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  1. Always good to see some initiation *relatively* close by.
  2. Not sure. It's been pretty damn dry over the last few weeks, but we were quite wet prior to that - we also lucked into a couple brief downpours in the last couple weeks, so maybe it's just enough to keep things going. I haven't watered the front lawn once and it's doing fine, but it gets a decent amount of shade throughout the day and doesn't grow terribly fast in general. The backyard gets a ton of shade now as neighbors' trees have gotten bigger in the last few years, so yeah...I guess that's a lot to do with it.
  3. 100% agreed. I don't know a lot of technical weather details, but this is one thing that I've learned from simple observation over many years.
  4. My lawn is pretty much doing fine right now, except for a few spots that are browning, I've only watered a couple times - nice soakings to get it through the driest periods - so I just want to get into the potentially stormy period coming up without needing to fire up the sprinklers (because I honestly despise having to water the lawn). Garden is doing fine. Had LOTS of problems with starting my seedlings this year, so ended up grabbing some plants at the local nursery. I got them in the ground quite a bit later than I normally plant, but a few tomatoes have pretty much caught up while some others really struggled for some reason. Also seems I got some crap potting soil for the jalapenos and herbs that I like to plant in pots, so they're really not showing any promise. Just a bit of a tough year overall, but there's plenty of growing left to do. Could certainly be worse!
  5. Prepping to host NVSL Divisionals this Saturday for the second year in a row. Gotta say...I'm a bit more worn out this year than the last couple years (got the O.L.D.), but we're making it work! Thank goodness the weather is looking halfway decent! Our team did really well this year, so we're expecting to move up a couple/few divisions next year and be in as high a division as we've been in for many years. Hope the league doesn't go crazy and move us up too much, but it'll be interesting to see how the kids respond to going against some bigger teams!
  6. It was just to fill a lane. She was as big as a 5-year-old, but still...that's just nuts. We've done the same with filling lanes with younger ones. We have lots of kids (6-8s) who could probably just fill a lane and make it across the pool this year, but we try not to throw kids in there if we feel it might be intimidating for them or somehow lower their enthusiasm for swimming if they don't do well. We have a 7-year-old boy who swam all four strokes as a 5, but he's a bit of an anomaly (to say the least). The coaches entered my 6-year-old in Fly last week, but she refused to swim it . I was a little disappointed, but it's not the end of the world. At this point, she just wants to swim if her best friend is also swimming, so B Meets are where it's at right now. Of course, now she's putting up a fuss about swimming Back this weekend, even though she's perfectly capable of not coming in last!
  7. We had a few rumbles of thunder that delayed our warmups, but we shortened them to 10 minutes apiece and got the meet started at 6:35 pm. Went pretty well and finished before 8:30 pm. And it was a really well run meet and everyone had a great time! Kids had some great swims - even the many who had to fill in for all the other kids missing - and we did end up winning the meet. Our 11-12 Boys went 56 low (and destroyed our team record) in Free, and went 1:03 in Medley, so we're just waiting for our first call to All Star Relay in a few years. Always neat when a little team like ours gets the chance to swim against the big teams! Also...one of the other teams had a f'ing 3-year-old swimming in their 8&U relays!!!
  8. Relay Carnival for us is literally 3-5 minutes away and we have 12 passes for the lot (and I get one as the Rep ). Not looking forward to the inevitable delays, as you guys have mentioned, but nothing we can do about it. My main worry is that families just drive home to wait out any storms and don't get the SwimTopia app alerts we send out. Before you know it, we've only got three 8&Us going to clerk of course while we frantically text the parents to get them back to the pool! If we go into tomorrow, we're going to have some issues with our 15-18s because a bunch of them are scheduled to guard at our own pool tomorrow. We're already missing a lot of swimmers to camps and such this week, so we had to pull from the lower rungs of our ladders to fill the relays, but hopefully those weakened groups can make a respectable showing and we can pull out a Relay Carnival win!
  9. Was a little chilly later in the evening last Monday, but overall it was a great night. Saturday was glorious! Tonight will be a tad toastier, but this Saturday will be rough. Heard that NVSL is considering suggesting early starts to this weekend's meets should both teams be amenable to it.
  10. Haven't been around for a while after I switched projects in Jan-Feb and had to get up to speed. Weird to be back. Hosting out first swim meet tonight. Summer is truly here!
  11. March is an awful month in which to have a birthday. I don't mind the weather in August, but it's a bit of a grind as swim season ends and we're waiting for school to start. For me, the first couple weeks of September is truly awful since we usually get hot, but the pool is closed.
  12. 6 degrees below normal at Dulles is chilly...and it was chilly region-wide outside the typical UHI areas. I feel that it's disingenuous to use obs at DCA and BWI as examples to disprove the notion of a day or period being cold.
  13. Sounds interesting. That said, my process is really solid, and I can't imagine harvesting more than I already get! My plants get up to 15' long (maybe even more lol) and I generally harvest from early-July until late October. Might be an interesting thing to do as an experiment, though.
  14. It's not too early. I know because I follow the same process every year and I have everything I need to keep plants healthy and strong before planting. I'll up-pot two times before hardening off and getting the plants in the ground sometime between mid-April and early-May. I plan my planting schedule based on the long-range forecast, and if I feel that I can get them in the ground without fear of getting zapped by cold then I'll do it. A few years ago, we had that early-May cold spell, but I covered up the plants and they withstood it without any issues.
  15. Got my first seeds planted and under lights yesterday. I've been getting my seeds from Territorial Seed Company for quite a few years now, so I'm a little nervous about picking up the seeds from the nearby nursery this year. Hopefully the germinate and all is well! Tomatoes San Marzano Amish Paste Coeur de Bue Jersey Devil Roma Sugar Cherry Jalapenos Broccoli Lettuce Basil Parsley I'll probably be starting some others in a few weeks and will be direct sowing mache, spinach, and more lettuce by the middle of March. Dill will go in later. It's on!
  16. I’ll just assume every year will be meh and hope something good happens. This storm sucked.
  17. I need to get a service to come out and trim the big branches from our neighbor’s huge beech tree. It’s on the NW side of my garden, so it doesn’t interfere too badly, but it hangs over enough that it blocks some afternoon sun from a spot where I want to put in a new raised bed. I also just want to keep the limbs from hanging over my house!
  18. I’ll go with a total of 0.25” of slush in Burke. Pretty cool to actually watch the flip in real time and then see the heavy stuff. Bummer this couldn’t have tracked a little south, but whatever. It’s almost spring
  19. I’m still so confused about what happened to our mega look we were supposed to be coming into.
  20. Mashed potatoes at 38 degrees in Burke. Excited for my RAPpage. This is the best storm ever.
  21. So you're saying that Chuck was right. Crazy to think that the monthlies and weeklies and ensembles were all on board for AGES only up until last week, but now it's all convoluted and far less of a given that we'll even see a portion of that look when the time comes.
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