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  1. Need a bit more northern stream. Usually the troff is riding the 546dm or 552dm contour in the plains when we get a hecs. This one is on the 558
  2. Produces a very similar snow shield. The FEB 2010 storm had a 50/50 low much further west, and the ridge didn't fold over into the lakes like that. I'd give this one a more 2016/ 1983 hybrid look. It would easily close off H5 and match 2016 if the kicker was 12 hrs slower.
  3. This thing really fizzled. Big win for DR NO and dry air. Some models from last night had warning criteria snow in a few spots. Now we're down to "Oh look flakes"
  4. Thats a pretty good impression of the February 22 1987 storm on the GFS
  5. Kind of an odd wind trajectory. We had a storm like this in December 2013. It was rain for a lot of the metro area although the northwestern folks got snow.
  6. Well most people use the HRRR. I'm not sure what advantage the RAP offers.
  7. I'm still on the fence about whether or not the 12z Euro was a hiccup. 18z will be telling.
  8. Trying to figure out how this Boston deathband popped up out of nowhere the last 2 runs. There has been a gradual trend to close the 700mb low off further south near Atlantic City instead of NYC. Doesn't quite explain why it suddenly gave March 1997 death band suddenly appeared.
  9. Every model is imagining it a dryslot in the exact same area.
  10. Looks like every model agrees there's going to be a band of heavy snow in NNJ or somewhere near the NY/NJ border.
  11. Reminder. Tolland is in the dryslot of the upcoming storm. on every model.
  12. NAM up to it's usual crazy antics. Keeps the ULL slower in the OV. Then it elongates and negative tilts it further west than other models. We'll see if any other models in the 00z suite follow. Usually the answer is no.
  13. You could almost use the default snow map for CT that consists of a bunch of lines running SW to NE across the state. Fill in numbers as needed.