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  1. There's a lot more to it than water temps.
  2. Higher ground is getting to your roof, not wondering off into the flood water.
  3. Recon is very close to the center
  4. You can watch it later but not until after he ends the stream.
  5. If you are watching on twitter click the screen and three little dots will pop up in the bottom corner. Then click that and there will be an option.
  6. How close is the last recon plane? I saw it took off, haven't seen anything since
  7. Said before he saw official word, he immediately corrected himself when he saw the new advisory.
  8. It's a hurricane. 80 mph. Advisory coming now
  9. The storm in extreme north east Oklahoma is pretty intense for 11:15, and considering the fact that it's been raining in that general area for 4-5 hours.
  10. Storms are firing up in sw mo
  11. May 6th or may 4th?
  12. Sounds like a day two moderate is coming. Ptetty big moderate risk.
  13. For sure! Could be a long night into Arkansas and southern Missouri. Definitely going to be some severe wind, tornado threat remains to be seen.
  14. I think they pulled the trigger on the high risk way too early, but didn't change it because they didn't want to have to flip flop.
  15. Reports of a head on crash in the area of this storm....