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  1. MUWX


    I have never met a home schooled kid who wasn’t socially awkward. Smart, but they have no idea how to interact with others.
  2. MUWX


    800 something we’re previously unrecorded deaths from nursing homes. I read that this accounted for only 30% of the nursing facilities in the country.
  3. Who had the tornado of the day in north East Arkansas?
  4. My parents house wasnt even under a marginal risk in southwest missouri today, and they got golfball sized hail.
  5. The fort smith cell looks concerning
  6. It hailed at my house at least 4 times last night and I think it might have been the most exciting weather of the entire winter.
  7. Probably pushing close to an inch here. Roads are all covered
  8. I guess we didn’t learn our lesson this week, so Mother Nature is going to show us again this coming week
  9. I think tulsa is light years better than SGF in general, but their winter weather forecasting isn't great. That warning never made sense.
  10. I think anyone here can throw darts at the forecast and be as accurate as SGF is.
  11. SGF cancelled the warning over 15 hours early. What a complete and total bust.