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  1. Def out of gas around here. So stupid. Crazy how effective social media is with manipulating folks and politicizing everything.
  2. Yeh I’m really trying not to complain because could be worse, but I hate days where it takes so long for sun to come out to salvage the little bit left of day. That said I’m glad the sun made a visit
  3. How we looking long term? I’d rather just have some heat then this dreary crap. At least with heat the pools be ready to go come Memorial Day
  4. Def was hard to get going on this Monday
  5. Hope all the moms out there have an amazing day tomorrow. Thanks for all y’all do! Happy Mother’s Day!
  6. It’s been a pleasant spring but def has felt like there has been too many cold mornings.
  7. Def toasty. It’s got that “should be day drinking at the pool” kind of vibe. Can’t wait for chill days of summer, but I’d prefer it tad cooler until we get there
  8. Glad to get some rain today. Don’t really have allergies but felt like I had rocks in my eyes after cutting grass other day. Def been a bright green spring
  9. So nice to be at ball fields tonight with temps in high 70s
  10. 61 at 9am works for me
  11. Where’s the son bro?
  12. Thankfully rain held off until 3 so not total waste of a day. Ok sacrificing today for the beautiful week ahead
  13. I drink quite a bit and eat like crap so def not healthy, but I rarely get a cold (even with having filthy kids) so I feel like my immune system is doing ok. Makes me not want to chance disrupting that
  14. It was such a beautiful day until about 1 and now it’s all downhill from here. Such a waste