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  1. DMV monsoon season has begun
  2. Christobal gets out of the way tomorrow night Might squeeze in some decent storms over OH and E MI. Euro and GFS also showing convection near the ULL center moving over IA and WI.. Could make for some odd looking radar images.
  3. The thing I hate about this storm is that it's blocking moisture return into TX/OK/KS and diverting the LLJ to the east. This is likely nullifying what would be the biggest severe outbreak of the season in the plains.
  4. 12z has a 985 low that tracks up into southern Quebec.. Very unusual for this type of year. However it does look more like a normal TC- mid Latitude troff phase. It's not the magic, Voodoo Jedi, cutoff bomb the 00z had.
  5. This is one of the stranger things I've seen the Euro do. Turn a gulf coast hurricane into a Miller B and deepen it quite a bit over land. Kind of reminds me of TS Erin over OKC, just looks bigger and longer lasting.
  6. Big differences between the CMC and the GFS EURO in the short range. GFS and EURO take it back to the south while the CMC stalls near the NW Yucatan. The convective blob appears to be advancing north north west at the present time. If it doesn't die out or turn back to the west in the next 6-12 hrs the CMC is going to end up being right.
  7. So after trending south for a several days the GFS trends back north again. Looks like some convection convection over the northern Yucatan might be causing some issues. Either way it's a complicated mess. I think land interaction, wind shear, and a large strung out storm would tend to favor a weaker end solution.
  8. Most of the CAM don't have storms in our are until well after 00z. Not the best time for tornados. NRN PA and NY get convection earlier in the day, they probably have a better chance.
  9. I can't see the center, but it's likely way west of the forecast track
  10. Turns into a bizarre zonal frontal wave in 48hrs. Also doesn't look like much of Aurthur's moisture gets into the ULL that will undoubtedly cause flooding in the Carolinas and VA
  11. Sorry for the political post, the GFS reminded me of something.
  12. There's a heavy line moving through BGM. If that holds together for 1.5 hours northeast of the city is going to get crushed.
  13. Looks like it's snowing all the way down to the coast in Fairfield/ Bridgeport.