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  1. I'm a member as well. Made it to 22F here earlier, currently 23F. Brrrr!
  2. Probably lower than the odds of back to back winters of azz...pepperidge farm remembers.
  3. Just had a flurry in Glen Mills, lol. First flakes!!!
  4. Way to use your weather knowledge/awareness, lol. Comes in handy sometimes... Eta - get any Reese's?
  5. Just got power back here, yay! Running water is awesome! So will the heating system be tonight (the boiler and all).
  6. Glen Mills is my post office, but down here we just heard the storm chugging by, probably a couple of minutes before touch down. Pretty awesome sounding, and unusual, especially on Halloween and at 11:30 pm. I'll admit I was on the edge of my seat on the porch, lol. Glad that (apparently) no one was hurt.
  7. Had to turn on the little generator here, takes care of the fridge at least. Still no word on when we might get power back, looking at the outage map there's a bunch (600 plus outages, 129k customers [for PECO]).
  8. Still no power here (1.5 hours now) and no update on restoration time.
  9. Yeah that was about 5 miles north of here reading the warning.
  10. That was pretty impressive - could hear the wind roaring (SSW to NNE) as the line slowly approached from the west...had to be gusts over 50 going by the sound and tree motion. Lots of flashes but I think most of them were transformers blowing. Power has been off and on a few times here...currently off.
  11. I've seen a couple of distant flashes here as well, but not close enough for thunder. Radar looks interesting, and winds are picking up a bit in gusts.
  12. Lol....you might get a chance with this line coming through. Is rain a problem?