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  1. It's even better reading this a second time hahaha. My co-worker is wondering what is going on
  2. Pretty sure some areas are at the bedrock
  3. That was really funny and fairly accurate assessment.
  4. I don't mind the horns. I miss the old Mack Brown days.
  5. You know me too well. I do mention Eastern PA a lot lol
  6. Well, we can definitely find some common ground on hating New England. I can honestly say, watching this NFL season was the worst damn season for me ever. There are none worse. Crab cakes and beer go together like PB&J or spaghetti and meatballs. They make a great meal anytime. I also love steamed crabs. Crab is just good at anytime lol. Yup!! Baltimore born and raised. I hate the steelers, but I do respect them more than that wack team in the north. They can kiss the fattest part of my... hand.
  7. Just one glance at the LR and we might as well just go right to spring. It's comical at this point. Kid you not, WPC's 7 day QPF forecast had New England getting lots of precip, Southern Mid-Atlantic getting precip and a big ole goose egg for up our ways. Just can't make this stuff up.
  8. Haha. Millersville sports didn't interest me much, although I did follow baseball and field hockey some. One of the girls in the major was starting goalie for National Championship winning squad my senior year! I follow Penn State football so that would work. Pro sports wise though, that's where differences clash lol
  9. I'm in for real as long as MAG is in lol. Nothing like a good ole fashioned meet up. Weather and food. Sports talk might be a little competitive though lol
  10. Seriously, he's gotten wicked snow squalls at least twice last 3 years and I get flurries downwind lol. Bring some fresh corn in husk and a couple bags of Herrs. That'll make for one hell of a meal
  11. I need to get out to your area one of these storms. I'll bring plenty of beer and make crab cakes.
  12. As someone who uses WeatherBell for work and work overnights once or twice a month, I have also noticed the issues at times. The biggest problems seem to arise when they start loading the 6z GFS. I actually have never had an issue with the Euro loading, although every now and then there's a frame missing for an hour, then it pops up. It probably is server maintenance crossing with GFS upload causing it to bog down overnight. I do like their product and Ryan Maue has added some very nice features to the package. I used to be a JB fan back in his Accuweather days, but I don't look or read any of his stuff anymore since I can analyze everything myself now and his hype antics grew old once he left to Weatherbell. I use lots of different sites for models, but the 4 I use most are Weatherbell, Tropical Tidbits (Tropical Season especially), Pivotal Weather, and NCEP (Mainly for ARW/NMM forecasting for Puerto Rico). Each have their positives and negatives, but I get basically everything I need from the combo.
  13. AWIPS outage Nationwide affecting radar on NWS sites. 3rd party vendors like GR and Radarscope still working though, so you can still get radar data in real time. Found the info in New England forum.
  14. This is an indirect way of putting me on the casualty list. TOD: 2/13
  15. That's when you plan traveling to the lakes in the winter. See some LES, hit up a wine tasting in Finger Lakes and go snow shoeing up in the Tug. Nice winter getaway to get a fix!