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  1. Flash flooding becoming an issue. If you’ve driven around the triangle today you know what I’m talking about. Crabtree creek closing in on flood stage
  2. Bad surge in little Washington right now. Friends boat getting washed off lift https://youtube.com/shorts/-xa-fowIOLQ?si=w-JMrlbS813iyQmK
  3. I think, given another hour over water, it would have become one. That last convective burst was impressive and radar really showed a formative eyewall. NHC said it was pretty much a flip of a coin and landfall winds were somewhere between 60-65 knots. Buoy gust to 83 is impressive and gusts over 70 from Atlantic beach to cape lookout.
  4. Just over 1” of rain here so far. Almost no wind
  5. This storm made a valiant last second attempt to tighten up a core as it came onshore and has maintained that since landfall
  6. The center looks to be going right over you this morning
  7. Rain is here in Raleigh. A few good gusts before it got here but wind seems to have backed off a bit
  8. Buoy reports have really ramped up. From cape fear to hatteras all offshore buoys are gusting over 50 with the Onslow bay outer buoy gusting to 65 at the moment. These winds should make it to the coast is the next 3-4 hours
  9. Onslow bay outer buoy (shared earlier) gusting to 65
  10. It’s definitely not purely tropical but man what a cool evolution to watch unfold especially in radar range
  11. That’s enough for an upgrade. FL, SFMR, and dropsonde
  12. It wouldn’t surprise me to see hurricane warnings coming out shortly based on that pass. FL 75 kts, SFMR 60-62 kts
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