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  1. Well, this was premature. Bottomed out at 27.5 this morning. Colder than forecast. Monday morning was widely forecast to be the coldest this week but we only fell to 28.8. Much frostier this morning as well.
  2. Only made it to 52.7 today. Quite chilly all things considered
  3. Cold morning, 28.8 at home 25.3 at the farm in louisburg. Maybe room for temps to fall a few more clicks before sunrise
  4. Only made it down to 37.2 this morning (forecast of 31 and freeze warning). Cold air must’ve been late arriving, I figured it would have a tough time reaching freezing while we were still around 50 when I went to bed just before midnight. Currently 45.1 and very chilly. Our high was 48.2 and that occurred just after midnight. Will be close this afternoon but I bet we scratch 50 in the full march sun
  5. Picked up 0.30” last night. Beautiful day today with a slight crisp feel to it. These are my favorite spring conditions
  6. 45.9 this morning. Already up to 65.
  7. I love the annual morality debate between those wanting it to be warm and those wanting to hang onto cold in spring
  8. Monday and Tuesday mornings might be close
  9. Bottomed out at 28.6 this morning. Currently rising at 29.7. Was this the coldest morning we’ll see before next fall?
  10. Not sure any of y’all are following but it’s worth it to give the NE Forum a look today. Their Obs thread for the most recent storm is extremely impressive, many places got 30-40+” of paste. Incredible pictures
  11. I’m not billing up the threat but that’s easily the best look anywhere outside of the mountains has seen this year at this timeframe from the GEFS
  12. Low of 29.7 here. Pretty much on track with forecasts, what a change from the last 4 weeks. 2 freezes in a row with a third on the way tonight
  13. First sub freezing morning here in a very long time. Bottomed out at 31.6. Looks colder the next two mornings
  14. Finished with 0.79” liquid from yesterdays event. It was some sort of mix between snow, snow/sleet, rain/sleet for roughly 3 hours according to my parents who live near me. From their pics and my doorbell cam we received a coating of snow on mulch, rooftop, and decks. Grass and darker objects had a tougher time accumulating. I’ll count this as measurable snow though so I’m bumping my daily and now seasonal snowfall to 0.1”, the bar has been raised
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