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  1. It just means our rain will be a little colder. I'm catching on to this forum.
  2. Got down to 24 this morning. Feels biting. Love it
  3. Saw some sleet and even a few Flakes on my drive home from Garner to Raleigh on the east side of 440. Looked to be mostly to all frozen briefly. Pretty exciting for early November, didn't think I'd ever see anything frozen again here after it was 103 at my house in October...
  4. Not going to lie, this far out it looks like the players are on the board. That is an optimal SE winter storm low track and there is cold air available. For Mid-November, that is as much as you can ask for at this point. This is definitely something worth tracking atm. Keep in mind, this is more than a week out. I wish this setup was a month from now!
  5. I'll take snow any way we can get it. November or April. December is my favorite month for winter weather due to the winter solstice and lowest sun angle allowing accumulations to last.
  6. Impressive Cold Outbreak for November seems to be gaining momentum in modeling over the past 48 hours of runs.
  7. Who else loves snow maps in early November? Doubt it'll happen but let our tracking season (letdown season) begin!
  8. Frosty and 33 this morning IMBY. Was down to 31 according to my truck at the Farm in Louisburg Sunday morning when I got in the deer stand. Been waiting on this all summer!
  9. 0.78" yesterday on top of 0.51" from the previous day gives a storm total of 1.29." Got down to 41 last night.
  10. I know some people west of here got plenty of rain from the past system but we were not so lucky. Might be our only shot for awhile. Doesn't get any drier
  11. No wind, minimal lightning, and 30 min of decent rain in North Hills.Yay. Saw more wind this afternoon when it got sunny and some winds mixed to the surface
  12. Just like that the clouds parted and the sun is out in full in the Raleigh area. Did not expect the clouds to abate this quickly or entirely. Not great...
  13. No sun in the Triangle area yet, but extremely gusty south winds. Warm, imagine if we see some breaks we could shoot into the 80's fairly rapidly. Some concerning severe parameters especially west and north of my location. Will be interesting to see if some of the sunshine others are noting lead to increased instability and maximize the storm potential during peak heating hours.