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  1. Got the good stuff finally: 1.34" in the bucket. 6.23" for the month.
  2. Yikes. Hoping you can catch up over the next week.
  3. What app do you use to show accumulations like this?
  4. A disappointing 0.31" here today. Hoping for more tomorrow. 4.86 for July.
  5. Visiting Chincoteague island. Hot, humid, but the water is much cooler and more refreshing!
  6. You have octupled your total for June!
  7. Got 0.81 early this morning but have been dodging cells since then. Really would like to pick up a 2" for the event try to keep the lawn/garden limping through the semi-permanent heat wave it seems we're going to be in during this summer.
  8. The line is still stuck in almost the same place!!
  9. I understand your point, the thing is, I suspect that many of us are on here because of an abiding interest in weather statistics, so when we see an anomaly we are interested. Like many of us here, I have lived in NC all of my life, growing up near Fayetteville. KFAY had traditionally been warmer than KRDU. Now though, KRDU regularly outdoes KFAY, especially on hot days. Last Friday on the day when I made my comments, KRDU beat KFAY by 5 degrees. So yeah, I admit I am skeptical. It's actually a fascinating issue because UHI affects traditionally have a larger impact in elevating night temperatures compared to day temps, so why the "RDU bonus" seems larger during the day is surprising. By the way, I lurk in the Mid-Atlantic forum a lot and they regularly had discussion about how unrepresentative the snow totals are from the DC airports because of microclimate. This past winter in their discussions someone made the point that the main purpose of airport weather observations is to give the pilots and airport officials weather data pertinent to their operations. They are NOT motivated by a love of meteorological statistics. Lastly, the "RDU bonus" is something I can remember being noticed for some time now. I can remember Greg Fishel making a snide remark about it while he was still at WRAL. But it does seem to have become more obvious in recent years anecdotally.
  10. I don't question the extreme nature of today's heat, but I have lost confidence in RDUs measurement integrity. Similar numbers observed in the area? ETA: Just saw that RDU recorded 106 today while KFAY was at 101. I call shenanigans. ETA2: Just saw this on the NWS facebook page for RDU: BREAKING: All-time record high/daily record high set at Raleigh & the daily record high set at Fayetteville. The high at Raleigh was 106 degrees which breaks the all-time record high of 105 degrees and also sets a new daily high record. The high at Fayetteville was 101°F which ties the old record high. A technician was on-site at the RDU ASOS platform at the time of the record and corroborated the accuracy of the sensor temperature with a handheld calibration device. In addition, the contract weather observer checked the temperature during the afternoon and using two other different devices they noted similar readings at around the time the record was set.
  11. No July Obs thread yet, so I'll say it here: it's delightful out there. Too bad it's just a brief respite.
  12. Man I hate that for you. We finally got the good stuff come in over night here in Wilson. I was hoping you got in on the joy
  13. Sunday was disappointing but Monday morning rocked! Got 2.46" this morning.
  14. Well, I did get 0.04" for the day. 1.42 for the month.
  15. A very disappointing Sunday. Potent, slow-moving cells around, everything slightly off course.
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