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  1. didnt know that. Thanks. That was a violent tornado.
  2. the video of it was pretty clear. Especially the one with it passing over the bridge. It was a monster. And not something we see on the East coast very often.
  3. I am gonna have to head down to Great Falls on Saturday. Should be quite a show.
  4. Down to 52 this morning. Feels amazing outside.
  5. The vids on social media out of NY City last night are incredible. Apparently 9 people have died in the NY/NJ area? Crazy stuff. Ida was one hell of a storm.
  6. Temp falling nicely out here. Down to 63 with gusty winds. Feels great.
  7. You can really see it fire up over Winchester in this: https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=regional-eastcoast-02-6-1-100-1&checked=map&colorbar=undefined
  8. This line out here coming through now is no joke. Watch out to the east.
  9. Getting absolutely crushed out here now. Dumping rainstorm. Looks like we will get a lull once this batch passes through.
  10. Really nice rain event out here today. We needed it bad. I am literally watching my lawn turn green as the rain comes down.
  11. A TORNADO WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 715 PM EDT FORCENTRAL MONTGOMERY COUNTY...At 659 PM EDT, a confirmed tornado was located over Merrimac, or nearBlacksburg, moving northeast at 20 mph.HAZARD...Damaging tornado.SOURCE...Radar confirmed tornado.IMPACT...Flying debris will be dangerous to those caught withoutshelter. Mobile homes will be damaged or destroyed. Damageto roofs, windows, and vehicles will occur. Tree damage islikely.Locations impacted include...Blacksburg...Christiansburg...and Merrimac.This includes The following Location Virginia Tech.TORNADO...OBSERVEDMAX HAIL SIZE...0.00 IN
  12. Pretty clear hook on wider range radar as well:
  13. RGEM is pretty similar to the 3k with higher qpf to the NW of town. But gives DC 2 inches as well.
  14. Looks like I might actually see some rain finally.
  15. Must be nice. Walking on my lawn feels like walking on corn flakes. Storms have missed in every direction for weeks. Getting old.
  16. Nick Busby now in the eye here as well: https://livestormchasing.com/map
  17. John Humphress is just now getting into the eye: https://www.severestudios.com/storm-chasers/john.humphress.html
  18. I think the oil rig that is loose was over a billion dollars to build itself. Dont think its going to reach Katrina's numbers. But it is still going to be expensive.
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