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  1. I was questioning the TorE on that, but it’s ramping up and looks to be verifying on the east side of town.
  2. Relatively close to having severe storms impacting the 3 big metros
  3. This thing is not on a great course right now. Wichita Falls could be in trouble in the next hour to and hour and a half
  4. Crazy heavy snow right now in downtown springfield.
  5. Seem some talk about this year being similar to 2013.... well 2013 had a decent late season snow event impacting some of the areas above.
  6. Large tornado on the ground in Mississippi
  7. Storm of the day at 10:00. Not ideal
  8. A special update to upgrade D3. Don’t see that often.
  9. Why isn’t the centerville tn storm tor warned?
  10. Arkansas cells continue to impress.
  11. Shreveport storm just completed a near perfect handoff. This this could be about to go to town again.
  12. Looks to be weakening now, but this thing has cycled multiple times so I wouldn’t doubt it doing it again.