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  1. Huh. Was just outside, something is falling... but I honestly can't determine what. Too small to actually see, but I definitely felt it.
  2. At what point can we just start calling this hail Some of these Dippin dots are bigger than bb's
  3. These wee little ice balls are falling, and they sting!! I guess that's sleet?? I thought I had blown a pipe in the house because it sounded like a water leak when it hit the windows.
  4. It's a crappy $40 grill. I'm begging for the day it dies.
  5. Like your car and everything around you was encased in carbonite. Bring a hammer.
  6. Whoa, I just looked out the window and realized its actually dumping pretty good. Big fatties. Still pretty warm, at 35 right now.
  7. I was just outside. I saw 2 flakes fall. Season totals: 4" + 2 flakes
  8. What the hell? I do not comprehend that level of ice accumulation.
  9. I was just on rt2 at the south river bridge and saw a whole fleet of power trucks
  10. My deck is a legit ice skating rink at this point.
  11. Went outside to scoop snow and was sleeted upon. It's gooshing all my gains.
  12. Pretty impressive sleet falling right now. My deck looks like a slurpy right now.