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  1. I'm not hibernating. I lurk all year. I only really post in the winter tho. And this BN temp stretch shouldn't be a shock given the blocking pattern that wants to lock-in as per ens means. This is great grass-growing wx for my newly planted seed!
  2. I'm in Cape May, it is 35F and it is snowing. Perfect fishing weather!
  3. Have a great time Paul! And be safe.
  4. If we are going to get it done in mid March, this is one look that could potentially work:
  5. Have a feeling we aren't done with winter just yet. GFS op, GEFS, GEPS, GFS para, and EPS all liking the period March 13-20 for a backdoor front followed by a fluke event with an interesting setup overall (-PNA with tpv lobes spiraling around just to our N and several waves coming out of the SW and S Plains). Something to watch. I still enjoy watching it fall, even better overnight this time of year and seeing the landscape when the sun first rises. Heck, I've even enjoyed the couple of daytime April snows we had over the past decade.
  6. The storm of all storms here in Philly. From 2-3' forecasts 24 hrs out to 1" total. And people whine about 8" becoming 4" being a bust?
  7. Exactly! And unless March rogue storms deliver 10" or more, you usually dont even need to shovel or snowblow. Euro control and gfs para also sniffing out some potential between March 14-March 21. Chances are low as always in March but every so often (2018 etc) one pops up and delivers.
  8. March is good for big fluke storms. So yes, I will gladly take.
  9. This and then call it a winter/spring:
  10. So hold up, if I have anxiety and a documented history with my doc I can go get a card? I heard mixed reviews on weed and anxiety. Some say its great. Others say it makes it worse.
  11. Best looking spring pattern since '96 I read. Can Chuck or Vice confirm?
  12. 4.5" looks like it will be the final. Wow....over 45" for the season!