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  1. Congratulations! How far outside of highlands? You're not too far from my house
  2. Anyone seen the guy touting spring and 80 degree weather?
  3. More cold to start the month of May off. Wouldn't be surprised to jump into summer in a couple weeks.
  4. Low of 30 this morning
  5. Hard frost with a low of 29 this morning
  6. You declared "winter over" now I have to move for it to be over? Your meteorology knowledge is just as bad as your geography. I'm less than an hour from clemson university, 30 minutes from the casino, and an hour and 20 minutes from the mall of Georgia.
  7. 22 for the low this morning high of 39 and a forecasted low of 18 tomorrow. Spring blows!
  8. You couldn't be more wrong. I actually look forward to spring weather every year. My daughters play softball on the H.S and middle school teams, as well as travel. So I'm at the ball field everynight and almost every Saturday. My business picks up during spring and does well during the summer and fall. So I look forward to warm weather for the obvious reasons mentioned. I'll actually pass on the low of 22 we has this morning, as well as the 20s forecasted for this weekend.
  9. How does one simply flip a switch and go straight to warm weather. The last 3 low temp readings here have been 24, 24, and 22 this morning?
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