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  1. Defense was just good enough, but certainly could be better. Offense was cooking with gas
  2. I'll take 3 more of those and a drive that's tough nose with the same result
  3. I'm sure there's plenty of snow in Miami, mainly scattered on coffee tables and the VIP room of Club Heat.
  4. If we can get a meteor to hit the central Pacific, we’d be really talking about a PAC flood .
  5. No kidding. Still a workable pattern for sure. Would like to see that ridge axis over Boise instead of Dodge City with that look. At this point, just seeing some indication of that is a net positive. Heck, it's inside 9 days. We usually don't see this kind of look until Day 12-15 last 3 years.
  6. That is one of the most beautiful -NAO sigs I've seen in a long time. Sucks that it's 8 days away, but you never know....
  7. Hopefully they're not just practicing
  8. If one ever occurs. I'll be reporting to you guys by candle light....
  9. Here's a good look at what I'm referencing. Below is the 700mb Frontogenesis forecast at 10z Wedesday (Sounding avg for Central MD below that). When you have prime mid-level forcing, this generates a better looking precip field, as well as better Omega within the best snow growth region. This will help crystal structures and give the best chance for accumulating snow. A lack of forcing will play a detriment to snow accumulation since the lower boundary layer will be marginal, especially east of the fall line. Need this depiction to hold for another few runs before I would get excited. This is a tight rope walker, but the chance is there for a nice little event.
  10. 1-2” with lolli’s to 4” N/W of the fall line are looking increasingly likely. Need the mesos to hold serve into 12z tomorrow to really cement the idea. It’s a still a tight rope setup with where the thermal gradient is aligned and best H7 frontogenesis. Right now, it looks like a nice start of the season event shaping up. At this rate, @Bob Chill might only need to steal 1/3 of PSU’s snow
  11. Your image is most likely the correct image and the other was issued before, but they did a correction with the image. There should be a range. .
  12. Yeah. A lot of those were self inflicted wounds. The Beasley PI was obviously Oscar worthy acting on his part and the refs bought it. That hurts. But we played really well on defense for 48 minutes worth of that game. Hopefully we come out firing on all cylinders vs the Jets. Short week incoming.
  13. This makes me feel better after how we looked on offense today. I'm still scratching my head at some of those play calls.