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  1. 90% clouded over in downtown DC.
  2. I'm a little tired of this weather.
  3. Wait...why in the hell does anywhere have BCBS in stock now? You lucky bastard!
  4. Tomatoes and peppers went in the last week of April; when we came back from SC the tomatoes were going strong, though the peppers had unsurprisingly not grown much at all. Basil is much the same. Cool-weather crops were doing great. Scapes are coming out on the garlic, too. Love those things! Main issue I've had is that one of the Amish Paste had its top lopped off by a branch that fell from a neighbor's tree. It still has one leaf, so it'll probably come back if I give it enough time, but I may just replace it with a Roma. Cucumbers will be seeded this weekend. Lawn? I need to bring in the pros to get rid of all the clover - and particularly the wild violet - in the front. Looks white-trash.
  5. I can say with confidence that that will not happen.
  6. Wife has started the discussion about possibly moving farther west in Northern VA in the next few years, and she has her eyes set on Warrenton. Any folks out that way have input on whether the latitude hurts for snow out there compared to place like Burke?
  7. I'd take this all day and twice on Sunday. I've said many times before that I generally don't mind big heat, but it wears on me after a while. I'd happily take being on the east side of the ridge without big heat, and take my chances with weather coming down the back side of it.
  8. Drops with some breezes. No complaints because we got hit last night.
  9. Thanks, Nole. My wife called me into her office by saying that it looked like The Nothing from The Neverending Story, and she wasn't too far off! I was really impressed with the movement of the structure. I have a video of it,and it really does look like something was trying to spin up. It wasn't any ordinary scud, that's for sure!
  10. We were out of town when the cicadas started coming out, so when we came home there were a good number of shells on trees and in the grass. I've seen the occasional live cicada here and there, but haven't personally noticed any calls. I tried to get our dog to eat one, but he wasn't interested. He walked away as if to say "This isn't a side of beef, so I'm not interested." Cicadas are awesome though. 2004 was absolutely insane at my now-in-laws' house in Herndon (I lived in Adams Morgan at the time). Just millions of them literally everywhere, and the calls in the afternoon sounded like an alien landing. Absolutely incredible. 2021 should be awesome now that we're living in the suburbs.
  11. A few pictures of an interesting little feature looking NW as the storm came in. This was no more than a a couple miles away and had plenty of movement to it. The storm ended up a falling a little flat in the end. There was decent wind for a couple minutes before the rain started, just as these pictures were taken. Not sure how much rain we had, but there was never a huge downpour, but rather a steady moderate rain with big drops. No hail. Plenty of leaves on the ground.
  12. Me too, Yoda.
  13. Bring it. Just don't smash my veggies and tomatoes.
  14. Weather has been nearly perfect. Could use a little rain every few days, but otherwise there's no way to complain (between sneezes).
  15. Been siting here for about 25 minutes now. No idea when we'll move. F***!