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  1. I’ll be there as well and after being there in June when it was 65 and rain for 4 days straight, I’m hoping I get a good week this time lol
  2. Also shout out to @WxWatcher007 for sharing his tropical knowledge. He’s the Bob Chill of tropical
  3. Def not a huge beast but you got to think quite a few folks get rocked. Sure beats tracking 90+ days
  4. Finally got into some downpours in RVA. Cut the grass earlier so she had plenty to drink lol
  5. Good display of discipline during such shitty times. Be proud of your self
  6. Thanks for sharing. Been a crazy year and drinking def catching up to me, so need to pull back myself. Just imagine there are going to be lot of people running into all kinds of issues coming out of a tough year...
  7. I try so hard to wait myself lol
  8. HH starts at 2pm these days since we have passed July 4th
  9. I don’t know what the hell im looking at, but it doesn’t sound as cool as when these are posted during winter
  10. My neighborhood sounded like war zone last night. Folks really went all out this year lol
  11. Toasty so might as well get toasted
  12. Been in obx since Saturday and it’s been pretty miserable. Thankfully I got 2nd trip later in summer but this has been rough one
  13. Of course because it knows I’ll be at the beach and my typical start time of drinking at noon needs to be moved up to 9am to account for the chasing kids around
  14. Agree. Sun and storms are fine. But dreary cloudy rainy days just suck