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  1. I got 0.10" out of this "wet" period. Just missed another nice cell yards, which could have been a good half-incher. Now staring down the barrel of a death ridge. July could be hard on the garden.
  2. Can't make this up. I'm located in the dead zone just north of Wilson.
  3. I am one of the losers so far. Got 0.10" today. 0.28" for the month.
  4. Other than a quick 0.18" last Wednesday, haven;t been able to buy anything for the last 2 + weeks. Cells have been zooming by from every direction, but everything misses with just a drop or two. hoping for a change of luckthis week with the low pressure system, but not impressing so far today.
  5. Pouring here now. Up to 2.31" for the day. 4.33" since last Wednesday.
  6. You guys know I lurk here in the winter thought I'd share this with you. Fayetteville (KFAY) broke its all time low maximum by 10 °F. Today's high was 65 °F. Previous low max was 75 °F back in 1927. So crushed a 93 year old record by 10 °F. Nothing too exciting. And yes, we have been asking where these anomalies were in January.
  7. Fayetteville broke its all time low maximum by 10 °F!!. Today's high was 65 °F. Previous low max was 75 °F back in 1927.
  8. Finally had a below-normal month. https://twitter.com/NWSRaleigh/status/1267593225025359872/photo/1
  9. Monthly total of 8.27". 5/6 0.02" 5/8 0.02" 5/17 2.39" 5/19 1.45" 5/20 0.47" 5/21 0.93" 5/22 0.11" 5/27 0.69" 5/28 0.71" 5/29 0.88" 5/30 0.59"
  10. 1.40" of glorious rain so far today. 55 F.
  11. 34.5 this morning. I'll have to remember this weather in late September when it's 95 F with 70 F dewpoints
  12. Nice storm came through here. Had one of the longest continuous rumbles of thunder I have ever heard (I am presuming it was just from lighting strikes so close together the sound overlapped) windy, black clouds. Picked up 0.50".
  13. Aw man, I was just about to christen this one "Bob Chill II".
  14. Got down to 22.8 °F last night. I will say that the brief yet repeated cool snaps in February seem to have gone a long way to keeping the more annoying bugs in check, and also slowed the grass a good bit. They are still way ahead of schedule, but less disgustingly so.
  15. Well, with the close of Met winter I will say that it could have been much much much worse. The 4" of snow and the repeated (if brief) cool snaps really helped me to make piece with this winter. On to spring.