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  1. 22 this morning for the low. Coldest morning of the year here too. Probably the last morning my yard will be covered in snow this season
  2. Just did a drive through franklin county and it was absolutely beautiful up there! Definitely more snow than Raleigh. By no means a high end storm for the state but a lot of people saw a couple inches and it stuck to the trees real pretty. And it’s lasting past noon lol. A reprieve from a terrible winter that I didn’t think we’d get so it made me happy. Said I’d be happy with 2 imby and I got more than that so I’ll take that as a win. Now on to work for a half day...
  3. Agreed. Just feels good to see snow on the ground. Been Brutal.
  4. I disagree. Seems to have played out almost exactly as forecast. Lotta 2-3 in reports in the Triangle and 2in reports in Triad. Looks like snow fell all the way into far SE parts of the state. My farm in Louisburg has over 3in on the ground this morning after melting so I bet they had close to 4 in. Looks like a large area of 3-4 in reports East of here, which was right in line with 2-4 in forecast. I saw some 5 in reports sprinkled in. Only thing that didn't happen was a heavy band with 6-8 in lollipops, which I fully expected somewhere east of here, but overall it was well-forecast. Places that didn't do as well as forecast look like SE VA and extreme NE NC. CLT was never forecast to get much and same story with the upstate. I can tell you this, if the BL was a couple degrees cooler, this would have been a widespread 4-6 in storm for much of NC. We hit 2.5" and stayed there for 4 hours of steady snow once the heaviest rates moved out. It was just compensating for melting. We finished with around 2.75" depending on where you measure.
  5. Slippery streets this morning in the triangle. 27 and BEAUTIFUL out. I love overnight snows and waking up as the sun first hits it in the trees. Large area of NC has snow cover which is pretty awesome considering where we were a week ago!
  6. Little over 2.5” here. Oh what could’ve been with better BL temps. Oh well, salvaged the season, got to watch it snow for 8 hours and had a great time tracking it! It’s absolutely beautiful out. Still snowing atm but not going to amount to anything more. Congrats to all who scored today!
  7. That's what I have (not 2 but 1-1.5"), depending on where you measure. Moderate snow 32/32. Ice has formed on what had been water on my truck's windshield. We are below freezing
  8. I'm at 32. I doubt that's accurate. Roads covered now. IDK where the other North Hills report came from but we're much more than that...
  9. It is coming down in Raleigh! Fiance is putting snow clothes on. About to go on a walk before it gets dark! Starting to stick to paved surfaces
  10. If we keep these rates in Raleigh, we bust in a good way
  11. 32 and everything but roads is covering up nicely! Absolutely beautiful out. Just went out back with the dog. Felt like a 8 year old kid