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  1. Idk what's worse; having a quick turnaround this morning after working a swing shift, or watching the Ravens defensive and offensive fronts look like complete and utter garbage for the umpteenth time in the past several years. I'm starting to realize that our scouting team are complete dog water when assessing OL talent outside the 1st round.
  2. Bringing this over to this thread as well from the Banter thread.
  3. A nice upgrade coming to the CMC for the upcoming fall and winter. Implementation expected early next week (9/14). Here's a bit of a summary of the findings based on reanalysis of the parallel vs the current ops.
  4. Ida is on its way guys. Buckle up tonight. This is the time frame of interest now.
  5. It is. Just basically has that final hurdle to clear the eye and then all systems go. I wasn't expecting the storm to really go bonkers till tonight. Still much within the envelope.
  6. Day-Cloud Phase showing an eye that is trying to clear out. Curious to see what happens in the next 2-4 hrs.
  7. Just can't seem to get over that hurdle yet. Tonight should be interesting to say the least. Quite a picturesque cane for what it is so far.
  8. It's been trying a while. I think the prime time for the hurricane models has been after 7 PM CDT tonight into tomorrow. Still got time to really get cranking, but it's teetering on the edge of taking off. Once it can clear out, there will be no stopping this buzz saw.
  9. My EM friends said there really was no way to enact a contraflow because it take A LOT of resources and at minimum 2 days to prep for contraflow. Plus, other states are involved in the planning, so this isn't an easy task. Otherwise, I would've been telling people to get out yesterday. They tip toed too much around it. Faster moving system. Need to make a decision ASAP. Also, resources stretched thin due to the Pandemic. It's a logistical nightmare.
  10. Ida will be entering the most favorable waters in the Gulf this evening as a pronounced pocket of 87-90F waters are just ahead of its current position. The poleward outflow should continue to be more distinct thanks to the situated ridging to the north. Notice the storm will be entering the most favorable area of min deep layer shear which will lead to convection becoming undisturbed throughout the remainder of the storms life cycle to landfall (Outlined in the black box). The favorable time frame will be approaching as well with the diurnal component coinciding with the most favorable synoptics. That's one of the reasons NHC was likely bullish with the call to adjust up to Cat 4 yesterday due to the timing of all the factors coming together, plus an inordinate amount of statistical and numerical guidance showing a favored RI period between 7 PM today and 7 AM tomorrow. No dry air to be found either. All systems should be go for Ida to really take off tonight. I do not like the storm hugging the eastern side of the envelope as this points to higher impacts for NoLA. Hopefully many heed the warnings and get out.
  11. Oh my. That looks amazing. Kimchi looks fantastic
  12. Maximum Sustained Wind Overall (mph): 155Maximum Sustained Wind at Landfall (mph): 150Pressure at Landfall (mb): 939mbLandfall Location: Cocodrie, LA
  13. I'm not liking the looks of this one for Louisiana. I'll be monitoring closely and praying for my friends at Slidell (WFO New Orleans).
  14. Thanks! I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night
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