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  1. Panic room would be making exponential profits this week. I feel bad that they closed it for renovations. @WxWatcher007
  2. Every time I see this I rotfl!!! Yes, pretty much. 18 hour soak, putting in the night shift....yep.
  3. This ship is unsinkable....it is just setting sail and we r in it for the long haul. We got this.....especially with you as our lookout in the crows nest. No sleeping on the job k?
  4. Seems in Nina years the GFS has excelled recently. Likely a function of how it handles the Northern stream and Nina being generally N Stream dominant. We just can't know.
  5. Late next week starting to light up like a Christmas Tree on ens and ops for a potential big ticket event. Im liking the period Jan 25ish thru the end of the month for our best potential of the season.
  6. I bait and wait in the spring. Bunker or clam. Some guys have luck with those Daiwa SP Minnows. I go to lures in the summer for flounder and weakfish. Then carry over the plugging into the fall. And yeah, those horseshoe crabs suck when they r thick.
  7. Some of you guys already punting the rest of January
  8. Best place for the spring run imho.....Cape May. Fish Bayside April thru early May and catch em up. Then move to beachfront during the migration in early May. I've caught them off the beach as late as the end of June before. Looking forward to short and tee shirt on the beach though so I hear what you're sayin.
  9. No such thing. It never ends. Im still picking up keepers here and there at LBI fwiw. Bundle up thats all.
  10. Most of the posts above are about tomorrow's event. Probably the big event for the week. Rest assured, we're all over it here as are the pros at Mt Holly.
  11. 18z NAM misses everyone but the deep South this weekend. End of run saving grace consolation Sunday event about to get kicked OTS
  12. Remember when the euro had central PA getting slammed and the mix line was to the river? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Funny how that works.
  13. So GFS op is leading the way again? I need to travel back in time to 2014....this is craziness. Im penning a new song....sort of a ballad on my guitar called "When the Euro was King: An Ode to DT"
  14. Euro caving on the weekend. Better look for Thursday tho....maybe a quick couple inches. I tell ya, the Euro just isn't the same. Feel bad for DT who went all-in the past few days. He is having a horrendous year. He needs to start respecting King GFS
  15. When the CMC doesnt have a MECS in its LR gimme holler because the model is probably broken. Seriously, the CMC is the old GFS from 5 years ago with fantasy snow storms every single run that dont pan out.
  16. Clipper next week is rain now on the GFS. Joy. Then vodka cold and dry.
  17. Euro has lost its mojo no doubt. Regardless of verification score, when it comes to larger scale features in what used to be its wheelhouse, it is struggling to get it right then correcting over time. From a weenie/hobbyist standpoint this guidance has taken a step back when it was upgraded a few years back.
  18. Looking more and more like a similar tracks and band of snow as the early Jan storm that hit S NJ and left SE PA with flurries. Could be wrong, but thats my take on this one. I think N and W are out of luck this go round
  19. Somewhere out there DT is still celebrating the 12 run from yesterday.
  20. We do disaster pretty well wrt tracking winter storms, so there's that.
  21. Control was east. But the control has been jumpy asf. The ens mean is better N and W crew.
  22. Looks like a blend of the gfs and euro will likely be closest to reality for the weekend. Doubt the euro bomb MECS+ scenario is the final outcome and I also doubt the GFS ots is going to happen given amplification in the flow. Tbh the CMC is probably the closest to what will happen based on phasing, location, sw ejection, and ridging over top of the ull. Probably a stripe of heavier snows much like the early Jan system that affected DE and S NJ and left most of PA high and dry. Hopefully we can bring it farther N and W but im not feeling it. Starting to see some slight hints on the last 2 euro runs of ticks towards other guidance. 12z will be telling.
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