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  1. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    Hopefully we can get it to dig below us an slow down a little. Long ways out
  2. January 2018 Model Discussion Thread

    Did GFS show anything with that Tues/wed storm..
  3. March 13 - 15 Major Winter Storm Potential

    Still no wsw in monmouth county? Kind of strange wheb twc forecast 12-18 here
  4. March 10th 2017 Clipper disco/obs

    I live on the shrewsbury river for 30 yrs.. Only got 15" this yr down here. Been a lame winter.. Hoping these next 2 week's make up for it!!
  5. Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    Nw. Im in belford. About a mile from raritan bay
  6. Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    Whats decent amount? Im 6 miles north of sandy hook. 6-8" or more?
  7. Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    Hows nam for coastal monmouth? How long does it mix? Knock down totals alot
  8. Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    51 in monmouth county by sandy hook.. 64 for the high
  9. Coastal Crusher Feb 9th 2017

    Looks like alot rain for coastal monmouth... Any thought on totals here? 10" or not close to that
  10. Wave 2, 1/7-8/17 Discussion/OBS

    What time is this gonna start central monmouth county? Thanks for all the great intelligence
  11. Wave 2, 1/7-8/17 Discussion/OBS

    Is expecting 6-8" in coastal monmouth far fetched?
  12. January Model discussion

    Is it stronger coming on shore? How she looking?
  13. January Model discussion

    Anything on the NAM? I know its out of range.. But for the Set up in pac nw an coming this way
  14. Dec 11-12 Storm Threat

    South of NYC? Rain?
  15. Dec 11-12 Storm Threat

    Is this sunday into monday? Or just monday.. Whats start time looking like? Going tk giants game sunday night