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  1. Chilling out here now. Perfect fall weather. 58 degrees.
  2. Your guess is as good as Chucks.
  3. Yeah. Meant to say one that is happening in MT. I was pretty hammered last night. So just ignore.
  4. Simply perfect out. Windows open. NFL on TV and feels really nice right now.
  5. Mid West Blizzard MIGHT be a decent December/January sign for us. The last monster mid October blizzard like the one that is coming was a pre curser to the winter of 1939/40. Early blockbuster. Buried the entire East coast and Europe. I know. I am a weenie. But do some research on that setup. Then look at this October. If I am right. Expect a pretty warm November followed by the bottom dropping out in Dec/Jan. And tons of front end precip. Those who know me on here know I dont usually do long range stuff. But this October setup intrigues me. And of course I am purely guessing. Just like everyone else.
  6. I feel like I have lived in Seattle over the past week. Horrible weather.
  7. Ill take my chances with blocking in December. Especially with some cold air on our side of the hemisphere. I would much rather be worrying about blocking breaking down than wondering if any blocking is ever going to happen.
  8. Definitely. The blocking kept it at bay and when the cold air finally made it here it had moderated too much. It just proves how much luck is really involved in us having a blockbuster winter. We were over climo last year so I am not complaining. We get cold enough regardless. But for the coastal plain they need the cold air much more. And if they get it we get it better.
  9. Maples in the area are about half turned now. Fire bushes half way there as well.
  10. It never happened last winter. That was our biggest problem. All of the cold got trapped on the other side of the hemisphere early in the season.
  11. didnt know that. Thanks. That was a violent tornado.
  12. the video of it was pretty clear. Especially the one with it passing over the bridge. It was a monster. And not something we see on the East coast very often.
  13. I am gonna have to head down to Great Falls on Saturday. Should be quite a show.
  14. Down to 52 this morning. Feels amazing outside.
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