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  1. Models have really trended Blah with this storm. It just tracks too close to the south American coast to really get it's act together. Then has 30 hrs or so to organize before hitting central America, where it could potentially spin up rapidly. just before landfall as a CAT1 or strong TS. Disappointed considering there's a lot more potential if it tracked further north.
  2. Thanks, forgot about that one. It's still been a long time.
  3. There has not been a major Hurricane in the Atlantic basin in July since Emily 2005. This has some potential given the track and favorable conditions shown on the GFS and Euro.
  4. 12z Euro is impressive for July. Very similar path to hurricane Felix.
  5. That's an impressive long lived MCS Tuesday comes all the way from the ND. Impressive to see that showing up on so many mesoscale and even global models.
  6. And somehow when the fire alarm went off at 1:30 AM for no reason, the ground was mostly dry and it was windy. Started raining again shortly after.
  7. And a mile or two from Merriweather. Rain finally letting up.
  8. Same, just spotted that on radar about 5-10 Min before my phone registered the alert.
  9. Just got a Warning in Howard county for a Tornado. There is a couplet though it doesn't appear to be too strong.
  10. Radiometers are passive sensors (They don't emit anything). It's not really a good description to compare them to Xrays.
  11. Heavy downpour, visibility dropped to almost nothing
  12. Getting ready for the round 2 Miller B death band pivot. Too bad it's rain.
  13. The infamous Texas panhandle cell that the HRRR has been insisting on has formed and is headed towards Amarillo. Not Tornadic yet but could be pretty soon.
  14. Or it will just happen further SE. Cells are breaking out ahead of the line already.
  15. Everything purple except severe wind. Pretty dangerous if you ask me.
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