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  1. Or we paid for it ahead of time this past winter.
  2. Awesome! First sighting here was about a month ago, but I think we're finally seeing those that are going to stick around for the summer. A couple sightings daily now with the recognizable whir of a hummingbird flying through the air becoming a more regular sound. My little one and I named them last year - female is Lavender and male is Trumpet!
  3. I can't remember another April-May that has been nicer than this in...ever? Waking up to low 50s and getting into the mid 70s or so is about as glorious as one can ask for.
  4. Not many, to be honest. 1963 and 1986 were pretty dry in April and May, though we of course got the big soaking at the end of April this year to bring us above average for the month.
  5. Agree that they're wild violet. I've been told that the average homeowner really can't even get broad-application herbicide that will handle them but not nuke basically everything else around - it requires professional application.
  6. That's opening day at the pool, when we recruit the last stragglers for the swim team and make some money from our bake sale. Big nope on that!
  7. Awesome - that's a great rundown without spoiling anything! I'm quite far along in BotW, but I've decided to just make sure that I'm fully exploring everything. I could easily beat Ganon at this point, but that's just one piece of playing this game and I have no desire to rush it!
  8. Do you know wat the May temp departures are so far? Not wet, for sure, but I think it's been pretty cool compared to what many were fearing.
  9. Not looking for spoilers, but has anyone played Tears of the Kingdom yet? I picked up a Switch a couple months ago and have been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild (when I can), but I'm purposely holding out on TotK until I've thoroughly explored that world and gone about as far as I feel I can. What a game!
  10. Yes. Yes we do, in fact, have a 9! Of course, Pepi is a pretty damn good young #9, but having Balogun as an option along with Pepi and any of the other strikers in the pool is massive!
  11. Dang...wasn't logged on to see this! Really wish I had been. It f'ing poured from about an hour before the wedding (started at 4:00) until about 8:00 and then drizzled after that. Complete washout, but the reception was inside, so all was good!
  12. Going to my cousin's outdoor wedding in Lewes today. Should be fun!
  13. This one simple trick will get you a salt water pool quick!
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