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  1. How is the pacific looking? Places like Seattle and Portland, for example have done very well the last few years. Just because the trough sets up on the west coast doesn't equal climate change.
  2. It's between Maggie and cherokee. Not sure on the land but there are some houses on the Haywood County side above 5k. Once you cross into Jackson you're on the reservation and can't own land there unless you're cherokee. Also, you're not far from the casino and the ski slope. Great rental potential!
  3. Me too until my youngest is out of school. Even rainbow springs is subject to rain and mixing. The warm nose is too prevalent this side of the balsams
  4. If I stayed in NC I would prefer soco at 5k or Madison County
  5. Remember when the euro showed very little qpf? Good times
  6. Skyway? Nevermind, I see you're up in the construction on 143
  7. Best games to watch! Do you remember the game a few years ago where the wind blew the goalposts over?
  8. Can't believe they took the Buffalo Pittsburgh game away from us tomorrow!
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