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  1. My condolences...very sorry for your loss.
  2. Balancing acts and needle threading generally dont work out for us. Holding expectations low with this....very low.
  3. These snow depth maps have actually verified ok in the past. I would lean towards this tbh. Eta: has the DC-philly-NYC snowhole so more likely to verify
  4. I was more trying to ask is this the most typical progression for a -NAO development. This fall it seemed we were getting either the WAR feeding it at times when the --NAO did develop or more recently the EPO ridge spread East and fed the Western NAO region. Haven't seen the Scandinavian evolution. Is this more of a deep winter thing?
  5. How predictable is this Scandinavian Ridge moving into the NAO region? Is it a lock when you see it ie the progression? With that said, we probably shouldn't start popping champagne bottles until that look is inside 7 or 8 days. We did this last year chasing the NAO at range with unanimous agreement at times. Exercise caution imo until lead time lessens. This year does have a different feel/vibe anyway.
  6. GEPS has the Aleutian Low anchored as well....doesnt budge entire run. We take.
  7. Sacrificing the big storm next weekend for a cutter is what we do best. It sets the pattern for the follow up storm. In this pattern the way the PAC looks, a cutter is perfectly acceptable.
  8. I wouldnt be surprised but I hope they dont win it. They will be blown out in the first playoff game.
  9. From what I've seen, most of the posters in here are Ravens fans more so than Redskins no? Anyway, amazing how poor the NFC East is. Technically the Skins are still in the hunt for the Division at 3-9. Unreal.
  10. Actually the GFS implies better chances and I cant speak for the ops but the LR (which you are referring to?) GEFS has outperformed the EPS by a decent margin recently fwiw. I wouldnt bother looking beyond Day 8 tbh unless you are trying to get very general clues in the overall pattern. The Euro in particular has been not so hot in the day 7-10 range recently.
  11. With such hits as: "Piece Left Behind" "Sheared Apart" "Jets Streaks" and the classic "This Is the One: The Ballad of Ji"
  12. Same here. Overwhelmed with holiday deliveries and the Monday snow event up that way will do it.
  13. You guys like that new band? December 2019 and the Trailing Waves. Heard they are touring the East Coast this month.
  14. Basically every month for the next year is AN temps except April which is BN. Love me a CanSips mild torchy winter and cold rainy April lol. Maybe our big snow is early April this year. It's like taking the over in a football game....you're never really out of it until the bitter end.
  15. How many members have this trailing wave irt Dec 11? I see the GGEM is still on board? Just curious what the spread looks like and if we are seeing any increases in the tendency for this development. As you said, these have more a tendency to fail. A progressive Atl flow doesnt help matters much.