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  1. The bend in Burke Road is around the corner from me. It floods so easily, but it does recede fairly quickly.
  2. Per CoCoRaHs, the station less than 1/2 mile away has had 6.55” of rain in the last 30 days. Burke drought busted.
  3. Dude…most of us have struggled to get snow the last six years.
  4. That train really ramped up the totals IMBY last night, as it hadn’t rained terribly much during the day and evening compared to some others. Closest CoCoRaHs put me at 2.82” for the event.
  5. Riding that train in Burke right now. Ugh.
  6. It does. And I’m sitting here not at all lamenting being on the edge of that training running through DC. F that.
  7. The previous couple pages have been painful reading, but I guess the woes and complaints have paid off.
  8. Reading the severe thread…sounds like it’s time to fire up the drought thread again!
  9. I hear you. The pool we swam at was littered with leaves, but there’s not much to be done about it, I guess. Sorry to hear that the relays didn’t go your way, but I suppose losing an exciting meet is better than losing an unexciting meet!
  10. Definitely the weather. I just checked the NVSL site (stalker), and I think I know which meet was yours. Any meet that comes down to relays and ends like that would be awesome (if you win )!
  11. The pool we swam at was really shaded, so it was pretty damn chilly! Our opponents were unfortunately dealing with a lot of COVID cases, so it ended up not being much of a contest. They were great hosts, though, so we all had a good time! A lot of our kids had uncomfortable swims, but they pushed though it, which is really all we could ask for!
  12. Yeah...first A Meet of the season is going to be a little chilly!
  13. School's Out party tonight at the pool. Perfect weather for it!
  14. It’s a rough existence out there in Stephens City.
  15. Hoping it’s just some showers on Saturday, but we’re still planning to put up canopies so the time cards can actually be written on and are legible. My main concern now is just the kids staying warm. I probably should t worry, but I’m a softie.
  16. All of our thoughts and prayers paid off! 0.20” here, but we didn’t need any more than that, so I’m good…
  17. We have swim team time trials starting at 9:00 am on Saturday, so it looks like we’ll be swimming in the rain as long as there’s no thunder. Wouldn’t mind this thing being a dud since I’ve had over 2” of rain in the last two weeks, but I understand that others who are suffering from the drought would like some steady rains.
  18. Sorry to hear that, K. Hope the hubs gets better soon!
  19. With the big June warmup coming up, I'd say most likely!
  20. Lots of chatter on the local Facebook group. Crazy story!
  21. Things are looking rough there in Maryland right now:
  22. I really hope the nearby CoCoRaHs reports tomorrow!
  23. Absolute deluge with this last cell to end the day. Never came close to verifying severe in any of these storms today, but holy sh*t is it dumping right now.
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