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  1. With the Grinch visiting Christmas week and thereafter-rooms will be booking in rapid fashion. The amenities are vastly improved this year, I am told. One thing for sure- the Reaper will have a fantastic holiday season.
  2. The beauty of weather- with all the intricacies and complexities - one can find support for his or her view anytime. So if you forecasted a cold month or winter you can find maps/indices/theories that back you up. Conversely if u went warm you could can post maps that back you up. Best to try to decipher things yourself. Because everyone (knowingly or not) has his/her bias. Majority of the time knowing who the person who posted or tweeted you know what he or she is going to say
  3. Yeah the weather this past month has been quite enjoyable. Very refreshing
  4. Just my opinion but the absolute worst winter pattern is ice cold and dry then it gets mild when the inevitable cutter hits and then cold right after. Not a fan- I’d rather just have warm weather the whole time.
  5. Happy Birthday!! Hopefully you will have several chances to enjoy cold libations in a blizzard or 2 at the beach this year
  6. So is December cancelled or not today? So hard to keep up
  7. Wow the Eagles are losing to the dolphins. Fins score a td on a fake punt. What a disaster
  8. When Bob talks about hiking and mountain biking. It’s time to shut the blinds and enjoy life. Snow isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Let’s enjoy a record breaking +AO
  9. This place should be getting very active soon. Raging +AO rearing it’s head threatening to ruin winter for an extended time
  10. BWI 3.1” DCA 2.2” IAD 3.2” RIC 1.9” Tiebreaker SBY 2.1”
  11. Relax, said the nightman. We are programmed to receive You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!!!
  12. Rematch of classic 2016 game in college where clemson prevailed 42-36. Should be a fun game
  13. Doesn’t the room usually open by thanksgiving? A couple of ugly model days and the place will be rockin like last winter. We are always on edge here in the mid Atlantic
  14. Coming down nicely in Rehoboth. It’s beautiful