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  1. We have had plenty of rain over the last 2 years. The vegetation is still very vibrant here.
  2. Cant remember the last time we went a whole week without rain!
  3. Finally getting a good dry stretch and some warmth! The lakes here are still an icebox.
  4. Thanks for the info! Looks like we might end this terrible winter with a bang!
  5. We might pull off a miracle this week and get no rain from Monday through Sunday!
  6. It's been the norm for the last several years! Warmth in February and well below temps and above average snow in March and April.
  7. I was by the lake this morning and where the Tuck and little Tennessee come into the lake the water level is really high for February. Usually, it's still flowing at this time of year!.
  8. At this rate Fontana lake will be at full pool in a week. Crazy!!