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  1. My first caffeine beverage is almost consumed. I'll probably have a few today to get through. Just rough waking up at 215 this morning. Oyy
  2. Covering the backend of a mid shift for a sick coworker (3-7am), then I go into my scheduled 7am-3pm shift. Please send all the caffeine and vibes my way
  3. The angle of the cold may not be good enough though
  4. I'll do a quick drive-by forecast here. Took a look at the parameters for tomorrow. Basically, the area I have outlined has the best shot for severe winds and MAYBE hail to quarter size, although that would be for the more robust storms with a sustained updraft. Shear is lacking overall with effective shear only between 20-30kts max. Best shear is located up over New England where the jet streak will still be close by to give a shear ~30-35kts, which is better for sustained updrafts. MLCAPE around 2000 j/kg with mid-level lapse rates around 6-7C will prompt a chance at severe downdrafts in a couple storms. Not a big day, but non-zero!
  5. 2 more mid shifts and 45 minutes stand between me and a 4 day birthday weekend. I am so excited.....and tired
  6. I completely stopped watching any national news agencies in April of last year. Boy, it's refreshing. I make my decisions based on data at hand. It's one of the points of being a meteorologist too. You make a forecast based on a multitude of factors and guidance and not just zeroed into one specific derived outcome. There are several variables that come into play when it comes to making decisions in life. Media is certainly not what it used to be. Propaganda at every turn feasting on human emotion. It's a barbaric practice, but money money money I guess. Oy
  7. Hadley cell expansion has been ongoing for the past 50+ years as confirmed by temp and precip data across the sub-tropical regions globally. An expansion would cause a slight poleward shift in the arid environments typically located around 30 deg N and S by a few degrees. This puts an expansion in the desert climates, and larger scale meridional patterns we see in the Mid-Latitudes to be further enhanced due to increased movement of tropical air poleward. This would likely allow for greater precip fields further north, but also a slightly warmer advection of air due to the increasing meridional component of the trough/ridge patterns present between 30-60N or S. Basically, an expansion will lead to more volatility in the undulating upper air patterns, warmer temps to move poleward, and increased baroclinicity due to the basic longwave feedback mechanisms that take shape in our neck of the woods. The earth is just trying to do what it needs to do to remain in balance!
  8. That's a top tier sunrise shot there, Mike. Enjoy!
  9. This is very true and supported by my friend who is an EM with Jefferson Co in Alabama. That's the Birmingham area, and she said they had to put out a grassroots effort to help persuade a lot of the older AA generations due to their fear of any vaccines after the whole debacle with eugenics back in the 70s and 80s. A lot of them refuse any and all vaccines, which is a dang shame. Those people in the black belt really got F'd over historically, and they still can't recover because of the generational dogma they get put through in the south. Jefferson Co has done a fantastic job on a local basis in getting vaccination support, but outside the urban corridor, it's been very tough. The dynamic of the south is very different from the rest of the country, and living here for 3 years now has shed some light on that, even locally. I've heard derogatory use of the N word more times in 3 years here than I ever have in my 28 years living back in MD. There's a fair amount of openly racist people in this area, including Hispanic males who have some very nasty opinions of AA males for some reason. Any who, that's my anecdotal addition to this convo. I wish everyone would get vaxxed who can, but it's their choice. My wife was super high risk for Covid thanks to her myriad of heart issues, so I'm thankful we both were able to get it early on. Was scared Sh**less last year cuz she doesn't even do well with a common cold. I don't want to try Covid. She can't take any meds that can prolong a QT for her heart. That pretty much absolves 90% of the market. We made it though, thankfully. It got wicked scary out here twice.
  10. Oh man. Just now seeing this. Happy Birthday Don!! Hope it was awesome my man
  11. Happy 4th my friends! Enjoy the day with family, friends, food, and fun!
  12. Made this tasty meal the other night. Cajun shrimp scampi. Absolutely fantastic and packed with flavor. .
  13. Remember to, "Need to run to the store...", a few times this weekend It's a good way to break from the noise
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