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    Burke, VA - On top of Pohick Mountain at 325' and I'm usually 0.01F cooler than my surrounds!!
  1. DCA: 11/22 BWI: 11/10 IAD: 10/27 RIC: 11/10 Tiebreaker: 5
  2. 61-yard field goal at the death, kicked by a rookie who had been cut by the BENGALS recently. To beat the Giants. Love it.
  3. No question about it. I mentioned how our hot days in mid- to late-September tend to be dry, and with the sun angle that heat feels nothing like it did a couple months ago.
  4. It definitely helps. Plenty of soil moisture still, and with the lowered sun angle and fairly lush grass we don't get as much soil evaporation now. I watered my lawn pretty heavily last week, and having not watered this weekend the soil was still fairly moist as of yesterday evening.
  5. It's been so dry. Like...so, so dry.
  6. Missing a real 50/50. I'm out.
  7. Same here, except I did the aeration and seeding myself (see the lawn thread). Problem is that I have some seriously thin (i.e. bald) patches where the broadleaf weeds were recently zapped by the lawn service, so it's almost like I'm completely re-seeding. I'm not worried about birds since it's the coated Scott's seed, but I have to get some straw down this weekend to make sure the seed doesn't wash away with any rain we may get and/or too much watering on my part.
  8. And I probably shouldn't have said you're take was "dumb." I get it though - it's a bit much for some people at this point, and that's fair enough!
  9. I'm going 99% chance of high impact in our area.
  10. To each their own, but come on...this is dumb.
  11. There's been plenty of color on quite a few maples for a couple weeks in my 'hood. A bunch of neighbors have flowering cherry trees (kwanzan maybe?), and they've been nearly leafless for the last 10-15 days. Pretty amazing. Oaks are also dropping leaves. And then, of course, you've got the ubiquitous massive beech trees that both neighbors have. These things drop crap into my yard all year round, and now it's those annoying little prickly seed cases that are beginning to fall. POSs get stuck in everything. I love trees, and those beeches are beautiful and majestic, but if I could annihilate them from my neighbors' yards in one fell swoop, I would. So annoying.
  12. I rented an aerator about a week ago so I could aerate my lawn for the first time since 2009 (the year we moved in). Seed was laid this weekend, and I've been watering fairly heavily since. I've had some real issues with my lawn over the last few years since we no longer have pros doing the fertilizing and weed control, so it's going to take a couple years to bring it back up to speed. Main problem in the front is that wild violet has really taken over, so hopefully the lawn service we have now will be able to get rid of it. In the back I've got all kinds of broadleaf weeds and random grasses, as well as mossy sections where there's a lot of shade. It'll take some work, but I actually think that might be an easier fix than the wild violet issues in the front. The warm, dry weather is a bit of an annoyance in that I have to water more than I'd like, but as long as I keep up the watering, the seed should germinate pretty quickly. I just need my pup to not scrape up the backyard *EVERY TIME* he takes a leak or drops a deuce! I love him to death, but my God that's an annoying habit he's got!
  13. Mid- to upper-80s is perfectly doable in mid- to late-September, in my opinion. I'd prefer is a little cooler, but this warmth is fairly dry and pleasant. I'm down with it.
  14. Thanks! It was more of a mental labor of love than anything. I hate making mistakes (on pretty much anything), so I had to have all my T's crossed and I's dotted before I took the plunge. That, is my wife told me to finally work on it while my mother-in-law is here helping us get through the first weeks with the new baby! Im happy to answer any questions you've got. Like I said...I did a bunch of reading/research, soninfee pretty confident talking about it now. I started with plain pine 2x6s, then red oak 1x8s on three sides. The 1x8 size keeps the collar in place on the freezer and the oak gives it a really nice look after it's stained. It's also nice to have a little extra room for the shanks. The CO2 is outside the freezer. I have a 20lb tank, so it wouldn't fit very well with three cornies in there. You can see the CO2 line coming through the collar up by the fan leading into the manifold. You and your girlfriend have got your priorities in order! I picked up a bunch of stickers during Aslin's 2nd Anniversary Festival this past weekend. I've also got a handful of others already in hand, so I'm off to a pretty good start. I also need to build a tap list of some sort to hang over the keezer. That'll probably happen during the Holidays or thereabouts. I love me an Altbier, and the bourbon/oak pumpkin beer sounds great! I love oak in bigger malty beers, so it should work out really well for you. I'd love to give it a try!
  15. After discussing and planning for the last 15 months or so, I finally got the three-tap keezer up and running and was able to pull my first beer last night. Once I finally got around to it, the build went pretty smoothly. I probably spent 20-25 hours on it total (not including waiting for stain to dry, etc.). It's pretty bare bones for now, but I'll gussy it up with stickers, maybe some paint, custom tap handles, etc. over the next few months...but she pulls smooth as could be! The beer is a brown ale I brewed in March and kegged in April. It's the last beer I brewed since I vowed not to brew until I got the keezer completed. So I guess I need to convince the wife to let me have a brewday on one of these upcoming weekends so I can get the sucker full!