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  1. Yesterday was a straight up mid-January day. Low of 28 F at my house this morning.
  2. Heavy hail last hour in SW Alamance county.
  3. Some sort of frozen... something...fell at my house for a few seconds just a minute ago. Not sure if it was hail or sleet or what. 51 F in my backyard.
  4. Low if 26.2 this morning. Perhaps last hard frost this year?
  5. What is Mt PSU at now? I am rooting for it to hit 60".
  6. Its actually hard to find median data.
  7. Yeah but I think our median is much lower.
  8. No, we confirmed that there was no reverse jinx. We didn't rule out the existence of a jinx.
  9. Not wind chill, but just bone-numbing cold. https://news.agu.org/press-release/coldest-place-on-earth-is-colder-than-scientists-thought/
  10. Wow. Spring has pretty much sprung in SE, so I haven't been checking in much. I just peeked in the banter today and...things got...dark.
  11. My wife went to McDowell. Graduated in 2001.
  12. March 1960 would be an acceptable alternative.