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  1. Can’t get too banged up tonight. I have to be up at 6 tomorrow to set up for a swim team fundraiser - Pancakes and Pajamas. Will be serving flapjacks in this (though I look far more busted than this young lady does):
  2. And epic winter is a high bar, whether now or 100 years ago.
  3. Bingo. This is good news and is indicative of Nino feeding moisture into southern energy. We’re going to win with that kind of juice at some point.
  4. Nice… I just poured a Wegman’s cherry pomegranate seltzer with vodka and lime as my starter. It’s very much a summer drink, but it’s crazy good. Going to follow that with a BCBS into which I dropped half a Madagascar vanilla bean two days ago. Oh. Yeah.
  5. The normal high at DCA today is 51. The record high is 74. Why lol?
  6. I've never quite understood why someone would choose a public persona of a disingenuous asshole.
  7. Agree with brooklyn. I think you run a risk if you try to view an individual event as indicative of a greater issue. I don't think any of us would take a cold powder storm in mid-December and draw sweeping conclusions about where we were going on a wider scale, so I don't think we can do that here. It's really nothing to do with borderline temps in our immediate region during prime climo - it's just that CONUS is warm and we're at the beginning of a pattern change in the middle of December. It's annoying, but I don't think we can draw any conclusions from it other than that it's part of the step down into more favorable climo and setup.
  8. Yup. Too bad CONUS is full of warm air at the time, but it's great to see a storm coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and riding the coast.
  9. Looks at the temps across North America. This isn't some borderline snow situation - it's in the 40s from coast to coast. There's just no cold for this to tap into.
  10. 100%. It would probably be annoying to "have to" track something like this at the beginning of February if we hadn't seen anything of note prior to that, but it's barely into December at this point. Let's track away!
  11. It's early-season potential, even if a long shot and wouldn't amount to much. Certainly worth tracking for a couple days.
  12. Sounds to me like you're both saying some folks should read more and post less.
  13. Don't let him bring up a model run for discussion!
  14. I was about to say something about the temps. We just need to accept that it's going to take time for temps to cool down as things reshuffle. Patience is hard to keep, especially with Christmas in view (and all the winter wishes that go with it), but it's still so, so early.
  15. Love to see the reshuffle happening on the ensembles now, and not just on the weeklies. It's also nice that the can isn't getting kicked, so that each new run is showing us more of those changes than we saw in the prior run. From my notes (Burke): January 3: 9.25” from a relatively fast-moving low that formed as a big front came through. Was in the mid-60s for a couple days before, light rain and wet snow started at 4:00 am, then flipped by 6:00. Temps dropped all day. Nearly 2”/hr rates at the height. Postcard scene, but lots of trees and limbs down in the area.
  16. Good to see some of the closer-in folks report some very light frozen because I thought I saw some while in the car in Burke a little earlier.
  17. If she hated Starbursts and only liked yellow snow, you would have had a real kinky one on your hands.
  18. New normal. Sorry...couldn't help myself.
  19. The look in January on the Euro monthlies is excellent, but February is out-and-out weenie. If it plays out that way, I'd be shocked if we didn't get a couple *really* good looks over the 6 weeks of prime climo.
  20. Just another reason why in-office work sucks.
  21. But what if it's close to 8? I think maybe that's warm phase 7.
  22. Have we had a persistent WAR over the last month or so? Sounds like you think we have.
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