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  1. They changed the Shen Valley zone this year. I ignored it. Because I know my yard. April to early May frosts are normal. Bigger question for me is WHAT or WHO made them change it? https://www.ars.usda.gov/news-events/news/research-news/2023/usda-unveils-updated-plant-hardiness-zone-map/
  2. Depends where you are. The USDA screwed up big time moving the Shen Valley to a warmer zone it appears. Dont get me wrong I would love to have an extra 2-3 weeks of growing season. But a lot of people are about to lose their gardens this week.
  3. The USDA should not have changed the zones this year. People are going to lose their gardens. I kept my stuff in the greenhouse. But this is why you dont fuck with planting calendars if you are the government.
  4. It's 93% out here in the northern Shen Valley. I wouldnt drive anywhere if I wasnt going to see totality.
  5. Grape vines have started to do their thing. 3rd year with mine. I hope to score enough to make some wine this year. Not really growing wine varieties. But they will still work.
  6. Sleeting on April 4th out here in the Winchester area. GTFOH with this garbage.
  7. Just realized there is already a "storm" thread for this. Last hurrah I guess.
  8. Ha. I posted in the long range thread because it was crickets over there. Now I see we already have a thread for the last paste job of the year.
  9. Off and on snow showers all afternoon in the Winchester area. Frigid howling wind. Feels like a nice winter day.
  10. And kill any early bugs that have come out. I like a late freeze for that reason.
  11. Agreed. That 65 degrees felt really nice today. But we usually get some flakes at least once in March. I wouldnt be shocked.
  12. Just a perfect day outside today.
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