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  1. March is an awful month in which to have a birthday. I don't mind the weather in August, but it's a bit of a grind as swim season ends and we're waiting for school to start. For me, the first couple weeks of September is truly awful since we usually get hot, but the pool is closed.
  2. 6 degrees below normal at Dulles is chilly...and it was chilly region-wide outside the typical UHI areas. I feel that it's disingenuous to use obs at DCA and BWI as examples to disprove the notion of a day or period being cold.
  3. Sounds interesting. That said, my process is really solid, and I can't imagine harvesting more than I already get! My plants get up to 15' long (maybe even more lol) and I generally harvest from early-July until late October. Might be an interesting thing to do as an experiment, though.
  4. It's not too early. I know because I follow the same process every year and I have everything I need to keep plants healthy and strong before planting. I'll up-pot two times before hardening off and getting the plants in the ground sometime between mid-April and early-May. I plan my planting schedule based on the long-range forecast, and if I feel that I can get them in the ground without fear of getting zapped by cold then I'll do it. A few years ago, we had that early-May cold spell, but I covered up the plants and they withstood it without any issues.
  5. Got my first seeds planted and under lights yesterday. I've been getting my seeds from Territorial Seed Company for quite a few years now, so I'm a little nervous about picking up the seeds from the nearby nursery this year. Hopefully the germinate and all is well! Tomatoes San Marzano Amish Paste Coeur de Bue Jersey Devil Roma Sugar Cherry Jalapenos Broccoli Lettuce Basil Parsley I'll probably be starting some others in a few weeks and will be direct sowing mache, spinach, and more lettuce by the middle of March. Dill will go in later. It's on!
  6. I’ll just assume every year will be meh and hope something good happens. This storm sucked.
  7. I need to get a service to come out and trim the big branches from our neighbor’s huge beech tree. It’s on the NW side of my garden, so it doesn’t interfere too badly, but it hangs over enough that it blocks some afternoon sun from a spot where I want to put in a new raised bed. I also just want to keep the limbs from hanging over my house!
  8. I’ll go with a total of 0.25” of slush in Burke. Pretty cool to actually watch the flip in real time and then see the heavy stuff. Bummer this couldn’t have tracked a little south, but whatever. It’s almost spring
  9. I’m still so confused about what happened to our mega look we were supposed to be coming into.
  10. Mashed potatoes at 38 degrees in Burke. Excited for my RAPpage. This is the best storm ever.
  11. So you're saying that Chuck was right. Crazy to think that the monthlies and weeklies and ensembles were all on board for AGES only up until last week, but now it's all convoluted and far less of a given that we'll even see a portion of that look when the time comes.
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