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  1. Just an onslaught of rain and wind earlier. Rain has lightened up a bit in Rehoboth. Flooding and ponding on roads
  2. This doesn’t sound so great either
  3. So sorry to hear. Sounds like he had a great life and great home.
  4. Strong blocking setting up for April? U just can’t make this stuff up
  5. Winter 2019-2020 December 11- trace seasonal total- a whopping trace
  6. Sunny and 75 at the Magic Kingdom right now. After the winter I’ve had in coastal De- this feels normal
  7. You know it’s been a brutal winter when we are only on the 3rd page of discussion for the season
  8. We are getting trolled in our own panic room. Reaper- we need your help.
  9. I don’t know guys. I wouldn’t be messing with the reaper. The Lord High Executioner is very mighty. I would never disrespect him
  10. Grand Planetary wave alignment - JB is liking this. Lol
  11. Wow- just wow. It puts our no snow in perspective. May he RIP.
  12. I think we are seeing a different stage of snow grief now. We are done with denial and anger and have moved into the acceptance stage.
  13. I’m thinking road trip to the poconos next weekend. Snow is not coming here so time to travel.
  14. Looks like Alaska isn’t warming up anytime soon. They need to start sharing the goods