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  1. Oaks support a lot of critters in addition to squirrels, so maybe keep the chain saw on hold.
  2. Do these air temperature changes have any substantial effect on the ice melting process? My impression was that melting is mostly driven by direct solar heating and increased sea water temperature.
  3. Perhaps so, but I'd guess that the main revenue source for these sites are commercial entities trying to get an advance warning of potentially disruptive weather. Those customers don't care so much about free maps. In general, wxbell has not pursued weather enthusiasts' business particularly avidly, rather the opposite. When the comments pages got too popular, they were restructured to calm down the postings back to a desultory level.
  4. If you're committed to go there, then leave tonight. It should allow you to avoid limbo at some airport. At worst then, you'll have an horrific honeymoon, with flooding and no power, which still beats being stuck at Houston International.
  5. That seems a mistaken appraisal. It surely does not help his professional standing to be labeled a denier, given that academia and the governmental bodies appear committed to the climate change thesis. You call the man super smart, perhaps he is just being stubbornly honest saying that he is not convinced.
  6. WB tried hard to bring Dr Maue to stardom. They even gave him a column to write his thoughts. Sadly he did not do so more than a couple of times. More important, at least imho, the novice user was left behind. There was never an effort to provide an introductory tutorial which would have highlighted the resources offered and Dr Maue's insights. It seems a missed opportunity, one which his new employer will hopefully act to exploit.
  7. Thank you, that is very informative. You have explained the problem very clearly. Beaumont drew the short straw in this disaster.
  8. A declared disaster such as this allows for Federal emergency assistance and this seems an obvious case where that is urgently needed. It is puzzling that this is not happening.
  9. Surely there are some resources, Army Corps of Engineers perhaps, that can be brought to bear here on an emergency basis. I find it hard to believe that we let 100,000 people remain without water or sewage disposal for days. Texas in late August is pretty hot, water is not a luxury but an essential.
  10. Is there any indication of how long that problem will continue? I can't believe that distributing water to 100,000 people is ever easy, but with flooded roads and failing infrastructure, many will be missed and suffer . Also, sanitation will rapidly deteriorate. Cholera seems a real risk now.
  11. Don't forget that most of these perimeter communities are dirt poor, with very limited public services. There is no capability to evacuate when there is a more general disaster that keeps the rescuers more than busy in the core.
  12. Nexrad radar has Beaumont getting clobbered with no letup. Not good at all.
  13. Thank you, that explains it. I do wonder how long the infrastructure systems can work under these conditions. Power seems at risk, ditto for phone lines, not to mention water and sewage. Plus how does one resupply a 6 million people urban complex that is fragmented by deep floods. Just think duration greatly exacerbates this disaster.
  14. Thank you! Interesting that the USGS site seems stalled while Harris County is still updating.