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  1. Were the strong winds on the back side, like they were down here? They overperformed for sure. Hope you get your power back sooner than forecast!
  2. Probably some new tree trunks to pick out, lol. I looked at some video from yesterday before it got to the bridge, and the crane boom was up. Good thing they got it down. I doubt the bridge is damaged but the crane may be. It was probably a soft hit though, haha.
  3. I'm thinking it's the crane barge and the two hopper barges for the dredging project, since in the pics I saw, that's what it looks like. I was wondering why it would be stuck under Vine st. which is above where it's ultimate destination is, but maybe they were using the crane barge to install the pipe along the river and were still upstream from Vine st.
  4. ^^^ I looked at the USGS site for the Schuylkill at the Art Museum and it looks like it peaked before midnight at a little over 13 ft. I also noticed a water temperature chart showing the water temp. going from 84F on Monday to 74F this morning. While logical, I found that interesting for some reason, lol.
  5. I found them here: https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_forecast/getprod.php?new&prod=XXXPNSPHI&wfo=phi The latest (2) are wind reports, if you go back (older) to the 3rd most recent, it's the latest rainfall report.
  6. Lol... Well good luck! And I'm sorry about your husband passing...
  7. Happening when the power is out sounds like the pump isn't working and maybe it's backing up. Days like today, could be rainwater overwhelming it (which shouldn't happen, rainwater isn't supposed to go into sewage systems), or if you lost power for a minute maybe the pump needs to be reset or something?
  8. Are you on public sewer or your own septic tank? Has it happened before? Are you sure it's coming from inside? Do you have a basement with plumbing drainage (like bathroom, washing machine, sink, etc?). I'm not an expert, just looking for clues :-).
  9. Yikes, anything else? At least you have power I hope.
  10. 18 ft. Wow - that might close west river drive, right?
  11. Looks like they're both back up now, even if missing some frames, lol.
  12. Dover radar has been down since about 10am, now it looks like Ft. Dix has been down for an hour or so.
  13. Still a lot of water upstream yet for the Schuykill...might take until tomorrow for it to max out?
  14. Rain has mostly let up here, getting a little sun at times now, but the winds have been really cranking here from the WSW. Don't know the speed but our neighbor had a pretty large tree blow over, roots and all. The top of it is up against his house, but not enough to do any serious damage, from the looks of it. Strongest winds of the storm by far. Total rainfall here is 6.40", probably close to the final total. Pretty good storm when all is said and done.