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  1. Franklin0529

    January/February Winter Storm Threat Tracker

    Im on the central jersey shore. Our thread is dead. Was wondering whats your thoughts about up ib jersey getting into some of the redeveloping coastal?
  2. Franklin0529

    January 30, 2019 Snow Squall Observations Thread

    Nothing on the gfs or icon lol? Must be really bad
  3. Franklin0529

    11/15-11/16 Coastal Storm Observation Thread

    Sleet mixing in keyport
  4. I'm at work in kearney it's snowing hard about 3" already. wife sent me pictures from home not even sticking
  5. Another dud for the coast. Barely snowing roads are just wet. Still forecasting 10_16" Lol. Be lucky get 2
  6. Lots of mixing issues at coast this run I'm guessing
  7. What time does the snow get cranking down the shore? I'm north coastal Monmouth County. Any chance at a foot down here?
  8. Probably mostly white rain an sleet down this way. Got about a total of 3" past 3 storms. Any promise to this one?
  9. What's everyone thoughts around coastal Monmouth? Lots of mixing. Last 3 storms had a total of Maybe 2 " all white rain an plain rain
  10. What's the precip map look like on Euro?
  11. Franklin0529

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    What's the NAM looking like
  12. Has anyone seen the water vapor loop. Looks like the northern stream seems so he much more southwest then modeled
  13. No one ever mentions final call numbers down the shore either lol