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  1. A lot of ctc lightning here, nice orange blob on the doorstep to the west. Currently 48F.
  2. 1st mow today, probably the 1st March mow since we've been here (9 years). Green feng shui either way :-)....
  3. Some light wet snow just started here - 39F, DP 28F. Yay snow!
  4. Had a few flakes mixed in here too, so it didn't go by unnoticed at least.
  5. Heard peepers last night, and had our 1st groundhog sighting yesterday. Nice today, 55F and sunny, with a little bit of wind.
  6. Don't know about elsewhere, but it's been pretty windy here at times tonight. Forecast was for 10-15 mph winds but there had to be gusts up to 25 or 30. We had a kettle fire tonight and the wind in the trees was roaring at times.
  7. I can handle the cold as long as there's snow involved, otherwise at this point, 40's at least would be fine. Today was real nice.
  8. Spring fever is in the air! 43F here so far.
  9. Looking forward to 40's and sunny here, for outside work! Made it to 24F here, currently 31F.
  10. Someone the other day mentioned it being called a ratter in the NE forum. So maybe winter of rats azz?
  11. Look on the bright side, we got an extra day of meteorological winter this year.