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  1. You'd have to spend a little bit, but what about a small (scalable perhaps) solar/battery system?
  2. 53F here and up to 0.51" of rain so far. In January this would be a nice snowy day (maybe!).
  3. Storm total here was 1.22", most of it Sunday night.
  4. Speaking of feast or famine regarding rainfall, we had 17" here in August and so far about 1/4" in September. Great grass seeding weather if you've got a well. Good luck with the plants!
  5. We've got a couple of extra pieces of frost blanket you can have if you feel like driving over here - 12 ft and 24 ft wide x up to 50 ft. long. Keeps the temps up about 5 to 8 degrees. They probably sell it at Home Depot or places like that as well, although maybe not 24' wide.
  6. No mowing but the crickets are out in force here too.
  7. Had light rain off and on most of the afternoon, but the driveway is still dry under a couple of trees. It was enough to rule out mowing, etc.
  8. What a beautiful day outside! 72F here. Do see a bunch of cumulus drifting down from the NNW, hopefully there's more sun than clouds today.
  9. Only got about an inch here since yesterday, but that's ok. Total here for August is over 17", and will probably finish there. I wouldn't mind a bit of dryness in September, but not too much of course, lol.
  10. Looks like the worst of it is through here now, total of 0.80" of rain, maybe a little more to come with the trailing showers. Humid but comfortable out at the moment.
  11. Pretty cool clouds as that 2nd line is dropping down this way. Getting breezy now too.
  12. Just got about 1/2" of rain and a few 1/2" hail stones from that line that popped up in front of the main line. Let's see if it causes any weakening of that main line in this area.
  13. Don't know if it's verified, but the severe t'storm warning down in southern New Castle county Delaware says 2" hail indicated by radar. Wow!