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  1. Definitely feel that. With the humidity feeling like low 90s today! Definitely a shock after being pretty cold until just recently.
  2. Small world! I actually have to update my profile as I live in Chicago now, but grew up in OF! You drive safe as well!
  3. Same here as well. Lot of coworkers said they have been spinning out with black ice everywhere.
  4. Extensive tree damage and flooding throughout Chicago Ridge and the Oak Lawn
  5. Yea, looks like it let up right around Lewistown which would be good news
  6. New warning says confirmed tornado over Lewistown
  7. Same here as well. Had a brief period of freezing rain that made everything slippery.
  8. Does anyone know what the ratios have been so far in Iowa and Wisconsin?
  9. Lol after a week of tracking this and it looking pretty good for the most part all week to just end end up with barely advisor level snow, believe me I'll be right there with you.
  10. I live not that far from you. If this ends up being the case hopefully the lake effect tomorrow night makes up for it!
  11. I'm from Chicago myself! South suburb to be exact. Long time lurker here just never posted lol. Just wanted to say it's pretty cool to see all you posting from this area!