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  1. Looking at that CWG post I'm struck that if this year was in isolation, it would be frustrating but not overly alarming. In good company with 1932 and 1950 and 1890, and so forth. Any year can be a stinker. But the pattern is obvious. All we can do is hope that there is some natural suckage that is adding on top of the other suckage that we shall not discuss. And maybe we can have at least somewhat better times in the near future.
  2. Man, 1932 must have been a dog. Also interesting to note that 2016 is on that list. Sometimes even in the midst of warmth...
  3. "becoming"? You're book just hit the third edition. Stormtracker's clip just got nominated for an Oscar for best short feature
  4. Visiting this site I've learned a good bit about teleconnections but I have almost no knowledge of storm dynamics. I gather from your posts that with the track depicted, with the high position/strength as depicted it "should" snow. It is also my understanding that the precipitation starts as snow but melts on the way down. So putting those together I conclude that somewhere in the column the snow is encountering layers where the air is warmer than it "should" be given the track and high location/strength. Where does that anomalous layer start and what is the source of the anomaly? And yeah I know what the ultimate source of the anomaly is. I'm just talking the proximate cause. An example would be something like (I'm just making this up as an example) 1. "The air at 700 mb and below is being sourced from the NNE and the water there is +2 C warmer than the mean."
  5. Have we attempted to communicate with the SER? Maybe it is a sentient being liek the crystalline entity on Star Trek TNG.
  6. Would you guys consider D7 as the border between mid and long range?
  7. Edit: At least so far. I hope he faceplants hard in February but I still give it a better than even chance of the SSW effects going somewhere else and leaving us toast with our old friend the SER.
  8. After getting somewhat excited in December (like many of us) he has been relentlessly negative. In his defense it's been a relentlessly negative winter. So he's been objectively correct.
  9. Chuck already showed it above but just to emphasize, do not look at the 18Z GFS if you value your sanity. Just don't. It goes all in on the "dig a trough to Baja" idea. 540 line over the northern Sea of California. Let us never speak of it again.
  10. Was thinking same thing. Almost like all the modeling agencies got together to figure how to best prolong the weenie torture.
  11. First obvious thought would be the SER is on steroids due to the bath water in the gulf, and just off the east coast. Seems like you had mentioned that yourself earlier as a possibility. Is there some reason why you doubt that hypothesis?
  12. Not making this up, I dreamed of snow last night. Even in my dreams it was marginal mess.
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