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  1. Not really, moved in the wrong direction for now. Was not as good as the 0z
  2. Phased too soon. Give it 6 hours it will change. Its 8-9 days away
  3. Almost a perfectly timed phase for us. Unfortunately it probably just gave us our best solution. 5 hours from now it will change. Hopefully not.
  4. Yeah, Lots of energy dropping in from the Pacific. The good news is they might all pass south of us. Hopefully we are just cold enough for some paste bombs!
  5. Its had a few snowy solutions that have been wrong. Checkout the changes at 500mb on the last few runs at day 5.
  6. Definitely worth watching. Its gonna be a thread the needle type of event. Hopefully something finally breaks our way!
  7. I think the next person that wants rain or mentions drought should get banned!
  8. Lol.. we got just over an 1.5. I'm so done with over performing rain storms!!
  9. I didn't feel anything in Bryson city. I was also driving at the time.
  10. The upcoming week and the week after are a total bust by the eps.
  11. ??? The weeklies looked good for Feb! Of course they're time will tell
  12. It's been digging ever so slightly farther west with each run. Getting an inch or two would be a win right now