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  1. First 90 reading of the year. Sunny and hot. 90 degrees. Not upset it took till June 3rd to finally hit it! Also not upset that there is no death ridge in sight to sustain it, like most of our recent summers about this time of year
  2. With this system forecast to spend significant amounts of time over land, it’s no surprise the models (mostly) show a very broad system moving back into the gulf. Even if all parameters for strengthening were favorable for this system it would take time to consolidate for any significant strengthening to take place. Being that modest SSTs and increasing shear lie in the path of the system on approach to the gulf coast, it is difficult to envision this system strengthening beyond a moderate tropical storm. Also, many models have shown the system to be weakening through landfall. I know it’s too far out to take that too seriously but it has been a common trend amongst many of the models
  3. No rain here. Lot of distant lightning in those storm to the southeast
  4. 2.40” on Friday between 2 storms and a shower. Backyard flooded during the afternoon storm
  5. 1.30" of rain here in Raleigh today. Came down in buckets this morning. I'm sure the vast majority fell in about 30 minutes. Good lightning and thunder too very early when that storm pushed through. Currently sun is out, waiting on next round. Some distant thunder too.
  6. 19/9/4 I think the Gulf will be most likely to take a major hit (maybe multiple major hits). I think homegrown systems (similar to the 2 we've already seen) will be common.
  7. Heavy showers pushing through the Morehead area. Brief excessive rainfall rates. It will rain for 5-10 minutes and then go to completely sunny and miserably humid
  8. Another day, another heavy rain event for the western piedmont.
  9. Up to 50 mph at landfall. 1004 mb. Man this thing was winding up coming ashore! Pretty impressive rapid organization! This would've made a run at a hurricane with just 12 more hours
  10. With those years, how many had 2 purely tropical named systems (not sub-tropical storms as we frequently see in early season) before Hurricane season?
  11. Much like Imelda last year, this is a small system that we should be very glad does not have 18 more hours over water. Tight circulation really winding up
  12. Surface low seems to be forming right on Daytona Beach. As NWS said, too much shear for this thing to get going. For what it's worth, the NAM (I know) has a frisky tropical low moving into the Carolina coastline tomorrow and proceeding up through the Piedmont with heavy rain. Also, towards the end of the GFS, it has been advertising development in the western Caribbean/GOM for a couple days now. It did a good job with Arthur in the long range as well.
  13. From 4:30 this morning till now (1:45PM) it has been NONSTOP rain/thunder. Rain has gone from "frog-strangling heavy" to "take the dog for a walk with raincoat" light but it has not stopped. On top of the tropical storm rainfall and rain all week, I'd say wet is an understatement.