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  1. It would do wonders for y’all’s souls if we could just hit 60s for rest of winter. Let’s gas up the mowers and fire up the grills
  2. Least we get a beautiful day to help ease the pain
  3. Just posts here in banter or less in LR. It’s not that you really annoy me, but I do think your excessive shit post dilute or distract from the others I would prefer to hear more from. It’s not the maestro forum so just sit back sometimes
  4. I thought turd in punch bowl was a fair assessment that even you would agree with it. If you need compliment to help you feel better about yourself, then I do think you have picked up quite a bit of knowledge even if took 500000 questions a day to get there.
  5. Sorry I thought my post was pretty kind man. Please know I’m really rooting for you to stop posting dumb shit in the LR thread. Good luck buddy
  6. True. Not trying to turn out like rg3
  7. I don’t know about that take man...One could also say if Lamar had the same financial stability as Mahomes he probably be little more wreckless and push through it
  8. Least they give us snow during playoff game. Can’t imagine the shape i would be in tailgating at a playoff game with snow coming down
  9. I think the San Fran / Dallas game may be intense. But yeh imagine the eagles / giants may be pretty hard hitting
  10. Which game will be most entertaining this weekend?
  11. I feel bad for getting on you man. Sorry this stuff messes with you so much but glad to hear you least have the self awareness. I’m sure you are a good dude, but it sure sucks to see your name on every page/everyday with same dumb shit and then take it out on psu when he posts some quality stuff. Anyways sorry for kicking you in the nuts while you were already down, just hope you can find some peace and not take that shit out on others or be top 4 poster in the LR thread.
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