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  1. Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Mappy, for Millville, DE (Just outside Bethany) the total is around 22" for the season. SlowerLowerDE in Lewes area is near 19". Hope that helps!
  2. The Psuhoffman Storm

    I remember that. I was on overnights one night and we were talking about the pattern at like 230am because your prednisone was kicking your a** and keeping you awake most nights. Breathing is underrated man. This was an awesome storm though. Textbook H5 vort pass. I want another
  3. The Psuhoffman Storm

    Literally in the same boat. I had pneumonia and even went to work that morning to open the store, only to be sent home immediately by my boss. They wanted me in there that morning for whatever reason, but I looked like an ad for death coming in, so the decision was easy. I laid at home and slept through the afternoon after bombing myself with meds. My dad was watching radar the whole day and it dumped from the time it switched to when it ended. Around a foot of snow in a very short time frame, but was not able to enjoy any of it as I laid there coughing up a lung on the couch. I watched the snow fall and listened to the rumbles of thunder, all while taking my nebulizer treatments and trying to get air. Asthma and pneumonia are a terrible mix.
  4. Wasn’t home for derecho, but when it went over OCMD, it was the single most incredible lightning storm I’ve ever seen. I remember tracking it while on vacation with my family. Once it got into WV and Dulles sounding came out, I knew it was going to be epic. We finished eating crabs and grabbed a few drinks and went out on front patio of our condo 11 floors up. We watching the lightning in the distance approach with over an hour and half eclipsing before the storm even got to Berlin area. Then, we could see the the outskirts of the storm approach with the outflow streaming out ahead. It got super calm. Just dead silent in wind right as the edge of the cloud line approached. Not even 15 seconds after the cloud passed overhead, the wind kicked in like something I’ve never experienced. Like someone turned a giant fan on full blast. Our front patio chairs got pushed back and we just stood their in awww. The lightning started to get pretty nasty close in, so we went back, grabbed a big mix drink and sat on back patio to avoid the wind since it was coming perpendicular to building. From there, the rains kicked in and dumped for a while with lightning ongoing around us. Then the best part was a straight two hours of lightning over the water, just painting the sky as it pulled off the coast. Hands down the coolest experience on vacation and the best lightning show I have seen to date. A moment I’ll never forget. .
  5. April Banter

    @mappy Sweet avatar!!
  6. April Banter

    So you're the reason it's going to snow!
  7. Spring 2018

    It's definitely overdone, but there's a potential for a warning criteria snowfall. The time of the day is the caveat. If this were to occur overnight, we'd be talking the potential for up to a foot with pretty prolific precip field and solid thermal profile. During the day, you're going to fight the April sun, and even with heavy snow falling, it'll be a battle. I can see 5-10" being the max potential if everything breaks right. That's incredibly rare for April in these parts.
  8. Spring 2018

    Hi All!! Looks like the sub-forum will see a few tastes of winter over the coming days with Saturday looking like a legit, historic for April type of event trying to unfold. I really like the LSV for this one with areas along the PA Line in the cross-hairs for some crazy stuff. Elevation will play a big role in this one, so the areas near the state line and places like Welsh Mountain and near the turnpike will have the best shot at receiving the bigger totals.
  9. April 7-8 snow event

    The 6z ICON is actually fairly Euroish in its evolution and even has a very similar timing. It's further north than previous runs as well with a more expansive qpf shield, and more realistic compared to the Euro (Although its still a qpf bomb!). That's a good thing to see as a more progressive disturbance like the GFS and NAM would lay pause to the Euro. I'd actually like to see the ICON take a steadier approach as it's shakier than the Orioles starting lineup with the system so far, so hopefully we start seeing things hone in a bit on the evolving upper air pattern.
  10. April 7-8 snow event

    In the case of the setup, I think it's best to use Euro as a gauge in the upper levels and where the surface low is generated. I would ignore the qpf fields until close in. Yeah, they are fun to look at, but I can see the Euro trimming back on the insane precip totals for the system. Now, this could be a pretty solid precip producer, but an 1" of qpf in 6 hrs is off the wall stuff. Even 60% of what the Euro shows would be a solid storm and definitely historic for April.
  11. April 7-8 snow event

    There's certainly solid potential with this system. If the baroclinic zone can adjust north with a more defined surface low, then it could be a pretty historic event given the time of year. I truly believe this will come north more, but I don't buy the progressive nature of the NAM. It was different with the handling of the upper low out west. Much stronger than any of the global's, which will cause all sorts of changes downstream. GFS and Euro were close, but the GFS was a bit more progressive and the low in the Pac was weaker and further east. Euro with a stronger low was able to establish more ridging over the Rockies, thus more dig of the shortwave across the Tennessee Valley. Baroclinic zone was a touch further north too. I think the GFS is a bit too progressive here, which is one of its biases in the mid range. I think the Euro may have the right idea, but has been the case so far this year, it's probably overdone on the precip field. We've seen that too often recently. H7 jet streak on the Euro is at 75 knots with the area in the left exit region of the jet. That would certainly be a precip bomb if that verified, but I think it's still overdone.
  12. April Banter

    I want spring as much as the next guy, but if we can get some legit historic weather related in the next week, I'm all for it. I love weather history. I like to be able to see stuff like this happen. It's so fascinating. The best part is, the snow will melt in a few days and the grass gets a nice drink of water in time for spring sun the second half of the month. The major downside to all this is the Cherry Blossoms. Sucks to see them get impacted, but weather going to weather whether we like it or not.
  13. April 7-8 snow event

    There really isn't much to say about that run that isn't explicit on a weather board. For the love of god, I hope the Euro is on to something for once this year. I'll say this, if that look were to happen during the day, I don't care if it's April, that stuff would stick to the roads in a heartbeat. Temps aloft around -5C from H85 to H7 too. Incredible. Strong diffluent area ahead of the shortwave trough too. That would be something else Matt. I'd take 1/2 of what the Euro is showing.
  14. March Banter

    That storm was absolutely awesome, but you weren't kidding about the melt off. The fastest I've ever seen 20+" snow melt
  15. Mid-Atlantic winter 2017-18 snowfall contest

    I'll take that one and call it a winter lol. So close to a memorable ice storm too