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  1. Curious how much rain folks south of Fredericksburg or thereabouts ended up with. Promising start to the day saw everything happen south of us, and there were returns down there for hours.
  2. Not sure about that. The radar is the proverbial Christmas Tree right now with boundaries all over the place. I think we see constant pulsing and reforming of storms for quite some time this afternoon/evening with lots of 2-3" reports.
  3. Drove through that popup cell driving back from Costco in Springfield. Absolute dumping while looking at partly cloudy skies to the north.
  4. @yoda...you're back in West Springfield?
  5. That's awesome. I once kicked a full glass of red wine all over a wall and curtains in an old apartment. My now wife and I were eating on the floor (because I didn't have a table), then I got up to use the bathroom and just punted the f*cking thing across the room. Place looked like a GD murder scene.
  6. But will the frontal passage be VIOLENT?!
  7. Damn - that's crazy. We definitely had some decent wind (and pea-sized hail) when our first cell blew up almost overhead, but no damage.
  8. I always find that kind of annoying, though there can always be a surprise in the other direction, as well. We missed a lot of the action early on, but when it did rain it came down in buckets. Waiting for the local CoCoRaHs to update...
  9. That's a veteran move right there!
  10. Glad to hear you’re not at a rainfall deficit for another few days!
  11. No thunder, but nice rains again now. Looking forward to getting my gutters realigned and micro mesh gutter guards put on this weekend!
  12. ^ was a few hours ago. Now I’m waiting impatiently for another round of storms, but I’m feeling slightly negative about my chances this late in the evening. Just have a feeling the cells are going to fizzle…
  13. Didn’t need it. Separate cell popped up overhead and laid down a little hail. Good wind and rain now. Damn…seems I didn’t post this earlier.
  14. Didn’t need it. Separate cell popped up overhead and laid down a little hail. Good wind and rain now.
  15. I need @MN Transplant to share with me right about now.
  16. I've never dealt with thieving squirrels as much as I have this year. They're absolutely killing my tomato harvest. I've been liberally sprinkling the plants with cayenne powder and covering the fruits with very fine mesh bags. That's slowed them down a little, but unless there's a ton of cayenne on them, they still rip the damn fruits and bag off.
  17. Would be nice to see what their initial call was. I'm sure it's easy enough to find, but when showing a graphic like this it's best to not just tell the reader that there were changes, but actually to show what the changes were.
  18. I've been in and out, but mostly in. I just figure that mid-90s is fairly pedestrian heat for early August around here. Gotta say...it seems the new roof we had installed last fall is making a big difference this summer. The better roof alone helps, but the ridge vents have to be making a huge difference.
  19. Is it really that terribly hot?
  20. 3km NAM goes CAPE crazy and drops some storms around dinnertime today. It's the NAM. What can go wrong?
  21. Zero expectations = Zero disappointment
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