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  1. Knew this comment was coming. You never disappoint! I was wondering why my Underoos were wet, too, so thanks for confirming for me!
  2. I woke up and there were some wet spots on the ground. Does that count?
  3. americanwx, please don't ever change...
  4. Personally, I'd rather not any SS roll through my neighborhood.
  5. Sounds like you at least have success with the tomatoes, so spacing them out a bit is the easy part! I plant eight tomato plants in one of my 16' x 6' raised beds* each year, along with companion plants like marigold, basil. Plenty of room to grow to upwards of 12' tall and quite wide once I stop pruning the suckers. I want to get back to weighing my harvest this year - I'm really interested to know exactly how many lbs of fruits each plant/type produces. This year will be quite different though, in that I'll be starting indoors from seed. I've always ordered my tomato and pepper plants from Lazy Ox Farm (a plug for them if anyone is interested), but decided to go it on my own this year since I have a decent LED grow setup. Fingers crossed on that... * I need to double-check those dimensions
  6. I’ve got a plentiful stash of those beautiful black sirens singing out my name from the basement. Enjoy!
  7. I'm not here to bash models by any stretch, but there's absolutely no reason to put any stock in what ops show at anything more than 120 hours. I mean...even the ensembles appear to be struggling right now and it's questionable to look out more than maybe 180 hours. Too bad I'm bored as fugg since we're not able to go anywhere. I guess the weather isn't totally miserable so you can at least get outside for a bit, but FFS this is just a boring winter.
  8. I suppose we don't even know because there are such big run-to-run changes.
  9. 43 and mostly cloudy in Burke. Pretty standard for this January.
  10. Since this winter is done, we might as well start talking about this year's gardens and lawns. I'm getting a good start on the garden since this winter has been so lame. In-ground parsley from last year is still alive. Overwintered spinach is still dormant, but I suspect it'll begin growing in the next month or so. Garlic is much the same, but should start taking off before too long. Thinking about the build for my next raised bed - likely to be where my climbing plants will go (cucumbers, cantaloupes, etc.). All my seeds are on order, and I'll get them started indoors in the next few weeks.
  11. Let me just point out one issue with this post: You identified Ralph along with what you refer to as “really good posters.”
  12. This is more of an exercise to detox (and to prove I can do it) than a weight-shedding one. And if I had time to exercise, I would, because I could probably use it.