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  1. It puts the NAM on its skin or else it gets the GFS/CMC/EURO/UK/RGEM again
  2. Drove through a sleet/snow shower near Weldon a flutter while ago
  3. Way to premature to throw in the towel. Still 3+ days out. If it was showing 1 ft of snow this far out imby I’d in no way feel locked in to that outcome. This is a dynamic system and small deviations in that track could make a huge difference it’s not like the rain snow line is north of DC...
  4. December 2018 was locked in for a long time. Only questions were on the immediate transition zone but overall it was extremely well modeled
  5. As some have said, all major players are still on the field. The trends today haven’t been great but we’re not talking about a GL cutter either. Difference in a couple hundred miles means a heck of a storm or nada for most on this board and we’re more than 5 days out. The fact everything is still showing a storm is great. Imo nothing substantial has changed since yesterday which is good at this range
  6. I think one of the biggest takeaways from today’s guidance is that a more progressive solution (euro) will not work south of Virginia.
  7. Yea but if I was in the Emporia-Richmond area I’d be feeling pretty good about this system. Pretty sure everything has been burying them for a couple days now. North and south of there is the gray area at this point
  8. This was a better run that 06z overall with the storm setup but obviously track ticked north
  9. I think the SW being slightly more amped out west on these last two gfs runs is what may be trending the system slightly further north than 0z. HP looks to be slightly improved location and overall setup is excellent still. That surface low reflection where it bombs out will obviously make all the difference but this will not be a marginal temp ordeal in the snow area. It will be falling into the 20’s with that cold air source. I think for someone this will be a big dog
  10. A sped up system is not in our favor here. It’s January, I would take a daytime hit if that means the HP has time to get in place and deep cold air has time to arrive. Otherwise we’d burn through half the previous before snow could accumulate. Can’t get into specifics yet but the quicker progression is not a solid trend when we are banking on that strong Canadian hp to set up shop and begin to filter in cold air