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  1. When he makes his next post he'll probably pick up about another dozen or so, lol.
  2. Lol, I know, but it's all I got, for now.
  3. Well, here it is, lol. It's small ( glove for size reference), but it's also been around for 24 days now. Enjoy!
  4. Pretty good dry spell we're in the midst of right now. I've been pretty relaxed about this winter so far, it didn't hurt getting accumulating snow in December. I'm thinking one decent snow per month, though I wouldn't turn down more.
  5. Lol...I was going to say that I actually plow that parking lot, j/k. I also have a tiny bit of snow left in my shaded backup pile - about 6x8" and 4" high. Maybe I'll take a pic of it tomorrow, lol.
  6. Happy New Year to you and everyone as well!
  7. Exciting, lol. I spent about 6 hours yesterday picking up branches and sticks from Thursday night. Maybe not as many next time...nature's pruning and all.
  8. Lol...nice fantasy but nothing is impossible you could say.
  9. Personal call...definitely worth noting! It counts for something, lol.
  10. Yeah, actually got a semblance of a dusting on top of the car!
  11. Getting some very light snow here now, if the radar holds up might last for more than a few minutes. 30F.
  12. Lol. Just had a few small flakes of snow here, woohoo!
  13. Lol, is he calling for snow? Lost our main snow pile, but still have some of the backup pile left - yay!