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  1. Amped

    August Discobs Thread

    Nice slow moving storm over us.
  2. Amped

    2018 E. Pacific Hurricane Season

    http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/PS/TROP/floaters-old.html Found the link on google.
  3. Amped

    2018 E. Pacific Hurricane Season

    ECMWF not turning Hector north or shearing it apart. New forecast contest: What day does Hector dissipate? Typhoon/Hurricane John 31 days is the record. Hector needs to make it to 8/31 to beat that.
  4. Amped

    July Banter Thread

    My thoughts and prayers go out everyone who knew it. And if they still don't shut up just send another tree. WTF
  5. Amped

    July Discobs Thread

    Almost a whiteout rain coming down sideways.
  6. This pattern isn't exactly in a hurry to stop
  7. Amped

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Joaquin and Andrew were. They were both below normal ACE seasons, which this one will likely be.
  8. Amped

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    CFS looks the best and it still isn't good. Going to have a lot of trouble getting anything from Africa or the Caribbean this year.
  9. Amped

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Now it would be nice if we had a recon to sample this short lived sting-jet. HMON and HWRF both showing it during ET transition. GFS has it but not nearly as strong. It is accompanied by an unstable layer just above the surface and an increased pressure gradient lasting about 12hrs. It dies when it hits the abruptly cooler SSTs.
  10. Amped

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Boomerang eye lol. But it's hanging in there, and looks way better than Irene. Edit: Didn't take long to get the eye back. After a few hours of looking crap and Ryan MAU counting saying Chris peaked on twitter, it now has a healthy baseball field. Or maybe an Xmas tree.
  11. Amped

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Whatever airmass came in from the northwest totally took away the banding structure on the western half of the storm. Also that convective blob seems to be spraying out of the eyewall and keeping the western side of the storm healthy and elongated despite the westerly shear. Yes goes 16 is very addictive.
  12. Amped

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Probably Wrong but definitely entertaining. Some kind of a MAUL infused sting jet that happens during ET transition. Other models are showing lesser versions of it.
  13. Amped

    Tropical Storm Chris

    12 more hours of intensification according to NHC. At this intensification rate it will be pushing CAT3. ADT already says 95kts, and the last gap in the eyewall appears to be closing fast. FYI last time there was a CAT 3 in July was 2005.
  14. Amped

    Tropical Storm Chris

    980.4mb latest pass. That recent convective burst in the eyewall is probably to thank for it.