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  1. Probably rain, but at least we can tune in with half-hearted interest to see what happens for each run.
  2. When you've got a 1015 L pushing into western Kentucky, there's no way a 1041 H in southern Quebec can withstand it.
  3. No one has ever accused crocuses of being smart.
  4. I realize that UHI affects a relatively small portion of the earth, which is my point. What are the locations whose data is fed into this model? Are these temperatures being taken at on-the-ground sites across the word? Are they just official record stations, such as airports, etc. like we have in the US? Are current temperatures being collected with satellites? Are they being collected at the thermal vents to underwater volcanoes? Again...I'm not doubting that warming is occurring, but there is some room to question whether temperature readings are biased warm (i.e., warmer than temps already are) in the modern day.
  5. Sorry...I think that came out wrong. What I meant was that I can't figure out what the starting point for the temp change is. Is it temp change year on year? Temps change based on average during the timeframe shown? We see a big spike from about 1900, which is alarming, but without that context I get a little lost. I'm not denying warming in any way, but I will admit that I question if the process of calculating temps imparts a warm bias into the data (particularly the effects of station siting and UHI).
  6. My problem with it is that there's no explanation of how it's measuring temp change. I honestly can't figure out what it's supposed to be telling me...and I my project consists primarily of folks who do data analytics and advanced reporting.
  7. Out of curiosity, are these temperature measurements affected by UHI? I'm not arguing against GW, but I feel like the extent of temperature increase can be argued against because so many sites are affected by UHI nowadays. That's also an odd graph because it's labeled "Global Average Temperature Change." But what is the base temperature that it's measuring from? Were is the starting point for 0.0C?
  8. I'm sure the power grid will continue working flawlessly, as it always does in Texas.
  9. By saying "position groups," I assume he's lumping the tight ends with the wide receivers.
  10. I suppose this was 0.5" but it may have been closer to 0.75" as the snow shut off...I just wasn't awake for it. When you're snow starved, you gotta parse the details!
  11. Pretty nasty day today. Would be nice to get first measurable overnight.
  12. That's such a dumb tweet. Why even post that here? I ask that question seriously.
  13. In before someone quotes me and strikes through "until the event is underway."
  14. Same. The RGEM is atrocious until the event is underway.
  15. Probably where my Dad got it from. He has always been an AccuWeather guy (almost went to work for them as a sales guy years ago), so he probably just continued following Bastardi after he left.
  16. A month or so ago, my Dad sent me a link that pointed to some sort of research behind this. He's a smart guy, and while I could see that *maybe* there's something in it, I just kind of let it slide.
  17. I spent the weekend away from the board and I feel much better for it.
  18. But I heard that God so loved Mahomes that He healed Mahomes this week. Can you imagine giving the Almighty two weeks to heal a player?
  19. Once we get past the Holidays, then it really is miserable. Snow just slaps a band-aid on it.
  20. We'll be well into spring before we know it, and the disappointment of this season won't matter any more.
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