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  1. That was the original thoughts and looks from 3-4 days ago ie wintry mess for almost everyone here. It's almost laughable how guidance swings to such suppressed looks but somehow almost always without fail revert back to the original threat looks. Not over yet but nobody here should be expecting an all snow event from this. Not saying it can't happen for some spots but this was never a flush hit all-snow look. The snow zone has pretty much always been a narrow swath.
  2. Ens and ops really nudged N today with the Mon-Tue system. We need the trend to stop soon and even start to recorrect. Still thinking wintry mix mess for many here, but the continued ticks N are certainly disturbing. Would help with the late week system but I'm not a fan of sacrificing a storm for the next threat.
  3. Need a vomit emoji reaction
  4. Closed low depicted at 96 hrs S of VA Beach trying to counter. That's new at that hour.
  5. Do you remember the 46-day control(?) Euro snowfall map from last year? Had us over 55" and we got under 3" during the period iirc. I take these maps with a grain of salt but I agree with you and as I said several times the past 10 days, this upcoming period would at LEAST provide tracking opportunities as the best *potential* of the season thus far. So far so good.
  6. We could probably use a new thread to discuss what to title the new threat thread. Save the banter thread for bs. New thread naming is serious stuff and God knows we don't have enough threads.
  7. What causes this from continuing NE or even getting captured rather than diving ESE off of Hatteras?
  8. JMA That model really likes this subforum for the run duration.