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  1. Washed-out northern stream wave that gets kicked out by a trailing wave and southern stream energy left in the Southwest.
  2. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=williamsburg+va+weather+forecast
  3. Flipped to pixie flakes in Burke about 10 minutes ago. Now it's ending. Pretty much a big ol' disappointment. Should have seen that coming.
  4. Sorry. I went back to edit and add my obs. 41 and raining. Padding my monthly precip stats.
  5. Because there’s nothing else to focus on in the near term?
  6. It's more like 7am-12pm, looking at the instantaneous hourly precip on TT. Either way, it should be ripping with good dendritic growth from about 8-10.
  7. Yoda had originally posted without an image, but I think you can see how it might play out with that look at 240. Man...it'll be shocking (annoying) if we go through the next two weeks without something hitting for 5"+ in the general area.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, the Euro has a block and a low on its way to the 50/50 region, which would help keep it from cutting. Not that it matters, of course, since it's the Euro all the way at 240.
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