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  1. Btw what was with the thunderstorms in Houston the other day? Never in my life have I seen the sky go gray to midnight black in 2 seconds. Looked like an eclipse totality. Countless videos on social media.
  2. Dense cloud cover. Looks like a January afternoon at this time
  3. Had hail in Ivyland earlier this afternoon. Wicked storm.
  4. Can't wait for our bone dry scorching post Nino/pre Nina summer
  5. Another graupel squall here at home in Ivyland now. 35F. Light coating on grass and cars.
  6. At mid county interchange at 476 and there is a light accumulation, would call it a solid .2"....36F
  7. And like that precip stopped, temp shot up to 45F, and sun is breaking thru. Gusty.
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