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  1. Definitely! Something finally close enough to chase.
  2. I live in SE VA, and mosquitoes are already out. We have barely had any temps below freezing. And loads of rain. Last 2 winters have been nothing but swampy.
  3. I threw my back out, I caught a stomach bug, my 3rd cousin died, or the dog ate my homework should do the trick.
  4. Can’t even chase anywhere in the state. It’s God awful.
  5. No icing on trees that i can see, but deck is still coated with ice and picnic table has a nice coating here in Stanardsville. I will take whatever I can get after over 2 years since last measurable snowfall in SEVA/ORF
  6. Woke up at 0500 to a quarter inch in Stanardsville. Sad I missed it falling.
  7. Can someone post a link for the recon data that’s coming in?
  8. Solid 4” here just west of Luray. Just flurries now.
  9. Made it to my chase location at a cabin just west of Luray at 1700 ft. Scotch, hot tub, and radar watching time.
  10. Pics from Cullers Overlook this morning. Spectacular.