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  1. Nice! Do you get the pines smell on days with a NW wind? That's the first thing I noticed when we got off the plane in Bangor (a few years ago). It's beautiful up there.
  2. Lol, I can feel the lvwxhistorian guy about to burst through the screen.
  3. Yeah don't rub it in, lol. But you're probably down here, so lol again, lol.
  4. Congrats in advance on your AC use - his first of the season! (In Lou Nolan's voice). We're outside for an evening kettle fire, but haven't started it yet, lol. Another degree or two and a dry tee shirt should do it.
  5. Yeah I know you're kidding but I don't blame you for being skeptical. I don't have an explanation for the early guys, and there's always 2 of them. Somehow they manage, and for a few years in a row now. Like you I always thought of them as a June thing, and that's still the case overall, and maybe cuz we're further south here they start the last week of May. We're always outside so that's something we're on the lookout for this time of year. It's really humid out, talk about a sudden transition! I've been cutting up the rest of a tree we cut down late yesterday, to avoid doing it tomorrow, but the sweat comes easily tonight!
  6. Yeah, the glow worms love the rain (and warm) as well. Seeing lots of those guys this week. As far as hallucinogens go, I can assure you that we are not making this up, lol. This place seems to be a magnet for lightning bugs, the first year we were here we were blown away by how many there were, and a lot up high along the trees too. So we've studied up a little and have tried to keep a nurturing environment for them. I think I've posted about the early ones in the past, it started about 4 or 5 years ago. One or two show up around the 10th of May or so, and do their thing. Seeing one flash one time doesn't really count, you need to verify by seeing it flash a few times, to make sure it's not a plane on the other side of the trees. So right now it's early bird season, and most years they'll disappear a few days before the main crew shows up, although there has been at least one year where there was continuity. That's when you see one one night, 2 or 3 the next, then 4 or 5, then you stop counting. That usually starts around the 25th of May here give or take. Looking forward to it!
  7. Wound up with 0.58" of rain here. Looks like a nice evening ahead, glad the skeeters aren't out in force yet (so far, lol).
  8. Under that here, getting some 1/2" diameter hail at the moment.
  9. Hey @RedSky, we just saw 2, countem 2, lightning bugs tonight!
  10. Lol, I'm sure. We've had a couple of early birds showing up the last 4 or 5 years. They hang out for a couple of weeks, then the main crew starts to show up, usually the last week of May.
  11. Saw a lightning bug out here a little while ago. Hotdiggetydog!
  12. Made it to 80F here, but with the low dewpoint and breeze it was an awesome day outside.
  13. Speaking of birds, these 3 stopped by earlier and were pretty conversational when they arrived (the 3rd one is on the far side of the driveway).
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