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  1. First flakes yesterday were nice to see. Hopefully its the start of a cold and snowy winter this year. But anything is going to better than last years debacle.
  2. It would be nice to be in a blocky winter pattern for a change . At least once you get the block in place it usually takes a while for it to break down. But I would prefer to have the block towards the end of December.
  3. I agree with this. I think we have good chance of at least seeing our first flakes next week off of a streamer or something. And I also think that early Dec window needs to be watched as well.
  4. http://ggweather.com/enso/oni.htm And I still think we have a chance at a neutral this winter. When I said it couple of month ago I got discouraged because of the forecast. But we will see where it ends up. I would definitely prefer a neutral though. Especially out here.
  5. Yes it was. Or are you just trolling us/me
  6. Looks somewhat likely that those of us to the west should see our first mood flakes of the season over the next week. But that is really pretty normal timing wise for out here. I do like the look of the blocking be modeled. Hopefully it can be a persistent pattern this winter.
  7. Ha! yeah I think in need to crawl back to my Mid Atlantic thread with my head down.
  8. Ok. I understand what an ERC is. But that still doesnt make my comment wrong. The wind speed was decreasing at landfall.
  9. Fair enough. I dont know much about Tropical for sure. Would you like to explain to me what is wrong with the product when it is showing decreasing winds just before landfall?
  10. Just looking at this loop it appears she was definitely weakening as she made landfall.
  11. WOW!
  12. I am not really concerned about surge for San Juan itself. It sits high enough that it will most likely be fine in that regard. But La Perla will definitely be an area I am sure they are evacuating for wind concerns. It is a poorer area of San Juan with not the best built homes.
  13. This entire hurricane season has been staggering in all honesty. Puerto Rico is one of our favorite places to vacation in the world. That it will now be hit by a major, in the same season, along with Southern Texas and Southern Florida is just unbelievable. And I agree with you that their economy can in no way handle what is about to happen to it.
  14. That image is from 30 minutes ago correct? This radar has the eye in the middle of the island right now: http://www.meteofrance.gp/previsions-meteo-antilles-guyane/animation/radar/antilles