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  1. Need rain bad to wash this pollen away
  2. I’m surprised there isn’t a warning with that storm. Obviously nothing strong but definitely capable of a spin up or two with that kink in the line and rotation showing up
  3. Unwarned Storm approaching Halifax VA northeast of Danville has a decent couplet though it’s at range from the radar site
  4. Drove through a tornado-warned storm near Goldsboro today and got caught in a hailstorm on 70. Quarter sized hail and easily 60+ mph wind. One of the wildest storms I’ve been in, had to come to a complete stop in the middle of 70 on the Goldsboro bypass. Likely have dents in my roof. Tried to stop at an underpass (for the hail) but there were 10 cars there and no room
  5. Wow what a hook echo that went through Raleigh
  6. Looks like TWC is zoomed to the eye of a hurricane. That CC hole is insane
  7. I hope everyone in Brent has a way to get underground
  8. Unfortunately, I have one for the archives today
  9. We talk year round about setups and threats, here is the culmination of a loaded gun setup maximized in a storm: textbook
  10. You can see when the tornado hits something on radar. Velocities remain maxed out throughout but you can see the pulsing bursts of higher reflectivity when it hits likely buildings. This things the monster you worry about with these parameters in this setup- it has come to fruition. I wish this was hyperbole
  11. That thing is a beast. I really hope we don’t see loss of life. Debris balls like that on radar mean high end tornadoes
  12. All it takes is one, and I’m afraid we’ve already had it. Hopefully the rest of the day doesn’t live up to the potential
  13. Going through heavily populated golf course communities. Not good.