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  1. Somehow, I think I’m actually in a great spot. Got that foggy look outside, visibility under a mile.
  2. These 0z runs should be the first runs with it being fully sampled, correct?
  3. Highly uncertain forecast down that way. Boom or bust potential, more so down there than anywhere else.
  4. Tulsa may have just issued the smallest winter storm watch in NWS history.
  5. Nam isn’t pretty but it’s not a total disaster. Dare I say…. It’s pretty close to what SGF has been calling for.
  6. I might have jinxed the entire area by saying that SGF should mention the possibility of higher impacts.
  7. I cant blame them, but I think they would be well served to mention the possibility of higher impacts.
  8. Springfield definitely is not buying into the higher amounts.
  9. One thing that may be working in our favor is that there was a recon mission off the west coast yesterday afternoon for research purposes and that data has been incorporated into the GFS at least. I know that data was included in last nights GFS.
  10. Fairly substantial change from 12z. A step toward the GFS, it seems.
  11. Seems like it was setting up to be a big hit for southwest mo…. Not that extrapolating the nam ever ends poorly.
  12. Springfield is starting to buy in on the threat it appears, prepare for it to start trending in the wrong direction now.
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