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  1. Yes, but the energy is reflecting off the death star and being focused in a narrow ray aimed at Roy Moore's nuts.
  2. 591DM on the Alaska coast. Won't verify but it's insane.
  3. This isn't an ideal -NAO structure. There is ridging, but no strong 50/50 low or Azores low. In fact, there is +Anomolies over most of the Atlantic around 50N, which is not going to allow for retrograding.
  4. All that ridging around 60 north, something has to give. It takes a strong energy exchange from the poles to the mid Latitudes to maintain that much blocking, once that slows down the block is toast, or freezer burn.
  5. May not be the heaviest band in the world, but it maybe the longest.
  6. That was the only part that kept me optimistic. I saw models back building bands until they finally dissolved, instead of collapsing them to the east.
  7. It's snowing heavier than it was, but I still wouldn't call it moderate. EDIT: Nevermind, larger flakes have arrived.
  8. Every time that deathband looks like it's about to end in westminster, it backbuilds.
  9. Westminster death-band FTW again.
  10. It's below freezing already, so definitely in for a lot of ice as soon as the sun angle gets low enough
  11. Have about 2" here on the Tree limbs, and 1" on the grass. Pikes ridge probably doing a lot better.
  12. Yeah, NWS is pretty glad they didn't go WSW right now.
  13. CMC is better but not by much.
  14. GFS is southeast of every run in the last 24hrs. Hopefully a hiccup
  15. If only that were like 10 miles NW so DCA was in the screwzone and Westminster was in the deathband, I might believe it.