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  1. 26.2 here this morning. Coldest reading of the season so far
  2. 0.74” in the bucket today. Brings us to 4.92” for the monthly total.
  3. Approaching an inch of rain for the day. Very efficient rain clouds this morning Ended up with 1.04” which brings the MTD total to 4.18”
  4. We picked up 1.22” of rain yesterday
  5. Not quite as cold as was forecast. Low of 27.1 which is now the second coldest low of the season and third time in the 20’s this year. Seems to have been awhile since we saw multiple mornings in the 20’s before thanksgiving here.
  6. 26.5 here this morning. Coldest morning of the fall and first time below freezing imby this season
  7. That’s the most heavy story I’ve ever heard from a weather event
  8. Picked up 0.29” yesterday which brings the mtd total to 1.92”
  9. 32.4 here this morning. Coldest morning of the fall imby
  10. 1.11” storm total from Nicole. High of 83
  11. Really a pretty impressive look on satellite atm. Don’t see any real change to environment between now and landfall, still will be limited by dry air. Don’t think anything inhibits gradual strengthening though. 70-80kts would be my guess with an 85 max and 65 minimum. Significant event for time of year and surge will be maximized by fetch, wind direction piling water up for days, and moon.
  12. Nicole Is getting its act together today. Bahamas radar shows an extremely pretty radar presentation. Gonna see if it can maintain convection through the minimum today unlike yesterday but hi res models are showing just that and have been by the time it reaches the Bahamas. It would not shock me to see cat 2 based on recon and radar trends if the storm can maintain deep convection
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