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  1. I really don't think this is happening. Plenty of players who have made the jump to Europe from MLS are in the squad, so that represents MLS quite well, in my opinion.
  2. I nearly agree on Arriola's chances in an infinite multiverse of striking that own goal like Weah did . I think it happens three time, at most. The age of this group is insane. I think those of us who have followed the US for a long time understood that this was coming, even after the disaster in T&T four years ago, but to see it play out is pretty incredible. I think 2022 is still a cycle too early for this group to really lay down a marker, but 2026? Holy crap...most of these guys will be in their prime at that point, with still more young players who will no doubt be ready to contribute by then. Thanks. Our attacking options when we're healthy are pretty impressive, even if our #9 situation isn't so great. Musah and McKennie both bring something different to the table, but I can't disagree with your take completely on sitting McKennie in favor of Musah, but it could be decision based on the situation presented by the opposition. I like your lineup options, and pretty much agree with them. Richards, Brooks, Miles, Zimmerman...all good options. I'm absolutely not against having Weah slot in at the 9 if the situation calls for it. I think it would be an interesting twist.
  3. I think he has a place in the team, but I agree that he shouldn't be in the starting 11. When we're healthy, our winger depth chart is something like this: Pulisic Reyna* Aaronson Weah Hoppe* de la Fuente Arriola I'd honestly like to see what Reyna could do as an 8 in the 4-3-3, which would mean one of Musah, McKennie, or Adams would have to make way (I'd start Aaronson on the wing in this case). No way Adams sits, so it's one of McKennie or Musah, which is a really tough decision. Or we could go with a 4-2-3-1, with Adams and McKennie/Musah as the 6s and Reyna as that 10. Hoppe is an interesting case. He's played on the wing for the US, but he's more of a striker. It's a toss-up between him and de la Fuente in the depth chart on the wing. It'd be interesting to see him and Pepi as two up front, but I just don't see us playing that way any time soon.
  4. This isn't a bad take, to be honest, but I don't feel like Arriola is quite veteran enough (even being the elder statesman on the team at 26!) to bring that "old hat" wisdom to a team.
  5. 1) I think I understand why he started Arriola, but I don't agree with it - I wanted Weah from the start. I think think he wanted to have Arriola harass, pressure, and run at Costa Rica to wear them down, then sub Weah for him so he could run at a tired defense. I get the thinking behind it, but again I don't agree with it. I think how we played proved this out because Arriola isn't the best player to have out there to build from the back like we did. 2) Only if we know what the outcome would have been had Arriola started, but that higher power is the only thing to know the result in that alternate universe, so I suppose that's a serious philosophical dilemma.
  6. Most people don't realize this, but regular old Guinness is only 4.2% ABV.
  7. The panel before that is a smashing.
  8. "Weather doesn't give a sh*t about your feelings"
  9. I'm a massive soccer fan, so I'm not sure I'd lol at us going down 1-0 in the first minute, but we dominated that game and fully deserved the three points.
  10. We went last year to the drive through they had set up, but I took the girls there a couple weekends ago for the first time in their normal setup. It was a f'ing madhouse.
  11. It used to be so much better...as did every one of their IPAs. As soon as they moved their production facility to Alexandria (and massively scaled up), the quality of their IPAs went downhill almost immediately. It used to be that people (including me) would wait for hours for their IPA releases. While that was annoying, I'd much rather now rather that than wander into their taproom and pick up a 4-pack of one of 32 different beers sitting in their fridge.
  12. January February March April May June July August September October November Christmas I make you correct.
  13. I prefer hardneck. I generally stick with Music since, aside from a couple years ago, I use cloves from the previous year for planting. Are you still harvesting? I've still got probably 25-30 lbs on the vine on my eight plants. I generally don't weigh my tomatoes before processing, but I've filled 10 gallon bags with cored and seeded tomatoes at an average of 5.5 lbs per bag. That makes a nice amount of sauce over the winter, and the seven pints of smoked salsa I made a couple weeks ago with those things is worth every bit of the work that goes into going from seed to fruit!
  14. What's the time period for which this snowfall analysis is taking place?
  15. I'm honestly through with seasonal outlooks at this point. I'm not at all disparaging those who are trying to forecast, and I'll read with some interest, but I will say that I have absolutely zero confidence in seasonal modeling.
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