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  1. GFS has a 971mb Cat2 making landfall just north of BE in MX. Still an ongoing trend north with the track every run. I think it may eventually end up taking a Charlie like track across Cuba into SW FL.
  2. Depends what you consider western Sandy and Mathew made it to eastern Cuba Otto November 2016 hit Panama Rina 2011 was near the Yucatan. and in October.
  3. There is a trend, slowly but surely.
  4. It is running into the wake now. There's also some NW shear it looks like.
  5. Beta not going to be a winddstorm. Gotta watch that feeder band over LA. It's forecast to stall for 60 hrs. It might be able to produce a little more than the 6-10" of rain the GFS is showing.
  6. We shall see, sir. Possibly the eye is south of where it looks like and that is just a big dryslot in the northern eyewall.
  7. I have to disagree a little here. If you look at the COD sat, the low clouds in the northern eye are still zipping along. This indicates there's still a large pressure gradient between the two eyes It may take another 12-18 hrs to get rid of that.
  8. I'll be listening for the diesel engine.
  9. ECMWF also came way northeast with it's track. Looks like landfall near Port O'connor. Edit. So much for stalling along the coast stalls over San Antonio this run.
  10. I don't think you can call a hurricane season 'active' without an ERC
  11. CMC with an even wackier solution than 12z. Stalls near TX then moves Southeast and stalls near the Yucatan, the starts moving back NW again.
  12. I'll consider it part of the basin when a storm comes out of there and makes landfall in Florida. It's connected to the Atlantic, but so it the Pacific.
  13. Don't know if anyone saw this post. Teddy is going to break through a Tutt much like Paulette did. Not sure if this will have much of an effect on the intensity, it would probably rip apart a weak TS.
  14. When you try to go west at 43 north.
  15. The eye is still looking better defined each frame and T numbers are still going up. Might be closing in on CAT4.