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  1. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    It should be noted that the NHC best track intensities typically have an uncertainty of +- 10%. So Micheal could have been 126-154kts.
  2. HRRR wants discrete cells, 3km NAM ants to keep a line. We'll see whose right.
  3. FDK storm rotation is actually over New Market it appears. Might have hit Urbana and Ijamsville if anything touched the ground.
  4. Hard to see on radar if it is there.
  5. Amped

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    Interesting how this Tornado outbreak seemed to skip over Louisiana and the 2-7pm window when a lot of Tornados usually occur. Most of the activity was in the morning or overnight.
  6. Amped

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    And now we finally get discrete cells in LA.
  7. Amped

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    You'd think after the big tornado they had in Vicksburg in 1953 they'd have better building codes, but a lot of the houses I saw there are either very old, poorly constructed, or both.
  8. Amped

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    Lots of clearing along the MS river. West of Alexandria has been cloudy all day. The crapvaction line looks more discrete than it did a few hours ago so it may produce eventually, especially near the MS river.
  9. Amped

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    as qabout to post the same thing. Inflow from the SE appears somewhat limited
  10. Amped

    April 13th-14th Severe Threat

    Don't forget about the threat on the 17th and 18th also.
  11. Amped

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Impressive if this is true. It would be only the 4th CAT5 to hit the US mainland and the first in October. We knew it wasn't going to be upgraded based on ground station data, but it looks like recon and radar was enough.
  12. Amped

    March Discobs 2019

    Chilly day here in Frederick
  13. Even without a Greenland block that setup isn't far from something big. The vortex in SE canada isn't exactly in a hurry to get out of the way. Of course it only needs to move a bit for us to get rain.
  14. Every time I want to throw in the towel. That almost looks like January 2016.