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  1. That seems to leave open the step of ensuring the models reflect reality. I'd have been happier if the paper had linked to actual historical data.
  2. Sounds like she caught a Pipevine Swallowtail, they are still reasonably abundant, although disappointing as prey. I'm sure your cat would have much preferred a more substantial prey to offer to you, poor thing is probably mortified. Frankly, no brilliant thoughts, cats are predatory pets, they are born to hunt and kill things. Absent rats and mice, something else will do, squirrels, warblers, whatever.... Other than keeping the poor things in all the time, there is no solution afaik.
  3. Lucky you, they are magical for a soft night!
  4. Think we are late in the season for fireflies, they are more a late spring early summer phenomenon. I'm still hoping for stragglers here in NYC though.
  5. Have to be impressed by the speed of that burst, from nothing to dominant in very short order. That it emerged essentially out of nowhere in a broad area of disturbance really makes one appreciate the challenge of forecasting these beasts.
  6. How can one reasonably expect the sports business managers to 'figure this out', when that has not been achieved by any other US entity, whether business or government?
  7. You're so lucky to have them. The Parks Dept here in NYC sprays religiously, which ensures that the biting bugs are nearly zilch in Central Park, but of course that chops the fireflies and other insects as well. Even the cicadas are by appointment only this year, I've heard maybe a couple in Central Park.
  8. I'll know that the Federal Government accepts the reality of global warming when they refuse flood insurance for anyone not at least 10 feet above sea level. Looking at the beach front mega mansions on Long Island, that day has not yet come.
  9. Note that as of July 27. 2020, area is only 3.959MM km **2, the lowest on record for the date and the earliest date ever for sub 4MM km**2..
  10. I believe NASA expects the current space station Dragon crew to return to earth this weekend, albeit close to Florida. Will this be impacted by this storm?
  11. Arctic ice area is lowest ever for the date, 4.082MM km**2. Area is probably a somewhat better measure of the ice level than extent..
  12. Hope that the people there can cope. It is a poor area, living off the land with tourism and a bit of fishing. Their cars and boats are their main assets, both are at risk now.
  13. It would be useful to show a growth zone map from 1950 vs the same today. Certainly NYC has become Virginia climate wise, although I have no idea whether places further north such as Watertown or Syracuse have warmed comparably. Has Virginia become more like Florida during this same interval? We commonly see birds in NYC today that would have been very unusual in 1950, obvious birds such as Cardinals. So nature is reacting to the changes, perhaps faster than the academicians.
  14. Spot on! The Federal blank check for 'disaster relief' allows people to just ignore basic science and risk, building on unstable barrier islands as well as shore areas which should be kept free from development. Any sea level increase compounds the risk.
  15. It is surprising how difficult it is to make even very short term forecasts for these thunderstorms. The various NYC weather forecasts had fraction of an inch precipitation and modest probabilities through the afternoon, only adjusted upward after 6 pm. Clearly there is still a lot of room for learning here, we're now talking possibly up to 2" for Manhattan.