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  1. Nice, good job! Also, sometimes having weather as a hobby yields practical benefits :- ).
  2. Leaves are coming out of the woodwork, lol.
  3. Yes indeed. Snuck in here pretty quickly! Might get some wind with it. Only had stronger breezes here for a little while this afternoon, but I heard that sound of strong wind blowing through leafless trees for the first time this fall. A different kind of roar, I like it, although it's easier on the skin when its 68 degrees out.
  4. Not in the forecast, but some hail would be a nice touch as well.
  5. Your going out at noon might have a calming effect on the wind, but it might work better later. Mt. Holly says this in their forecast discussion: Winds will still be gusty in the morning out of the west, perhaps over 30 mph at times early, but will gradually wind down through the afternoon
  6. And Phillies in the World Series for icing on the cake.
  7. Thanks! Wooohooo! P.S. Everyone's down at City Hall celebrating. I think I saw Birds~69 climbing a light pole.
  8. You should be good through Wednesday. Shorter days make it tough... Good luck!
  9. Yeah, not how we normally get that amount of rain. We have a well, and we had also seeded some areas recently, so having most of it soak in was ideal!
  10. Not west of Philly at any rate. Sunday was the heaviest rain, about 2.5 inches here, but mostly there wasn't a whole lot of runoff, a very user friendly 4.75" total here over 6 days.
  11. Event total here was 4.75", not a whole lot of runoff, so most of it went in the ground. Good stuff. Looking forward to sunshine tomorrow!
  12. They had a list of record low maxes for the area in Mt. Holly's forecast discussion yesterday and again today. Yesterday was 52 at PHL and today is 55. Decent chance it seems of breaking today's record, not sure how yesterday turned out.
  13. Up to 4.55" here for the event, about a half an inch since midnight. Just looked at the 12z GFS run, and after tomorrow it's pretty much dry to the end of its run (Oct. 20th). FWIW of course, and likely to change. It will be nice to dry out, and especially to see the sun. I have vague memories of it, lol.
  14. Still raining a bit, up to 2.45" for today, 3.50" for the event. Radar reminded me of the dryslot from Jan. 2016.
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