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  1. Remember...im talking city proper, not us per se
  2. I've had snow accumulate midday in mid April. It exists but isn't a massive issue for maybe a couple more weeks.
  3. Right! We would have killed for this the past 4 winters.
  4. Much like this^^ post. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Seems reasonable to me juicing up the WAA as it nears game time. La la lock it in!
  6. NAM warmer ll . Quicker flip than progged is still my call.
  7. So like clockwork the HRRR 12z comes in and is basically all snow all of PA entire event. Challenging forecast is this.
  8. Remember when past Monday was forecast to be highs around 10 and tomorrow was supposed to be around 60?
  9. Over the past 18 hours we have seen the trend across guidance for less thump/overall snow with less extreme f gen banding, less of a 700mb jet, and a faster transition from snow to sleet/slop from S to N hence the lower snow depth maps. In my experience when we see these changes leading up to game time that means mixing will be the primary p type from around 202 (maybe a bit farther N and W) on South and East. Expecting snow to break out here in lower central Bucks by 7am Thursday. Moderate for a few hours maybe even a burst on SN+ right before the switch over to sleet by around lunchtime. Should be 2-5" on the ground by that point then sleet and fzra continue thru the afternoon before dry slotting in the evening with more showers type mixed precip ending shortly after midnight on Thursday. Total snow/sleet by finish here 4-7".
  10. Its funny...laugh all u want but if this ends up a longer duration into Friday night after the thump Thurs, the CRAS will have scored a huge coup sniffing that signal out over 30 hrs ago.
  11. @Newman either doesn't like this threat or something happened. Odd not to see more input from him.
  12. Hug the CRAS then lol. 8" from the thump and then mix ending as snow with ~4" additional Friday into Sat.
  13. Still snowing 7am Saturday on the CRAS. Qpf and old school p type approach close to 12" here.
  14. My bar is 8-12" with this one so I'm not feeling it.
  15. https://www.woweather.com/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=us&MENU=0000000000&CONT=namk&MODELL=nogaps&MODELLTYP=1&BASE=-&VAR=rsum&HH=6&ARCHIV=0&PANEL=0&ZOOM=0&PERIOD= Use thicknesses and 850s. Old school ptype deterministic approach.
  16. Still snowing Saturday AM on the NAVGEM
  17. You cant just cherry pick the snowmaps with the hottest pinks to fit an agenda. Like Wentz said, we have time...30 hours....but this didn't just tick the wrong way, we saw some large jumps at 0z so far headed the wrong direction. Less juice, less waa, coastal destroys thermals.
  18. RGEM has more qpf on Friday into early Sat than Thursday. Smh
  19. Meh, N trend, drying trend, failing trend....it all equals less snow.
  20. I seriously loathe this hobby at times.
  21. Para is like 1-2" then dry slot
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