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  1. Thanks and same to you and the others on this forum. Cheers!
  2. Few stray flakes here in Warminster (Ivyland) earlier.
  3. Didn't plan on it this year. My time has been devoted much more to family. If I have some free time I will put my thoughts together. I can tell you that I dont see any indices that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I doubt we have a shutout, but honestly if you were to force me to commit to anything, I would say we are in trouble. More red flags than positive signals. We do have the solar minimum working for us and historically we have fared well, so there's that. I dont like the coupling of the trop PV and eventually strat PV over the pole. Even hints it tries to settle in over Alaska by early Dec. That generally doesn't bode well for forcing negative temp anomalies into the region as it locks into AK, Canada, and the Northern tier states and Maine. We'll see, maybe we can get a transition to something good, especially into January. Eta: I have seen blocking in Scandinavia being rather persistent this fall. That is an area that can push into the NAO region as we have seen a couple of times. As usual, the NAO/AO needs to be watched...could be a potential gamechanger.
  4. Hearing and seeing conflicting data on ENSO. ENSO site says neutral or slight Nina. Accuwx says moderate Nina. Cosgrove says nowhere near Nina. Anyone have factual data on which phase ENSO is in currently and where it may be headed over the next 5-6 months? Thanks.
  5. Didnt note the timestamp. Just getting the rust off for autumn lol.
  6. Cant wait til winter. Such huge differences in the very short term between the GFS and the new GFS-para
  7. Maybe already been discussed but I see we have a new GFS-para now. Fun times.
  8. Both rounds uneventful here yesterday.
  9. Pretty uneventful here. Downpour, a few distant rumbles of thunder, and 2 gusts. No damage, no hail, no naders.
  10. Bomb Cyclone? Thundersnow? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mother-s-day-weekend-snowstorm-could-bring-bomb-cyclone-thundersnow-n1202811?cid=sm_npd_nn_fb_ma
  11. Just wait for the zombies....coming this summer to an area near you!
  12. Benchmark track for us. Bring it!! And people wonder why everyone is sick.
  13. Fully prepared for Wentz to be out an extended period with Covid-19, then another few weeks with an ingrown toenail.
  14. K that's not too bad. In philly we learned the importance of not having a decent bu if Wentz goes down. Foles was big on ball control and not turning it over and subsequently got Philly a SB. But when Wentz went down last year we saw what an elderly immobile over the hill qb was capable of.....nothing. I believe with a healthy Wentz another trip to the SB was likely. As long as Lamjack has someone half decent behind him as an insurance policy, the sky is the limit with this team imho.
  15. Who's Lamar's backup?