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  1. My daughter is getting married next weekend. Busy couple of weeks coming for me. Will be signing off for the summer soon. Might stop back in for a severe Tstorm or something. Other than that I will see ya'll in mid October. Have a safe and happy summer ya'll.
  2. Got down to 25 last night. Snow covered mulch is still hanging on. Nice wintry morning.
  3. Kinda legit snow shower going on in Winchester right now.
  4. Nice map. You can see why the Eastern shore has month head start on us out here to their growing season.
  5. You want it to snow? Just send us your: Full legal name Home address Social Security number Date of birth Cell and home phone numbers And we will make it happen.
  6. The traffic cams from the Wheatland, WY area are insane. True whiteout conditions. I dont think you can see 10 feet there right now.
  7. Unless you like long duration hurricanes off of the FL coast.
  8. First chance of spring thunderstorms on the long range GFS this run.
  9. Interesting the way the 4-6 line is west of the Blue Ridge on that map.
  10. Probably the most realistic take in all honestly. Like everyone else I am ready for the torch. But if weather wants to toss us a final chance I will track most aggressively like every other weenie here.
  11. Nobody mentioned the 6Z GFS. But it is onboard for a mid month frozen event.
  12. Those are 7-8 degree anomalies. So its probably 60-65 degrees. You wont be needing your AC for that.