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  1. We saw a few random shooting stars last night on our deck while having a get together with some neighbors.
  2. That is normal out here. This is your first full season NW of the Sahara of Winchester. Nice thing about that wind is in the middle of August when DC is 95 with 90% humidity and still as hell. We get to be 88 with a stiff breeze. That wind changes everything. Although I will be in OC sweating my M&M's off.
  3. Really interesting early season gardening for me this year. Nothing died after being covered with two inches of snow and frozen for consecutive nights. For those of you in cooler areas those crops include: Cabbage, Bok Choi, Carrots, Beets, Radish, Lettuce, Spinach, Broccoli, Peas, Turnips, Onions and Kohlrabi. This is by far the most aggressive I have ever been with gardening. I really tried to expand my variety of crops this year. And I direct sowed these "cold" weather crops in early March here. I wanted to see how they would do in zone 6 that early in the season. They do not grow quickly at those cold temps. But they survive. And we are about to head into a warm period where I expect them to really take off. Plants are really incredible with how survivable they are. Happy gardening friends. Editing this to include my indoor crops. Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Melons of all kinds, Squash of all kinds and celery are all doing great. They will be transplanted outside around May 15th here. Which is my guaranteed last frost. Potatoes and corn will also be direct sowed at that time. Pole beans will go in 2 or 3 weeks later when they can use the corn stalks as a trellis.
  4. Yes. I have noticed it. And I am kind of done with it. Give me the blocking during winter not in April please. I know PSU and some others have talked about how we have had a bunch of nice days this so far. But not really out here. It has been cold pretty much wall to wall with the exception of last weekend. Which was gorgeous. It is becoming tiring.
  5. Have had off and on mangles flakes throughout the day. I have had enough. Time for Spring now.
  6. Down to light snow here. Finished with just a little over 2 inches. I hope my cold weather veggies survive. They are buried right now.
  7. It is absolutely dumping half dollar sized flakes here. I must be getting ready to flip.
  8. My daughter was stuck in it for 2 hours. Jump off on Route 11 friend. Updated pic for posterity. Around an inch and half and still coming down nicely.
  9. I am holding right over an inch. But it just wont accumulate any higher than that. No matter how hard it comes down. Interesting event for sure.
  10. We definitely need the moisture out here regardless of what form it falls.
  11. This track is actually the perfect track for my area to get crushed during the winter. Running right on the coast doesnt get any better for here. Alas it wansnt meant to be this year. I am still not going to complain about getiing an inch of snow in mid April. But what could have been.
  12. NWS just updated their forecast here. Now calling for 1-2 inches. Welcome to the party pal.
  13. Email them to yourself and resize. That is the fastest way I have found to do it. Just over an inch here. And still coming down nicely.
  14. Dumping quarter size flakes. Approaching an inch.
  15. Oh. And my daughter driving west of Winchester. Roads are a mess. Like always.
  16. NWS might want to update their forecast for my area. Because the no snow accumulation part is a big fat bust.
  17. Maybe 1/4 mile visibility? Maybe a little more? Crazy April storm man.
  18. Really coming down now. It is so weird seeing everything green with moderate snow falling. Way different than the middle of winter. Pretty cool event so far.
  19. All snow in the Winchester area now. April 18th. Ridiculous.
  20. sleet/snow mix in the Winchester area.
  21. Normally I would be bitching about this in April. But I hope it happens. I dont want to drive down to Staunton tomorrow morning. I hope 81 gets blitzed in the morning.
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