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  1. You would need a strong tornado to get that much of a horizontal pressure gradient.
  2. More convection on the NW side now. Should start to intensify rapidly. Euro would be a major hit for nearly all of Japan.
  3. GFS and CMC show something forming in the in the western Carib day6.5 due to a front moving in. You can see right when the H5 troff shifts the winds to south GFS starts brewing something, although it takes several more days to get it's act together. Euro is different with the evolution of the troff and weaker with the Atlantic high. Not sure if either of those are causing the storm not to form.
  4. Microcane? Nah to make up for the missing storms we'll just have one thats as big as all of them combined.
  5. 18z GFS hs an impressive storm that takes a Wilma like Track. Like Nate there's a bunch of competing centers preventing a huge bomb. This run has me excited cause whatever forms stalls over the TCHP hotspot for 48hrs, lots of potential there if competing centers get sorted out quicker.
  6. Euro has a slow moving ~1008mb low off the TX/LA coast day 7-10.
  7. Cork Ireland metro appears to be the only Major population center taking a direct hit, GFS is showing some pretty strong winds funneling up the Irish Sea up to Dublin. I don't know if this is unusual since this is a common track for strong ET storms.
  8. In case you didn't think this was ridiculous enough yet.
  9. Yeah this is the second storm to have a 20mph+ movement with virtually no shear, very well aligned flow. EPAC storms never have this kind of tropospheric instability, 25.9C ssts, and the EPAC TC kill switch usually engages. I can't wait to see what funny name the Irish/British tabloids come up with for this, they are usually pretty funny.
  10. Rather impressive.
  11. It was supposed to weaken, guess not. Luckily this isn't hitting France or Spain. It does havesome time to weaken before Ireland.
  12. Fantasy land GFS extrapolation looks like it's about to pull another Sandy.
  13. Impressive little storm, could be close to CAT3 but I doubt they'll upgrade it without a recon.
  14. Amazing, especially after 2013 and most of the seasons in the last decade this was hard to imagine.
  15. 6z GFS was the first to show a Hurricane, every run still getting deeper earlier. 968mb at 72hrs now. Funny it was 1010 low for so many runs on all models.