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  1. Just a trace of rain here yesterday and overnight. Beautiful day out there, 72F with DP at 61 and going down.
  2. I think they're running about a week behind.
  3. Just had about .10" here, moderate rain rates.
  4. Got 1.10" late last night with a couple of rumbles of thunder. 2 day total of 2.22" - shouldn't have to water for a couple of days, lol. 70F currently and a little humid.
  5. 1.12" of rain so far today, more than I expected. Currently 66F.
  6. Pretty nice temps as well, 60's and 70's. A nice stretch of spring weather...
  7. I was pretty surprised to see a couple of lightning bugs last night. 1st warm night and there they were! 70F here currently.
  8. Agree 100%. Not enough of a root system to take the heat, although semi shaded areas could have a chance. Usually when I seed in the spring it's a temporary aesthetic fix and maybe to reduce erosion, but I pretty much count on re-doing it in the fall. I understand Eskimo's desire to get some nice grass going, but I found some humor in wanting 6" or more of rain next week right after seeding. An internal conflict, lol.
  9. If you get the kind of rain you're hoping for, it could move the dirt and seed around a little bit. Then again, it's the weather - you never really know. I'll usually roll the dice, but I've also had my share of do-overs. Sometimes that ideal stretch of weather is hard to come by, and sometimes it happens when it's not expected. Like if you got 1" total of rain next week, that would be great for germination. It makes it interesting.
  10. Not taking anything away from the cool start to this month, and I don't know what the high will be there tomorrow, but 2020 might have to settle for 4th place? If you can get past tomorrow, you've got a shot at May 22nd... Interesting that just last year is tied for 3rd place at May 19th!
  11. What a beautiful day! Not a cloud in the sky, and 60F here.
  12. Lol....sorry about that! Take 3 aspirin every 4 hours until your veins stop bulging. Disclaimer, I am not a doctor, so don't take me seriously. 41F here currently.
  13. But what's the Realfeel temperature? Birds wants to know I'm sure.
  14. Had snowflakes at 47F here back on April 16th...but 52 does seem a smidge warm. This year you could have a snow flake and flower petal mix blowing by.