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  1. The Waterboy

    December 8-10 Storm Obs

    Congrats from the Central forum to those of you that got snow. Most of us over this way missed out so we are jealous. But happy for our friends to the east. Some of us in NE OK and NW AR haven’t seen measurable snow since 2014. That’s pretty hard to fathom Still plenty of winter to go and snow this early has to be a good sign. Again, congrats!!!!
  2. I just saw that too!!! Only 384 hours to go.
  3. I wonder how many counties in the WWA from NWS Tulsa saw absolutely nothing today?
  4. The HRRR still continues to show a band of snow from Lawton to OKC to just south of Tulsa to Fayetteville. A tick further north and NWWhiteout and I may see a bit here in Benton Co. The 18z next hour will give us a better idea. The last 6-8 hours of runs have improved.
  5. I’m really more pissed at myself for the following: 1. Looking at any computer model more than 48 hours out. And 48 hours is still being generous. 2. Giving the NAM any credibility. We knew the insane totals were too high but it was awful with the eventual track. 3. The GFS sucked for us but assuming NC hits the jackpot it will have been accurate for them at a much longer lead time. 4. With all that being said I still agree with OUamber. Screw the GFS. It gets no apology for being right. 5. Loving winter weather in the south sucks and is maddening. Looks like our snow drought continues. At least we can restart the clock on # of days since a WSW has been issued for our area. #silverlining 6. At least we’re all miserable together today. It was supposed to be a great Friday.
  6. 12z HRRR gives some of us a glimmer of hope. But only for NE OK from about Tulsa South up through NW AR. It’s significant improvement over the 06z. Who knows...
  7. JoMo, Do you have access to the 18z Euro that they are mentioning In the TN and SE forum?
  8. 3k NAM at 18z wasn’t bad.
  9. Looks like the HRRR runs to 18 hours except at 00, 06, 12, and 18z when it runs to 36 hours.
  10. Do we know the answer to this question yet?
  11. Each model run seems to be getting progressively more concerning. At what point do we panic? Most of us have already invested a week into tracking this. If it falls apart now... We’ll, let’s not even go there yet.
  12. Yep. I’m taking a camera screenshot of it which is probably the issue. Maybe there’s a better way.
  13. NWS Tulsa updated their snowfall graphic. For some reason I can’t upload it due to the 1.95mb max.
  14. Gotta love the NAM. Some places get to 3-5 “inches” in a 3 hour period. In the very NW corner of AR I go from 12 to 17 between hours 81 to 84.
  15. Here’s another odd thing about that GFS run regarding the high pressure to our north. Someone smarter than me can give their thoughts. If you look frame by frame the placement is as follows: 60 - SW Iowa 66 - East IL - slight shift east from hr 60 72 - Western OH - shift east again 84 - Just west of Chicago - HUH??? Shifted back west 300+ miles. I don’t think so, Tim. 90 - On top of Pittsburgh, PA Maybe it’s nothing but hour 84 can’t be correct. I would think we would prefer the high not to kick east too far too fast. The NAM bounces it around Iowa and Wisconsin through 84.