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  1. Yes, isolated severe storm. Im about 30 miles north of there. Was sunny all day
  2. Yes. Very sad, 19 year old female i heard
  3. Multiple people struck by lightning in seaside heights NJ. One fatality
  4. Im on Jersey coast in northern Monmouth county. Got 1.5" rain in less than 2 hrs. Had thunder an lightning also
  5. In Monmouth county. No power since 9pm. Nasty storms for atleast 2 hrs.
  6. Got 7.5" in Monmouth county. Still ripping
  7. Kinda feels like the models are focusing more on the coastal Friday afternoon/night into Saturday morning. Less front end an more focus on coastal
  8. U think it comes north like all other storms? Or that confluence stronger this storm an gonna go further south?
  9. When will the inevitable north trend begin? Tonight or tommor afternoon?
  10. My apologies. It looked worse earlier in the run. Either way I'm screwed here at the shore. Hard to get snow here. Even with the big storm I got 6" nyc got 17. Un real
  11. Its not done coming nw either. Icon is full on tuck right into Delaware
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