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  1. Had a little trip to Tampa with the wife and had some really good food while we were there. I’ll post a few of my fav from the trip Ribeye Oscar from Del Frisco’s Grille Tacos Barria from Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Chicken and Waffles with strawberry compound butter from Metro Diner The last one was my favorite bite of the whole trip. The chicken was absolutely dynamite. Best fried chicken I’ve had from a non-fast food spot. I’ll have to remember to take pictures of food I cook next time. I keep forgetting. Keep posting the wonderful food y’all .
  2. That's my feeling as well on the second part of your message. Idk about you, but I get major Adalius Thomas vibes from Oweh. His size and athleticism is very similar. He's even faster than Thomas ever was, but AT had incredible instinct and a knack for being around the ball. An unsung hero for those elite defenses in the mid 2000's. I'm stoked to see how we fit Oweh into the scheme here. Couldn't be happier at the talent we got.
  3. I definitely thought that the Vikings had a fantastic draft. They got a great player in Darrisaw and racked up more picks. You think they take a flier on a QB late this year? There's actually some decent talent for late.
  4. This storm > Sandy - H2O's thoughts This is what I read
  5. He's listed as an ILB. He's very good at diagnosing plays and runs sideline to sideline. It's a really good for WFT imo.
  6. I completely forgot to post this magic of a dinner my wife and I had last Friday for our date night. Better late than never. Anyway, the dining experience was something I couldn’t have dreamed of. They rolled out the red carpet at Bob’s Steak & Chophouse. World class all the way. First course was a Lobster Bisque for myself which was smooth as velvet with huge chunks of lobster in the middle. Fresh cracked pepper was done on top which brought the dish together and added a touch of spice. It was the perfect pairing with my German Riesling that was Devine and had a nice sweet finish to counter the salt and richness of the bisque. Wife had the crab cake and a homemade remoulade which was def a top tier crab cake as the filling was minimal and reminded me of home on the bite I had. She enjoyed it thoroughly. Dinner for my wife was based in perfection with the essence of cooking only seen in the top tier places in the country. A beautiful 8oz Wagyu Filet Medium-Rare served with skillet potatoes and a peppercorn onion gravy, along with a giant glazed carrot that I think I fell in love with by accident. The meat was from Snake River Farms, a world class cattle ranch in the US that supplies top tier American Wagyu. Exquisite, especially my wife on her first bite had an out of body experience for a second haha My dinner was a king feast of prime 32oz Tomahawk style ribeye that was both appealing to the eyes, as well as my taste buds. Medium-rare perfection with rendered fat all the way through, creating a majestic dining experience that truly made me feel like a royal engorging on a premium delicacy. Butter basted on the finish with salt and pepper as seasoning. The cow did not die in vain. This part was mostly my wife since my stomach was still processing the bovine I just consumed, but the bites I had pretty much took me to a paradise of sweet. A Banana Rum Bread pudding with a caramel cream sauce, topped with French Vanilla bean ice cream. You ever just take a bite of something so good, you stop eating for a second to revel in the presence of a true palatable bliss? This was that moment. Dessert is ruined for me thanks to this. I probably heard a chorus of angels in the background upon review, but it was probably the soft ambient music of the dining room. No matter, this was the brilliance of everything brought together to round out a spectacular meal. But....there’s one more thing to share. For our spirit enthusiasts.... A night cap of Eagle Rare Reserve 10 Year on the rocks. Smooth and a lovely bite on the backend to give you that true whiskey experience to pull the palate forward and launch your taste buds into the throes of bliss. I can’t express to you how wonderful this finish was to a truly fantastic meal. If you are EVER in the DFW area, this is the spot for something special, other worldly in terms of dining elegance, and a true treat that will make you wonder, “Where the hell has this been all my life?” From service to food to management rolling out the red carpet for a an experience like no other, Bob’s is the way to go!! .
  7. Happier than Dikembe Mutumbo blocking a shot after that draft for the Ravens last night. How'd everyone feel for the draft for their squads last night?
  8. Going to take my wife on a dinner date in Grapevine, TX on Friday at Bob's Steak & Chophouse. It's a 5 hr drive from Midland, but I want to make this a dinner date that she and I will remember forever. I'll be sure to post pictures of our wonderful night. Two more midnights to go!
  9. Thinking of trying a new spot next Friday when I'm off of mid-shifts. I'm debating whether to do something in town, or try a spot in Odessa. Until then, just some light eating for me. Mids destroy my appetite. Would you guys want some authentic Mexican to see, or a big juicy steak?
  10. It's too bad that the first shot only gives you Windows Vista though....
  11. Probably not a very good time to play the "Punch buggy" game Happy to see y'all getting the vax after a tenuous wait! Shot 2 hits like a truck, so prepare yourselves with lots of water and rest.
  12. Yesterday’s grilled cheese was exquisite. A Hawaiian grilled cheese with center cut bacon, brown sugar glazed pineapples, and challah bread. Mmm mmmm mmmmmm .
  13. Y’all. I won the Northeast Seasonal Snowfall Contest this year! 17th year for the contest. I almost matched consensus. Feeling good to start the day! P-O-R-N stands for Period of Record Normal, just an FYI ha .
  14. Just a heads up guys, it's National Grilled Cheese Day, so get out there and make something gouda
  15. Always does! Enjoy the good weather while you got it. I'm just hoping for any rain whatsoever so we don't roast into oblivion by June, moving forward lol