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  1. RIC has been screwed so far this year, either too far south on 1/3, 1/6, and 1/16 to potentially being too far N & W on 1/21. If this was the first event, I'd be inclined to agree. However, 3" is nothing compared to what's happened just N & W and now it looks like there will be a miss S & E. We can do a lot better than 3" at the most climatologically favorable time of the year. Oh and by the way, the pattern, although not perfect, is decent for a Nina.
  2. Too many to name, and ORF had two blizzards, two years in a row (17 & 18). 1/3/2018 1/7/2017 2/26/2015 1/28/2014 12/26/2010 12/26/2004 12/3/2000 2/18/1989 2/6/1980 etc.
  3. We are due for an old school NC/VA snowstorm that used to occur more regularly. I guess we can consider 12/9/2018 as one of them, but a there were so many from the 1960s through the 1980s to name.
  4. Yesterday the GFS provided eye candy then took it away. Now today's 12Z Euro crushes C VA next weekend.
  5. Looks like RIC reached 20°F this morning, the 2nd coldest of the season. I am happy to finally get bona fide winter cold. It will be interesting to see whether it stays below 32°F on Tuesday. AKQ is going with only 30°F at RIC for a high under full sun. Prior to last February's ice storms, the last time RIC stayed below below freezing was on 1/31/2019. This 742 consecutive day stretch, was the longest on record. The 1991-2020 period of record had an average of 5 days with a high temperature of 32°F or below, with 1996 featuring the most at 17 days. 2020 and 2012 did not have any.
  6. It would come at the most climatologically favorable time of the year. I feel very optimistic for RIC given the advertised pattern. Even as we look at the map below and seeing being just a bit too far south for the last couple of events.
  7. I'm more interested in the LR. Euro has a storm next weekend and the GFS has one the week of MLK Day. At least the 12z suite. Still looks colder and active for a time.
  8. 1-3" is a good call. Can't complain about getting two measurable events in the same week.
  9. Best METAR out of RIC in a long time. KRIC 031854Z 33018G26KT 1/8SM R34/2400V3500FT +SN FZFG OVC007 M01/M01 A3000 RMK AO2 PK WND 34029/1819 GSE54 PRESRR SLP163 CIG 005V012 SNINCR 1/2 P0010 T10061011
  10. Also, let's be thankful we aren't sitting in the 70s after midnight anymore and setting record highs. BTW, record low of 10 was set just 4 years ago, although 10 is the highest record low for the entire month of January.
  11. We could also be in late March and dealing with sun angle issues. This is the best threat for the area since January 2019.
  12. Rates and time of day, if realized has depicted, should help mitigate that risk somewhat. I expect watches will be hoisted by tomorrow morning. We are basically 24 hours ago then.
  13. Not sold until I see the Euro trend that way. Idea is there, but nothing like what the GFS is showing.
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