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  1. If this remotely resembles the pattern as we get to December, game on:
  2. Exactly. Why would any global model assume something that looks like that depiction at this time of year would even stand a chance? I'm flabbergasted
  3. CFS says next October we get to bask in the warmth of the Autumn sun under the influence of the exact same pattern we just endured since November. If this pattern repeats again entering next fall with signs it lasts into winter I'm buying a one-way ticket on Musk's Space X orbit tour.
  4. I mean, technically we needed to be buckled up most of this past 'winter'. It was worse than a wooden roller coaster with rusty tracks and no brakes. Seriously, how many times did guidance show a hit at day 9-10 then morphed from a good cold pattern to above average crud as it approached? Good riddance to whatever that season was that we just experienced.
  5. <sarcasm>Here we go, I'm sure this will work out </sarcasm>. Midday in late March with a 993mb low in Cleveland. How does this model's algorithm even allow for this crap?
  6. Added the last event to my signature.....7 events this winter and couldn't even hit 2" total Snowfall. Talk about a ratter.
  7. As long as Jalen Hurts isn't throwing it maybe there's at least a small chance.
  8. No blocking, ss flow. semblance of a hybrid SER and full lat WAR on ens means.
  9. At least post the more realistic possibility if we are going day 8-9 storm:
  10. Funny part about it tho....pattern favors Southern zones more than our subforum if the longwave pattern is correct. Slider city.
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