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  1. Aw man, I was just about to christen this one "Bob Chill II".
  2. Got down to 22.8 °F last night. I will say that the brief yet repeated cool snaps in February seem to have gone a long way to keeping the more annoying bugs in check, and also slowed the grass a good bit. They are still way ahead of schedule, but less disgustingly so.
  3. Well, with the close of Met winter I will say that it could have been much much much worse. The 4" of snow and the repeated (if brief) cool snaps really helped me to make piece with this winter. On to spring.
  4. You hear that sound, it's the sound of inevitability.
  5. Oh it's completely rational, in just funnin'ya
  6. LONG LONG LONG term but I'll just leave this here. Somebody make sure that Maestrobjwa doesn't see this. https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/enso_advisory/ensodisc.pdf
  7. I blame PSU personally. If he hadn't have made that infamous post back in late December, this never would have happened.
  8. As much as I love snow, cold and the outdoors, I would like to get into skiing. But there are several factors against me 1. I hate looking like an idiot. 2. I hate getting in other people's way. 3. I really hating looking like an idiot and getting in other people's way and paying a small fortune to do it. 4. My wife despises cold. So I would need a to find a place with facilities dedicated to teaching adults who have absolutely no knowledge/experience. I'm sure they exist but it is probably 10x more expensive than even the already expensive normal places. And even if I could find an affordable one, I wouldn't be able to go because the boss would just laugh at my suggestion.
  9. Warning: the person who runs this site that I am linking to appears to be dedicated to AGW skepticism/denial. I post it because it has some interesting discussion of the hypothesis that I have alluded to previously about reduced latitudinal temp gradients causing more blocking. Apparently the hypothesis is being questioned by new studies. http://joannenova.com.au/2020/02/global-confusion-turns-out-global-warming-doesnt-cause-wandering-jet-stream-extreme-weather/ Just ignore the constant carping at the "stupidity" of climate scientists.
  10. Wow, I hadn't heard anything about this. But apparently the Summit station in Greenland may have hit an all time record low this winter. I guess the fruits of our friend the PV.
  11. The sequel to the BobChill storm is the PSU rainstorm.
  12. I will gladly take some extra snow, but I am really rooting for our comrades in the MA to score something.
  13. Yes, surface temps were a bummer. I ended up with almost exactly 3" when I measured in the morning. I lost a lot to melting. I estimated 0.5 - 1" which matches well with NWS estimates, so I am going to call it 4". If surface temps had been better could easily have been a 5" - 6" deal I think. Still i consider myself very fortunate to have received anything at all in this record +++++++AO winter. Especially in the second half of February.
  14. The fluke snowfall in NC this week is enough to sustain me through the end of February, at which point SE weenies expire of natural causes.
  15. Things are getting out of hand. I just saw reports on the news that the +AO was sighted mugging little old ladies in Philly and stealing ice out of people's freezers.