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  1. Bit more dreary day yesterday than I was expecting, showers kept it cool for a lot of the day. Managed to get to 69 before the rain but temps dropped all the way to 59 before rebounding to 68 late in the day again. Just 0.06” but every drop here is needed
  2. Going to be extremely frosty in the morning. Most of NC in the mid-lower 30’s already with a couple more hours to bottom out with no wind. Some places may even get below freezing. Hope everyone’s garden was prepared
  3. 0.32” yesterday brings MTD total to 1.30”
  4. After missing out on almost all the rains over the last 2 weeks, the abnormally dry are on the drought monitor has blossomed from 12% of the state of NC to 28%, mostly in central and eastern parts of the state. Combined with this early season heat, it feels very “crunchy” out there walking through the woods
  5. 0.00” today despite 100% coverage forecast and 1-2”
  6. Still no rain today. What a forecast bust! Not complaining at all
  7. Picked up 0.04” last two days. Will be interesting to see if the area of subsidence over NC from the convection ongoing to the south busts todays rainfall forecast. What had looked like steady morning rains now look to hold off till afternoon. Definitely a volatile forecast
  8. That is correct. Florence and Floyd were both expected to come in as majors but both weakened significantly (wind wise). Obviously they both had rainfall impacts that exceeded their wind category. I don’t believe in “we’re due” but 1996 was a LONG time ago especially in a state that takes so many hurricane hits
  9. Like everyone else, just saw the CSU forecast. Holy moly. I see nothing holding this season back besides luck. Here in NC, we’ve had a lot of that recently so praying it holds. Nuclear SSTs with developing La Niña…. Good luck everyone! Going to be an active year tracking
  10. Picked up exactly 0.47” again this afternoon (same total as morning!) for an event total of 0.94”
  11. This has been an awesome spring weather wise. Other than the dry month and pollen hell, temps have been very comfortable and we’ve had enough rain to feel good going into the summer. There hasn’t been any abnormal frosts or cold and though a cool down is expected (we were almost at 90 the past 2 days!) I don’t see anything screaming a ton of cold wedgy days. Definitely has not followed the pattern of last few springs
  12. Picked up 0.47” of rain this morning/overnight. Ridiculous warm mornings continued, low of 64.8. High of 86.2 yesterday, summer-like!
  13. 85.1 for the high yesterday! Summer feel. Only got down to 67.2 this morning… Incredible early April warmth
  14. New Bern did well but the 95 corridor really busted. Forecast was 3-5” and that area is generally under 1.5”. Still good rains, I’m not saying this was a dry event for eastern NC, but a flood watch and 3-5” forecast is aggressive for what actually occurred
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