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  1. I’m thinking road trip to the poconos next weekend. Snow is not coming here so time to travel.
  2. Looks like Alaska isn’t warming up anytime soon. They need to start sharing the goods
  3. At least average highs start increasing soon. I’m ready for pitchers and catchers to report. Hope springs eternal
  4. Niners with an easy early td. Mostert with a 36 yard untouched run
  5. I’m all in on a February 3rd region wide snowfall. No scientific reasoning at all- just that date feels right
  6. @Isothermalways teaching me new words like obdurate.
  7. Chiefs down 14-0. Just fumbled punt at own 5 or so. Oh wow
  8. Get a td before half and get the ball first in the 2nd half (I think). Get the 17-14 lead and roll from there. And yes I am also thinking 2 KU events forthcoming region wide this winter. So rose colored glasses for sure
  9. I think they are still vexed over the 18z gfs
  10. 76 inside my house currently. Considering turning on the ac
  11. I think you underestimate the Chiefs. Ravens/Chiefs will be a better game than the Super Bowl imho