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  1. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Here's Charley and Harvey maps. They look pretty similar. My guess is winds get upped in the coastal region on the final map given the extent of the damage.
  2. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Here's an illustration of the troff interaction. Kind of looks like it causes the westerly shear to lift out and makes for a window of perfect conditions before creating southwesterly shear.
  3. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Some of my random notes about Micheal. SSTs were pretty uniform in Michael's path for the northern 3/4 of the gomex. Not like the rollercoaster SSTs other storms have experienced. Deepening rates were also pretty uniform accept for a couple intervals. Even though there was shear, it was relaxing as Micheal approached land. This is unusual, with most storms it is increasing near landfall and ends up weakening the storm faster than predicted. The approaching troff captured Michael's outflow about 6 hours before landfall, right about the time it the intensification rate sped up even more. This troff might have been perfectly timed to allow for peak intensity near landfall. Shear started picking up again over Georgia. Micheal was in an area of environmentally low SLP, so the 919mb pressure maybe misleading by 4-8mb. Maria took about 4 hrs to go from 950mb-925mb. Micheal took over twice that long but still easily qualified for RI.
  4. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Seems to be almost anything can happen in the 12 hrs before landfall. Weakens: Katrina, Dennis, Opal, Lilly, Ivan, Rita Near Constant: Ike, Georges, Camille, Gustav Deepens: Micheal, Alicia, Humberto, Isaac (Harvey although it wasn't really northern gulf coast.)
  5. Amped

    Did Hurricane Andrew Hit As a Cat 5 Or Not?

    It was about the same strength as the Joplin EF1.
  6. Amped

    Michael Banter Thread

    My favorite pic so far.
  7. Amped

    Michael Banter Thread

    I don't see why you need more size and power than a smartphone to measure wind speed, temp and pressure. Edit: I forgot, sondes do all that and aren't that much larger than a phone.
  8. Amped

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    Agreed even 12 hrs before landfall is enough time for a 940mb storm to strengthen or weaken 20mb, and there are ones that have done both. Makes it hard to be a forecaster.
  9. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Or just have deploy-able weather stations, Like this one, accept not so tall that it gets blown over.
  10. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Here are some good loops https://satelliteliaisonblog.com/2018/10/10/satellite-views-of-hurricane-michael/
  11. Amped

    Michael Banter Thread

    So now we all agree there was no storm at all, these are crisis actors and the whole thing was staged, And even though there was no storm, the storm was created by HAARP.
  12. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    If you don't like looking foolish on occasion. don't become a met, and never try to predict anything. If you do, you'll eventually be wrong.
  13. Amped

    Michael Banter Thread

    Yes a 975 low hit the coast with a microscopic 919 contour south of LA. I think this settles the debate, it was a Category 1.
  14. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Post storm analysis can take a long time to determine the exact intensity. There are only 3 takeaways we know for sure from today. 1. Last nights 00z GFS was ~3.5 hrs too slow with Micheal's landfall. 2. Micheal was within 3.5 hrs of strengthening to a CAT 5 when it made landfall. 3. From 1 and 2 we can conclude if post storm analysis determines Micheal wasn't a CAT 5 at landfall, it is 100% the GFS's fault. We must replace it ASAP!!!