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  1. Beautiful day on the boardwalk in Rehoboth. Town was full. 70 degrees- can’t argue with that
  2. This weather is so terrible that I guess @Bob Chillisnt even going to make an appearance this winter.
  3. I just viewed isotherm’s winter forecast. As usual well thought out and probably right. Much below normal snowfall for me. And February is an all out furnace. Winter cancel?
  4. Not sure I agree with that decision. He never completed the catch it seemed to me
  5. I’ve learned to embrace the warmth. Shorts in November are ok with me
  6. The lone good thing I see about this winter is that we literally have not one model posting even anything decent for the winter. Every thing looks ugly. This is beautiful for a contrarian like me. I will take my chances and hope. And btw I couldn’t do much worse than the 10 mangled snowflakes that I saw last winter.
  7. Bookmark it for January 14, 2021. We will all cash in
  8. I just came across this. Probably posted elsewhere. But this is nice
  9. Man that winter discussion is fraught with negativity. Could be right - but let’s hope. anyway- what is it called when a snowman has a temper tantrum? A meltdown!! Ok I know it’s bad. Just trying to bring a positive mojo to this winter.
  10. BWI- Nov 7 IAD- Nov 7 DCA- Nov 15 RIC - Nov 15 warmest October temp 84
  11. I think he will have more than a fair share of victims this year. He’s getting loose already
  12. Just an onslaught of rain and wind earlier. Rain has lightened up a bit in Rehoboth. Flooding and ponding on roads
  13. This doesn’t sound so great either