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  1. Did it. 89.7" now and there are a few more storms this week that should put them into the mid 90s.
  2. .3" to go to wettest on record. It will happen Thursday or Friday at the latest.
  3. No power issues here. We don't have many trees hanging over lines in this area though.
  4. Line from the north is kind of here, but the line from the south is trying to takeover and expand west.
  5. Tstorms approaching from the south and west its a race to see which gets here first.
  6. Morning convection that produced more tornadoes than this entire event!!!! Didn't get many under-performers that year. Aug 24 2016 remains my favorite outbreak of the past several years. That one had plenty working against it.
  7. Doesn't look like he dominated anything today.
  8. Too far off to start worrying, but it doesn't help that the Atlanta metro is huge.
  9. The 3 other storms that were busts on the southern end. January 6-7 Raleigh area sleet February 9th Southern PA, Central NJ didn't cool off fast enough. March 14th DC PHL NYC a lot of sleet and rain. Under-performer in Boston also, but still a big mess.
  10. Models have been way overdone on the southeast side of every storm this year. If they were showing marginal PTYPE for an area, every model map was too high by a factor of 2 except storm vistas 32f enforcement maps. Either this has been the year that sneaky warm layers defeated dynamic cooling, or models have improved and they are no longer too strong with mid level warmth like the good old days. The GFS has been particularly useless..
  11. Prefect color scheme. TT and WXbell can use some advise.
  12. 75th anniversary of March 1942.
  13. I drove through that line of storms going home from last years event.
  14. NESIS 5.03 Came in below December 1969 which it compares well with.