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  1. 3.5" here as well at 5 am. Wrapping up with some Dippin dots. 32F currently.
  2. Just measured 3.2" here, pleasantly surprised since I had lowered my expectations to a couple of inches. Beautiful out there! Back edge getting close, still moderate snow here.
  3. Yes! We just came up, the wind was blowing the snow in (under the tent). Gettin purdy out here, moderate snow, about 3/4" so far.
  4. Light snow here for about the last half hour, once in a while it picks up a good bit, at the moment it's lighter. Down here at the kettle fire there's a dusting on some surfaces. The breeze did pick up a bit right before it started snowing - it felt like it was on the doorstep. Good stuff!
  5. They're back! I think the far away pile (which I posted a pic of in its previous state last night) was just about gone from the rain overnight. But they are back, slimmed down, compact, and high density! And I'm beat, lol. Good day altogether!
  6. Wound up with 3.2" here. Season total in double digits now at 12.8", or 14.22x last winters total (of 0.9") - yeah baby! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Best part was around 7 am here, probably the heaviest snow I've seen in a few years. Some heavy shoveling too, but better this way than from snow turning to rain.
  7. We're just not used to the sun this winter, lol. And yeah with snow on the ground practically need sunglasses.
  8. Actually starting to get a little windy here at times. Raining and 42.9F at the moment. Not sure what to expect here (SW Delco), but I'd be happy with 2 or 3 inches. I took this pic of the last bit of the shady snowpile earlier this evening before it started raining. Would be cool to get it some reinforcements, lol.
  9. That'll get you to double digits for the season!
  10. Yeah, looking at the forecast it's going to be a pretty boring week. Models aren't exactly encouraging in the near term either. But the weenie in me sees this calm period as a lead up to some interesting weather.
  11. Here it usually means that the cat is outside, lol.
  12. They've still got a little to work with, the little brother pile in the background is now the bigger of the two, due to the fact that it's in the shade. Some relief tonight, first night below freezing in a while, according to the forecast (30F).
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