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  1. Storms around Kansas City all look interesting
  2. This i agree with. Not sure we need the 15% or the pds watch but this day definitely warrants more than 5% and it also needs to be hatched. It might not verify but the potential is there.
  3. Crazy day up here in mid Missouri. Off and on heavy snow. I would say visisibitly was under 100 yards a couple times. Ground temps are above 40, but it's been snowing hard enough to accumulate in places. Haven't seen it snow this hard since the 2013/2014 winter. Fun to see but if we're aren't going to get anything big, I'm ready for spring. Bring on the 70s and severe storms.
  4. Up here in Columbia it's been a roller coaster ride also. Temps up and down big time. This morning about 10 we were dropping quickly, got down to 34-35 on campus, then we warmed up to 37 for about 3 hours now we are back to in the 34-35 range. Short term models are concerning
  5. Sunday I was sitting at a 90% of snow for today, with 2-4 inches in the description. Now I'm at 30%, no accumulation, and I think that's too high. I would be shocked if I see flurries at this point.
  6. I feel you on this one. I'm not sure we are even going to see flakes on Columbia. The weekend storm looks interesting, but so did this one. Probably going to fall apart by Saturday night.
  7. Did you get anything this morning? It's not going to amount to much in Columbia, but we are getting moderate snow right now
  8. I think the south trend has been apparent for a few runs now. Not feeling good about seeing anything in Columbia.
  9. This winter really hasn't been that bad in south west Missouri.
  10. I think the system that models were showing on the 28th are now showing for the 2nd. Timing differences. I don't know that but it seems possible
  11. Light snow falling in Columbia, hoping it picks up but radar is no use. In the month that I was away, I forgot how bad the radar hole is here, and for areas north and east of here.
  12. Freezing fog is one of my favorite things. It's really freezing in elevated surfaces here, roads look wet, but I bet they are going to be slick.
  13. Gfs has been trending better for a few runs now
  14. I'm still not giving up on the late week storm.