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  1. Light snow falling in Columbia, hoping it picks up but radar is no use. In the month that I was away, I forgot how bad the radar hole is here, and for areas north and east of here.
  2. Freezing fog is one of my favorite things. It's really freezing in elevated surfaces here, roads look wet, but I bet they are going to be slick.
  3. Gfs has been trending better for a few runs now
  4. I'm still not giving up on the late week storm.
  5. Maybe I'm just optimistic but I think this is the most interesting pattern we've had in at least a couple weeks.
  6. Areas north of here haven't had any fun either. Kc hasn't has a 3 inch storm in almost 4 years, if I remember correctly.
  7. I'm well aware of the drought. It's been roughly 1040 days since sgf issued a wsw. However, I still think we get a two inch snow
  8. The cmc has been saying this for at least a couple runs now but mainly over south central Missouri
  9. The pattern that gave us an inch and a half in the first 2 weeks of winter? Haha not sure what you got where your at, but it's snowed here. We have 2+ months left where we can get big storms, let's see what happens. If we don't get another half inch in all of January, February and March, that might be historic.
  10. I would be absolutely shocked if we go 3 straight winters with less than two inches of snow. No way we go the rest of winter with less than a half inch
  11. Gfs went north that run. Euro was either warmer or further north also. I didn't look at it that close, but several of the emsembles had a crazy storm, and a few had snow in swmo. It's a long ways out, but it's certainly starting to feel like this is the plains best chance at a storm so far this season
  12. Gfs had something in this time frame also, especially on the 06 run, this run is warm. Out of the three, I think the gfs has been the least consistent
  13. The euro had cold air next week, I didn't see if it had a storm though.
  14. I think there is definitely truth to the recurring pattern, but I don't think it can be used to make exact forecasts weeks in advance like he is trying to do.