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  1. Thanks! Visiting family from Texas. I’m heading back later tomorrow. Going to enjoy the morning and early afternoon before I head back to the oven lol .
  2. *Taps mic* Is this thing on? It's humid here in Germantown y'all
  3. Hey y'all. Haven't posted in a bit. Wanted to let you guys in on a cool fact. Guadalupe Mountains National Park out in my CWA had the mesonet hit 103 mph on Wednesday when that storm was bombing out. It is in the top 10 highest ever recorded up there, but still had work to do to eclipse the record of 128 mph set back in the late 90's. We hit 63 mph at MAF during the wind event and some areas did reach into the 70's across SE NM. Dodge City set their all-time record lowest pressure in the modern era of instrumentation, breaking the old record set back on Feb 9th, 1960. That date is also famous for MAF because that same day, we set, and still to this day holds the record for highest observed wind gust from a non-convective standpoint. We hit 86 mph on that date. Highest wind we ever recorded was from a derecho in June 30th, 2007 when the site recorded a 96 mph wind gust at 1213am. So, needless to say, this event will go down as a historical moment in meteorological history out in these parts.
  4. It’s a threat. OKC and Norman are magnets. Take a camera. .
  5. I love the White Mountain area. Absolutely beautiful landscape and very friendly people. They get a fair amount of snow in the valley, and the notches like Crawford and Pinkham can get blasted on a good setup synoptic or upslope. I def want to go back and visit.
  6. Overrated gas station. Not a fan
  7. Thanks @showmethesnow. You truly are a great contribution to the forum and you have astute knowledge to the subject matter. I really do think you would've been an awesome met and your diagnostics of synoptic scale meteorology is some of the best of I've come across. Given my past two employments, I really don't have sufficient time to post more during the year. I'll chip in when there's an event in winter or something extraordinary in the other seasons, but my time is limited thanks to shift work. I appreciate the kind words. You, @psuhoffman, @Bob Chill and many others provide amazing insight on this forum and it's so beneficial to have for many to learn. I love meteorology a lot, but I have multiple passions I follow and partake, so weather for me is just part of the equation of my life. I do my work, then I try to take in my other activities I love. Y'all are an amazing group and I'm so glad I found this forum back in 2014. Been a crazy 5 years. Have a great one y'all. I'm gonna go enjoy my warmer temps, wind, and incoming dry line season
  8. Why in the hell did you not become a meteorologist? lol You are fit for it. You could be a great forecast teacher when it comes to synoptics.
  9. April will be rocking with rain with the - NAO finally kicks in ha It’s been uncanny the last several years. Luckily for out here, we can always count on the dryline to lend us some severe risks and hellaciously dry weather .
  10. Some people actually got blitzed in 2006 from a storm in February. Not everyone got in on the goods though. Basically, an axis along 95 and 40 miles to the west got hammered and totals dwindled around the axis. It all melted in record time though. That was the storm that made me realize I wanted to be a meteorologist instead of a CPA (I loved both). Great storm.
  11. I had some people from the Dakota's in my radar workshop this past week. They said it's one of the worst winters in recent memory up there. They had a stretch at the Bismark office where the temperature never got above 0 for an entire week in January. Multiple blizzards and close to record snowfall. It was a wild ride up there, and it's still plugging along. Not much down at my latitude, but once you got into Kansas on north, it was a memorable one for sure. We've had a bunch of wind events down this way.
  12. Gotta love the high plains. 20 this morning in Midland. Forecast high of around 32 today. By Thursday we'll be 80 with a chance of thunderstorms on Friday. Woot
  13. Thanks PSU! It was an amazing experience. I’ll remember this week for the rest of my life. .
  14. Well. I’m back in Midland I am now certified to issue warnings for the National Weather Service! I am so stoked and extremely exhausted after driving 415 miles today and enduring a realllllly long, tumultuous week of simulations. .