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  1. Damn I’ve been begging for warm and dry, but this dude on a different level. It may be just easier to just stay off the board during winter and seek help bro instead of expecting everyone to accommodate your needs.
  2. So nice to see sun out today after having rain for 10 out of last 15 days. Wind is def helping to dry things out
  3. Yeh I never messed with the brisket because always figured I would f it up. I pretty much just stick to butts and ribs. I wish I had an egg tho, so I could make pizzas. I love them cook in the egg
  4. The stall is so unpredictable and has caused me to go to Plan B few times over past years to avoid an hangry family. Recently I’ve started just putting on around midnight and letting cook overnight and then wrapping in foil/towel in cooler for few hours. I have the Weber Smokey Mountain which isn’t as solid as the egg but does good job maintaining temps Check out amazingribs.com site if haven’t already. Some good recipes on there
  5. Nice! Do you have a go to rub @mattie g?
  6. I would have never taken the 13” in December had I known I would be cursed with so many cold rain days with a few cloudy/60s in between. Bout to start sacrificing animals to the snow gods
  7. Glad to see ya finally get some love out there. Enjoy!
  8. Perhaps I can catch a little surprise down here with the early start time. Just give me some cold to work with and the moisture will always finds it way home to the swamp
  9. BWI: 1.6 DCA: 2.1 IAD: 2.6 RIC: 1.2 Tiebreaker: 1.04
  10. Well least it will be 65 Thursday and 70 Sunday.
  11. Folks going to be dropping like flies around here tomorrow
  12. Can’t wait for my cold rain
  13. Taking my lil guy to late VCU game tomorrow night, so hoping for his sake he gets at least delayed opening.
  14. My go to for this time of year is always founders breakfast stout.
  15. I don’t mind if I keep missing the snow, but these cold rain hits are going to make me go Ji. Just give me the dry cold and spare me please