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  1. I'm willing to bet, maybe not this week, but at some point soon we will back into a system in the MR that wasn't progged on a day 9-10 maps as being anything substantial.
  2. Cmon, I can't possibly be the only one noticing that we have been kicking the can on day 9-10 op threats. We went from Jan 3 threat, to Jan 7, to Jan 11, to Jan 15, to Jan 18, Jan 22, and now hearing "but the best setup won't be here until after the 25th". Look, I'm optimistic....keep that HL block and keep throwing chances and eventually we will score. But continually pursuing something on an OP 9-10 days out is torture. Get those 'legit' threats under 144 hrs and we can talk.
  3. Agreed. And if anything the means have been hinting that feature retrogrades West. Even hints it develops into a PNA ridge. Odd evolution but who knows.
  4. Your latitude is on the south side of the gradient there.
  5. Me neither sooooooo could you please post it?
  6. Do you mean wrt posting a 300+ hr op surface map or the relentlessness of the shred factory? I assumed we could lock in that map
  7. P10/P22 blend please and I'm good for the month of January.
  8. @losetoa6 said in the main thread there are some monster hits on the 6z GEFS. Haven't seen the individual panels but the H5 means is gaining legs.
  9. No way this misses verbatim. Digital MECS incoming.
  10. So that energy just completely disintegrates and meanwhile the clipper disturbance gets sucked into the block vortex. Ok, sure that will play out like that.
  11. 50/50 hit an absolute wall at 210 with nowhere to go. Just sits and spins. That block is doing its dirty work for sure.
  12. Curious to see what the Alberta Clipper disturbance at 210 decides to do.
  13. Hey, all I did was trace the outline of the greatest negative temp anomalies. I have no idea wth you ppl are talking about.
  14. If it is more elongated and doesn't penetrate as far South, we could get screwed. But who knows. Eta: what I'm saying is, if the block pulls out prematurely then all bets are off
  15. Weeklies after week 2 have been horrendous this year. Mostly the opposite has verified honestly.
  16. The trajectory isn't straight out of the N Pole rather it comes across the Northern tier from the PAC NW....odd. I just hope we don't get shafted.
  17. Im not PSU but....Trof digs in the west, flat SER thanks to -NAO raging keeping it at bay. Waves eject out of SW and head NE and overrun the cold air locked in via confluence under the 50/50. Think thump.
  18. If we end up just N of that gradient it could be quite the fun! So maybe we nix the clipper pattern altogether and head straight into SWFE?
  19. Wait. He predicted what the model would predict with help from his "predictor"? I think I've heard it all. So is this the new forecasting... we predict what we think the models will show? Count me in!
  20. SWF pattern incoming. Overrunning central.
  21. The stj is constipated and every wave that actually comes thru the Southern Rockies hits a wall in E TX and stops moving East.
  22. The pattern with the cold air establishing in our source region is just starting in 3 days. Im cautiously optimistic. If we fail, so be it. If we score then I make naked snow angels.