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  1. Think in the eclipse it does not really get noticeably dark until the sun is about 95% covered. As we only get about 70% coverage here in NYC, I'd guess we would not notice it unless we were looking for it.
  2. I'd thought the air temperature was not as significant as the water temperature in driving the amount of melting in the Arctic. Is this a misperception?
  3. I don't understand why there is this belief in linear models. Everything we know about climate and weather says jumps are the norm, not slow and gradual transitions from one state to another. So why would we expect arctic ice to behave differently? Based on precedent, we should bump around a record low for a while . Then, if the environment remains favorable, we jump to a zero late summer ice regime. The Viking records suggest as much. The real question is whether this is a cyclical or a secular development. Does anyone have any substantive input towards answering this question?
  4. The models this summer seem too erratic to be useful. Rain forecasts swing from deluge to drought without obvious cause and on short notice. Each swing further damages their credibility as well as their utility. Where is the adult supervision?
  5. Well, the F-35 is just entering production, while F-22 production was ended in Pres Obama's first term. so the F-35 should be more advanced. Sadly neither is much use against ambushes or IEDs, Separately, surely you meant F-18s, the Navy never used F-15s, they are not carrier compatible at all.