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  1. Thanks so much for the info! Maybe I am a bit of pessimist. Somehow I can't even really remember that rain from the 10th and 11th... I do recall watching cells split and reform in such a way that a mile or two seemed to make all the difference (I am closer to CC)
  2. Anyone else in South Philly? I feel like the rest of the region is well above average the last 6 weeks while we are consistently getting screwed over and over again by these storms. Like North Philly is above average for the month and we are approaching abnormally dry conditions. My concern is we will exit this wet pattern but with none of the buffer our neighbors have. Anyone know where I could get official numbers on past 24 hrs of rain in my area e.g. a resource with measurements from spotters nearby? Is there anything similar that looks at a longer timespan like weeks? Thanks
  3. Is anyone under this thing right now? Snow or all sleet?
  4. Have not seen radar like this all winter in south philly. Sleet trying to mix in but mostly heavy snow with big fat flakes Edit: as I say that - moving more to heavy sleet
  5. Thanks! Although you seem to be atop Mt Philadelphia or something getting twice the totals I see down here sometimes. Aforementioned heavy stuff below, although the sleet line has come up a bit with it! lockquote widget
  6. Hi all, been lurking for a while now but thought Id join to chime in with snow reports from South Philly - since most of what we seem to get here is stellar reports from the NW burbs while South Philly fights the sleet/snow line. Though it looks like that line is pushing south at the same time some very heavy bands (2"+ rates?) coming from the SW - hoping for good returns soon!
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