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  1. Think that getting a large eruption caught in the act by a very capable satellite is what these scientists dream about.. That said, Krakatoa was much more devastating, perhaps because it was in a more settled space. But also the shock wave was recorded sweeping the earth repeatedly, so a much larger amplitude event.
  2. Thank you all, Miller.b.time, so- whats-happening and Dalfy! You've really posted useful info. Is it possible these recommendations could be put on a sticky?
  3. Hey Irish, So sorry to hear about your family issues. We all have them, in greater or lesser amounts. Sadly we all get old and frail, certainly not what we'd planned for, but life happens. Just keep the faith, it will work out somehow. Please keep adding your wit and wisdom to this site, it's what makes the place worth visiting.
  4. So just about a bullseye, by long range forecasting standards.
  5. A serious loss. I cannot understand why such an enormously talented and skilled individual is not taken up by some meteorological site. I'd pay to read what this man thinks, suspect others might as well.
  6. At least for the northern hemisphere. I believe the Antarctic is considerably less icy than usual.
  7. Just start from the bottom. There is more there as well...
  8. If you have to ask, 100% sure.
  9. Absolutely, they are just as lazy as we are, so they do the minimum migration necessary. If they sense that they cut it too fine, they head further south. Sadly we've not got their weather smarts, so we get surprised every time.
  10. Lovely dog, just in great shape. But why call her 'Lake Placid'? Extra calm disposition, unusual for that breed?
  11. Honestly doubt that the quantum world uncertainties will impact our mundane weather and climate issues. Right now, afaik, we cannot even model the impact of earth's spin along with the daytime and nighttime on the atmosphere all that well and nor has any model generated the Roman or the Medieval climatic optimum, so we are still groping with the basics. Lots of room for humility in climate science, imho.
  12. The site is surrounded by a 10' cyclone fence with razor wire on top, so it takes determination to vandalize these instruments. Actually, the Park is pretty well cared for at the moment, vandalism is down to its lowest levels in decades. However, the tree cover is also at its fullest in decades and surely skews the readings. I'd not thought of the trades driven by cooling degree days, but there is a very active market in that supporting the natural gas futures. Possibly there might be a legal liability here.
  13. Thought that tree rings measure warm season moisture, rather than temperature. Separately, I have to question this graph, if only because the Briffa tree ring data showed a decline since the mid 1900s, which is not reflected here.
  14. So we need lots of electric generating capacity to power all those cheap electric cars. Is that why the price of coal has gone way up recently?
  15. Japan, whose population is falling, has been the precursor country for all of the industrialized world, in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Their populations too are aging, with way below replacement birth rates. China and increasingly India are on the same trajectory Overpopulation is getting to be a regional issue, mostly in Muslim communities.
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