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  1. Been pouring coastal Monmouth. Even some thunder
  2. Pouring in coastal Monmouth county
  3. Telephone poles snapped in half like tooth picks on highway 35 in holmdel/hazlet in Monmouth county. Other neighborhoods as well, I'd imagine it was a tornado/microburst
  4. Bring on the 70s an severe threats!!
  5. This is gonna keep ticking colder.. as I said yesterday. That high means business, it's not sliding off to the east. Stout
  6. Need to get that coastal to take over. Best chance for city south/east to get nice front end. Been trending towards that last few runs
  7. Have a hard time believing any of this will stick with the warm week we Had. Hopefully rates can overcome the warm ground
  8. Maybe we can squeeze couple inches out of it. Disappointing as this looks to be our last chance
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