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  1. For sure! Could be a long night into Arkansas and southern Missouri. Definitely going to be some severe wind, tornado threat remains to be seen.
  2. I think they pulled the trigger on the high risk way too early, but didn't change it because they didn't want to have to flip flop.
  3. Reports of a head on crash in the area of this storm....
  4. It was mentioned in the previous outlook also, I believe.
  5. I've seen some mention of tomorrow being a high risk type of day, what needs to improve for the spc to agree?
  6. Does anyone think the spc will be more aggressive with the next update?
  7. Radar looks better further west, not much on velocities yet.
  8. Starting to look better, surprised there isn't more talk about this one. Moving into a populated area.
  9. The storm between joplin and Tulsa is really struggling to get its act together thankfully
  10. It appears that water is no longer going over the emergency spillway. Will be interesting to see how low it gets before the storms return midweek.
  11. What was the reasoning for taking out the trees below the emergency spillway? I feel like that only increased the erosion
  12. Our fruit trees are very close to blooming already. Not good considering it's only mid February
  13. From everything I've seen, their is absolutely no danger of the dam failing
  14. Looks like another band is about to move into Joplin. Hope you guys get above freezing soon, if not, it could be a long night.
  15. Areas around Mt. Vernon (and everywhere that band has set up I'm assuming) are getting hit hard from pictures I'm seeing.