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  1. But I'm still willing to bet it doesnt happen based on this winter. Probably will end up as the ultimate tease with everything trending to the good for once and then fall apart last 36 hours.
  2. Euro has it and is close. CMC has it but is west. GEFS is a beauty. GEPS also has it.
  3. GFS is continuing to pound the 11th-12th. Other ens on board. Under 9 days now. Do we track or is it another Lucy football tease?
  4. Nam'd again. Broken record continues.
  5. This would be a better miss to end the season.
  6. Meh....why not? I mean, if we get our seasonal total from one fluke March storm that's a win right? Lol
  7. Looks like a heavy snow squall is possible today in some areas. I saw the NWS posted a special statement regarding this:
  8. 95-96 was nina at tail end of solar min so never say it's a lock to be a bust.
  9. Is there a % map on flurry chances?
  10. How's that sustained DJF -NAO working out for ya?
  11. I'm considering a family relocation to either VT or ME.
  12. GFS op has an extremely cold bias. Ens families and weeklies all suggest a mild start to March. GEFS in particular agree that the cold map you posted is likely garbage:
  13. I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if next year was a complete shutout tbh.
  14. "The only misery in life is the sorrow which one brings upon themself." -anonymous weenie
  15. Man I've had those exact same thoughts. I was looking at places near lake superior last week where you got like 300 inches this winter. My mood is so much better when winter is in my life. Thjs has been so depressing You and @Maestrobjwa should go halves on a cabin in the woods.
  16. I hope it is over it cannot end fast enough. Last thing we need is some St Patrick's Day threat showing a MECS under 60 hours then disintegrating into nothingness as the final straw. Let's just end this asap and hopefully reset the system next winter.