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  1. A month ago this is probably a memorable March snowstorm fall line N and W. Enjoying the spring rains anyway tonight. Raw as hell tho.
  2. Moderate snow in Blue Bell. Back to back late March days with flakes flying.
  3. Rain here around 3pm then a burst of moderate snow embedded with "mangled flakes" around 345. Yes, definitely wet snow, not hail, not sleet, not graupel, not rabid bunnies falling from the sky.....this was wet snow.
  4. Heaviest snow of the event in Blue Bell. 27F. Looks like models nailed it, ie, pulling out around 5PM. At 3" currently.
  5. 3" on the ground, temps dropping thru the 20s, NW winds gusting to 40. And up to 2" additional with squalls this afternoon/evening. Best wintry day of the entire season and it comes mid March.....go figure.
  6. We'll see. Models still want to swing that batch thru later with some additional accums. Here is the hrrr 3pm view:
  7. My view 30 mins ago. Visibility poor. Closing in on 2.5" in Blue Bell now. 30F
  8. Parents reporting a heavy thunderstorm on the Bayside in North Cape May (Town Bank), NJ. Flipped to all wet snow here in Warminster, PA now.
  9. Latest modeling delays the flip here this closer to 11AM. Our area was under the nws zone of highest uncertainty. Have a feeling the delayed flip and faster forward speed will yield an underperformer here but we'll see. Keeping the bar set at 2" on grass.
  10. Still a decent hit in Bucks (and other areas) on the 12k at 18z
  11. Every one of the mesos are on board now. Big adjustments last 18hrs for sure. Still a little time to go, but looks solid with a classic late season rain to snow track wave along a front type thing. Globals out to lunch with thermals on this one. Underestimating the CAA push coming. Squalls likely Saturday evening and night as well. Last hurrah?
  12. I went 3-6" far N and W lollis to 8" (Reading-Allentown), 2-5" West Chester-KOP-Doylestown, c-3" East of there to the River. Subject to change
  13. That would work. Stretched out front with another low developing to enhance the backbuilding after the primary wave moves thru and brings CAA in it's wake. One of the wrfs is hellbent on developing an entirely separate storm at 48hrs coming N out of the Tennessee Valley. Some fast changes happening with this on guidance:
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