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  1. clskinsfan

    Home Improvement/Project thread

    Tore out some old bushes, planted new shrubs and mulched all of my borders yesterday. Yard looks great. Has anyone here refinished a faux wood front door before? Mine is 13 years old and sun faded badly. It is a steel front door with faux wood stain on it. I have no clue how to go about refinishing it.
  2. clskinsfan

    May Discobs Thread

    Pretty wild differences throughout our region today. It was beautiful here for the majority of the day. Sunny and high 70's. A bit humid but a gorgeous day.
  3. clskinsfan

    April Discobs Thread

    Man. the past 3 days are what spring in the DC/Balt area are all about. Just gorgeous.
  4. clskinsfan

    April Discobs Thread

    Interesting day today. Snowed off and on all day long on April 9th. What a horrible spring so far.
  5. clskinsfan

    April 7-8 snow event

    It's April man. IF A SINGLE snowflake falls it is pure bonus snow.
  6. clskinsfan

    April 7-8 snow event

    I dont get all of the fretting in this thread. All of the models look good to me.
  7. I almost picked the Derecho. But the wind storm this year was pretty damn impressive out here. It was the most consistent heavy wind that I have ever seen out this way. And the sheer number of power outages throughout the region give it my vote.
  8. clskinsfan

    March Mid/Long Range Disco 3

    Been off of the grid since the last snowstorm. I needed a break from tracking. I just happened to look at the GFS this morning and could only help but think how much I wished we had the upcoming pattern in February. It really is a shame. I am ready for warmth and the beach at this point.
  9. clskinsfan

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    Hmmm. You know I never really thought about it like that before. I always assumed the board was supposed to be cleared every 6 hours. And that is what I have always done. But I guess it does appear that it is optional. Funny how inexact snow measuring is
  10. clskinsfan

    Mid-Atlantic snow totals for winter 2017/18

    It is not optional. Here is the proper way to measure: https://www.weather.gov/media/ffc/snow_measurement_guidelines.pdf Measuring Snowfall Snowfall is measured to the nearest tenth of an inch. Measure the greatest amount of snowfall that has accumulated on your snowboard since the last observation. You can measure on a wooden deck or ground if a snowboard is not available. Snowfall should not be measured more than 4 times in 24 hours. You can measure the hourly snowfall rate, but do not clean off your board each hour. Only clean off the board when you take one of the four daily measurements. Once the snow ends, add up the measurements from each time the snowboard was cleaned to reach a storm total. Special cases: - Snow falls and accumulates on the snowboard, but then melts. In this case, the snowfall is the greatest depth of snow observed on the board before it begins to melt. If this occurs several times, measure the snowfall after each snow shower and add each measurement for the total snowfall. - Snow falls and melts continuously on the board. In this case, if the snow never reaches a depth of a tenth of an inch, then a trace of snowfall is recorded. - Snow has blown or drifted onto the snowboard. In this case, take several measurements from around the yard where the snow has not drifted, being careful only to measure new snow. Take an average of the various measurements to arrive at a total. - Sleet counts towards total snowfall, freezing rain accumulation does not.
  11. clskinsfan

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    I get the complaints about schools in towards the city. Every road is basically cleared and dry at this point most likely. But you all cant forget the outer burbs. There are tree lined back roads in Western Loudoun that I can guarantee you are a disaster right now. I know. I grew up there. They had 7-8 inches of snow on them last night and the sun never reaches the blacktop because they are shaded. And it is like that for a big portion of the western counties this morning. Buses literally cannot navigate on them. Now if you want to argue about the parents who wont take their kids a half a mile to meet the bus on clear roads, you have an argument.
  12. clskinsfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    Somebody go wake up Ji. Leesburg is about to get it.
  13. clskinsfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    Martinsburg, WV got the jack this time. They deserved it though. Been a tough couple years for us western guys.
  14. clskinsfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    I am at 38 hours of snow now. And that band to the north looks amazing. Bring it!!! You guys up in northern MD how is it?
  15. clskinsfan

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    Still light snow here as well. And it looks like that band to the north may make it down to me?