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  1. Last big rains (6+ weeks ago?) decided to wash and ceramic coat the truck following. Been waiting to see how good this coating is I put on and finally got to see the beading. Ash and pollen rinsed right off. Welcome rains for sure.
  2. Maybe it's something local or someone burning leaves but smelling wildfire smoke here again in Ivyland. Looks like some cells off to our SW. Junk and stuff headed this way.
  3. Just saw on world news. Bucks Co PA officially has worst air quality in the world attm. Not the best category to be in.
  4. My bad guys sorry for all the smoke. This new batch of indica really hits different outta the bong
  5. CFS monthlies suggest Dec a repeat of last winter with trof west ridge SE then a very favorable looking Jan and Feb with strong ridging up top and broad troughiness across the US. Take what we can get. Not that the CFS is ever right but has that Nino look at least.
  6. Is that one poster still pitching the epic spring drought narrative or did he go MIA?
  7. Where was this pattern (note the PAC side) during the winter? Hopefully it is a function of the enso state and a sign if things for 6 months from now.
  8. Had a pretty good storm. Decent lightning and thunder.
  9. I see it off to my West here in Ivyland. Looks dark with junk and stuff.
  10. My thundergraupel coastal noreaster trended to an Apps runner. This spring sucks.
  11. Had a period of heavy rain and lightning here in Cape May around 10pm. In and out relatively quickly
  12. So they canceled the Phillies home opener for showers? Cool.
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