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  1. Our only hope for a named storm this October
  2. CMC has the winds coming out of a more easterly direction than the GFS.
  3. There's some in the lakes/ov forum. This has already outperformed all the 10 page thread events from spring severe season.
  4. 940mb is how low this has to get to beat this week's pacnw storm
  5. If you're going to the west coast Sunday be on the lookout for the monster bomb cyclone atmospheric river.
  6. This would be the first year in a long time that nothing formed in October. Still a long way to go.
  7. That outer eye is huge. Also probably stronger than 85kts. I'm guessing this is probably a CAT3 at the moment.
  8. Looks better than Gonzalo 2014 at this latitude. Might join Ophelia 2011 and Ophelia 2017 for furthest north major hurricane in recent times.
  9. Same as it has looked for 3 days but moving faster.
  10. Latest Recon dropsonde 941mb.Hasn't changed since last night despite the CDO cooling trend.
  11. Cloud ring has been cooling again the last few hours. Might be starting another period of intensification.
  12. Another ERC underway on the latest recon. Pressure has gone down though. This managed to stay a CAT4 despite the dry air yesterday which is now gone.
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