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  1. Likely in HHI from December 26-January 2. I'm a little scurred, to be honest...
  2. Come on man...we're not losing anything based on a single ensemble run.
  3. The only thing we need is for there to be shortwaves coming at us from the southwest. As we all know, if we have to rely on the northern stream to get it done for us, then we're teetering precariously on the edge. But yeah...that look is pretty phenomenal. How about we just get a bowling ball that rocks out of Colorado and straight across the country? I do have a question for anyone who can answer: If we do rely more on the northern stream, is it helpful to have the ridge axis a little further west or do we still want it ideally running though Idaho?
  4. I hadn't even thought of that. Makes perfect sense now!
  5. Walking back from the bus stop this morning gave me more of a chill than I was expecting.
  6. Yup. If that happens, it's going to be almost unwatchable.
  7. He’s one of their better attacking players, so it could well make a difference, especially if we get a lead and they have to push for a goal or two. The bigger potential miss is Sardar Azmoun. If his calf injury is still nagging him (as rumored), then they could really miss him as an effective outlet if they sit deep and defend.
  8. Low off the Canadian Maritimes reforms off the Mid-Atlantic due to a massive pig block? I could see it happening.
  9. 100% with you on that. We definitely have it in us to do it, but it's always hard to break down teams who are looking to nullify any sort of attack and who aren't looking to attack in their own right. If Iran gets a first goal of the match, then it's going to be grim viewing, but if we can somehow pick one up first then we may be able to slice them up as they come out of their shell.
  10. Shitting bricks (again) already
  11. I’m honestly not sure what you’re saying in this post. That timeframe has been showing up as having higher heights over much of the eastern 2/3 of the CONUS for days and days now. It’s five or so days later that the Scandinavian Ridge retrograde and we see higher heights established all across the higher latitudes.
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