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  1. I thought it was you. Thanks PSU. And I am glad to be back for the winter. Is Bob back yet?
  2. Someone last year wrote a post (Maybe PSU but I cant remember) about the statistics and importance of a -NAO for our snows. The overwhelming majority of our snows seemed to occur with a -NAO even if it is only transient.
  3. This is basically every winter for us regardless of Enso state though. Our area simply does not do well without some blocking.
  4. Nvm. Cant get the link to work.
  5. Winchester fringed.. what else is new
  6. Out here it has been so cool that I cant anything to sprout yet. Gonna have to move all of my pots into the house I guess. The remainder of April looks pretty cold as well.
  7. I recorded a trace yesterday evening out here NW of Winchester. That was the first measurable snow for my area since 1/7/20. Unheard of amount of winter fail for my area.
  8. Dumping rain out here. Heads up to the east.
  9. Calling for 3-6 in Norfolk now?
  10. I think its biggest impact is early in the season because you can have more cold air up north when the sea ice is strong.
  11. Agreed. If it is right you can kiss the rest of Feb and early March goodbye. Worst winter ever if that happens IMO.
  12. I was shocked to see @WxWatcher007 is so busy this winter that he had to hire Ji to dig graves for him:
  13. Oh man. That will be a night and day difference for you in a normal winter. That is close to my hood. It is just that this winter sucks so bad for everyone.
  14. The northern tier hasnt been shoveling anything this year either.