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  1. I'll go with the obvious answer - a hurricane, followed by 3 feet of snow on Christmas eve.
  2. Nice - tornado chasing in Northeast Philly probably wasn't on your list! Glad your Grandmother and Mom are okay.
  3. Yes indeed, got a light shower here for about 20 minutes, right after we finished mowing the back, and while cutting up part of a tree (from the storm before Elsa). Now it's just cloudy and quite humid. Radar looking kind of unexciting for now.
  4. Picked up 0.15" of rain from the showers that moved through earlier.
  5. Good for them, as long as it's not too interesting. High and dry here, looking forward to some lower dewpoints tomorrow, maybe we'll be able to cool off in the shade.
  6. Yeah, I've checked on that because we've been seeing lightning to the south since it got dark. Looks like a centipede working it's way to South Jersey.
  7. Nah, the thumb disappeared, so a no go for now.
  8. If the thumb on that hand stays up we might get something here. Feels like a long shot, but I hear an occasional rumble of thunder anyway.
  9. Maybe I need to get out more, but am I supposed to know who that is?
  10. Definitely felt like September outside today. Inspiring for doing outside stuff!
  11. Had a warned cell here too, got like 2 hailstones, but plenty of wind and about a quarter inch of rain. Tree across the street lost a couple of large branches, some small stuff here, but not too bad overall. Looking forward to the nice cool-off! Funny, my phone changed hailstones to gallstones.
  12. Okay, so I just heard a couple here, so they're filling in I guess, lol. Nice.
  13. The setting sun is a big orange ball, due to the smoke no doubt. Pretty cool looking.
  14. Looking forward to it, for a couple of days at least. This week overall is much better than last week dewpoint wise.
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