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  1. Still holding on to a little snow on piles. I bet it disappears tomorrow, but very impressive staying power.
  2. It seems that rolling blackouts have returned this morning
  3. Down to -7 as of 10:00. Clear skies, light winds. I don’t think the forecast low of -11 is near low enough.
  4. After shoveling my drive way I can confirm that it is cold... also, skies have cleared much earlier than expected. Look out below!!
  5. I kid you not I almost put that exact thing in my post
  6. Was the 12z run today including sampled data? It looks like the 0z run should for sure, but wasnt sure about 12z.
  7. For the second event in a row, I am hoping for a north trend.
  8. Looking like SGF will not get above 0 today. Simply incredible.
  9. Supply and demand issue more than anything.
  10. Local news just confirmed that springfield has started rolling blackouts. They are on their own power company, but I assume the rest of the region will be following suit.
  11. More outages now. Looks like parts of Springfield are starting to go down now based on the City utility website.
  12. Seeing some reports that NE Oklahoma is going to start rolling blackouts this afternoon. Edit: Miami is without power now. Hopefully unrelated, A large portion of republic is also without power currently.
  13. Deep snow pack, arctic air, and clearing skies, how low can we go?