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  1. Last year there was a brief period where the modeling consistently advertised a significant improvement from the Pacific Doom Blob regime. I remember distinctly that this modeled improvement started to fall apart jast as the Ravens were losing to Tennessee last year. At the time I was hoping that the negative interpretation of the modelling had a lot to do with the emotions from the game. But alas it was not the case. The look continued to degrade over the next few days and the rest is history. Hopefully we don;t get a redux this year.
  2. Saw tiny snowflakes for about 30 seconds in Wilson.
  3. I wondered why it was so quiet in the main thread. Then I remembered the Ravens are playing.
  4. Wait isn't the "old Para" the current GFS?
  5. I'm a chart guy, so for fun, I plotted the "near DC" 2m temp at 18Z for hours 0 - 384, according to the 18z gfs. Decently chilly for days 7 - 14. Not sure what happens between 336 and 360, but it wasn't pretty.
  6. We need a Canadian Maritimes subforum on here.
  7. That goes out past where I can see on TT. What does the temp profile look like?
  8. Hey, been waiting for you to show up. Turn those Shields off!!!
  9. Too suppressed even for NC. This panel caught my eye though: 540 line down almost to Miami, and snow breaking out over the gulf stream.
  10. Gotta love this one. 540 line down almost to Miami.
  11. Not much going on for at least the next week, unless I missed something new.