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  1. At this rate, the whole herd immunity strategy is going to take shape despite it being an absolutely abysmal idea. There has never been a true herd immunity for any communicable disease in modern history, and for good reason. Traditional coronaviruses are more benign in nature and do not have ARDS tendencies, despite having 40-60% genome similarities to the two main SARS viruses. This one was particularly more lethal due to its high transmission potential and ability to bind to the ACE2 receptor. The only saving grace for SARS-CoV2 is it doesn't have the same mutation rates as influenza viruses due to lack of antigenic drift tendencies that aid flu virus production. We'll lose over 450k people in a year at the current rate, which will be ~75% of the total population lost in the Great Influenza, prior to modern medicine. If we didn't have the tools we have now, it would be the worst epidemic in history for the US (At least with proper numerical data to process. Yellow fever and small pox in the early days of the US and colonial period may have a say on that considering how many natives died from it). My wife is pretty high risk for Covid and any other respiratory illnesses due to her heart conditions (Born with a rare congenital heart defect called Total Pulmonary Venus Return). She also has restrictive cardiomyopathy and prone to atrial flutter from her naturally weak heart. At this point, have to be super conservative to prevent her from catching it. Soon as we can get a vax, we are taking it. Hope everyone here can stay safe. Hope there's some lake effect to be had in the future. I'll be living vicariously through y'all from my dirt here in West TX. Cheers y'all
  2. This is super common for *checks notes* November..... lol In a year of crazy weather, the hits keep on coming. Enjoy the rain. Wish we could get some of that over here, but every shortwave cuts to the north and all lift is over AMA. We are hung out to dry...literally. Oof
  3. It blows my mind that my area already saw an ice storm this year. Earliest winter event on record, along with the earliest measured snowfall at KMAF ever. As it would have it, there's no fall or winter to be seen for the foreseeable future haha. Oh man, this place is something else. Send me some fall y'all!
  4. Don't even get me started on this play calling by Roman. He's calling plays like we have Seattle or KC's WR corp and we have nothing even remotely close. Idk what he's trying to prove. Lamar and the RB's should be pounding teams into submission with the run game and hitting the PA pass to keep defenses honest. Also, zero imagination. No flea flickers, no clear outs with Brown/Duverney, and no jet sweeps with our speed. I feel like I'm watching Matt Cavenaugh call the same 3 plays from his etch a sketch. Ravens did themselves a disservice not getting an elite pass rusher. Judon has and will never be that guy. Fun fact, Judon has accumulated 80% of his sacks the last 2.5 seasons off 4 games. FOUR!! He's absent basically any other time. With our secondary, if we had a consistent rush with 4, we'd be almost impossible to score 20+ against. Today I missed the game since I was prepping for mid shifts, which I'm on now. But I saw the highlights. Won the game, but we should've lost and would've against a competent offense. They dropped 2 TD's today and their line is absolutely beat up. We allowed two prayer balls, shot ourselves in the foot with offensive line penalties, and had some p*ss poor coverage in the secondary against B rate receivers (I do like Fulgrahm though). We have a lot to work on and we better get ready, because next game is vs a very hungry and hot Steelers squad. They can ball.
  5. The Ravens are missing a steady central portion of the line. Lots of talent and time to gel further, but they are not nearly as good as last year without Yanda. Our WR corp is weak. Outside Hollywood, we are pedestrian with regards to consistent play. Route running for most of the group needs polishing and Boykin just needs to leave. The man is a bust and it's time to admit it. Give Duverney the opportunity and use both he and Brown's speed to open up the edges for guys like Snead, our TE's, and Dobbins. We desperately need a polished WR like a Boldin from 2010-2012. Someone we can rely on to be physical and catch the big plays. Brown is a WR2 right now, but when used properly, he can be a WR1 like a Tyreek Hill. But KC has a solid compliment for him on the opposite side, so it plays in their favor. We do not, and it's biting us. Defensively, we are desperately missing a premier pass rusher. The Ravens can blitz and cause mayhem, but against teams like KC and upper echelon passing corps, they can't do that and expect to even get close to stopping them. They can exploit by using screen game and throwing into the lanes we apply the blitz. Leaving voids where they can make plays. A pass rush that can make it to the QB and apply pressure with 4 is how you beat a KC and how you can beat a Tennessee. I see us having a tough time with Pittsburgh and losing one or both games I think is likely at this juncture. They lost one of their top LB's for the season today (Devin Bush), so that should help, but they can beat our front on the O line with just a 4 man rush. I see Ravens going 11-5 this season unless we can add some critical pieces. We will never win the Super Bowl with our current players. Not built for the stretch run. Hate to say it being a fan, but also a realist.
  6. Lightning data may be on a lag, but I would expect it to become less frequent. It's common in the strongest storms, especially those that are strengthening, but they do level off. Best way to identify convection firing is IR and look at cloud top temps. Night time is tougher to discern exact tower locations, but IR is favored.
  7. Pressure plummeting. Down to 28.97 on last ob there. It's going to eventually go under water. Going to ride it till the end
  8. It just shows the intense upward motion in a cyclone. Insane amount of low level upward motion.
  9. That was from an hour ago on the drop, but it was the eastern eyewall. It was from NOAA2. The AF300 dropped the last one in the NW Quad. Still pretty intense for that one.
  10. This is my thoughts as well. I just have a hard time believing this is consistent with that portion of the eyewall.
  11. I saw this and scared my wife a bit when I flinched. I hope that was a mesovorticy that was in. Yikes