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  1. Because there’s nothing else to focus on in the near term?
  2. It's more like 7am-12pm, looking at the instantaneous hourly precip on TT. Either way, it should be ripping with good dendritic growth from about 8-10.
  3. Yoda had originally posted without an image, but I think you can see how it might play out with that look at 240. Man...it'll be shocking (annoying) if we go through the next two weeks without something hitting for 5"+ in the general area.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the Euro has a block and a low on its way to the 50/50 region, which would help keep it from cutting. Not that it matters, of course, since it's the Euro all the way at 240.
  5. I don't want to stop people from doing what they do, but if I were ruler of the world, I'd force people to do this.
  6. I know it's so wrong, but every time read it...
  7. My school source got this one wrong. We thought the 2-hour delay made no sense, so at least they didn't go through with that stupidity.
  8. I'm not sure why people are giving you such a hard time. No...it doesn't matter whether there's going to be an advisory or whatever. If you just look at the discussion you'll see that it's starting to look like an advisory-level event, and we should expect that some sort of advisories will be posted sometime today.
  9. Tracker is 1 for 2 on recent threads. Not good enough.
  10. 2-hour delay, virtual, then the scheduled early release. Book it.
  11. I love how Snoopy actually eats the bones in this. Like...just crushes them as if they're crackers. Bone after bone after bone.
  12. But there's a vort just behind it that looks to take advantage of the path that first vort laid down. The second (and some other pieces of energy flying around) goes negative in a pretty decent spot. Looks like it's not far from going boom as the northern stream energy swings in from behind.
  13. Good call. Too bad it's not for the Friday-Saturday event...which also sucks on the GFS.
  14. I think the January 21-22 threat has now flatlined.
  15. NAM is just a wave riding the front. Wish the front would slow the F down now.
  16. GFS has that ridiculous 959mb inland bomb around the same timeframe in yesterday's 18z run. Definitely a timeframe to watch. I think PSU mentioned the other day that around that time as another window of interest.
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