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  1. Yes, I think most of the mutations seen thus far have been trivial and not really affecting the severity of the virus or major characteristics. Just enough gene changes to be able to track infection zones. I know for example they tracked one of the strains on a cruise ship to the same genetic makeup from Washington state. So hopefully it remains 'stable' with only about 2 mutations per month. I think I read typical influenza undergoes about 8-10 mutations per month thus why there are different vaccines all the time. Hopefully one and done with covid19 irt vaccination.
  2. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I dont know you personally but I send prayers and condolences to you and your family at this time.
  3. This is all one hell of a sacrifice for an NAO block during deep winter next year? We are getting anomalous NAO blocking currently that was poorly modeled and seemed to come out of nowhere. But then again, we have seen ridging in that zone show up in spring past few years so I doubt anyone could pin this on emission changes at the surface. You have to think on a global scale there is going to be 'some' effect on the atmosphere and subsequent weather eventually. I'm just really curious what that will be. And I realize there are going to be two sides as always to the discussion and AGW will inevitably be a part of the convo. Hopefully we can keep it professional here as I dont think either side can say for sure what will happen. We should use this as a situation where posters can respectfully bounce ideas around. Wishful thinking?
  4. There is this too: "Around the world, seismologists are observing a lot less ambient seismic noise -- meaning, the vibrations generated by cars, trains, buses and people going about their daily lives. And in the absence of that noise, Earth's upper crust is moving just a little less. Thomas Lecocq, a geologist and seismologist at the Royal Observatory in Belgium, first pointed out this phenomenon in Brussels. Brussels is seeing about a 30% to 50% reduction in ambient seismic noise since mid-March, around the time the country started implementing school and business closures and other social distancing measures, according to Lecocq. That noise level is on par with what seismologists would see on Christmas Day, he said."
  5. I'm sorry but I'm not seeing that. And using log over linear will always imply a flatter look than actual. 3000+ more new cases today so far than yesterday, deaths over 1000 again seems inevitable (990 as I type this) , and recovery rates much lower than deaths still. Next 10-14 days will be horrible....but we will get there. I want to be optimistic and I am but realistically we cant rush it.
  6. Not sure this belongs here but wanted to start a discussion to hear thoughts on something. Let's say this shutdown/quarantine whatever you want to call it continues for another 4-6 months (hopefully not). We have seen factories closing, people not travelling, air traffic limited, etc. I have seen pics of cities before and current that show visible reduction in smog/haze/pollutants/emissions. I dont have actual proof that the reduction in emissions is doing anything, thus why I wanted to start a discussion to see if these cutbacks are actually helping to clean the atmosphere at all AND what could the implications be short term and longer term irt the weather?
  7. Nice setup on the Euro day 10 lol. Where was this pattern in winter??
  8. Euro 240hr is setting up something....interesting. CMC is hella BN temps too. Go figure. Perfect pattern for January sets up in April with a raging EPO ridge, +PNA, -AO, -NAO lol
  9. Agreed. I still order C5 combination General Tso Chicken....I refuse to discriminate against the Chinese people and I still support their local small business.
  10. That's a start ie not seeing exponentially growing new cases past few days. But I believe the chart I'm posting from the same source is where most agencies look when referencing the flattening of the curve no? Not debating as I agree slowing the daily new cases is step 1 to getting the chart I posted the begin flattening. We really need to start seeing more recoveries. Hospitals still getting overwhelmed in the hot spots with ~19-20k new cases per day and fewer than 1000 recoveries.
  11. I'm out regardless. Just thought it was funny to see when I woke up to track severe weather.
  12. Basically an extension of winter. Fail within 5 or 6 days. Either ends up too warm with crud track or HP overwhelms and storm blows up well S and E off the coast. Pattern persistence has not changed.
  13. Wow your courses are still open down there?