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  1. Looks to have cycled and looks very strong again
  2. Aren’t there two watches up currently?
  3. So are you still sticking to the cat 3 idea?
  4. New Orleans is advising residents to shelter in place. They will not be issuing evacuation orders. Seems like a bad idea.
  5. Saw a tweet that showed the Mississippi was now forecast to crest at over 20 feet at New Orleans, which would likely top levees there.
  6. If I am thinking of the same house, it looked like it may have still been under construction. Hard to say though.
  7. Stillwater storm has decent rotation
  8. Keep saying it, you’ll be right eventually.
  9. Pretty unimpressive right now. Would guess it is done, but you never know with these things.
  10. Velocity is a mess, will be an interesting 10-15 minutes as it figures out what to do next
  11. Right. Let’s county I believe? Had forgotten about that one
  12. Looking more and more likely that this is our first violent tornado of the year...
  13. Was thinking the same thing. Then it wrapped back up and exploded...