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  1. Nice fresh air flowing through the house
  2. After having multiple kids and going pumpkin patch for many many years, you get smarter and realize the grocery store is much better option
  3. I hope I can rock the flip flops until February. So beautiful out. Great running weather
  4. I’ll take this until end of year.
  5. Feels amazing out. May as well stay like this through winter if it’s not going to snow
  6. No scientific evidence but this has to be our year right?
  7. Here comes the leaves. Much rather cut grass every couple days then get leaves up
  8. Nice to have a light stout option
  9. Feels like good day to drink earlier and more than usual while eating so much crappy food that my wife has to roll me to bed around 7pm. Rinse and repeat until sun comes out
  10. Great pic but your dog has that “jeez dad” look…
  11. Gloomy and muggy lately. If summer is over then just bring on the crisp air
  12. Crappy day out but if this is what it takes to the set the stage for a nice weekend then I’m all for it
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