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  1. Bottomed out at 46°F officially at RIC this morning. This is the coldest September reading there since 2003. AKQ is going with 43°F at the airport Tuesday morning, and if achieved, that would be the coldest September temperature since 2001 when it reached 43°F on 9/26/2001. The monthly record low is 35°F set on 9/24/1974. The last time RIC reached the 30s in September was in 1983.
  2. BWI: 10/25 IAD: 10/25 DCA: 11/10 RIC 10/26 TB: Warmest October Temperature: 86°F
  3. RIC tied a record low this morning, hitting 38°F. This is the first May since 1984 featuring three or more days with lows below 40°F.
  4. Reached 32°F at RIC this morning, this is the 2nd latest freeze on record. The latest occurred only a day later, on 5/11 back in 1966. The all time May low record is 31°F set on 5/9/1956. This is the first time RIC reached freezing in the month of May since 1986.
  5. Update to the above post, RIC did reach 32°F this morning. Very impressive, this is the 2nd latest spring freeze on record.
  6. RIC reached 34°F this morning, which makes it the coldest May temperature since it reached 32°F on May 4, 1986. Below are the coldest May readings in the period of record dating back to 1897. It's interesting to note that most of May's coldest temperatures occurred on the 9th. 34°F May 09, 2020 32°F May 04, 1986 34°F May 09, 1976 32°F May 11, 1966 34°F May 03, 1963 31°F May 09, 1956 32°F May 09, 1947 34°F May 02, 1943 It will be interesting to see how low it gets tonight. The record low is 35°F set in 1966 so there is a very real shot of setting a new record. It will also be interesting to see whether RIC makes it to 32°F. It would be the 2nd latest spring freeze on record. Funny enough, it would prevent RIC from establishing another record since the last time the airport hit freezing was back on March 8th. In 2012, the last spring freeze occurred on March 11th, which is the earliest on record. So, if it does not reach freezing tomorrow morning, 2020 will then feature the earliest beginning to the official growing season. The average date for the last spring freeze in the previous 30 years (1989-2019) was April 1st.
  7. Sunday morning's record low at RIC is 35 degrees set in 1966. AKQ's current forecast has RIC reaching 36 degrees. It will be interesting to see how low the temperature drops. The most recent Mays with temperatures in the 30s occurred in 2016, 2006 and 2002. The last May with two or more days with lows in the 30s occurred in 1986 and RIC actually hit 32 degrees on one of those days.
  8. Approaching 1.40" of rain officially at RIC. Today's final total will easily set a new daily rainfall record. The previous record for 4/30 was just 0.95" set in 1895.
  9. Interestingly, RIC set a new record low this morning bottoming out at 33 degrees. The old record was 34 set in 1953, which is the warmest record low temperature for any date in April. Although we've had several cold nights this month, the airport has not hit freezing. As a result, looks like 2020 will be the year with the earliest last spring freeze on record. The last time it reached 32 or below was back on March 8th.
  10. Officially 0.5" at RIC yesterday, now up to 1.5" for the season. Should no additional snow falls, 2019-20 will go down as a top 10 least snowy season on record.
  11. AKQ has the 1" line going up to PTB and over to Williamsburg on their morning map. < 1" over RVA metro.
  12. I remain hopeful for at least one event, even if it's a 4 or 5" slop fest at 33 degrees such as 3/24/13, 2/19/12 or 12/5/05.