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  1. Edinboro is one of the snowiest locales in PA. It is very close with the area of NW PA between Erie and Jamestown, NY. They average 150-180" of snow a year. It's a top 10 location east of the Mississippi.
  2. I literally got 1.5" of rain the other day from a storm. That equaled all my precip from March 15th to July 1st before the rain. Now it's gonna be smoking hot with 105-110 everyday from Fri-Wed. Send help....... and ice cream
  3. Didn't you say you always wanted a pool in your backyard? This seems more cost effective
  4. You don't think the rates will save us?
  5. Here’s some pictures of the new ride. 2020 Kia Optima SX 2.0T Pearl white exterior with Napa Red/Black Interior. Worked hard for this car. Super happy with it. Rides like a dream .
  6. Anyone want some of my 108F heat we'll see today? Btw, all is good over here in the Lone Star state. Despite our state getting ransacked by COVID at the moment and our county doubling up cases in a month, wife and I are playing it smart and safe. We are both healthy. I'm ~30 lbs down in weight. Almost not diabetic (Again) and just purchased a brand new car! I'll post some pictures in another post. Hope everyone here is doing well. Wife and I will be in the homeland late July. I don't foresee us meeting anyone here while this is all going on, just out of safety. But in the future, a meet up is a must! Stay safe y'all and get out and enjoy nature as much as you can. The summer season is upon us
  7. Yeah Jeb. More people been leaving out here too since oil has been taking a massive hit recently. CV and the OPEC/Russia feud timed together for the perfect storm of sorts. Anyway, I think we'll be okay out here. Back home in MD is a different story. I have friends on the front lines. Said seeing people deteriorate like they are is awful. I have a friend who's a respiratory therapist at Sinai in Baltimore. She's intubated more people in 1 month than she has in the past 2 years combined, including some younger people in their 30's. Best believe we want none of that. Stay safe down there! My wife and I will be doing a road trip tomorrow to check out the Bluebonnets. Gets us out of the apartment and we'll be in the car on our journey. I'm looking forward to seeing them
  8. Hey y'all. Just checking in. Hope everyone is safe back home. My wife and I are good out here in west TX. Not too much of a problem out here thanks to lower pop density. It is here though. My wife, who is a very rare congenital heart survivor and a walking statistic is a very high risk for this thing, so we are taking it easy and doing all the necessary precautions. Hopefully no one catches this thing. I know 2 people that died and 7 people who have had it in general. It's not fun. My coworkers father has it in FL. He's not doing well, but still not experiencing the shortness of breath yet. Hopefully he can push through. Fever going on day 6. This thing is brutal for certain people. Anyway, just wanted to check in and pass along how we're doing. Hopefully we can get to some semblance of normalcy soon. Have a great weekend y'all!
  9. So sorry for your loss @nj2va. Pets are 100% family and they hurt when they go. But he looked like a happy pup who was raised in a loving family. Just remember all the amazing memories.
  10. Current deterministic and ensemble guidance continues to convey a borderline historic precip maker for west Texas across the Permian Basin, Caprock, and points east toward San Angelo/Abilene. Looking at historical statistics for MAF, the highest March daily precip was recorded on March 6th of 1970, coming in with 2.13". Current guidance may be a step below on the prospects of the daily rainfall record, but coming into second all-time for a date (1.30" is #2), is well within reason. Progs are showing around 2-3 sigma above normal PWAT's within a broad zone of enhanced H7 VV's under the difluent area of the UL cruising south across the Lower Trans-Pecos. A broad shield of 1.5-3" of rain is well within reason for the setup along much of I-20 from Van Horn to Sweetwater (at least). Severe potential is slightly higher than normal given the steep mid-level LR's and area of shear down stream of the ULL on Tuesday. I think one hindrance will be the shallow cool airmass ahead of the disturbance, limiting the thermodynamic environment available for a more pronounced severe threat. Over toward the Rio Grande from Del Rio into northern Hill Country, a little more pronounced area of destabilization is probable, leading to an enhancement of the severe potential. It's quite the setup.
  11. Unreal. I would LOVE to catch a LES event up there during a major setup. I'd be in heaven. Drove through Watertown before. Beautiful area and people are very friendly and resilient given the conditions up there during the winter.
  12. Hey y'all. Just stopping in to say hey and how about them Terps?!!! Been a horrible winter back home, so I haven't had time to pop in too often, unfortunately. It's been nuts life wise out this way. Had a great Disney trip in January, long string of work, 8" of snow in early February, then the coup de grace was my wife having a serious fall at work 2 Saturdays ago requiring reconstructive surgery on her ankle. Right now, my house is a one man show and I'm hanging in there. She'll be recovering for multiple months, but surgery was a success. A full recovery will occur by mid-late May. Hoping to be back home for a time this summer, so perhaps a meet up is in order if I can square away a concrete date. Hope all is well back east. Go Terps, Go O's, Go Nat's, Go Caps (Sorry @yoda )
  13. This was just north of your point in the northern Tug. Lowville/Redfield are going to get smashed.
  14. Guess who issued his first ever Blizzard Warning in the NWS?
  15. If anyone wants to see snow soon, you might be able to come visit my area or the central panhandle. Looks like something appetizing could be brewing for late-Tuesday into Wednesday. Pretty stoked. .