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  1. Been seeing a fair amount of lightning off to the south and southwest. Winds starting to pick up. Getting pretty stormy. Interesting way to start off this event! Hearing a boatload of walnuts falling, I suspect by Wednesday they'll be just about all down. Bumper crop this year, and taking their time dropping.
  2. Yeah, I read the warning for northern Delaware, and southwest Delco is included, although my point and click doesn't have a warning (yet). Just finished mowing the back, just in time it looks like (plus it's dark now, lol). Eta, got the warning.
  3. That second batch looked vigorous for a bit, but it started dissipating before it got here. Received about 0.10" total from both showers. Sun is coming back out, but no rainbow this time.
  4. Just had a sun shower here complete with a double rainbow!
  5. Pretty cool sunset this evening (followed by an almost full moonrise!):
  6. Well, I did see a glow worm last night.
  7. We've seen a few here as well over the last week or so. Not sure how that works, usually see them in the spring.
  8. Almost... Saw a lightning bug out back last night, 3 or 4 confirmation flashes to boot. First time I've seen one in October.
  9. Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm hoping the warm weather hangs on for another 10 days or so, once it turns it's pretty much game over at this time of year. One year I had frost blankets with heaters underneath (don't tell anyone lol), don't really want to repeat that experience.
  10. Not all of them, just the hilly areas in the back, lol.
  11. It was mentioned in Mt. Holly's forecast discussion, but the meso models didn't nail the details so well. Got 1.15" here, plenty of thunder and lightning along with the sound of some grass seed getting washed down a hill, lol.
  12. Bit of an overperformer here, forecast low was 49F, made it to 47F. First time below 50 here this fall.
  13. Eta - turned into a severe warned storm. Raining pretty good here (boohoo).
  14. Yep, getting thunder and lightning, gonna head up to the porch soon. Hope it moves through fast, just set up sprinklers for another seeded area.
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