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  1. The first Robin red breast of the season has shown up this morning. I'm out...see y'all for severe/hurricane season!
  2. It will wait for the cold airmass to recede in the East then head east imo. I realize some are saying "but this is different". Doesnt seem drastically different to my eye aside from the look of a late season start of a transition to an early spring pattern. Eta: damn you @C.A.P.E.
  3. It means wait to see what other guidance shows and don't try and extrapolate an inferior model.
  4. Gonna go out on a limb here and say that look will begin to dampen out and blocking wont be as strong hence energy probably heads right over us as opposed to our South....congrats upstate PA into New England....again.
  5. We haven't seen that happen at all this winter when the LR showed workable looks have we? Your one word of caution in all of your posts have been the final word most of the time. Nailed it.
  6. Another window between the 20th and 29th. The last hurrah....hopefully. Most of us here are ready to move on to spring. That in itself sure guarantee some fluke snows and prolonged BN temps.
  7. It sure can. We could get 0 snow. I know statistics say next year should be better but that doesn't mean it will be. I thought last year was bad....I would have paid money to have a repeat 2018-19 if I knew 2019-20 would be this brutal.
  8. Such a strange system....has been consistently on the op but is the only model showing it. Ensemble means are a mid lat ridge coming out of the SE, well AN 850s, etc. GFS is really a crap op model.
  9. I'm looking forward. This lack of hard freeze never killed the weeds and they have been spreading already during the "winter". I need a few days in the yard, some fishing, baseball, etc. I'm over this season. Even a fluke March is looking unlikely on the weeklies. The crud pattern is relentless.
  10. Go back farther....there was a stretch I remember reading that was most of the 70s same thing. Was like a 12 year run with one storm >6" or something crazy. This is the norm actually.....those runs where we have blizzard years consecutively etc are the true flukes.
  11. Geez, this thread the past few days makes Ji look like a wintertime motivational speaker.
  12. And just to add, yeah it sucks we haven't gotten a good storm in what feels an eternity, but for me, this is the reward for when it does happen I get more satisfaction out of it.
  13. The snow is nice....it is peaceful....it can be an escape for a little while. It throws a wrench into everyday life (in areas like our that dont get snow daily from Nov-April) and causes chaos. It's a nice shakeup from the ordinary every so often. But I'm not sure I would want to reside in an area that gets 500" of snow a season. Sure, cool to think about it. Unless you are living under the dependency of someone else, there is alot of responsibility....getting to work to pay the bills for higher home heating fuel etc, shoveling, snowblowing, keeping your property clear for liability purposes, clearing your roof to prevent collapse, driving in the stuff, higher vehicle insurance premiums. You get the point....the snow is always whiter on the other side. If it didnt come with the responsibilities and I lived in someone's basement I would be all about it. Put you gotta think about all the baggage that comes along with it and put things into perspective. I guess those perspectives and priorities change with age.
  14. That's alright, I'm sure next winter we will be in a drought and bitterly cold.