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  1. Small low pressure formed just off the N.C. coast south of cape lookout this morning. If this had more time I’d bet we’d have a quick TS spinup again. Accompanied by 30-35 mph wind reports.
  2. They’ve been atrocious with storms this year. But, they do not get into the meat of the favorable period as advertised by the above posts even in their longest range.
  3. From the archives... This was a wild storm! I don’t care if it was only a cat 1 it was an absolute gem in the weather nerd world! I mean 60 pages of discussion on this forum warrants a medal or something, right?
  4. I thought y'all would see hurricane force gusts the way this was intensifying coming ashore. Glad it wasn't as bad as it could have been!
  5. Brother reported a bunch of trees down in Urbanna Virginia. They lost power before sunrise. They live right on the water and believe they saw hurricane force winds, which would be backed up by the NHC observations nearby in the 9:00 advisory. Aunt and Uncle in Weems, Virginia clocked a 70 mph gust. They lost power as well.
  6. Picked up 3.20" imby. No sign of any wind coming through and central NC gusts I've seen were less than impressive, highest I've seen was 47mph in Goldsboro. Higher Wind gusts from this storm seem to have been extremely spotty and mostly relegated to the coast. Some scary pictures of tornado damage coming in. Just saw the Bertie county tornado damage on WRAL
  7. Pouring rain. We’re around 1.25” so far. No wind yet. Going to bed, stay safe everyone
  8. Enjoy your power while you have it! Track looks to take the most significant inland winds over your area
  9. From the eye in ocean isle. Bad storm surge flooding. This is a bad surge
  10. Yes main house is ok they have a ground floor that’s completely flooded
  11. Friend said waters up to his countertops in ocean isle worst surge flooding they’ve seen. Rising against the tide.
  12. Rapid strengthening while moving onshore in North Carolina. So 2020
  13. Friends house in ocean isle right now. Waters 2 foot into his lower floor and rising. He thinks this is 5+ foot surge. Higher than Matthew
  14. Convection has collapsed again. Doubt this makes hurricane status at this point. Might be some high-enough FL winds but nothing to transport them
  15. Heavy rain in Raleigh. About 0.50" so far and adding up quick. Definitely some feisty gusts with the current rain band as it pushed through but mostly calm now