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  1. 18Z GFS has a chance for some frozen on the 8th for those of us to west. Looks like a vort riding up a front kinda deal. Way out there. But something to watch. I still do like the look of that mid December time period for sure.
  2. I need to go up there for a LE event one time. The pics of the wall of snow coming in from the lakes is something else.
  3. Had flurries off and on all day in the Winchester area today. It really felt like winter here. COLD and windy with flurries flying is never something to bitch about.
  4. I just posted in the winter thread. But the mid December time period looks really nice actually. MJO, NAO and PNA all look tasty for that time period. No guarantee the temps will cooperate. Especially for the coastal plain. But there could be a legit chance during that time period.
  5. Looking at the MJO, PNA and NAO forecast I am kind of bullish about the mid December time period. The MJO looks to make it to 8 and the long range models all have a pretty strong -NAO with good west coast ridging around the same time period. I know that isnt an ideal time of year temp wise for the coastal plain. But the cold air has been decent so far this fall. And those of us to the west might have a legit chance during that period at least.
  6. The next few days of lake effect are going to be something else. Enjoy it up there if you are going up.
  7. 33 and rain here. It was really nice to see flakes falling earlier. First flakes of the year always get me excited for the rest of the winter. Hopefully we all get to normal this year.
  8. First flakes of the year here in the Winchester area. Nice to have winter weather back again.
  9. 0Z HRRR with a pretty nice thump out here tomorrow.
  10. That would be right on time. We usually get our first flakes out here around 11/15. 18Z RGEM is in for some flakes in the Winchester area tomorrow.
  11. Today I had a work meeting in Richmond. On the way home I had to get gas. I looked up and I was in Short Pump. Literally lost it while pumping my gas. Guy next to me looked at me like I was nuts. Because I was. I felt sorry for every single poor snowless bastard there.
  12. Thing is for our area if you go slightly below average with your forecast you are golden 80% of the time. Our numbers are so skewed by big noreasters in the winters that we get them that going with an 80% fail rate is good science. And I am being serious. Forecasting here is an absolute crap shoot. But 80% of the time you will be right. Because we wont get a monster coastal. I will say when we get stalled Mid Atlantic storms it is game on though. We get buried as well or better than anyone else when the conditions are right.
  13. Yeah. Thats reason I remembered and mentioned it above. It was a classic screwjob for us. And is one of the main MillerB's I use every winter to remind myself that Miller B's suck here.
  14. NYC will love hearing that. They got hit pretty hard by a jumper in Dec 00. We of course got screwed. Because it was a jumper.
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