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  1. Strong zonal flow doesn't support a big storm tracking up the coast.
  2. Maybe a trip to Montana to chase the Chinook winds?
  3. Euro not digging the northern stream. Just shoots straight across southern Canada
  4. Euro looks even more separated with the streams than 00z through 120h
  5. Why I'm not bullish on anything in this pattern 7 days out.
  6. Just like 20 years ago, I'm expecting a KU storm to appear out of nowhere tomorrow morning.
  7. The chill storm only needs to trend about 400 miles in 5 days to give us a good snowstorm. I've only seen one storm actually do that....... In the past week
  8. Triple Barrel low, looks a lot of the February 25 2010 storm that backed into New England. It didn't back the low into the coast fast enough for us to get pasted, but I thought it could have given the 500mb setup. Probably some stupid convective feedback thing that kept it moving north instead of being captured and hurled into the DelMarva.
  9. This looks just like a number of setups in January- February 98. None of those produce anything decent.
  10. More ridging over southern Canada this run. probably not a good thing since that's what the CMC and Euro had.
  11. GFS hangs a lot more cold air back in Ontario and Quebec than any other model. All models have been trending away from that idea so I wouldn't count on it verifying.