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  1. Winds ripping and I’m hammered. Success!
  2. I’d pop a tent for an inch at this point
  3. Happy bday man! Hope your wish comes true so we can get some awesome analysis and obs
  4. I’ll take repeat of this weekend please
  5. Pool drunk hits harder than snow drunk
  6. Def wears on me mentally when we have these stretches of crap weather. Sun is good for the soul
  7. Never really get ripped too much too early these days, however I immediately woke up today and was like bring on the alcohol, edibles, and bong hits because not much else this weather is conducive for
  8. I still take it over the 50s or wind. This is the weather that makes ya not have a care in the world. Just grilling and chillin
  9. 88 and toasty! Drinks hit harder today
  10. Now we talking! Let’s keep this up
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