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  1. GFS is ice/rain to snow. 850's drop between 114 and 120. Basically DC north would be snow after 12Z Tuesday.
  2. I have no clue how the ICON is snow with the 540 line in central PA?
  3. That is actually a pretty decent signal from the EPS for some snow at least. Obviously not gonna be a big storm. But a couple of inches would cheer up the board for sure.
  4. I agree with you. 540 line makes it just south of the MD/PA line. Maybe sleet?
  5. CMC Cooled off quick in the upper levels with the precip. Nice hit.
  6. CMC is toasty to start. Looks a lot like the 18Z GFS at 120.
  7. You know he will end up getting the jack. Like clockwork.
  8. Funny I get 7 on both maps. But the orientation to the east is so different on both of them.
  9. Yeah. That has to be the thinnest stripe of accumulated snow I have ever seen on a snow map. This one is going to be a heartbreaker for someone.
  10. Light snow into DC around 126. Heaviest stuff to the south though.
  11. It has the Sunday appetizer as well. Way colder this run. 850 line is through the middle of MD. Was in PA at 18Z.