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  1. Did you see that on the NWS home page? If so, its a glitch. As far as I know, there was never an advisory for your area.
  2. Most short range models are running 3-4 degrees too warm this morning in SWMO.
  3. I really dont know why I pay attention to winter weather anymore. Severe weather around here is way more interesting than it used to be, and winter weather is a lot less interesting than it used to be.
  4. The GFS not being on board should be a huge red flag. It has been great with systems around here recently.
  5. Pretty doubtful this thing over performs, more likely be on the low side of that advisory.
  6. Some places down in south central Missouri are getting a pretty good hit this morning. Seems to be over performing down that way.
  7. Not much. Had some snow/early. Roads slick for a bit but not much accumulation
  8. SGF basically giving up on this first part of the event, but seems like they are getting more bullish on something tomorrow night. Hopefully the afternoon AFD sheds more light on their thinking.
  9. The WWA advisory i saw stated up to an inch for that area, but doesn't really matter. They weren't calling for much, and no one got much lol
  10. Yeah, Canadian also has it, but temps are warmer so it falls as rain. Worth watching for sure.
  11. That doesn't really sound like a busted forecast to me. Wasn't advisory for up to an inch?
  12. When I headed into work, that band was weakening as it moved east, but must have re-intensified as it moved into the springfield metro. I-44 is closed down in a couple spots due to accidents, and there are numerous other accidents around town.
  13. If the HRRR is right, SGF is going to look down right foolish tomorrow. Advisory starts at noon... HRRR has temps into the 40s by then
  14. Another incredibly challenging forecast. Glad I don't have to make any calls on this one. SGF called for a high of 36, only 33 currently. Has a little bit of time left to warm up, but a degree or two could make all the difference on this event so something to watch, in the short term.