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  1. 10 years ago today was the Joplin tornado.
  2. Huge flakes in Bentonville for the last 2 hours. Absolutely nuts. Grass is completely covered. Measured 1 inch on an elevated plastic surface and that’s with a fair amount of melting. What a day.
  3. That was a pretty amazing 7-10 day stretch. We won’t see that kind of prolonged cold again for a long time. Maybe not in our lifetime. Definitely one for the record books. It was nice for a change to not have to worry about borderline temps, warm air advection, warm ground temps, blah, blah, blah. Once the cold locked in we just needed the storm and we got two. With the 9” I got in December that puts me somewhere around 15-17” for the season. Definitely an upgrade over the past 5 years. Congrats to everybody! Maybe we should root for La Niña more often! Finally, I almost hate to ask the question but I will anyway. Was that the end of winter or do we see one last chance for more before mid-March?
  4. It’s way too quiet around here. Any reports from OKC? Looks like it’s just moving into Tulsa.
  5. Caved might have been too strong of verbiage. I was just saying it ticked south some. Still a great look though.
  6. 00z NAM caved to the GFS/Euro and shifted back south a bit. Still a nice storm. The first 34 hours look great then it falls apart up north after that. Big hit again south of Fort Smith into South Central AR.
  7. According to the snow ratio maps on Pivotal they would still be between 15-20:1 depending on the location.
  8. 18z GFS and v16 not near as far north with precip as the NAM was. For example, Wichita gets 7” on the NAM, 1” on the GFS. Dodge City 8” on NAM and 0 on the GFS.
  9. I remeasured in multiple spots. Somewhere between 5 and 6” here. So hard to say for sure. My previous 6 1/2” has to be too high although I find multiple areas with that. So who knows.
  10. Just measured again. 6.5” in Bentonville. Definitely not an official measurement. But I found quite a few spots at that depth.
  11. Little Rock 3am discussion mentions 20:1 ratios here. Observed snow:liquid ratios by midnight have ranged from 10:1 to nearly 20:1 across the central into NWRN AR...with a bit lower ratios further south due to the added sleet.
  12. 5” measured about an hour ago. Maybe this last burst will push us to 6. We’ll see.
  13. Looks like we’re about to get a heavier band for the next hour or so.
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