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  1. The Pacific Doom Blob which haunted us all last winter is back like a horror movie villain. It just won't die.
  2. Torrential downpour yielded 1.78". It had been a little dry lately but this should stop that in a big way. Wasn't much of a big deal after picking up over 10" last month.
  3. Just a token 0.02", but it did put me over the 11.00 mark for the month.
  4. I have gotten to the point where just don;t care anymore what he thinks or says. Even spending time mocking him is a waste..
  5. I am curious what your other two are.
  6. Still scarred from that 100 F reading at RDU last October 3.
  7. All signs pointing to a La Nina, which means hello South East Redieg all winter.
  8. Passed mid point for August at noon today with 9.39" to that point. Got another 0.02" today for 9.41".
  9. First day in a while with no rain. Up to 7.92 for the month now, over 2x what I had in all of July. A muggy 78 out there.
  10. Isn't that just Nina climatology?
  11. Peaking in from the SE forum and I see that we are having a forum meltdown 3.67 months before the start of met winter. The sad thing is its not really irrational.
  12. Measurable rain 8 of the last 9 days now. 0.10 so far. Edit: ended up with 0.94. Monthly total is 7.31. Temp down to 74.
  13. Have now had measurable rain on seven of the last eight days, and am approaching 2x my entire July rainfall. I wasn't expecting anything today but a some bonus storms have dropped 0.32". My weekly total is 6.35 with 3.97 coming from the hurricane. Overall my summer rainfall has been very streaky, something like 2/3rd of my total since June 1st has come in only two different weeks, this week and one back in mid June.
  14. I am honestly surprised how Norfolk can be consistently warmer than RDU or KFAY when it is further north and closer to the ocean.
  15. Just hit an inch for the day. First good downpour in what seems like forever.