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  1. I'm considering a family relocation to either VT or ME.
  2. GFS op has an extremely cold bias. Ens families and weeklies all suggest a mild start to March. GEFS in particular agree that the cold map you posted is likely garbage:
  3. I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if next year was a complete shutout tbh.
  4. "The only misery in life is the sorrow which one brings upon themself." -anonymous weenie
  5. Man I've had those exact same thoughts. I was looking at places near lake superior last week where you got like 300 inches this winter. My mood is so much better when winter is in my life. Thjs has been so depressing You and @Maestrobjwa should go halves on a cabin in the woods.
  6. I hope it is over it cannot end fast enough. Last thing we need is some St Patrick's Day threat showing a MECS under 60 hours then disintegrating into nothingness as the final straw. Let's just end this asap and hopefully reset the system next winter.
  7. Arent we tracking a SSWE here?
  8. But that day 10 threat! Never go in order irt tracking....always look well beyond. Weenie rule of some sort or another.
  9. Euro doesnt want to let go. Interior big hit on day 7-8 then another near hit just s and e day 10.
  10. I'm going all-in balls deep on this threat. This will be the one that fools people into thinking it cant snow last week of Feb and cant snow with a +NAO and is going to shock the system of many. Be ready.
  11. I'm all in on this one. May very well be the last legit trackable event of the season. GFS says bring on spring. It's all we have....we r running on fumes....let's finish met winter on a solid note.
  12. Is this the storm isotherm called for last few days Feb or first couple days of March? This is the one he was talking about since early January. He has been good with this season's forecast, so maybe this thread is actually legit. The Insane Isotherm Bomb of Feb 2020. Let's do this!!
  13. Its over after March 1 bro...maybe one last trackable event before then. Euro and CMC say hold my beer groundhog.