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  1. Good summary, describes where I stand also.
  2. I assume you mean 600dm with no superfluous + symbol
  3. Yup.. not panicking though, cause it's still in fantasy land.
  4. Looks identical to a forecast map from the storm I'm not naming.
  5. 500MB low going due east off HSE? What could go wrong? IDK but my memory only last 4 years and 11 months.
  6. 20" of snow without a flake from the gulf lol. Guess I'm going streaking if that verifies.
  7. Pretty close to delivering the best snowstorm ever for the I81 area snows for at least 48hrs while the low stalls over the del marva
  8. Euro and GGEM in agreement with the cutoff in the SW day 5. GFS ejects it way quicker.
  9. Has the Januray 1966 look, Just amplifies too fast and not enough cold ahead of it. Strongest ULL over our area since 2/26/10, if you don't count Sandy.
  10. Day8 storm is very doubtful without a decent supply of cold. I'm just expecting wind and rain. Going to need an bullseye with the 500mb low in order to get anything else.
  11. This pattern deasn't really start looking great until March 6th when the PNA flip on the GEFS kicks in. Possibility we get snow before then, but it doesn't look great. The ideal time frame could easily be after the 10th.
  12. When combinend with the 50/50 low there's a NW flow and it's hard for the low to pump up moisture.
  13. The ridge over the gomex is causing problems. It's the reason why the low is tracking down the coast instead of up it.
  14. Yeah it could snow, I like the pattern, but that mean is nothing out of the ordinary to get excited about.
  15. 2" on a 10:1 map in March is not a good signal.