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  1. But that day 10 threat! Never go in order irt tracking....always look well beyond. Weenie rule of some sort or another.
  2. Euro doesnt want to let go. Interior big hit on day 7-8 then another near hit just s and e day 10.
  3. I'm going all-in balls deep on this threat. This will be the one that fools people into thinking it cant snow last week of Feb and cant snow with a +NAO and is going to shock the system of many. Be ready.
  4. I'm all in on this one. May very well be the last legit trackable event of the season. GFS says bring on spring. It's all we have....we r running on fumes....let's finish met winter on a solid note.
  5. Is this the storm isotherm called for last few days Feb or first couple days of March? This is the one he was talking about since early January. He has been good with this season's forecast, so maybe this thread is actually legit. The Insane Isotherm Bomb of Feb 2020. Let's do this!!
  6. Its over after March 1 bro...maybe one last trackable event before then. Euro and CMC say hold my beer groundhog.
  7. Suppression depression is the term the old heads refer to it as.
  8. The pattern evolution is much more supportive of NC and VA seeing a couple events. That is actually much more fitting tbh. We missed N, E, and W so far so now let's establish a window where S gets in on the action right?
  9. We wont. Not seeing any hints or signals this March like we did the past several. Hopefully we will have severe. Not sure if the past few decent spring severe were due to the late winter events. If so maybe not a good omen.
  10. There was research done not directly related to the PV that seasons with well BN snowfall and AN temps yield a hotter summer. It is posted by Don in the Philly sub.
  11. I've moved on to the Ides of March trouncing for the region!
  12. If only you posted this in early Dec you would have been spot-on for majority of the winter.
  13. If a dusting of snow is "more impressive" I would hate to have seen previous runs.
  14. Early spring....the groundhog told me so.
  15. Look at that stretch from 1961-78!!! Only 1 double digit event in that time. Wow.
  16. I tagged him so he probably already saw it and if I know him is already researching stats.
  17. Couldnt tell you tbh. That is @donsutherland1 territory.
  18. Actually recorded .10" snow with that band this morning. I'll add it to the list of <1" events this season.
  19. The first Robin red breast of the season has shown up this morning. I'm out...see y'all for severe/hurricane season!
  20. It will wait for the cold airmass to recede in the East then head east imo. I realize some are saying "but this is different". Doesnt seem drastically different to my eye aside from the look of a late season start of a transition to an early spring pattern. Eta: damn you @C.A.P.E.
  21. It means wait to see what other guidance shows and don't try and extrapolate an inferior model.