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  1. Not usually a very good event for any of us. But there is some juice with this one. And that is legit cold coming in behind it. Anything that does fall will be here for a while.
  2. Looks like all of the mesos have a general 1-3 for pretty much everyone north of CHO. Freshening up the snow pack sounds good.
  3. In a normal winter a chance at 2 inches would have this thread at 50 pages. City folks getting cocky with their recent success. #snowtownDC. Gonna be nice to get some snow on snow tomorrow morning though in all seriousness.
  4. Yeah. Not usually the best setup for us. But it is getting juicier each run.
  5. This one is going to end up sneaking up on some people. 5 inches is probably garbage. But 3 isnt out of the question. And no one is really talking about this chance either.
  6. Lets just lock the HRRR up right now. 5 inches.....Ummm yeah
  7. He didnt say it was worse than 12Z. He said it was a disaster. And he's right.
  8. If it keeps trending the way it is none of VA may end up in the game. What a mess. Pops off of Daytona and tracks to Bermuda.
  9. GFS likes the cities and SE. Which would align with the story of this winter.
  10. Wait until you see the glacier sitting on your driveway right now.
  11. NAM definitely looks better this run. Very similar to the HRRR.
  12. Not to get off topic but I think it is sad that we are seeing such a decline in message board usage. I am active on a few different boards. And all of them seem to be dying off unfortunately. At least this one has managed to hang on to a lot of the regulars that have been here since Eastern.
  13. Snow on snow is never a fail. And you gotta take what you can get in the Mid Atlantic.
  14. NAM's are just a little bit further NW with the boundary than the HRRR.
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