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  1. The Waterboy

    April 29-May 1 Severe Weather

    Is the storm crossing the OK/AR line tornadic? Hard to keep updated with NWS issues.
  2. Also looks like they are all backing off on the rain this afternoon and tonight. Seems to go straight to snow for the most part although we are only looking at 6 hour increments.
  3. 00z NAM is still a wreck.
  4. GFS was jacked up on Mt. Dew.
  5. Any idea why those 2 different map views don’t match? The Kansas view shows a large area of 6+ inches in purple. The MO view has the purple in MO only.
  6. This is our last chance this season. We at least need a late 4th quarter field goal to keep from getting shut out. I’d rather lose 56-3 than 56-0.
  7. Amber, Congrats on the Master’s degree. That’s a huge accomplishment!!! I’ll complete the survey and would love to read your final capstone upon completion.
  8. 00Z NAM is colder than previous runs FWIW.
  9. Based on NWS Tulsa’s disco this afternoon those maps are errors. They are going with the Euro.
  10. It’s snowing in Bentonville per the radar yet absolutely nothing is happening outside. Dry air I guess???
  11. I was adding up all of the dustings over the last 3+ years! Lol
  12. Maybe we’ll get our 8th dusting in a row tonight. Yippee!!!!
  13. The Waterboy

    Winter Storm!? Jan 12-13th, 2019

    Just started at ORD about 5 minutes after my last post.
  14. The Waterboy

    Winter Storm!? Jan 12-13th, 2019

    I just landed at ORD. Nothing happening here currently.