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  1. Disagree....I bet the Euro jumps ship tonight. It's around that range now. And the fact there was zero support on the EPS is a no brainer where this is heading.
  2. How is a LP over Philly a 'coastal'? Not asking for any friends.
  3. CMC with a worse track ie an inside runner or right on the coast, yet is colder and snowier. OK I'm sure that'll work out.
  4. Actually a really good point. We've seen so many MR flips and trends so who knows. But why is it always when we need a flip to the good we rarely ever get it yet the other way around is almost a given....the old being in the bullseye 5+ days out thing.
  5. Have a feeling there was a typo. Probably was meant to read .1?
  6. Seriously tho....whenever the day comes and we actually all get a warning level event again it is going to feel damn good. The waiting is the hardest part but the reward will be worth it.
  7. This is one of the rare crap seasons that something is saying it isnt over. Normally I would have bailed 2 weeks ago lol. But I really think hl blocking is going to show up at the tail end and provide 1 nice storm. I really wouldnt be shocked if we wait the entire season then end the 2nd half of Feb with back to back storms. Would love a back to back holiday blitz....Valentine's and PD.
  8. So when @psuhoffman said if things still look bleak on Jan 15 it's pretty much time to pack it in and being that we are 3 days past that date and .... yeah. Has the time come?
  9. Frozen is over. Ended with 1.8" snow/sleet here.
  10. Nasty here. Straight ice storm sleet/fzra mix. 28f. Everything is a sheet of ice....numerous accidents.
  11. Maybe I'm misreading it....I'm running a loop and sure looks like the panhandle low heads NE and the upper low over the Plains captures a different low. Either way it's a different solution.
  12. Looks like you jumped at the right time. I'm giving it until Feb 10. If nothing on the horizon I'm out.
  13. No. That low ends up over NC. There is an ULL that pops a surface low in Indiana.
  14. When the euro shows a wonky solution it's pretty much congrats New England.
  15. Largest event of the season. 1" out there!!! Amazing.
  16. Temp 23F in Blue Bell. Menacing gray clouds to my SW.
  17. HRRR fwiw continues the trend colder. Hangs on to 850s a bit longer...less sleet here more white. Not sure I buy it. Best bet is a mix. Wont be above freezing in my area til after 8PM it seems on alot of guidance now. Eta: still showing only a c-1" here...very dry. Now cast time. Off to work....
  18. 3k NAM colder at surface. More ice up this way. Drive home at 7 should be fun.
  19. Feels like winter for a day anyway. 21F and has that gray sky wintry vibe.
  20. Lull was forecast. It is the gap between the WAA band and the front. Should be intermittent stuff then resume this afternoon. 2-5" up your way with possible mixing.
  21. And that seems realistic. Antecedent temps and +anomalous 2m/850s preceding the storm generally dont bode well for the lower elevations. The banana high looks nice but this doesnt look like a SECS for the i95 cities (maybe BOS) at this time.