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  1. MUWX

    April 17-18 Severe Weather

    Confirmed tornado with the Panhandle storms
  2. I wouldn't get too worried about it yet. AFD says to expect changes over the next 24 hours. One thing of interest, they are going with the NAM short term.
  3. SGF has dropped totals by 1-2 inches area wide, by their own admission they are going on the low side of guidance. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Hopefully the AFD will shed some light on their thinking.
  4. Too early to temp watch? SGF had a forecast high of 45 this morning, now calling for a high of 38.
  5. Not saying he's wrong, but seems suspect. Although I can't disagree with continuance forecasting
  6. Just a brutal pattern this winter. Tons of moisture, an ok amount of cold air, time has just been way off. For all the talk leading into winter, this one has been one of the worst I remember.
  7. I probably just took your message out of context lol just a frustrating season all around.
  8. Their discussion addresses everything you are confused about...
  9. This looks like an all rain event to me in SWMO. Looks like the HRRR may have nailed this one. Not sure if its too close to the event for the NAM to matter, but 12z run had 3-6 inches of 'snow,' 18z run says what snow. It has totally caved to the HRRR. Temps have soared past forecast highs. Currently sitting at 40, after the high was 35, it has now been bumped to 41. There is a huge spread in temps and dew points here, which could save us but that seems unlikely. Maybe some mixing in but after multiple forecasters were calling for snow amounts pushing an inch an hour at rush hour here, this really looks like a big miss. Could be wrong, but I don see it.
  10. HRRR has always been the warmest for this event. Doesn't mean its wrong necessarily, but it seems to be the warmest model by far. As of 11, it seems to be running 2-3 degrees to warm in SWMO.
  11. Hard to blame him... we haven't seen a single significant event this winter... you guys have had it even worse. I don't really see a whole lot to get excited over at this point.
  12. I think you vastly underestimate how difficult it is to forecast winter weather in this area
  13. I wouldn't say it looks good for snow, but it looks good for freezing rain and sleet
  14. I will take nothing over an ice storm any day of the week.