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  1. It's snowing hard now then it did yesterday wow
  2. Starting to flip back to snow here as well
  3. just started to transition back to snow here from all sleet
  4. Love the little jackpot pink blob.
  5. Ripping under this band at work in South Brunswick
  6. Agreed, wow can't remember that sound from the wind since Sandy.
  7. Waiting on NAM before getting too interested in this threat.
  8. WAM BAM Thank you NAM.
  9. I'll wait to see what the NAM shows for next week before getting excited.
  10. Can't wait to see the clown maps.
  11. It's the run us weenies have been dreaming of.
  12. I for one am ready to be NAM'd
  13. I can't wait until we get one of those epic NAM weenie runs this week.