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  1. Seeing some lightning bolts moving north out of NC on radar.
  2. This is true, but at least they continue to get shafted. Although I don't think WE have fared as good as you would think with the NAO block we've had.
  3. I feel so bad for those in the south-central, southern VA counties where thousands of people are still without power. :-( https://poweroutage.us/area/state/virginia
  4. Little Rock has 16" on the ground after the 7.5 more inches fell there today. They just had their version of Richmond in January 1987. Back then, RIC had two snowstorms three days apart, a snow depth of a foot plus for like a week and temperatures that dropped below 0°F one day
  5. It was PD II. Both are bad in their own way. You just won't get the massive power outages with sleet. During PD II, RIC was 20°F during the height of the event.
  6. Thanks, my numbers were original, I meant to relook before the deadline, and probably would've made changes. Figured DFW was going to fail getting below 0 and DEN was a bit too cold. Wasn't concerned for DCA. If the prize is real, your inbox isn't allowing messages.
  7. Meanwhile, we have to watch Dallas get a pure 6"+ snowstorm with temperatures in the low-mid teens.
  8. The high at RIC was only 31°F, which happened at 2:06am. So the record streak above freezing is over!
  9. Ah, that explains it. Well, feel free to chime in when you can the next time we get a notable weather event. Hope you like where you're living now.
  10. It should be noted that the Ice Storm Warning is a product that didn't exist back when the AKQ WFO last needed it. NWS creates new products and discontinues others based on feedback from the public. For instance, Blizzard Watch and Freeze Watch, along with others, are no longer used as of a year or two ago. So, just because AKQ is using it for the first time, doesn't mean they wouldn't have back in 1998, 1994, etc.
  11. This is great, I was wondering when you were going to come back in here, been a while!
  12. RIC has now gone 752 consecutive days with high temperatures above 32°F. This is the longest stretch on record. The last day to NOT rise above freezing was January 31, 2019 when the high temperature was 32°F. It will be interesting to see whether today or tomorrow can stay below freezing at the airport to end this streak. By the way, the average number of days with subfreezing highs for the 1991-2020 period of record is 5 days. 2020 and 2012 were the only two years with NO subfreezing highs.
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