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  1. Put on a solar cover, it makes a big difference in the water temperature. Plus it really helps keep the crud out of the water.
  2. Disappointing for a high school class, I'd have thought that at least one of her classmates would have know how to open a locked car. That said, I can easily see the wiper blades melting with that stress, lucky the metal wiper frames did not scratch the windshield.
  3. Thank you, that is informative. Do we know whether the surface actually got cooled or was the surface warmth just mushed in with the colder water deeper down?
  4. Am surprised to see Gulf temperatures actually below normal, there was lots of comment about the Gulf being much warmer than usual. What happened? Meanwhile, it seems 'the blob' has reappeared off Alaska, which bodes ill for the local fisheries.
  5. Both are splendid and a delight to the eye, so getting them is always exciting. Orioles usually come for fruit, like orange quarters or even jelly, while Grosbeaks are seed eaters more likely to chow down on sunflower seeds or maybe peanuts.
  6. What is a good source of information on the various masks? There is no good summary document that I'm aware of, even though masks are now a public mandate. I believe the basic ear loop type is mostly useful to help minimize the risk to others from your exhalation. Can they be reused and should they be washed? Does anyone know? Afaik, to get a serious protective effect, a P95 or better a P100 mask is needed. These filter our 95 or 99.7% of the potentially infectious droplets. However, they are hard to find and they are a pain to wear, because the filter here is dense, so breathing becomes much more effortful. Moreover, if the mask has become contaminated, it needs to be cleaned, ideally by a spray of 90% iso propyl alcohol. Detergents are not good, they discharge the static charge built into one of the mask filter layers, which slashes the mask effectiveness down to about 65%, the same as a few layers of T shirt cotton. An authoritative paper on these products would be really helpful. Does anyone know of a reference?
  7. Even at $10MM, it would be a bargain compared to the huge costs of the shutdown, between 10 and 20% of what we are actually paying to keep people in limbo,
  8. The economy got thrashed by the shutdown insanity. My suggestion was to compensate for people who get killed by the virus, but no shutdown, use common sense. The hope is to avoid adding economic disaster to the ongoing health crisis.
  9. Have to disagree on his management of the virus issue. He has killed the arts, education and entertainment activities in NYC with his egregious lockdown policies. Those are the economic engines of the state.. So having induced cardiac arrest, he is surprised the patient is not generating the expected income? PS Not a fan, obviously, of the shutdown, whether by Trump or Cuomo. Dreadfully bad policy which will hurt us for years to come.
  10. It would be cheaper to pay each victim's family $1 million, tax free and forget about all the lockdown stupidity. Thus far, the outbreak has cost around 5 trillion dollars, which would pay for 5 million deaths at my compensation rate, whereas we are still below 75,000.
  11. There are solar farms that are close to that size, so it is possible to test this with real world examples. Afaik, there has not been any such induced precipitation reported.
  12. Young people don't read, it's a social disadvantage to do so.
  13. Just excellent, really like model trains, but never had the real ones, just kiddie stuff. Are there still any domestic manufacturers left? I'd thought that Lionel and Maerklin had both gone bankrupt.
  14. Arctic ice area seems to be following about the same trend as 2016. That suggests a minimum extent around 12 MM square km , somewhere close to a record low.
  15. I don't know whether the federal tax collection data reflects actual economic activity or simply the state of incorporation of the reporting entities. That said, very much agree that pitting states against each other is reprehensible, they came together to form a more perfect union. Of course, there is lots of opportunity for discontent, for example should North Dakota help bail out Illinois, laid low by unsustainable pension obligations. Here of course the obvious solution is the draconian rules set by the PBGC, which cap pension benefits at about $36,000/yr iirc, well below what was promised.