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  1. And if you decide to look at it days in advance, never trust the nam.
  2. You know its bad when we're relying on the 36 hour HRRR, for hope.
  3. The last 4-5 years should have been enough to develop trust issues!
  4. It has been the best model for me, but who ever the met is that's been commenting here, says it should be tossed so idk what to think. I want to believe it, but I need to see some support from other models.
  5. Yeah, I'm holding out hope for the sampling shift. I can't imagine this board in a miss like that!
  6. I think it's going to be really depressing to watch this one from the republic/Springfield area.
  7. Does anyone know when this thing is going to be sampled?
  8. I remember that, it used to have some wild stuff. Didn't know it was gone, havent looked at it in years.
  9. Is it acceptable to extrapolate the nam out to about 120 hours.... asking for a friend lol
  10. Comparing that to what we've seen from the euro... there is quite the difference.
  11. Did this for the Springfield area as well: except I went little (3 or less), some (3-6), and a lot (6+), also included the control and master: Little: 27 Some: 11 A lot: 14 Don't feel great about that, but its better than nothing I suppose. I will have to compare those numbers to 0z when I get the chance.
  12. As expected, it is trending the wrong way for southern Missouri. Nothing unusual there
  13. Haven't had a chance to look, is it similar to the Canadian?
  14. Maybe, but I don't think there's any reason to be talking about this one yet. I think Monday is the day talk should start, from those that people rely on. I'm all for the talk here though