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  1. Epsilon looks pretty healthy this morning. In a season where hurricanes have struggled to maintain an eye for long stretches, thus storm is the exception
  2. This is a neat system. Definitely has some frontal look to it in the outer segments but that small core keeps roaring away
  3. It would not surprise me at all if sally was upgraded due to the large amount of damage to use as evidence. Plenty to judge max wind speeds with.
  4. This is that beautiful fish storm 2020 had been lacking. Awesome to watch this system evolve and take advantage of what it was given
  5. Looks like NHC making the upgrade to a major hurricane and 100kts at the next advisory
  6. One of the prettiest storms of the season. Going to be another wave producer for the East coast
  7. It’s improved significantly from the advisory time. This is definitely a hurricane now, probably close to your estimate though that would be a massive pressure fall
  8. I’m thinking this will be an 85-95 kt storm. Dry air intrusion going to be biggest limiting factor until it reaches cooler water.
  9. Day late but stayed at the farm in Louisburg Saturday night and woke up to first frost of the year! Bottomed out at 36 degrees at my house, 37 at the nearby airport. Was amazing weather, had a bonfire the night before. Unfortunately we will feel summer like again this week
  10. Gotta hand it to the GFS if this system develops in the western Caribbean, it’s been showing it in long range, now medium range for endless runs now
  11. 2020 is determined to paint every mile of coast from brownsville to Massachusetts in some sort of tropical watch/warning
  12. I was about to say... that’s one of the most Wilma-like runs we’ve had since... Wilma. Think the moral of the story is there is an increasing signal for development in the place you’d expect it this time of year. I didn’t think 2020 would let the season end without a bang! Ensembles have been holding onto the idea of development in the W Caribbean for a few days now so seeing it show on the ops for several runs is not unexpected. I don’t think we’re done yet...
  13. I’d say you’ve been consistent in pointing out the gradual organizational trend of the storm today. Your posts have been bookended multiple times in the exact opposite observation by someone else thinking the storm is weakening after strengthening for 3 frames. Haha. Point is- we’re seeing a gradually strengthening system. Pressure falls and winds gradually responding. I think NHC forecast is on point though I can also see the storm failing to attain major again but barely. Large Ike-like storm at landfall so exact intensity is not that important anyways, other than for us weenies.
  14. Loving the frame by frame analysis of the IR appearance of the storm here... looks great... looks like crap... looks great again taking off now... it fell apart lol