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  1. Convective setups almost always verify southeast of modeled. Some by a little and some by a lot. Any sort of linear mode or convective blob quickly inoculates most of the potential for the NW part of the high risk area. East coast snowstorms are the opposite, They almost always end up NW of modeled. Some by a little and some by a lot.
  2. Tried to eat outside cause it was so warm. Very bad idea.
  3. I'd watch the cell behind it closely in downtown ATL. It's moving over the same feeder band.
  4. AL and N GA it looks like. Linear or blob mode over MS and NW AL.
  5. Didn't they already lose power for like a month in central MS?
  6. As a result of model errors canceling themselves out. It's happens sometimes with east coast systems also.
  7. Models were 5-6" too high with the snow yesterday and about 3-5" too low today. Looks like they overestimated the SE flow regime and underestimated the N flow regime on the south side of the CCB. Heavy snow started right as the 700mb winds started cranking out of the north. The storm did not really track further north than predicted. Palmer divide was always going to be the southern cutoff.
  8. Looking at the radar overnight, it seems possible. A band set up from DIA-Ft Collins and missed the rest of the city and metro.
  9. DIA is now the highest total in the metro east of the mountains. Over twice as much as some other parts of the city. I'd feel a little bad if I was a chaser who got in a car after flying in.
  10. HRRR showing another 12" for the Denver Metro. The 18=24" forecast will turn out fine if that verifies.
  11. Para gfs qpf bombs Estes park during the next 6 hrs.
  12. Day 10 Euro puts this storm to shame.
  13. Some day they should invent a snow stick that can be read from far away. NAM 3km overdoes downsloping
  14. 5 more days till the v16 becomes op. These are some of the last chunks gfsv15 will ever blow. It has both way too much and way to little on this storm.