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    Winter 2016-2017 - T.W.A.T.

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    Burke, VA - On top of Pohick Mountain at 325' and I'm usually 0.01F cooler than my surrounds!!
  1. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    Solid coating on all hard surfaces in Burke.
  2. January Banter String

  3. January Banter String

    If I had the keys to the amwx car, I'd be really curious to do a comparison of the IP addresses of a few members...
  4. January Banter String

    I really kind of hate that band.
  5. Jan 16/17 light snow event.

    Re: the Euro upgrade... I have no doubt that whatever they did, they did with the knowledge that it would have a knock-on effect on the model's capabilities in some far corner(s) of the globe. At that point, you need to make the decision as to whether to put that upgrade into production and accept the loss of functionality/capability in one domain in favor of another. They would have seen those knock-on effects in whatever regression testing they did prior to the release of the upgrade, and they made the business decision to move forward with it.
  6. January Banter String

    There probably aren't a lot of females on this board because there aren't really a lot of women who give a flying F about the whys and hows of weather. Crazy thought, I know.
  7. January Banter String

    Nice. It seems like this winter every bird in the 'hood knows when we put out seed, because it's gone within about 48 hours. Sparrows, titmice, nuthatches, finches, downy and red-bellied woodpeckers, cardinals (a ton of them!), chickadees, juncos, etc., etc. - they're all there in droves. It's pretty awesome.
  8. January Banter String

    PAT return is only 2 points.
  9. January Banter String

    I heard that the western areas have gotten screwed while the rest of us have gotten “real” snow events so far this year. And then I heard it again. And again... #clskinsfan
  10. January Banter String

    Can you get rid of Amped while you’re at it?
  11. January Discobs Thread

    Saw about 18 flurries earlier. Who’s recording a T today?
  12. January Banter String

    Gotta admit that I haven’t seen more than a few quarters of foozeball this year, so even though I’m excited for what the Birds have done, I’m pretty blasé about the whole thing. Might be different if Wentz hadn’t gotten hurt, but even then I’d likey be relatively emotionally uninvested.
  13. January Banter String