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  1. NESIS 5.03 Came in below December 1969 which it compares well with.
  2. OMG they killed the DGEX.. You Bastards
  3. I created an album for this storm with TT images. Sorry if this clogs up your computer. The GFSs 850mb low was too far east and too small over the Carolinas. The NAMs 850mb low extended further west but northwest instead of southwest like what verified. In other words, the NAMs forecast likely worked out better out of luck here, liked we suspected. Take every storm too far northwest and eventually you'll get one right! The Euro likely did better than the GFS at 850mb heights given that it's 500mb troff over the Carolina's looks more like what verified. The coastal low was less compact and further west than modeled. The northern stream dug further south than modeled. There were lower 700mb, 500mb, and 850mb heights over the coastal plane between the disturbances than any model showed, the Euro was the closest. In laymens terms, a low tried to form aloft over the coastal plain CAD wedge and it pulled the coastal and the northern stream together quicker. I saw HM's post about frotogenesis band orientation on twitter. It maybe related to the lowering pressures aloft if it extended into the Carolinas. Euros 850 0c line was way too far south 24hrs out, despite having the surface right. Here is the link to the Album. http://imgur.com/a/HYsB6
  4. Mixing a bit
  5. Just rain here. 38f
  6. I already started a petition on move on to turn the clocks back 12 hrs.
  7. 12/11- .25" sleet 1/5 : 1.0" 1/7: trace 3/3: .25" 3/14" 6.75 A few other crappy cartopping dustings. Total: 8.5"
  8. Models have me with 2" on the Kuchara ratio maps. Great we can have another bust. I'm going with T-1" and 1-3 above 800 ft.
  9. I'm sure I'll have plenty better rainstorms to track over the next 8 months.
  10. Surface too warm for accumulation except for the highest elevations.
  11. Some day I'd like to understand why about 50 percent of major east coast snowstorms are horrible busts for the southern 1/3 of the warned area. It's only a big deal when it's happens over I95 nobody talks about last year's Blizzard bust in NC and SW VA.
  12. They need an impact scale instead of an inches scale. Is 6" of sleet with 2.0" water content really that much less impact than 20" of snow with 2.0" water content? Any forecast above 8-12 might as well call for 30". People don't react any differently once the lower end is above 10". So 8-12 would be a good cap on a low taking an inside the benchmark track in march. That was about what the 93 blizzard produced.
  13. It better start snowing the second the cold front moves in cause a cold high isn't going to last long this late in the season.
  14. We said this after every syorm. You can't avoid them. They're all over every thread, and posts with actual meteorology get buried.