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    Burke, VA - On top of Pohick Mountain at 325' and I'm usually 0.01F cooler than my surrounds!!

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  1. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. I can't see myself ever chasing. I simply have no time to do it - especially not now with a young family and job and all that crap that gets in the way of having fun. Frankly, I'm also not into weather enough to sacrifice time and money on chasing it. I like MBY, and if I don't get interesting weather there, then I'll "suffer" through weather i don't like and find something else to do. To each their own, of course, and I totally get why people would chase. It's just not for me, is all. That said, a 2' blizzard would be awesome. Let's do it here.
  2. Yeah. Never seen that one before...
  3. Meh. Upper-Midwest fall blizzard. Nothing new, nothing to worry about. I honestly didn't even know about it until you mentioned it. More often that not, it's better not to pay attention to what's going on elsewhere, especially in an area that's a completely different climate.
  4. ^ I think the neighborhood Halloween parade had been held in torch-ish conditions the last three years. Wish we could just have a nice, chilly parade for once!
  5. 81 now and then a little snow followed by a torch? And people b*tch about our weather...
  6. Don't think it would be traffic since you get a lot of SW-moving returns south of DC. Traffic would be moving north. Very slowly. It's chemtrails. And HAARP.
  7. Will you be able to keep your cheeks dry today since there was no rain?
  8. My dog tore up a family of moles the first fall we had him - sniffed them out from above the ground and dug them out from 6-8 inches down. I felt kind of bad, but we haven't seen a mole since. I love that dog.
  9. Can we get some chemtrails or HAARP up in this jawn to give us some rain or something?
  10. I felt a raindrop in Burke about 15 minutes ago.
  11. Perfect early-fall day. Plenty warm in the sun, but chilly in the shade and when the wind blew. Maybe it’s the comfy weather, but for some reason, I feel like I could sleep for days...