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  1. Also noted more eastward movement than south.
  2. Storm west of Little Rock is starting to rotate
  3. The fact that the Seneca storm isn’t Producing, tells you all you need to know about today. It starts with a B
  4. Rotation is pretty weak/non existent
  5. I would watch the storm near Miami. It is already rotating and may interact with an OFB in sw mo
  6. The WF continues to push NE, correct?
  7. Latest risk area was cut back quite a bit in SWMO. Right on cue we are seeing some clearing in far SWMO. If this clearing line can continue to move east/north east, swmo may still have a shot
  8. While cloudiness is an issue in SWMO today, there is a pretty decent OFB pushing south of SGF currently. That may come into play later.
  9. That doesnt necessarily mean at 10% hatched risk will be realized. SWMO makes up roughly half of the 10% area, and remains locked in clouds.
  10. The springfield Metro area continues to be socked in clouds. Unless that changes in the next hour or so, I dont see what of a tornado threat here. Further west, and southwest, it could be a different story. Temps in the Upper 50's, dews in the mid 50's, i just dont see how it happens here unless something drastically changes soon.
  11. If this morning is any indication, we could have some massive hail later today.
  12. Haven’t looked at tomorrow in depth yet, but today definitely over performers in SWMO. Hoping the same doesn’t happen tomorrow, may 4 has enough tornado history around these parts.
  13. I live within the MD. The worst seems to have gone just north of me. Winds on the leading edge were decent probably in the 40-60 range, but the back side was just as strong, if not stronger.
  14. Moderate risk is substantially bigger this update.