about a quarter inch so far. Very nice! The driveway was the first place to whiten up which is a nice change...
  10. Very light snow in Glen Mills just started, 25F.