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  1. Didnt note the timestamp. Just getting the rust off for autumn lol.
  2. Cant wait til winter. Such huge differences in the very short term between the GFS and the new GFS-para
  3. Maybe already been discussed but I see we have a new GFS-para now. Fun times.
  4. Both rounds uneventful here yesterday.
  5. Pretty uneventful here. Downpour, a few distant rumbles of thunder, and 2 gusts. No damage, no hail, no naders.
  6. Bomb Cyclone? Thundersnow? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mother-s-day-weekend-snowstorm-could-bring-bomb-cyclone-thundersnow-n1202811?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma
  7. Just wait for the zombies....coming this summer to an area near you!
  8. Benchmark track for us. Bring it!! And people wonder why everyone is sick.
  9. Fully prepared for Wentz to be out an extended period with Covid-19, then another few weeks with an ingrown toenail.
  10. K that's not too bad. In philly we learned the importance of not having a decent bu if Wentz goes down. Foles was big on ball control and not turning it over and subsequently got Philly a SB. But when Wentz went down last year we saw what an elderly immobile over the hill qb was capable of.....nothing. I believe with a healthy Wentz another trip to the SB was likely. As long as Lamjack has someone half decent behind him as an insurance policy, the sky is the limit with this team imho.
  11. Who's Lamar's backup?
  12. I'm out, NAM caved. Winter cancel. Reap me. Ty.
  13. Are you still reaping these days?
  14. Meh. Some were acting like we needed an ark: