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  1. Looks pretty, doesn't it? Hard to believe anything close to that could happen after what we've seen so far this winter. But, we can hope. :-)
  2. Hopefully things trend favorable and not like the storm before Christmas that got up our hopes.
  3. Time for a new winter thread as the old one was started more than 5 years ago. The models are painting an interesting set up heading into Christmas so there should be lots to talk about.
  4. BWI: 10.9" DCA: 7.5" IAD: 11.5" RIC: 8.1" Tiebreaker LYH: 9.6"
  5. BWI: 11/04 IAD: 11/03 DCA: 11/27 RIC: 11/13 Peak Oct temp at DCA: 86F
  6. RIC has has bad luck this year along with low ball numbers coming from the airport observers. Been some years since I've seen it this bad. 7-8" is probably more accurate, but it is what it is. Even ORF looks to finish the season with 11.2".
  7. Not sure why the airport only recorded 0.4" today. Most people saw 1-2".
  8. Roads are finally covered in Williamsburg, about 2mi SW of W&M. I'd say 0.75 to 1" in the grass so far and still falling. Back edge of the precip is near though, but it might be trying to pivot near/over me.
  9. I'm in Williamsburg and it's sticking to cold surfaces (cars, mulch, etc). Radar looking like it's filling in out east.
  10. Yes, especially after all the tracking this month, lets get a bona fide 6"+ event. Responded to your PM, btw.
  11. 90 is as far as it goes, looks like it is. I don't either, just copied from the other thread.
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