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    Burke, VA - On top of Pohick Mountain at 325' and I'm usually 0.01F cooler than my surrounds!!
  1. Good
  2. Really nice outflow, for sure. Dropped temps over 10° as well.
  3. Regarding hornworms...just look for their droppings and you should be able to find them. If any have white eggs sticking out of them, leave them be. Those are the eggs of braconid wasps, which feed on hornworms, and those hornworms that have been used as hosts won't eat anything else. The more braconids you've got, the more likely they'll find any hornworms you've missed.
  4. That's pretty bad, particularly when lows are only getting down to the low- to mid-70s. No relief.
  5. Agreed completely. My garden is easily small enough to hand-water, and it's really nice. Of course, I wish I had a bigger garden, but that comes with its own problems!
  6. Sounds like a great time among weather geeks. Have fun everyone!
  7. Someone should create a map that translates soundings and Skew-Ts and hodographs into fun little tornado or snowflake or wind emojis that pop up on the map each time new data is fed into the models. The emojis get bigger the higher the chances of given weather, and get smaller if the chances are lower. Hell...maybe even animate the emojis. That'd be awesome.
  8. You're just saying that because it's no longer a dancing banana.
  9. That's my default until folks on here spell it out for me in plain English. I could go for some Doritos right now...
  10. I have no idea WTF I'm looking at in the Severe thread. I know they're soundings, but other than that...no GD clue.
  11. I thought the original post about it was a division sign, not square root. Wouldn't have mattered anyways, as I haven't solved math equations since I took the GRE many moons ago. Glad I don't have to do it anymore!
  12. God, that sucks.
  13. Is it me, or have the eastern Great Lakes region and into PA, Jersey, and New England had a lot more rain than we have in the last couple months? And I mean a *lot* more rain. Random thought of the day
  14. First thing's first: I need to water my garden this evening. Tomatoes are really taking off. Unfortunately, my Coeur de Boeuf has what I believe to be fusarium wilt. I've gotten a few tomatoes from it at this point, but it's toast now. My daughter's Black Cherry is pumping them out now! Peppers are loving the heat. Cucumbers are finally starting to grow nicely. Dill is about 4' tall and flowering. Basil is as healthy and vibrant as I've had in years given the issues I've had with downy mildew (knock on wood). Fall stuff to go in sometime in mid-August or so.
  15. That's poop