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  1. I'm 2 blocks up from little Neshaminy and it is well over Bristol Road and encroaching on my home slowly. Never saw it this high since I've lived here.
  2. Summer living like a hermit... counting wooly caterpillar hairs, tracking tradewinds variations, and preparing for a very cold winter as I crochet extra afghan blankets, cut firewood, and skin local Buffalo for warm hide.
  3. Saw a tornado just to my west traveling NE about 15 mins ago. Took shelter in basement. I am in Warminster....Ivyland to be exact. Based on location assuming it went thru Warrington, Hartsville, Jamison area. Definitely debris with it.
  4. RI is a tiny piece of beach front real estate. Takes the right trajectory to get a LF tc there. With that said, anyone know the last time RI had a LF from a tc?
  5. Ridging out ahead of Henri from Bermuda extending towards Maine continues to strengthen as time goes on. Clearly is one of the features keeping the storm from exiting very quickly.
  6. 6z guidance from NAM to RGEM to hurricane guidance all well West and really closing in on a LI hit now but the trend farther S and W each run continues. Even gets banding deep into SEPA now as it pivots.
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