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  1. The coastal didn't even form yet
  2. Yep. Few more inches maybe. We take.
  3. I was questioning the how much for philly guy. You know who they make fun of wrt to that quote yes?
  4. Para is a long duration Mid Atl MECS+. Here we go again!
  5. 12z gfs. Right where we want it. I was praying for a suppressed look at this range. Got it!
  6. Always flips earlier. This was never a question.
  7. Weird but well modeled....the heaviest stuff has been sleet but the moderate to heavy has been snow.
  8. Sleet mixing 70% snow still. 7.5" heavy stuff past 35 mins
  9. Snowfall rates increasing here. 6.5" on the ground, 23F.
  10. Ha ICON snows to early Saturday. Caving to the CRAS. For those not following, the CRAS was the first to show this as an extended frozen event at range and never once wavered. Looks to score a huge win.
  11. Roads are trash including mains. Need more angle.
  12. Getting blasted here now heaviest of the day SN+....up to 6" temp ticked down to 21F. Amazing!
  13. 12k nam has the 2nd batch hitting same spots tonight with snow. We may or may not flip to all sleet for a period (up this way) today.
  14. Ripping marshmallow fatties again. 5" currently.
  15. 90% flakes 10% graupel. Temp dropped another degree to 22F
  16. Maybe the rare bust for the good where cold air aloft wins out for a change?
  17. Fatties ripping here like a Grateful Dead show. Temp just dipped to 23F
  18. Gusty here. Windblown SN....4" 24F
  19. Usually indicates the mix line is nearby
  20. We r already on this in the other thread sir lol
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