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  1. Cause the CMC said so
  2. Looks like all the Cape Verde storms were busts. Models have been over deepening a lot of them the past several years. Unless the CMC is correct the tropics will really suck for at least the next 10 days.
  3. GFS trying to form a triple storm. Euro confused with multiple centers also.
  4. LAst few years haven't had much ACE in the MID AUG to MID Sept time-frame. I'm ready for that to change, bring it on.
  5. Lots of thunder and rain the wind is unimpressive.
  6. Just when I thought this was the Irene of the WPAC, somehow it has made a comeback while skimming the coast. Very nice looking for a CAT1
  7. 18z TUE-12zTHU looks like the RI window. Question is how much can it deepen in 36hrs? Starting intensity: ~1004MB Peak intensity: 990MB-965MB Edit: Also think this may surprise prior to Yucatan landfall. GFS is showing a very nice outflow pattern at 36hrs which means it could pull an ernesto if it can get a good micro-core going.
  8. Euro shows a nice 1 day storm on Thursday landfall in Mexico. These storms are not uncommon in the BOC. It provides some short lived entertainment and doesn't add much ACE. Friday Morning Spoiler Alert: "If only this had another 24 hours over water"
  9. The GEFS has been unanimously wrong on developing hurricanes several times in the last year, and have now backed off on 99L. I would ignore them and side with the Euro in the future.
  10. The Cape Verde to the Islands region has stunk the past several years, especially during August. Almost everything that does form in that region dies from shear. And when models do show a storm in this region, later runs back off on the intensity. 12Z Euro now shows a nothing.
  11. 12z Gfs and Euro went west and stronger. Going to be a good chase for josh. Possible sub 930 landfall.
  12. Not supposed to stay small. Ecmwf and Gfs now make landfall next Monday/Tuesday.
  13. Looks like will finish around 4.5". Looks like we were spared 9/29/15 flooding because the storm was broken up into parts.
  14. The 1 hour total product works well too.
  15. Raining pretty hard. Heaviest stuff just to my south over sugarloaf.