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  1. I'm out regardless. Just thought it was funny to see when I woke up to track severe weather.
  2. Basically an extension of winter. Fail within 5 or 6 days. Either ends up too warm with crud track or HP overwhelms and storm blows up well S and E off the coast. Pattern persistence has not changed.
  3. Wow your courses are still open down there?
  4. Speaking of this being war, am I the only one watching over my shoulder to see which country decides to take advantage of the USA while we r down and out? Wouldnt be the least bit surprised if we are at war by late summer and I dont think we have the resources for that right now which is exactly why I could see one of the other world superpowers flexing their muscle. There are 4 countries that we need to be watching closely...Iran, Russia, N Korea, China.
  5. Stop reaping and fix this.
  6. Sorry for the loss of your pup.
  7. Best HH GFS digi snow of the season. Dc-NYC hammered and BOS fringed. We take.
  8. Banana high. We need a 6 hour thread for this. Then we can close it when 0z has highs near 80.
  9. Was lucky to snag them at +2400 to win the conference a few months back. Down to like +600 now and vegas has them favored to win the cup in several simulations. I can see them coming out of nowhere when the city least expected it and making a real run. All the pieces were there from day 1. It was just a matter of getting them used to playing together and getting Hart some consistent playing time. Have a good feeling bro. They have shown several times they can beat the elite teams this season. Only team that concerns me believe it or not is TB. They are the real deal. The other 'elites" are loaded with aging veterans.
  10. They beat a very good team. Come from behind W always a plus.
  11. 7 wins in a row. Not sure if Caps "suck". Flyers are just outplaying everyone right now.
  12. Here we are in March and we get one of the better GEFS runs of the entire season. Smfh....
  13. You should start the thread. That would be fitting.
  14. But I'm still willing to bet it doesnt happen based on this winter. Probably will end up as the ultimate tease with everything trending to the good for once and then fall apart last 36 hours.
  15. Euro has it and is close. CMC has it but is west. GEFS is a beauty. GEPS also has it.
  16. GFS is continuing to pound the 11th-12th. Other ens on board. Under 9 days now. Do we track or is it another Lucy football tease?
  17. Nam'd again. Broken record continues.