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  1. I know it was, I’m saying it’s not needed when I posted that. Meant to say “at this time” but look like I missed a word.
  2. Not sure that the large and extremely dangerous tag is needed at this point, but my goodness, that thing was a beast.
  3. Couplet isn’t as tight as it was a few minutes ago. Hopefully a good sign.
  4. Debris ball evident on reflectivity now. Could be a significant tor in progress here.
  5. Showing up on CC and maybe even on reflectively.
  6. Concerning velocity signature just south of Naperville. Was unwarned for several minutes.
  7. Yeah, that storm in EC Kansas is pretty impressive. I wonder how that outflow boundary from the other storms impacts things, it is moving south quickly.
  8. SPC outlook doesn’t seem to be doing well so far. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the next update, but the enhanced risk currently looks way too far west.
  9. Hi res models don’t exactly like up with D2 risk areas for tomorrow.
  10. I certainly wouldn’t count out that storm getting going near DDC.
  11. WXtwitter is starting to call bust for NW Kansas lol
  12. Most of Kansas continues to largely struggle.
  13. Funnel tried on Humphress, but I dont think it came all the way down. Nebraska storm is producing another big tornado.
  14. Incredible rope out on that Nebraska cell right now.
  15. Looks like things may be about to go in western ks.
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