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  1. The change did not get the superstar treatment at the time. Was this because it takes time to recognize that a big shift has occurred or because we did not appreciate the phenomenon? Is hemispheric circulation modeled effectively or is it a space where skill levels are still evolving?
  2. etudiant

    2018 Temperatures

    A cautionary tale, the windmills output approximates that of the country's nuclear sites, which are getting shut down. The effect is to trade one low emission power source for another, leaving the bulk of the electrical production reliant on conventional power plants, many fueled by brown coal, an especially dirty fuel. A better way to store power and a more aggressive implementation of a Europe wide power sharing infrastructure would help a lot, but technology gaps and political NIMBY opposition to big power transmission lines are real obstacles.
  3. etudiant

    2019 ENSO

    I don't understand this. The two graphs for actual temperature look pretty similar, but the anomaly graphs are very different. Can someone please help me understand how that happens?
  4. Situation seems similar to that after the 2004 earthquake, first reports are of only a few casualties, because the worst hit sites have lost communications entirely. Looks to be very ugly.
  5. etudiant

    2019 ENSO

    Well, if a 1936 + 0.15C rerun is going to happen, summer will be toasty.
  6. Manhattan UES thus far just wet streets, no accumulation at all apart from a coating on parked cars. The precipitation will need to intensify if the forecast 5-8" are to materialize.
  7. etudiant

    OBS thread 10P Mar 1-10A Mar 2, 2019

    NYC Central Park a healthy 2", maybe even a bit more. Plus we still had snow cover from the prior event, so it added nicely and gave a solid cover. Lots of happy kids on sleds, even a few intrepid cross country skiers.
  8. etudiant

    Super-heating oceans in the Southern Hemisphere

    Surely the punch line here is this: When freshwater injection on the Southern Ocean is halted, global temperature jumps back within two decades to the value it would have had without any freshwater addition Afaik, there has never been a halt to freshwater injections into the Southern Ocean, so this is a totally unverifiable claim. Add to this a generous 20 year lag time to reach the new equilibrium, there is no way this can be tested or verified within a human lifetime. Is this science?
  9. etudiant

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Interesting factoid, but how is this relevant to 'American Weather'? Given the circulation patterns, one could argue that this record merely reflects the warmer than usual winter here in the NYC region.
  10. etudiant

    March, 2019

    Is it not reasonable to anticipate a sloppy spring, providing a worthy pendant to a sloppy winter? After all, the core drivers in the Pacific all remain as before. If there is a development favoring something sharply different, I'd expect our site experts such as donsutherland1 to give us a heads up. There has been nothing thus far though.
  11. etudiant

    OBS thread Feb 20-21, 2019

    Central Park perhaps 1", still very thin snizzle continuing, just consolidating the snow cover.
  12. Sure is, so as the plane max speed is about 0.85 times the speed of sound, it underlines how strong the tail wind was to get over 800 miles per hour ground speed.
  13. etudiant

    Weak-Moderate El Nino 2018-2019

    Please add a little explanation for those of us here who don't know what this measures or what it means.
  14. NYC Central Park was around 1.5", with graupel all afternoon. Overall, a winter event of little note, but driving was really nasty.
  15. Snow in Central Park seems to have ended at 10.45 am, with accumulation of less than an inch.