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  1. Anyone know how to get climate data from Franklin County airport? Our farmer up there says it’s the driest spring he’s ever had and it literally didn’t rain in April and they had just 1 thunderstorm in may. They have been unable to plant this year without irrigation
  2. Yep and I mistyped too, our May rainfall was only 1.32”, not 1.42”
  3. You’re doing better than me. April we had just 0.94”, May was 1.42”, and were at 3.77” this month. One of the big issues, other than the low totals, is that it’s just been a few days of rain too. The inconsistent nature of our rainfall means that we’ve frequently gone weeks between measurable rain events, even if we got a good rainfall over a 2 day period.
  4. No rain in the vicinity here tonight. Unfortunately our long range rain prospects seem to hinge entirely on the disturbance in the gulf. Setting up for another very dry period if it misses the area
  5. Nasty storm heading in direction of stokesdale. Showing rotation as well
  6. If it doesn’t rain today, our next shot of rain looks to be about a week away, depending on what the gulf disturbance does. I would think some remnant boundary from the mcs that pushed further south than expected last night would be the focal point for this afternoons action. Models have kind of been all over the place in regards to storm initiation and location this afternoon but somewhere in the neighborhood of the triad should see a broken line of storms pop and move east.
  7. System east of Hatteras looks like a storm on radar and satellite. NHC gave it a cherry.
  8. It’s just the same thing every year with snow and tropical storms. Isaias last year was certainly impactful
  9. Was feast or famine in central NC over the last week. We’re up to 3.77” for the month which is probably middle of the road, though it was much more hit or miss here than western and eastern sections of the state. Looks to be going very dry again. I know the farmers in central NC are absolutely struggling this year so hopefully our rainfall will come more consistently, instead of a 2-3 day bout of rain with the remainder of the month dry. We will see
  10. 0.09” for the day. Missed majority of storms from every direction today. 3.77” for the month now
  11. 0.02” overnight. Hoping for some more action this afternoon. Definitely ground to make up for after last couple months. Loving the afternoon/evening storms everyday. I’d take this pattern every day for the summer
  12. 0.89” for the day, 3.68” on the month. The 9 week “drought” feels like forever ago