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  1. That's almost hot enough to put someone in a coma for 6 years. Holy ****, welcome back!!!!
  2. The forecast reminds me a lot of Tropical storm Lee in 2011. Big slopgyre that drifted into the northern gulf coast. It produced a lot of rain. To be clear, I am not calling for a redux in the Mid Atlantic since it is not forecast to stall.
  3. Cells south of Mcalester are trying to merge. Might get another tornado out of those.
  4. Several lighting strices along the OK AR border SW of Fayetville
  5. Hopefully that gets to your south before it goes nuts.
  6. Right where the HRRR has stuff forming between 22 and 00z.
  7. Downpour, thunder and not much wind. Edit: Some small hail thrown in there too.
  8. Downpour thunder and wind with that little cherry over frederick.
  9. Southern cell still alive. and drifting SE. Can't seem to get an OFB ahead of it and the cap isn't killing it.
  10. A line is trying to form behind it. maybe it will get absorbed within a couple hours.
  11. Not the first time I've seen a stray cell stall in that area and produce a persistent drunk tornado. Must have some pretty decent hail accumulation too.
  12. Everyone chill out and wait for the damage reports
  13. Better than the other high risk events this year.
  14. Need to move the warning east, it's a right mover.