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  1. This sounds like textbook advertisement for setting one's expectations based on the median instead of the mean.
  2. Right now ( I mean this past decade) reality is skewing warm. I think that frustrates most people on this forum, which makes us quick to lash out. I know I constantly have to fight against a natural desire to pay attention when someone predicts "COLD COLD", but dismiss those saying "WARM, WARM" as idiots.
  3. December 2015 will haunt my dreams for a long time, and not in a good way. Down here in NC we were 70+ for like two weeks straight. It was a warm, soupy airmass as well. Didn't get below 60 F for days on end at night. Mosquitoes and gnats were buzzing. Had to cut on the AC. I think it actually ht 80 F on Christmas day where I was.
  4. For those counting, it has been precisely 40 days since RDU notched 100 F back on October 3. 40 days between the last (and only 100 F) day of the year and the first sighting of frozen precip at RDU. I wonder if that is a record.
  5. Ah, hello guys, its your brother-from-another-mother down south. I will be lurking around here because this continues to better sub-forum than my home, as far as hardcore meteorological analysis. I was considering looking into the MJO forecasts but I am concerned I am am just starting the pain early. Still having flashbacks from last year's leisurely grand tour through the ugly phases, followed by a lightning rocket through the good, right back to bad.
  6. I was coming here to post the exact same thing. A good explanation of why we so often fail. I wonder what it is about the Appalachians that make it so hard to resolve.
  7. Got down to 27.3 last night. Not bad for the first third of November in the Coastal Plain. Hope all the gnats have gone to meet their Maker.
  8. I would find it hilarious if even one token snowflake was sited ~ 6 weeks after we hit 100 F at RDU.
  9. Yeah, but these days, we tend to bust climo the other way. I'd be happy to just have a cool crisp November.
  10. It was at the tail end of December 2017 and the beginning of January 2018. RDU set their record for most consecutive hours below 32F: Just under 10 days. Some areas of the Pamlico/Albemarle sounds froze. Got down to 0 F at my house in Wilson, which is quite an accomplishment.
  11. I agree with your overall point, but less than two years ago we had a generational 10-day cold spell in NC at least. We've had three or four equivalent warm spells though..
  12. You Charlotte guys really need to get a delegation together and check on the site location of that sensor package.
  13. Got 1.65". Totals 4.38" since last Sunday. Putting a sizable dent in the deficit! Cooler temps also reduces the evaporation, so the soil moisture should be doing some nice recovery.