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  1. I'd not sound the 'All Clear' as yet, the case load in Asia is surging, not just in India, after having been back down to relatively low numbers. Research studies suggest the virus could potentially be 100x more infectious, although that may also influence its health impact in some unpredictable way. So there is a real risk that this will be a long drawn out affair.
  2. Afaik, coyotes can take a deer, but pumas and wolves are really much more suitable. Good luck getting their return accepted by suburban America.
  3. Deer populations in the East are way above normal carrying capacity, thanks to the absence of predators and the proliferation of edge habitat due to suburban sprawl. Lyme disease is likely to have a great time this year, not too dry a winter for the ticks and plenty of deer to feed on. Iirc, Greenwich Audubon had about 600 deer on their roughly 1 square mile property, they tried to cull the herd with bow hunters over a salt lick, with no real effect. So the ground cover and low nesting birds are toast. Eventually there will be a disease that culls the herd, most likely something such as Chronic Wasting Disease, which is as ugly as it sounds.
  4. Life on earth began about as soon as the surface cooled enough to allow liquid water, so it seems a pretty quick process. Intelligent life on the other hand took a little longer, many would say it still not yet here.
  5. Think Orwell had something to say about those who control the past... Frankly, storage these days is so cheap that there is no excuse for deleting data. Anyone who does so should be suspected of ulterior motives.
  6. Maybe a link to a site that explains these charts, pretty please?
  7. Not sure I'd put much weight on a deBlasio promise. If India is any guide, I'd keep my mask on well beyond that date.
  8. Would someone please post a link to site where this spaghetti chart is explained? As is, it is possibly casting pearls before swine. I at least will admit that I'm baffled, but where can I get less so?
  9. Seems short sighted to let the virus evolve in the poorer countries, the vaccines we have are not magic bullets, they protect against some variants, not against all. It just seems that neither common sense nor charity are getting much traction in the official reaction to the epidemic.
  10. Think it will be like a drivers license, you'll need it if you want to use air transport and and maybe also rail and bus transport, as well as attending mass performances like concerts. So not 'compulsory', but pretty close.
  11. Honestly I'd not hesitate to act. The country is going to be swimming in vaccines by the end of the month, multiple suppliers all revving up production. I'd expect vaccination to be compulsory by the end of May, in order to help restore normal activity.
  12. Agree fully, a useful product has been eliminated for no good reason. Does no one at the NWS care?
  13. My handicap was 2, as in 'factor of'. Breaking 100 was just out of the question. I'd even have paid for the celebration, had the concept been current.
  14. Great time to walk with your lady friend. Don't miss it!!